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However, there are certain qualities that do make someone a "bad" person for relationships and those things include lack of employment stability, mental/verbal/physical abusive behaviour, anger issues and mental health issues.
When did you come to these conclusions? during or after highschool?

Of course it never worked out for me but younger me had yet to learn some tough lessons.

Looks like you answered my questions.
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She used a gift card to pay for her meal
Posted: 4/15/2019 10:02:02 AM
"bad" is best defined as, bad for them. many times, its done for low self esteem, and sometimes its done by people who share the same red flag, and won't notice until its flapped in their direction instead of other people.
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Have giftcard, will travel.
Posted: 4/16/2019 6:39:40 AM

I thinks guys underestimate how much stock women put in the written profiles. Yes, the pic and stats get a woman to LOOK at a profile but women are nitpicky. Men don't seem to care what it says in the profile. I left my profile pretty close to blank for the longest time and still got messages.

I read profiles. I wasn't interested in some women because the profile was too negative, bitter, had a long list of rigid requirements etc. That being said, pictures and stats are still the most important thing for OLD. It's no coincidence I often got more emails and dates after I added better pictures of myself.
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