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Miss Spot I am inclined to agree with you. Even if a guy sends a really good message and gets a reply it may not mean much because she might not actually be thrilled with him about anything past that 1st message.

I pretty much agree with you too. I think it's not how Good the initial message is -- it's about it not being Bad. A well thought out message to a profile IF/when there's a lot written in said profile, can do something, but as you point out, it soaks up too much time. I would say a "Hi there. :)" is a little "bad" -- although it's not a killer obviously.

I would say a good test would be something Simple and easily repetitive to a variety of profiles, not requiring thought ("Great [smile]. :) Are you originally from the [city] area?") VS 4 full-sentence message noting something specific in her profile to ones in which there's something to feed off of. IMO, a guy should only pause to do that when a gal has a lengthy profile and she Really stands out to him. Otherwise for lengthy profiles -- something in-between which still doesn't carry much thought would be good, where there's something that pops out that you acknowledge or ask about if it yearns a question.
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Should i delete most of my pics?
Posted: 10/18/2018 11:05:25 AM
I remember the OP's profile. she sails, so her uniform is a bikini. but i'm not sure what a handstand in a bikini has to do with boating, besides showing off everything stays in place at her age :)

Looks are important (considering how many women flirted publically with cowboy, its obvious he was generally good looking and people overlooked his personal shortcomings as a result), and people dating in populated areas have better odds. a profile works on people looking to date for personality. uniforms work on the badge bunnies. hot photos work on those looking for sex with a hot person.
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