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Yes, muscles help. So does size. So does a movie star smile. So does a deep, reassuring voice. So does a big c... BLEEP. There are any number of physical attributes that have their fans. You really don't want to dwell on those things because each positive physical trait will always be completely erased by a terrible personality. Your work should begin there.
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Do muscles make it easier to attract women (srs question)
Posted: 2/3/2019 9:30:44 PM

Do muscles make it easier to attract women (srs question)

Yes, absolutely. Having some muscles compared to guys who being rail-thin, will make it Much easier to attract women. Hawking points that out with his main-pic example. I've gone from slender->muscular, and over time from muscular->slender/out-of-shape, then back to more muscular. Clear difference if you wear the right clothes with it, while the clothes fit the setting, too. No brainer, there on a guy's results improving.

To maintain a massive size like this [6' 240lbs; 20% fat] is hard not to mention it includes a lot of force feeding.

I wouldn't focus on fat %, but just your diet. You don't need to force-feed yourself. That part isn't hard, although in-the-moment changing it can be out-of-habit. Or a financial burden for some, because you'll want to be selective. If you crave sugary things, your appetite isn't so weak. Take things with sugar alcohols, and drink lots of water. Also eat throughout the date in small chunks. They add up. Hard in the sense of following a routine -- not hard on the appetite. But you can end up increasing your appetite -- that isn't hard after a little experimentation. I think you're just lazy about it (lazy=putting high stock in your current day-to-day comfort-zone when said results don't bring optimal results).

The hard part would be eating the right stuff and not swinging into getting fat, when you don't have things planned out somewhat. You don't have to have a perfect diet. You can take whey protein shakes a few times a day + space out your eating with lots of protein, some good fat, and yes, carbs (during your bulking up). Take in some Creatine -- it helps bulk up more efficiently too. It's not terribly hard to bulk up to what your body/hormone-levels allow. It's the changing of the diet (nothing drastic; just healthier / higher protein when eating more than usual) + routinely lifting, over a long period of time.

I hate big muscles, they look like a deformity to me, but to each their own.

I think you mean monsterous muscles, as found on many muscle-builder magazine covers, which are beyond merely "big". Hawking's pic is an example of "he has big muscles", as compared to most guys, his arms are more muscular. Athletic/muscular is "big" IRL when compared to other guys in the bar.
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