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It was some next level of understanding, Spiritually, Emotionally, The kind of bond that you can't get sick or bored of because in each moment it always felt right no matter what was said, Unfortunately she got sick but i still have her picture frame.

Very pretty girl. A loss like that is hard. It can feel hard to move on.

I met someone once who had a 10 date rule. It wasn’t worth the wait. She was local the me and someone I know told me a few months later she would drop that rule every Saturday night around 2am a lift home and a kebab.

People just make sh*te up as they go along. 10 date rule hahaha. Only if you're paying dear :) I don't think any of us are worth a 10 date rule.
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Sexism? Private Images And A Solution
Posted: 10/15/2018 1:58:49 AM
I met an American chap in Thailand. We'd both been off down to sin city for a while and met on the bus on the way back to Bangkok. We got on well and arranged to meet over the next few days for a beer and a chat. He told me he was fed up with the whole dating scene in the US and felt that he was paying for sex back home just as he was in Thailand. The difference between the two was the 3 date rule and that he would have to wine and dine a woman for 3 nights before getting any sex. In Thailand he just rented a woman for a week and wined and dined her too. He worked out it was cheaper for him to pop over to Thailand a 3 or 4 times a year than to carry on dating in the USA and spent the money saved on his Harley. Each to their own.
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