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There's a Yuge difference between whining over your ex VS being in talks about past relationships/dating where you bring up pros & cons about them -- and I would hope there'd be cons

Who lives in the past, will never see the light of the present and the future. Whatever professional driver you are, you cannot drive a car, while you are keep looking at the rare mirror, without have not an accident.

Talking about having exs before will lead to what, she is going to catch something about you, Mr. Smart.

For example, if you told her you ex accused you of gambling, even if you have never done it, the new one will stick it in her head, and bring it up, when a situation comes.

If you mean talking about your exs as, I had some exs before and it did not work between us, that works.
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What is holding you back
Posted: 9/15/2018 12:34:17 PM
You know kinda sorry about not getting back to here on a discussion about shit I might have said on forums cause well I was too busy you know a dating. Nice one real interesting to walk through downtown, saw a little of the filming of IT 2, continued to walk along the waterfront, went to fall fair for rides games and lots of junk food. All and all spent about $200 funny she didn't ask me anything to do with what I might have said on a forum, she did however ask if my disability affects my sex life. Don't sound like she was worried about some shit on a forums to me, I could be wrong though cause she wasn't here when I awoke at 1pm. She did leave a note had to work call me later.

So as your opinion goes towards others what are the chances someone is going to read what they post here exactly, slim to none you bring in the concept I am always walking around having fun kidding around enjoying life, underneath beyond anyone's real understanding I am thinking lots of shit. My daughter why has she called me back or text me in over a day better rehash that with her when I get home, why the fvck does the mother of my kids keep trying me to date women she knows fvck that shit, screening on Tuesday decides if I return to employment at previous job or not hope that shit goes well, what's in their screening process nowadays anyways. Doctors following Tuesday hope he lifts that modifications on my work cause damn that is annoying.

On here what you see is a thought not the disguise with body language, smiling, and ability to keep those things hidden from people they don't need to know that shit. You want to make a comment how something on here plays into my life the only way that ever happens is if they read it here. In real life they never hear or see me doing it.

That is the real difference know what you are doing and where you do it. I won't talk about my exes with my dates in a relationship only if she asks about one.
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What is holding you back
Posted: 9/16/2018 9:12:34 PM
I still don't understand the original question even though others answered it to my best interpretation. I consider myself borderline incel despite that, all the women I know, claim I'm way too picky. Considering how my preferences are almost completely non-existent and my standards are as low as they can ever go, it makes me wonder how/why women think so little of me. That is pretty much what is holding me back. I feel like I'm a 9 but women see me as a 1. (Most males either mistake me for "Chad" or, the ones who know me better, think I should be going after younger hotter women.) It's absolutely beyond me where the disconnect is.
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