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Joined: 10/6/2005
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I guess the heart is the subject........."Dark to Light"Page 12 of 36    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36)
My heart has been touched by the human soul
Held in the hands of the ones that know
Arteries graced, destined and turned
Opened ends cauterized and burned
Now it’s beating stronger, in grand fashion
Harder and harder with great passion
Pulsating life’s liquid through my veins
Releasing the bindings and the chains
To start again with something new
A second chance that’s given to few
A chance again to make what's wrong...what's right
The chance to bring the dark to light

Joined: 6/12/2005
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from depths of darkest dark to brilliant light of love
Posted: 1/29/2007 5:16:52 PM
what a great
and inspiring write
i'm honored
that you left it here
thank you
yes you are a
miracle of science
most precious
with the day
you've been
thinking about
dreaming about
wondering about
fretting about
gets closer n closer
i sincerely hope
it is one of the
most beautiful
and amazing days
for you when you
see her once again
face to face
and just as you
will surely be
holding your breath
she turns and smiles
at you such a
beautific smile
that you will know
instantly that yes
it was and has been
so worth everything
you have yet endured
all these many years
as nothing else
will matter
but love shared
between a dad
who has been
given a second chance
at life and it's amends
and his lovely
beautiful daughter
perfect in just
being completely
Joined: 6/12/2005
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Posted: 1/29/2007 5:44:48 PM
shark thank you
for seeing into
another's soul
making them feel
seen and whole
and telling us
here about it too

the invisible people
we all see them
some of us know them
some look through
and even past them
as they pass them
everywhere encountered
but how many
dare make even a slight
difference for someone
in dire need no matter
how they entered
into their plight

it's a sad but all too true
reality about how
in the blink of an eye
in an instant flash
like lightening striking
life can twist her fate
how even something
so simple can be so very
needed as a smile
or a kind word

we all need
faith in something
or someone
at least as much
as we as well
all need to give
of and from
the same we
expect from others
even if we don't
even believe
we crave these
simplest of rights
and deserve them too

a hunger that seems
to never be fed
a need that seems
to never be met
a thirst unquenched
a fire spent
a cold that seems
to never be warmed
a heat that seems
to never be cooled
is an awfully sad
refection of human

the only valid integrity
i can think of, feel or see
is an ethical response
to our world
and her inhabitants equally
earth wide responsibility
of respect and focus
on what we each
can do to begin
no matter how
seemingly small
instead of all
that's wrong
in our today
in so many
many ways

a helping hand
an ear that
a warm smile
a few dollars
a meal
a coat
a book
a simple look
a few kind words
amazing how we
each can do so
very very much
often we only have
to take our time to
truly another
heart touch

thank you
for your
Joined: 6/12/2005
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i know now
Posted: 1/29/2007 8:42:12 PM
i know now
where the
fear came

a complete
that's where
no mistaking
that feeling
i want to push
far away
mmhmm ohh
yes indeed

a sort
of dark
of something
deadly once
from it's glass
out of reach
out of grasp

liken it to
of purplish red
turning to blue flames
spiraling too quickly
like those long ago
child's (mine) fireworks
flashing into my eyes
i'd gotten too close
you see like a moth
to the flame
too excited
to listen
impulsive me
you'd think
i'd have learned
from that
brilliant flash

hell bent toward
energy blown
the big bang
theory of
dark dankness
silence of tombs

merely science
i suppose
what goes up
must come down
dear watson
damn chemicals

but it had to
crash as if on
someone else's
sort of bipolar ride
a myopic stride
of false prides
while me
i'm just your
average generic
neurotic garden
variety impulsive
not at all into
push me pull you
brilliant minds

better methinks
instead to imagine
any tide
and it's casual rush
drifting out to sea
back where it came
from back to where
it obviously

in the flotsam
jetsam trashed
of memory

unknown unfelt
spoken red flag
in the face
lost in something
mistaken as grace
forsaken in trace

best to turn
this mind again
like the tide
up to the sky
for steering
and clearing
memories better
instead of sitting
hours and hours
content happy
nut brown skin
picking out the
perfect shells
discarding others
making displays
doing my thing
satisfying my
visual needs

beach life calls
to me decisions
yet to be solidified
sighing in the gleam
shrugging in the
f realm f zone
back where i belong
oceans far and vast
beckoning me
a beacon
a light of hope

far away lands
known demands
snuggle in
with my steaming
cup of hot green tea
then a bath
with early bed
snug to dream
my dreams

i know now
where the
fear came
Joined: 6/12/2005
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daring to dream
Posted: 1/30/2007 8:28:07 PM
good suggestion there
thank you autumn!
beautiful flowing
verse that seems
to always come
so seemingly gliding
from your heart
thank you for such
a sweet and gentle
nudge; your reminder

today whilst at work
i wrote a response
but somehow it never
posted and seems
to be now lost forever

the endless waves
remind me of our lives
ebbing and flowing
in then out back
again again and again
so much upon the
very shores inside
restless minds

the dandelion's seeds
splaying playfully
dancing in winds
twirling in hopes
whirling twisting
from their yokes
as if freed from
shackles of minds

daring to cast wishes
daring to bare dreams
indeed sets us all free

a new day
a new mantra
new bread
and breadth
after this
a most trying
and tiring day
my body
my soul
my mind
is tired

so humbly honored
am i to receive
herein this thread
so many lovely
lines and writes
but more
offerings of love
and shared kindred
feelings i thank you
with all that is me
Joined: 6/12/2005
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i should have known
Posted: 1/30/2007 9:16:05 PM
today began
unlike most
others as i
awoke earlier
than normal
for me

traffic worse
damn world market
convention across
the downtown street
across from the
site i'm at for now
at least 8 sets
of policemen
directing the flow
tangle of pedestrians
cars buses limos

i salute each po po
each in their turn
as they wave me
through the mess
they smile amused

who'da thunk that
papercut deep under
my right pinkie nail
would portend
something more

until much later
ensconced in
the office
away from my post
i bent down unthinking
only to have this
my forehead
connect with metal

umm yeah
i hit a sharp
corer~ metal
monster of a
plan rack
what a dork!

yeah the shock
and pain sent
me to my knees
bringing tears
not crying
mind you
to these eyes
blinding searing
pain then

hand to head
to rub the pain
to see blood
on my hand
when withdrawn

alcohol wipes
antibiotic cream
glopped but
the blood
heart fluttering
still in disbelief


didn't wanna
imagine stitches
or any needles
coming at me
endless questions
triage ickkkkkkkkk
tetanus allergy

so i went about
my way today
finishing month
end preps for
billing trying
to push the pain
from my mind
nausea crept in
sat down

when home again
through the po po
traffic convention
to stop and
gas up
my thirsty car
suddenly hmm
i couldn't remember
my own zip code
worse yet
couldn't think straight
not articulating words
per my norm

and sooo sleepy
earlier fighting
the sandman
forcing self
to stay awake
logging in to PoF
like always

not so clearly
but this ain't
nuthin but a scratch
Lord knows
how many times
i've been through
thousands of times
worse pain than this

eyes closing
with tired exhaustion
jerking myself awake
i forced myself to eat

too much work ahead
tomorrow to give in
i've got things to do
that must be done
even if yawning hurts
and i have now
a bumpy lumpy me
too tired to venture
out for neosporin
tomorrow will be
interesting to see
how big this bumpy
cut will be

i shoulda paid
attention when
i got that paper cut
under my pinkie nail
Joined: 6/12/2005
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your truth
Posted: 1/31/2007 6:04:15 PM
where are each of you?
the thinker,
the poet,
the songstress,
the crooner,
the dreamer,
the hurt,
the fallen,
the chosen
and even you~
the lurkers who post not
but feed on the reads;
where are you
and your true voice?

is your life barren
of your dreams
and thoughts
to begin a journey
outside yourselves?

have i offended you
to the point of no interest?
am i invisible to you?
is reading this reminding you
of chalk screeching across a board?

i hunger for knowledge
and learning
a different state of mind,
do you too?

what have you
realized about yourself
thus far?

please here do
share a thought or two...
for aren't we all hungry
and thirsty
to weave
our own way
yet blend into
others lives today?

ahhh what about dreams,
expectations of others
or your own destiny
forged and carved
by yourself?

do your inner
true desires
shape you
or enslave you
or leave you
in mind and heart?

have you defined
your tangible passions?
if not, if so;
what changes
can you make
within to
outside yourself,
be they small or huge?

are you slave to your thoughts,
or soar with them
by making them true,
stone by stone
bit by bit
and act by action?

your yearning heart
sing rather than bleed?
do others dictate
your ways
and weave your life
by what they say and/or think?

we own our own truths
and folly too,
do we each not?

forget status,
turn yourselves
smoke and mirrors,
snakes and fakes,
run from
harlots and false magicians.

forge and crawl
over every rock
and mountain
to own your dreams.
begin perhaps today
or make a plan
but begin
from within usually
works really well

be still
and know
best yourself,
relish the fact
that beauty,
and happiness
is yours
if you but
dare to dream~
for dreaming
is but only
our first step.

can you imagine
edification lies
within yourself
more than
any other place?
commitment to self
stretches outward
if we are ready
for that challenge.

first know
what you want
for yourself.
make a plan
begin your course.

be flexible
when necessary
but recognize
and decipher
if a change or fork
in that particular road
is one to be examined
or tossed aside for revision
we all have freedoms
of choice to become a
new traditionalist if we desire.

we weren't all born
with the chalice
or the proverbial
silver spoon
but we partake
of them both
even when empty,
if we believe
in ourselves
we will see better
the worth of others,
respecting them
in their place
in this
our play of life
for we are all
yet unfolding
and the future belongs
to all of us to shape.

waste not your talent
awaiting dreams alone,
look in the face of courage
and begin your way.

where and with what
from within,
do you place
your first step from now?

when will that
true courage
inside yourself
manifest its way
outside of
and for you?

take a chance
take a breath
give yourself
the right to
begin your dance
write your own lines
sing your own tunes
paint your own reality
by just being you
believe in yourself
and dare to unfold

you know
you can do it
you don't
need to be told
or even construed
as bold
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Stolen Heart
Posted: 1/31/2007 10:57:46 PM
The night torments me as I sit awake
Pondering time and life’s great mistake
She was born seventeen years to the day
Her mother’s decisions forced me away
I should have fought harder with all that I had
But I was not destined to be her dad
Anger and torment I can’t repeal
A mother vindictive, her heart to steal
Stolen away with little regret
Leaving my heart with nothing but debt
A debt so great that I can never repay
For all the lost time unto this day
So now I only hope that she can see
Her heart was stolen and forgives me

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Posted: 2/1/2007 6:13:08 PM
lovely lucid your post 538 touched me, i missed it when i followed yours.

yes the world can be
a lonely place indeed
so many ways
so many instances
when a simple smile
would brighten
a world
a heart
a hope
a need

i hope that you
don't close your
book even if it
seems someone
has closed theirs
to you; for clearly
at least to me
they aren't worth
your thoughts
your heart
your energy
look to those
sweetie that
want to read
your tender heart


i wonder too
about all kinds of people
i'm far past my teens
and twenties
and thirties
mid forty now
and still i too
am sometimes
mature other times
still a little kid too;
with lots of life ahead
not jealous here
i can't imagine
being their age again
facing the demons
they yet have to slay
with so much ahead
i'm content to just
be me instead
thanking you now
for your provocative post
wanting myself to reach
back and survey wreckage
of my youth if only
to salvage the good parts
to be grateful for today


shizznute that very wise man
was very wise indeed
but methinks it isn't only fools
we can learn much from
but any and everyone
placed into our lives
and paths for us
to reach for our own goals


stealing~ precious
your voice is heard
today and every day
your heart is felt
from even far away
as your words are read
and you have already
made quite a difference
in the pleasure of anyone
knowing the gentleness
of your sweet and kind heart

(no masseuse appeared
here either but thank you
for the f realm dream)
i hurt myself a bit more
than i realized until today
billing done at work
suddenly seeing
i couldn't focus
i was having trouble
thinking and articulating
my words in a most
troublesome way
perfectionist type A
personality that i am
i had to face the truth
inside myself despite fear
so went to the doctor
have myself looked over
bright light into my eyes
bp at 144/122 way too high
lots of questions
some simple tests
brought tears to my eyes
and shame in myself
in frustration
despite her saying
i passed with flying colors
with my eyes closed i found
myself about falling over
no balance to be found
damn add n panic anxiety
had their clutches in me

doc was kind n gentle
surprised she softly telling me
to give myself time to heal
not to be so hard on myself
and what a great attitude
i had, n while it was nice to hear
but harder to turn into reality
somehow today i came home
to take a nap doctor's orders

she took me off work
for the rest of the day
returning i promised
for a follow up monday
still woke up tense and
with a wallop of a headache

now i could sure use one of those
magic wands you have, you say?
but ohh a massage oh yes please,
one of those i could surely use
don't even care for a hottie
just someone to relax this pain
wracking through my body
tired of headaches so deep
tired of being unable to speak
properly just so~ pride in my way
tomorrow am back to work i go
so tell ya what dear stealin
you conjure me up one
and i'll do the same for you
'n you can use yours
for whatever you want to!


now triple darlin what can i say
how can i find any words
to mend your sorrow
your torment your pain
i only know of one i'll say~
and she is a beautiful way!
c'mon how could she not
see past the deceptions
through years of the lies
of her mommy's intentions
all she'll hafta do is meet ya
and all these years will fade
to past for both she n you together
methinks have a wonderful future
in the making both beautiful & vast
you know you feel and she will too
true love of any kind is meant to last
you know it's true cause you n your heart
through the triplebp you've been given
this second chance to be the best dad
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i smell a volkswagen
Posted: 2/2/2007 10:12:03 PM
from nowhere appears
the smell of a volkswagen
gti or a gli; passat, touareg,
an eos or could it be eros?
(i know which i'd choose)

direct injection
turbo charged
no bondo here
of many options
new sensuous leather
clean smooth engine
shiny matte paint
gecko or granite green
harvest moon
paprika red
platinum grey
or classic black
matters not here

the out side's all good
just shells
for ourselves
it's our inside
that matters
and how we choose
to live in them
as well

opening up self
and yes heart too
to those around you
those that we choose
to align ourselves with
we each will succeed
but only when and if
we forgive ourselves
any past failures
for today is the gift

faith in future
renewed sense of hope
the present we
give ourselves
wanna feel the wind
eat the sun
smoke the clouds
take a test run
see how it feels

tomorrow a new day
leaving today
in it's place
in our wake
to fully appreciate
true comfort serene
possibilities yet unseen
they exist in each of us

if we dare to partake
and take our time
to find a right fit
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Their First Date
Posted: 2/3/2007 9:01:38 PM
stealin that was beautiful
thank you for sharing it here
and yes some ones do
love you very much
your words they always touch

thanks ad n lucid
for stopping by to read
and your kind words too
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just some lyrics dancing in my head
Posted: 2/3/2007 9:38:50 PM
aha, my dear poet friend
stealin wrote such a lovely write
i do agree!

and as for mine
and your dislike of it
it' ok with me
in fact
i am smiling widely
thanking you
for being you
and honest with me!

autumn; thank you~ yes i am feeling much better after rest and am thankful for meds and very very grateful the unyielding metal did not invade to tear an eye and instead caught me on the forehead, antibiotics are doing their job and i am healing with hopefully the smallest of scars.


bryan ferry ~ more than this

I could feel at the time
There was no way of knowing
Fallen leaves in the night
Who can say where they´re blowing
As free as the wind
And hopefully learning
Why the sea on the tide
Has no way of turning
More than this - there is nothing
More than this - tell me one thing
More than this - there is nothing
It was fun for a while
There was no way of knowing
Like dream in the night
Who can say where we´re going
No care in the world
Maybe i´m learning
Why the sea on the tide
Has no way of turning
More than this - there is nothing
More than this - tell me one thing
More than this - there is nothing


the church ~ under the milky way

Sometimes when this place gets kind of empty
Sound of their breath fades with the light
I think about the loveless fascination
Under the milky way tonight

Lower the curtain down in memphis
Lower the curtain down all right
I got no time for private consultation
Under the milky way tonight

Wish I knew what you were looking for
Might have known what you would find
Wish I knew what you were looking for
Might have known what you would find

And its something quite peculiar,
Something thats shimmering and white
Leads you here despite your destination
Under the milky way tonight
Under the milky way tonight


dirty vegas ~ alive

Through these eyes I see
There's a place for me
And life is full of questions
That keep me alive

Through these veins I feel
A certain kind of thrill
And I'm flying in all directions
And that keeps me alive

Would you sell the story
Drown in all the glory
That surrounds you
Surrounds you!

Won't you shelter me
Keep me company
As I'm searching for protection
To keep me alive

With these hands I feel
A certain kind of thrill
And I have in my possession
What keeps me alive

Secrets I have found
It turns my head around
And that keeps me alive

It's what keeps me alive
It's what keeps me alive
And I'm flying in all directions
It's what keeps me alive
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thank you
Posted: 2/3/2007 11:34:02 PM
thank you
to all of you
that have graced
and blessed me
with emails
as well in laid down lines
during this
a most difficult time
for me
still yet a way to traverse
before i find my way
back from this
injury damn
bump to my head

still feeling my way
unable to adequately relay
how frustrating this is
not being able
to say all that i want to say
meantime it's all like
some other language
sifting through braille
which i've never learned
but thank you all
just the same
for all your kindness
to me heartfelt
and displayed

i am tired
and not myself
and still a bit scared
grateful yes too
but impatiently waiting
for myself to return

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the fish
Posted: 2/4/2007 10:16:38 PM
maybe YOU
are the fish
to warm his heart one day
if so, i hope it's soon
she is on her way
soon to bring sunshine
to each in our own ways
and other things too
never say never
don't even think it
you never know
till it happens
let the budding newness begin


so nice to hear your voice
and talk about so much
i hold our conversations
near and dear to this
mine beating heart
each and every single time
we talk, laugh, share and dare
it feels like a brand new start
i always hang up
putting phone back
to it's cradle
smiling and happy
thinking of the next time
as sure as i can be
it too will prove
so nice to hear your voice
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we are kindred
Posted: 2/4/2007 10:45:53 PM
we are as the automatons
we go through motions of our days
we are enslaved to passion
we work and toil best we can
we earn our working wage

we are the dreamers
we thirst and learn and share
we know hopes laid bare
we are them who search and seek
we pray we gain what we deserve

we are the engines revving
we are flying past the flags
we purr with our liquid fuel
we race alongside the other
we urge our loved ones on

we are the believers
we practice what we preach
we aren't ashamed to bleed
we share and tell our tales
we know whom to trust instinctively

we are singularly the owners
we own our particular beliefs
we grow with each new relief
we learn from past mistakes
we mean exactly what we say

we are as the salmon
we do our swimming upstream
we navigate in this pool of life
we stick to those 'n that we know
we don't pretend to be anything else

we hunger always for more
we bleed and need
we are the scented living flesh
we give take and receive
we see grace given everyday
we are kindred you and me
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we are kindred
Posted: 2/5/2007 6:55:55 AM
i needn't even
touch any deck
but instead
turn to other

burning candles
pure as for you
whispering murmuring
as i do in my
simple meditation

darling ad
you know
i know you
you know me
i won't paint
here fantasy
you can handle
the truth

you are truly
like a sister
some others
could never be
myself and others
it's been lost
even between
my kin

for you and i
are different
we know truth
we value honesty
we sense integrity

yes you and i
are different
we shake our heads
at women who deceive
at those pretenders
those feeders on carrion
throwing desperate tantrums
not understanding themselves
they too deserve not our sympathy
but our prayers
they too deserve to dream

but you my dear
i will keep in my thoughts
throughout my day
you can be
you want to be

i would recognize
you no matter
what shape
you shifted into
or what body you
for your next life
decide to choose

our hearts
beat in same
kindred rhythm
our thoughts
fly 'round the same
big beautiful moon
i adore my sister
far away she is

i now shun a heretic
rambling in another thread
agent provocateur
already she's forgotten
exactly what she said

whilst you dear please dare
go on dreaming
unlike others scheming
for you are absolutely
on self being; resolute
exactly you;
loved dearly
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we are kindred
Posted: 2/5/2007 7:19:39 PM
thank YOU, my sister, amielle ;)

today i found out
what an ugly word
concussion IS when
finally at the doc's
i saw it in my chart
black on white

uglier still
what it has done
to my me
and this life

hard to balance
hard to read
hard to focus
ahard to concentrate
(more so with my ADD tag)
hard to find
just the exact words
as i prefer to do
no matter how
i search i wonder
where my me went to
hoping it returns
soonest back
to inside my mind
my spirit my soul

pain searing
back of head
neck and shoulders
down into my arms
pain travels as in strings
to my very elbows it seems

hard to relax
hard to think
hard to hit the right keys
hard to be still

easy to be grateful
i didn't take out an eye
easy to be grateful
it wasn't worse despite
this absolute frustration
bits of indignation
senses reeling
great care in steering

another appointment
thursday next
deciphering if i need
physical therapy

what irony
this damn pain in my neck
is now my me
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definitive infinite
Posted: 2/5/2007 9:04:55 PM
we are all of us
each of linked
of and from earth
we are kindred
we are more alike
than different
we are one united
we are kindred
we are the chosen
we are those
that dare to love
each other
a definitive infinite
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be tender with yourself please
Posted: 2/6/2007 6:28:00 PM
for someone dear to me
who is hurting tonight
and i have learned
we cannot take away
another's pain
but we can let them know
how we feel about them

dreaming about one's self flying
i have been told
is one of the highest blessings
there is

you are still very much alive
traversing a very difficult thing
a past a wake of torment and sorrow
defining new traditions to behold

you are stronger than you know
you are braver than you show
you are blessed more than you feel

you are not yet tender with yourself
it takes some time to get to that
sowing the seeds of love
delving into the primal scream
of arthur janov years ago
it took time to really get it
but now years later
i have learned
to still myself
sometimes rather than be heard
and if i do
i can hear the singing
a choir bursting as from above
of a hundred thousand angels
and no, i'm not schizophrenic
i am only me

but i am strong you see
still of course with self doubt
but plans are really good to have
and it feels good
to rise above intangibles
failures too
and still know
i am good inside
and you are GOOD inside

take yourself
take yourself
some time to reach out
my friend in your sorrow
you aren't buried
it's just an unfamiliar feeling
simple really~
we all need

nothing to be ashamed about
this business of finding
your own new way
the strength to face another day
knowing you're really ok
just the way you are right now
in this very minute NOW
for it's the bridge you see
between yesterday and tomorrow
don't be afraid
kindred are all around you

and when or if
they ever should fail you
let the angel's grace
sustain you
be kind and gentle
with yourself
you deserve it so
please realize this
so you can grow
past this
whatever this may be
may it be fleeting
and may you see
and feel too inside your heart
the caring of other's willing
standing beside you
even if not physically
in love of truths
stronger than

learn it's ok to be real
learn it's ok to feel
learn it's ok to reach out
learn it's ok to give up self doubt
no matter how familiar
time to grow now tugging you
time to let go and breathe
time to reach out and believe
time to know prayers are powerful
time to get outta stinkin thinkin
time to allow grace of healing
for you to wash and cleanse you
time to really believe
in yourself
with love
and care
and grace

it really is
don'tcha think so too?
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Posted: 2/7/2007 7:37:42 PM
Life is like a deck of cards
Dealt to each one like the stars
Some are hearts and some are spades
Then the clubs and diamonds remain
With the spades comes the hearts
Dealt in life when goodness starts
The heart then grows and swells
When taken away punishment dwells
These are the cards meant for the soul
To each one only fate can dole
Then there are riches and material things
These are when the clubs and diamonds ring
Bringing the riches of wealth of good life
Without all of them there would be strife
So life is like a deck of cards left to deal
Dealt again and again for you to feel
Each time shuffled and shuffled again
Each time fate….life’s journey to send

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no painting the devil on these walls
Posted: 2/7/2007 11:37:47 PM
sweet ad
much love always
for you
my far away soul sister
thank you

triple, you too
i thank tonight
for your lines
helping ease my mind
just days away
for you and her
your sweetest love
your beautiful daughter
whose birthday is nigh

on my cell and i hear
home phone ringing
as my key turned
in the lock
dear friend michelle
wanting to talk

me again i
scurried out to balcony
ferreting in firewood
to storage safely
now ensconced
home owner's association
making their rounds
can't have all that wood
laying about

past doctor dear
now a friend
a veritable demi God
returned my call
calmed me
made me laugh
steered me through
treacherous waters
gave me stellar advice
as he always has
asked for a meet soon again
when i am healed and feeling better
so we can catch up on brighter topics

too tired to cook
i began an all too familiar ritual
peering into
cabinets cupboards fridge
foraging for sustenance
ignoring thawed chicken breasts
choosing instead a quickie

lentils rice broccoli
spices fragrant waftingly
famished me
i reached and found
cafe latte chocolate truffles
as i tore open the green box
with gilt lettering smiling
only then i noticed
the long legged arachnid
on my le reve t shirt
scaling my left breast
without invitation

me, not a buddhist
and with initial fright
i tried to brush it off
but it was stubborn
i was worse; defensive
spiders aren't
my favorite things

now still dead it lays
on creamy beige kitchen tile
i shudder wondering
if any of it's family members
might find their way
to me in my sleep

jake just made me jump
nosy cat opening closet doors
i chide him and smile
he chirps back at me

my mind unfolds
back onto troubles
of the past 2 weeks
draining me
making me weak
not yet time
to weep
for this heart
still holds hope
you see

karma wouldn't dare
kick my a$$ again
now would she?!

crossing fingers here
just in case
and choosing to not
paint the devil on the wall

i sit here still
thinking of
fruit pie and
vanilla bean ice cream
candles lit all over
hot oiled bubbly bath
time to relax
put today in my past
where it surely belongs
dreaming awake of falling asleep
imagery of new libra moon
that very same one
you (yes, you) too might see
in swirling clouds
dancing on velvet sky
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Posted: 2/8/2007 8:50:11 PM
thank you for gracing this electronic page apriorimonads with your indelible beauty
thank you stealin too, for reminding me of my intangible love for my own dear mother
this st patrick's day will be the second anniversary of her leaving this earth yet still
she lives even more strongly than ever in my heart

i am humbled
by so much
and so many
in this life
in this mind
in this time
in this heart


each singing
their own symphony
each weaving
their own silken threads
each tracing
of shadows perfectly
each flying
soaring swooping
each whispering
screaming voice
each possibility
of unfolding dreams

i may fairly burst
struck by the most minute
of the smallest detail
of any of the above
carrying me through
to the next wonder of
possible pictures in my heart
not yet unfolded
but in my heart
all the same
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