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Tats on breasts?
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Tattoos on the breasts
Posted: 9/24/2008 2:00:02 PM
I also have to agree with the OP. I hate seeing tattoos on women. It makes them look cheap. Just my opinion. A small rose or heart tattoo on a shoulder or calf/ankle is cool. But the breast tattoos and large tramp stamps on the small of the back are unattractive to me. Maybe because they can be seen by everyone pretty much all the time because they're meant to draw attention. I always saw tats as a guy thing and growing up, the only women I ever saw wearing them were toothless biker hags. Did a wedding gig a few years ago and all the bridesmaids had gross tattoos on their shoulders with strapless dresses. Made the wedding pictures special.
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Tattoos on the breasts
Posted: 9/25/2008 2:49:57 PM
Well my breasts are too small for a tattoo. So I put mine elsewhere
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Tattoos on the breasts
Posted: 9/25/2008 7:37:17 PM
And I was considering renting advertising on my penis, something like
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Tattoos on the breasts
Posted: 9/25/2008 11:54:39 PM
Guess she's gonna have to start wearing more black.

I think also, face tattoos are underrated. If Mike Tyson can do it, so can most chicks.
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Tattoos on the breasts
Posted: 9/26/2008 7:52:41 AM
Wow....some of the ignorance that comes out when people claim to be "simply sharing their opinions" but are actually sharing with the world, their prejudices, uninformed views, and outright...fvcktard-ness!

Seriously....tats are a preference...just like hair color or style. Eddie, you think ALL hosts of tats are skanky, trash, etc...I could line up 100 people from the corporate world (lawyers, judges, politicians, CEOs, Doctors, etc) and I can guarantee you that you would be shocked with how many of them DO have a tattoo! Tis enforces the point that we inked persons do not get such for the WORLD...we get them for OURSELVES.

My tats are only visible if I am wearing a cami or someone I am intimate with...or if we are talking tats, and I volunteer to show them. I have five, and intend to get actually considering placement on my arm or thigh, this time. :) I seriously doubt I would ever get one on my saving those for a dual piercing! ;) Like ALL tats, I have seen some I think are spiffy...and some I think are hum drum...but MY view of such makes no difference. It is a lifestyle choice, as well...and to pre-judge someone because they have some color, is silly!

This thread reminds me of the documentary I saw on tats. One woman had survived breast cancer and a radical masectomy...she opted to cover her scars with a beautiful piece of art, instead of going for reconstructive surgery. It was stunning and will forever remind her of her journey and battle. As a cancer survivor, I know we DO forget such, and take the second chances for granted. I think it would be kinda cool to look in the mirror and be able to smile at my reflection and remember the strength I fought with. :)
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Tattoos on the breasts
Posted: 9/28/2008 8:16:43 PM
If the WEARER likes tattoos on the breast, thats all that matters!!!
I dont have one on the my breasts as i really dont like breast tats, but thats only MY preference, but would NEVER judge one who does. to each their own.
If i was a man though, i amagine i would much rather date a cool woman with a breast tat, than a close-minded judgemental one.

i have 16 tats and just got my first half of an arm sleeve done today!!!
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Tattoos on the breasts
Posted: 11/23/2008 7:31:40 AM
Too matter WHERE you get a rose, a hummingbird, any tattoo....gravity is going to do something to it....heck, even the arms will sag some! Point 80 we won't CARE! ;O)
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Tattoos on the breasts
Posted: 11/23/2008 7:49:35 AM
LOL Lori....personally, I kinda like the idea of the nursing staff getting a little chuckle out of the stories they form in their thoughts, about me! ;O) Hmmm....let 'em wonder! It will keep a twinkle in my eye! ;)

And agreed tattoos and nip piercings are for ME...just ME. :O)
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Tattoos on the breasts
Posted: 11/23/2008 8:26:42 AM
Titty tats? I prefer a clean canvas that I can paint myself, LOL. But to each their own.
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Tattoos on the breasts
Posted: 11/23/2008 7:38:37 PM
Thank you for that ^^^ Taal....very well said!

Your SO might in 20yrs.

If my SO has a problem with anything of mine in 20 years....especially something that he knew I already had...then he won't make it to being my SO. :)

And I don't have titty tats...nor do I want them. Someone I am currently dating...who does not like tats or piercings at apparently gettin' kinda fond of mine! ;) Although I do tease him that I sometimes think he is trying to pull the nip piercings OUT since he does not care for them! In other words...the tats don't make the person...sheesh!
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Tattoos on the breasts
Posted: 11/25/2008 9:05:56 AM
wow and the threads beat goes on eh?
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Tattoos on the breasts
Posted: 11/25/2008 3:51:26 PM
Jazz_and_bourbon, you really hit the nail on the head. It is about what the person puts on their body, the care given that tat, and it does provide information about a person's tastes.

OP, what about women who cover scars with a tat? I have one on my lower back... otherwise known as the tramp stamp. I covered up a scar that was painful to look at, brought back painful memories and now I look at that same area and see a sign of strength, endurance and faith. Not all tats are ugly... sometimes they have more meaning that anyone could ever imagine.

As for having one on the breast... well, like all things it is a personal preference and I personally am not going to judge a date on a tat... that tat doesn't define who they really are inside.
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Tattoos on the breasts
Posted: 11/25/2008 4:14:20 PM
Matter of taste. If you like them, you like them. If you don't like them you never will. I have to ask, what if you found the perfect match for you. You really know this is the person for you, the lifetime kinda person. You then find that they have ink, are you gonna dump this person and ruin your chance for happiness?????? That's sad....
I have ink and like it.....besides ink on breasts can be the start of a wonderful adventure...connect the dots anyone...
Dave.... I'm out
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Tattoos on the breasts
Posted: 11/25/2008 4:35:23 PM
I have no tats anywhere. I had thought about getting a "tramp stamp" right above my behind...but then on second thought...I realized, gee you wouldn't put a bumper sticker on a Rolls Royce, now would you? So I opted not to.
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Tattoos on the breasts
Posted: 11/25/2008 10:59:24 PM
sweet i havent herd of that before(tatooing of the breast)
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Tattoos on the breasts
Posted: 11/26/2008 6:54:49 AM

gee you wouldn't put a bumper sticker on a Rolls Royce

Mine would read, "My other car's a Harley!"
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Tattoos on the breasts
Posted: 11/26/2008 12:11:53 PM
I sort of think that the body or the breast in question would have more to do with 'attractiveness' level or not.

an in-shape, toned girl looks good with or without.

a saggy, flabby body isn't really 'improved' a lot by slapping tattoos all over it, IMO
butthat's just my opinion, isn't it?

it does seem that more flabby girls get tattoos than toned women do, in my experience/observation..
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Tattoos on the breasts
Posted: 11/26/2008 1:11:10 PM
This debate simply won't be settled until you all show me your tattooed breasts so I can judge them for myself. We'll start with the suppleness test and move on from there.

So, if you'll all just form a line in front of me here, we'll begin.
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Tattoos on the breasts
Posted: 11/26/2008 1:36:17 PM
i would venture to say most men like female breasts
ok, we love em
-my point being -other than a wonder bra or showing more cleavage, do you think there is anything else you could do to either one of them to increase our captivation -or do you think that would be wise?
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Tattoos on the breasts
Posted: 12/7/2008 6:30:04 AM
I don't have any tattoos but like them. I find them a real form of expression. I once had a man contact me because he wanted permission to tattoo a painting I did of a frog on his body which I thought was uber cool. The thing is, I did the painting to express my love of frogs and he wanted a tattoo to express his love of frogs.....we were both expressing in our own ways.

I'm no fan of those gross 'got while drunk in high school' or 'got because all my friends were getting one' tattoos. But appreciate art regardless of what the canvas is.

For me booby tats are a bit dif just because of where they are at. It's like an excuse to flash or draw more attention to your boobies which some people may like but it's not my cup of tea. I want people to notice my eyes not my chest. I want them to remember what I said, not that I had a booby tat.

Regardless of what expression the tattoo has itself as a design, it becomes a combined expression if you place it on your breast whether you like it or not.
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Tattoos on the breasts
Posted: 12/7/2008 9:02:39 AM
Dude, I couldn't agree with you more. In fact it turns me on to meet a woman with a pristine body, no tats, just her natural beauty. I guess I'm very old school when it comes to tatoos. They just remind me of the circus. I can take a small one on the ankle. But the tramp stamps across the ass or the unicorns on the boobs just seem trashy to me and from a sexual point I'm extremely open and kinky. Guess it's my hang up. To each his own.
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Tattoos on the breasts
Posted: 12/7/2008 9:04:39 AM
Sorry, I can't separate the person from the tat because they are inseparable LOL. If it doesn't have meaning don't do it. If it does, you may want to pick something people can interpret clearly. You seem to contradict yourself on that in your post.
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Tattoos on the breasts
Posted: 12/7/2008 9:06:08 AM
So absolutely ****ing perfectly stated......................that was a golden nutshell of a thought hon. I couldn't have put it any better. You keep that rolls polished and clean honey, I appreciate it for what it is naturally.
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Tattoos on the breasts
Posted: 12/7/2008 10:53:30 AM may wanna try to learn the quote feature, replying to each post only makes it appear you are replying multiple times, which is against forum rules. :O)

Try highlighting what you are replying to...then quote such using:
[ quote ] text here [ / quote ]
without the spaces. :)

Is this like way cool, or what?? Now I can reply to ALL these posts, within the rules!

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