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Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices and others too...Page 17 of 36    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36)
thorb again dear man
you've left a gift
of yourself herein
thank you kind sir
it's taken me so long
to get to remembering
my manners here i'm sorry

no the sun cannot
shine brightly each day
very much to my dismay
having grown up in a desert
i think i'm part reptilian
warm blooded passionate
no lizards i've known lied
i know each day can't be sunny
even when it seems to be
insides can be stormy indeed

designs i've read and reread
your posting several times
and then i realized i ought
to explain why i sometimes
close my eyes to see
so i went searching and found
and reworked past lines
i'll post it after this one
shows a bit more of me
and why i believe what i believe
it isn't always so simple a task
to merely open your eyes to see
but i thank you sincerely
for bestowing hope herein this thread

dragon215 i missed your first post
i'm sorry! what kind words you left
that here you've learned a new way
to express yourself, and better yet
you left us with something beautifully
heartfelt to read and i thank you
for sharing it here forget about spelling
or any apologies for i'm grateful
you posted such a piece of yourself here
i'm not into critiquing other's sharing
my own way of writing is simple
and obviously over over over written

sighing sighing and sighing still
today has been a long one
began early too then to work
i went to turn in timecards
but alas i wasn't there an hour
when i ventured into trafic again
to the dr i went for strange tests
took several hours of me sighihng
days yet ahead with more tests
they want everything jeeze
hair, saliva, blood and even pee!
i've lost 11 pounds in the past week
using a machine to help me breathe

it's reared it's ugly head again
my body turning against itself
autoimmune dis ease suspect
somehow my body views ordinary things
as assailants trying to overtake me
i refuse to be a shell instead strength
is what i seek for self yes selfishly

it gets better too; an appointment next
with an attorney had me revisiting
our lovely (insert sarcasm here, pls) irs
then further on to my attorney
paid 500$ to save my ass from tomorrow
by the time all this was done i came home
but first stopped for some lentil soup
some moussaka and jasmine tea
after fasting earlier i was hungry
i didn't eat much afterall but it was tasty
and i needed a bit of self spoiling

thanks to each of you for lifting my spirits
Joined: 6/12/2005
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i closed my eyes to see
Posted: 10/17/2007 9:56:12 PM
i closed my eyes to see

flying soaring into color
yes this is just me
this mind runs wild
rampantly even sometimes
in too many directions
wanting wanting wanting
greed of misplaced affections
better say i than affectations

dependence becomes horrible
when it's like a drug
swallowed obediently
twice a day cut in quarters
i know of which i speak
but still there exists need
of always wanting more
and damn not just everything
can be bought at the corner store
dependence upon a substance
person place or thing
can be such agony

yeah need can be so ugly
but fear is just as bad
cold and empty as those
promises never to be had

readers read and may scoff
writers may empty their souls
where does it all end
but when the smoke unfurls
begins life anew and different
yeah just like that phoenix
ways of thinking living even
flying to vistas unseen as yet
sometimes just merely breathing

experiences we each choose
some are far more clever
in this journey we call life
knowing wrong from right
when one senses strife
smart and blessed are they
for intiution is amazing

intelligence has nothing
at all to do with iq
but more borne of actions
respect is listening
trying to understand
never boldly or falsely accuse
patience is indeed a virtue
even when she unfolds softly
as a delicate flower
opening up to kiss the dew

color and texture comforts
keep safe from memory
twisted realities denied
i closed my eyes to see
nope its no conundrum
i mean it very clearly
i closed my eyes to see

many times color saved my life
believe it now or not
it literally swooped me up
it swaddled me in safety
took me from inexplicable horrors
endured as young and innocent
but sadly has not been able to
completely erase that within me
programming within just yet

when i was very very young
meaning from four to nine
just a slight and slender
wheat color haired tot
brown eyes large with wonder
naive and innocent was i
way back then 42 years ago
i had already rotted spots

my dear brother was an artist
but my brother-in-laws; pigs
two of them both pedophiles
so maybe it makes sense
it does anyway for me
swirls and memory of color
took me from all that harm
led me to safety's familiar arms
if only in my mind back then it
gave me lifelong appreciation

have you ever seen a painting
that you could not comprehend
something so powerfully moving
it wove itself into your heart
yet too by same had water spring
forth from your very own eyes

i have had that lovely blessing
of an awesome experience too
for me, color is amazing
full of depth most strong and true

one dependence i won't turn from nor
apologize ever for, besides
words you can read the reason
i love color even more now
it will make no sense to many
excepting those who truly know me
and they completely do understand
think anything and it can happen
if only in your mind
perhaps that alone
can take you to another
safer, better place and time

but greed and earthly ways
are but written as with dust
something i learned long ago
take utmost of self care of
with whom you share your lust

they may not have the time
nor want to be patient
to understand just why
for someone like myself so blunt
communication seems to go in circles
and sometimes yes it does get stuck
still i keep trudging forward
even through my own yuck

erotica means different things
to each and every one deciphering
decoding encrypted kindred without
exhausting reserves is or isn't
yet still so very simple to see
with whom i am safe to be just me

while yes i am most certainly blunt
oftentimes it's still difficult to
even whisper that from deepest within
i closed my eyes to see
something different a new scene
away from fear and pain and tears
thank you far away dear brother mine
though now long gone for many years
you taught me secrets you never realized
meditation can be preservation
and it has been, of this soul and mind
Joined: 6/12/2005
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i closed my eyes to see
Posted: 10/18/2007 12:09:05 AM
designs4u i hope i hope i hope the following won't offend you... as i stated earlier, i read and reread your posts several times. because of the way it was aligned onto the page it was difficult to read. i really hope what i do here won't be wrong or bad, i broke it down trying to make it easier to read, and in doing so i realized how special this was, and wanted others to not miss it. so here it is, in it's entirety:

before i write these words
which have not much wit
i have to thank you
for the growth i've finally seen

they're not meant to be boisterous
charming, have wit or even be mean

i believe that these
last words i've been given
come from a portion of heaven

as my fingers grow weak
and i can't hardly stand it
it's as if someone left one word to be said

let whomever, however
one may want to speak
i do not think
it was meant to be bleak

as all i've seen here
it's made perfectly clear
say what i want
not what i want you to hear

this is
you have to say after that [put] away the strategy
of one who can only do that

the game is for all to learn that all fun but so is the heart
please don't destroy what one's only ability is right here to start

i've played the games and tried following the rules
but to me all that does is keep that special talent for fools
what about the less able...
what are they to do; follow those protective styles?

i say let someone else play that's different than you
is one little guy gonna show you to?

i've been reprimanded for not saying the right thing
who in this country can get joy from a start?
let them participate, let them have their say, their start too!

the only [ones] to benefit might be them
but i'm sure you and i can, too
when i saw you hey novices, join in on this
i then knew would come into history again

it's not just the words it's what is right
because i hate to say it but some of the less fortunate
are way more bright

i only hope to be part of what you like to do
but something out there says no to you

but one thing is for sure
i can watch as life grows
and see the soft edges
that make for a nice no doper[?]
who just thought there's something
that makes us give more hope

the one thing most important of all
it all started right here
with a girl with a dream, nothing special
just let everyone be who they are going to be
she helped me best
my eyes are closed like the rest
the one thing i wish i had

ps: i did not a thing but listened
to this bird sing
sorry about the type; it's almost gone
but hey, 2 fingers go on
i so love lives and stories

lovely; thank you for sharing herein this thread which you have now become a part of the weavings of many minds and hearts! (i hope thios was ok with you that i did this)
Joined: 10/6/2005
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i closed my eyes to see
Posted: 10/18/2007 12:21:49 AM
I closed my eyes to see
Lost but distant memory
A vision fading into sight
Longs a wrong to make it right
Within the darkness hope belongs
To turn the sorrow into songs
Verses that carry misery
Long to be a happy melody
These are wishes many would choose
To take back time without confuse
But this life’s complexity
Is lost in what’s left of humanity
So one can only hope and pray
This wrong will be right again someday

Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices
Posted: 10/19/2007 5:06:49 PM
ahh thank you triple
for again your words
but there is no darkness
when i can feel form deep inside
the beauty of love which still resides
for and from one no longer here
often i've said love is so strong
it has the possiblity of transcending
such various and many things
even death it seems to me
this much this simple heart
oh so very well knows

i rely upon it's strength still
when i feel sick or weak or sad
when i experience amazement
it makes me feel so very glad
to realize fully the gift i've had

verses not carrying misery
but rather instead of humility
i was blessed for many years
by a big brother very dear
12 years between us
he dried many tears
his strength larger
than any of my fears

his gifts to me were many
honesty faith hope strength
never spoke harshly to me
never made me feel badly
never did we argue even
he was patient and so kind
taught me by example
appreciation of so much
love art music travel words
simple grace within remembererd
of both taking making time

i recall being a teen
running to him many times
seeking refuge for many things
always he remained patient
gave me great advice
till one day me at sixteen
could no longer take violence
by my father's hand
so i moved in with my brother
life began anew for me
because he took upon his shoulders
such a huge responsibility

a few years later came a day
when of me he asked advice
he had questions of his own
regarding his own life
i was and still am so so flattered
he always made me feel i mattered
we shared a life of violence
from my father's words and hands
though unspoken betwixt us two
as there was so much living to do
he taught me not all men are bad
he taught me how to not be sad
he taught me to always seek and learn
he taught me without ever being stern
i learned firsthand appreciation
of laughter, sharing and believing
with the right ingredients involved
one can achieve literally anything
but first one must dare to dream
then put into action what moves us

often since his passing
so many years ago
i feel strongly still
his love, strength and presence
forever from those days imprinted
within my very heart & soul
i'm so grateful for each lesson
for his love was such a blessing
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices
Posted: 10/21/2007 1:46:28 PM
life, what a provacative write
thank you for sharing it here

today again i find
my body and mind
playing tricks on me
of the torturous kind
pushing away negatives
from past life mistakes
make way for positives
left only to make and create
specific ideas of paintings
and quilts to be woven
both by these fingers & mind
taking me to happier times
with love for those special
it's within the care of
my own heart to start
templates if you will
turning into reality

feeling unwell
despising not knowing
more tests to take
to undo the unknowing
medical stuff boring
aching and weary
trying my best just
to remain hopeful
so i cannot be dreary

frustration reigns
stress wreaks havoc
if only through meditation
i imagine summer's hammock
good thoughts push away bad
lightness of being replace sad

organic food forces ignoring chemicals
turning from plastics
dehydration replaced from glass bottles
my body turning against itself
my mind slowly taken away
when health returns
regiments to insure it stays

ever hopeful even when weak
refusing to cry or to weep
taking the time to dare
today means simple rest & self care
succumbing to lazy naps and sleep
laying gratefully in warm sun's rays
with thoughtful friend's cheering me
ensuring tomorrow will be a healthier day
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices
Posted: 10/22/2007 10:40:08 AM
thanking the universe today
relieved and happy again, me
feeling like i'm not expiring
opposite full of energy
rolling eyes at terminology
i wouldn't exactly say "bouncy"
or hell even, "perky" but
feeling damn well and fine

so good to take a deep breath
walking that extra line
just had to pop in today
from my neatly stacked desk

just to say hiya friends
i'm doing so much better
than the entire whole month
passed even with the dang tests
to take i'ts really not so bad now
that i'm feeling this well
i can't wait to start everything
the rest of my day's steps
which began with today's
thank all of you who've cheered for me
and kept in touch and close, sincerely
so glad to today say i feel really good!
Joined: 10/13/2007
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a place for us novices
Posted: 10/22/2007 8:21:43 PM
Gentle Love
By Draven

Tender skin,
soft under my finger tips.
Dark eyes that watch my touch,
closing only when overtaken by pleasure.

A pretty face,
framed in soft hair.
Unpainted lips,
responsive to my gentle kiss.

Full round breasts,
youthfully eager for attention.
Each nipple firming
to my loving touch.

Soft smooth skin,
tender on inner thighs.
Shapely legs open
to my gentle persuasion.

Delicate secrets revealed,
hungry to know more of love,
Wet with passion's sweet nectar
tender to a lover's touch.

Oh dear woman,
your heart is precious,
Your spirit soars
When desire overwhelms you.

Oh sweet lady,
my desire for you consumes me.
To know your heart
And fly high with your spirit.

Hold me closely
and touch me in gentle ways.
Receive in return
the gifts of my love and desire for you.

Let's be together
for this brief time we walk this path.
Let's learn of joy
and take fond memories when we part.
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices
Posted: 10/22/2007 9:20:11 PM
so nice to see you back again
i'm glad you're feeling better
i hope it stays and lingers...
thank you for your oh so
provacative lines laid out herein
words left on cyber pages
oftentimes touch in so many ways

i know what it's like to feel alone
i know what it's like too
to sometimes feel as though
i've pushed push others away
when i really all i needed was
some space to get my thoughts
in my head back to being ok

thank you for staying in touch
and being kind when you must
have much going on in your mind
i know what that's like too
isn't it nice to be able to find
here on these pages a friend or two

i'm the sort that means what she says
some think me silly and others find
me irritating but that's ok because here
i found so many really wonderful kind
i call them kindred and a sort of quilt
we weave into and onto each other's hearts
as well as imprint and inspire thoughts
so very glad you're feeling better
thank you again for yoru daring sharing
yourself within these electronic pages
Joined: 10/13/2007
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a place for us novices
Posted: 10/23/2007 12:11:23 AM
Thank you
It is good to be back.

i hope that everyone is doing well.

Acts of Love
by Draven

If endear is earned
and is meant to identify
two halves

then it composes
one meaning

which means
a token

a knot
a note

a noting in the head
of how it feels

to have your heart
be the dear one
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices
Posted: 10/23/2007 5:04:58 PM
drukane, lovely write thank you
always you are welcome here

a token
a beacon
lighting the way
through darkness

kindred affection
chiral affectations
swirling within
and through us
renew us
we plead

a sort of beginning
a circle
of newness
a return to self
through other's eyes
who've heard
our silent cries
helping us to
dry our eyes
just by the simplest thing
an act of reaching out
with no expectations

brings new meaning to
freedom of souls
to soar and fly
making one sigh


ad thank you
for your lucidity
herein so many times
you are welcome
this methinks
you just know
without my even
saying so

kindred is
as kindred does
the mirror never lies
when it reflects
one's soul

i don't need
sweet chocolate candies
anymore place settings
or a new pair of shoes
nor any more books
to overfill my
already overfull shelves
i am blessed truly
by your friendship
you share openly
such a beautiful gift
for me

i am glad we are kindred
such a nice thing to be
with one as beautiful
as you with your mind
and your lovely heart
thank you
for so often helping me
to see
to laugh
to smile
to just be


bringing this home from late starting dawn
written for c

definitive definition
touched within the heart
perhaps indeed because of
lack of being touched

yet still
being touched
is to be alive
and that my friend
is never to be taken

grasp tightly
and hold on
for life is

to you
to me
to he
to she
to us

our tender amazing earth
orb spinning in the sky
graceful are the patterns
as the moon kisses our faces
upturned expectantly
as we await a new dawn
as we play in the sun
with wind tickling our faces
taking away pain
restoring us to self again
nature and universal order
calling out to me and you

each day begins fresh
just exactly as we choose
to address
our reactions
to realities
sometimes harsh yes

but too
never to be forgotten
ever gracious amongst
we choose

embrace all aspects
and all parts of you
for they prove
you are alive
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices
Posted: 10/23/2007 7:19:55 PM
oh dear aoibheann
what kind words you left
but what a tall order
you state

as simply as
i can put it
i do nothing better
than all others
except be myself
it's the only
way i know
how to be; me

i'm not wonderful
but thank you
for thinking me so

i'm only human
like you
and he
and she
we all bleed
we all need
we all yearn
we all learn

and each of us
has our own
unique voice
and the choice
within how
to use it

it saddens me
to read
this was
the 3rd poem
you've written
since month's

for it's true
you've touched me
and deeply too
such sweet words
left herein this
my humble thread
began so long ago
as a place for all
to bleed
to need
to yearn
to learn
to grow
to dare
to share
to play
to fly

i am humbled
and grateful
for your words
this night
thank you dear
please do
come back anytime
and leave your lines

you never know
until you try
until you reach
one day
you'll realise
you've managed
to not only unfurl
your wings
you're actually
finally really
truly soaring

but i've felt your lines
and i know you
you like me
are constantly
and sometimes even
relearning again
but it's all ok
time has her way
with each of us

and in the meantime
isn't the journey
and the view too
just simply amazing?
Joined: 10/13/2007
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a place for us novices
Posted: 10/24/2007 12:05:08 AM
by Draven

From shadows he flies on dragons wings
searching, the world for his mate
With every glance his heart dies more
Is he the last? Is this his fate?

To die and never to have loved
never to touch or be embraced
To continue he has tried
for he is the last of his race

Atop a mountain he has flown
and one last look he takes
But there is nothing, no one, there
even emptiness has gone

Lifting his wings to the sky
a loud moaning roar he makes
His heart crying out in sadness
not a single route to take

Now he knows that he has failed
in this lonely world of pain
Ending all would be too sweet
as there is nothing more to gain

Lowly dragon once so proud
has fallen so far from grace
If only someone knew his heart
or the pain upon his face

Then in the night comes a rustle
the flapping of distant wings
Yet, at first he does not hear it
he is thinking of other things

She was searching the world over
so hard looking for her mate
He cannot believe it's happening
could this truly be his fate?

She flaps her wings on the mountain
his cries of pain she has heard
And she smiles at him so sweetly
there is no need to say a word

He enfolds her in his wings
giving her a warm embrace
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices
Posted: 10/25/2007 8:29:43 PM
ahh here you are
with such a cool write
thank you
i hope you're having
a nice visit/trip

now maybe you know
why i'm glad you're back
such nice imagery in that last one...
tender hearted dragons

thank you for sharing
Joined: 10/13/2007
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a place for us novices
Posted: 10/26/2007 4:07:01 PM
My Heart’s Remedy

by Draven

I swore to myself on a collage of broken hearts,
That I would never again hand out any keys to my heart
After I puzzled its pieces back together again.
I swore to myself on my ragged heart held together
By the glue of agonising pain,
That I would never again fall in love with love,
Or another person in this world.
Every night I would lie on my back, on the living room floor
Staring into the whiteness of the ceiling,
Wishing death upon myself to escape the pain of my beating heart;
To escape the pain I would dare not wish upon the soul
Of Hitler, burning in the deepest pit of Hell.
The thumping pain of my beating heart
Was the greater of two evils; therefore,
Death had to have been an easier and more bearable fate.
On one of my many lonely afternoons,
I laid my body down in preparation of
The death I forced myself to believe was nearing.
That was the day you began walking to me,
Headed straight toward the bolted chambers of my heart.
I caught on to your intentions the second you began.
You were gracefully making your way into my heart
Through my mind. I couldn’t resist.
I put my guard up, and
I created barriers hoping to turn you away.
You walked right through the barriers
As though they were non-existent.
You continued your elegant walk of grace
Until you reached the bolted chambers of my heart.
I tried again to turn you away, but
You stood there in patience with a smile on your face.
One look into your angelic eyes, and I knew what I had to do.
With moderate hesitation, I created a single key to my heart,
Incapable of being duplicated.
I handed you the key and you entered my heart.
After you entered my heart,
I realised what I had done, and
So I tried to push you out of my heart.
You refused to budge.
Butterflies polluted my stomach
For the first time in my life.
You placed your hand on the wall of my heart
And freed me from pain,
While melting away the glue of agony and pain.
You made my heart as new as it was
Upon the day of my birth.
I am so glad you refused to walk away from me.
I am so glad you chose to unite with me.
You are beautiful and oh so divine.
The ruler to the kingdom of my heart.
You are my heart’s remedy.
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices
Posted: 10/29/2007 7:11:15 PM
thank you dru for another such touching write

the remedy for so many
is the heart of another
extended, given freely

without reserve
without expectation
without requirements or rules

with compassion
with honesty and integrity
with but simply faith and hope
can come immeasurable possibilities


welcome pants
thanks for your lines herein
feel free to come back anytime
no need to rhyme
or do so as you wish
either here is perfectly fine


for sdf
today allow yourself
to dare to dream
again allow those walls
to crumble and fall
forget pandora's box
it's ok i promise
you don't need them any longer
though they served you well
kept you alive even
but now those times have passed
you're alive
you survived

in daring may again come dreams
hopes perhaps extinguished
so long ago yet maybe you know
it's saf once again
to hope and dream
in fact it may only be therein
you may find suprisingly so
dreams can come real

but only if you dare
take a deep breath
and just simply try

set your sights high
reach for stars in the sky
whisper in hope
silenty if you must
that they land deep and safe
inside your huge heart
where they've belonged
to live all along
you know exactly what i mean

if you dare
they just might
come out of your heart
and into your life
like a thousand angeel's
fluttering wings beating softly
making your blood surge
and course through your body
like electricity alive
awakening your every sense
your tactile flesh

you're in my thoughts tonight
as i wish you well
as i hope for you even when
you cannot find it in yourself
to hope again

life is so sweet
for you to just find solace in work
as important as it is to and for you
there is more in store for you
dare to dream for your angel
for you yourself are an angel
and yes, even angels
deserve to live their dreams
Joined: 10/13/2007
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a place for us novices
Posted: 11/1/2007 12:13:08 AM
Dragon Heart
by Draven

The dragon hoping it's mate is true
Gives it's love, hopes, dreams to it's mate
Together they thrive,
Thrive with a passion
A fire, a Spark, a Flame, a Blaze
Their feelings unite, the two become one.
But all was not said, all was not done.
The mate becomes wary, another dragon comes.
The dragon whose love he had given.
Tried to stop the relationship from living.
He tried to keep her the best of his might.
But she soon strayed away from his sight
The dragons it's dreams shattered to pieces
The dragons its hopes were ripped to shreds
He hoped she would come back,
She left him for dead
The dragons love was not broken but cracked
Now waiting for time to keep it intact.
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a place for us novices
Posted: 11/3/2007 11:27:41 AM
ahh jules thank you
visiting leaving lines
beauty sweet and purity
of heart's friendship
one's own understanding

still tired here but trying
never giving up the dreams
rejoicing in recent past
love always triumphs over dark
though it sometimes takes a bit
of patience it all eventually
works out perfectly as in a
beautiful symphony
each note splays across a heart
begins again a brand new start
new dreams lie in front of all
even those who don't yet dare
all it takes is to believe
then choices chosen bring reality
hoping you're having a beauty day
full to almost bursting with bounty
endless possibilities of turning dreams
into each one of your realities


dru thank you too
dragons know they live to fly
their hearts may be gaurded
and with good reason why
but again comes a day of brilliance
forgotten dashed hopes again
will become tomorrow's forgotten sting
for who yet knows what tomorrow brings
indeed love never breaks
though it feels as a heart cracked
the waiting patiently
for planets to align in sychronicity
for that time ahead when all becomes truth
ringing in clarity finally
for the one in the past that hurt so bady
had to pass for us to heal
all so in perfect time
we can shelter and fly highest
with the one that's intended
that certain special one who's real
she is breathing and searching too
perhaps her hurting just isn't quite through
when she's healed and so are you fully
you both then will find each other's light
a fairy tale perhaps then becomes real
but me, i've no doubts at all
i know when it is mean tot be
when falls into place your lives join
the two of you together will fly
into the brilliance of the brightest sun
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a place for us novices
Posted: 11/8/2007 6:31:56 PM
the evening ahead
before me tonight spreads
all planned out
thai food
spicy curry
steamed rice
spicy green beans
heated with chili peppers
fresh green and bright red
even the colors please me
crab rangoon mixed into
fluffy cream cheese
little soft pockets
pillow like and creamy
sweet ripest reddish green
juicy pears for dessert

later i'll run a nice
more than warm
bath to lower myself into
sighing and washing away
the past few weeks and days
strife behind now with clear mind

my imagination wanders flying
ssstretching into clouds
eyes closed lips smiling
remedy of meditation
joyous celebration
focus returns
upwards from warm mud
leaving sludge of mind
and past cares behind

clean fresh sheets
softly scented flannel
in lovely blues
warm chocolate
matisse wrap
tiny tiny stitches
velvet pillows
and tapestry
all just for me
yet still enjoying
simplest pleasures
to wallow in

the thick warmth
enveloping my senses
citrus and green tea
patchouli potpourri
a silly name to me
scents scintillating
spoiling myself
bought a few gifts today
toys for tots
a soft plushy teddy
a white magical rabbit
for two lovely children
ensures two more deserving
will gain from these

then admittedly naughtily
i bought stuff just for me
olive oil and orange blossom
moisterizing body wash x2
luxurious moisterizing bath oils too
it's been a long month past
i'm overdue a relaxing bath
no candles to be lit
i prefer the darkness
and the sound of facet's drip
still enjoying stretching
and oiling
solitary me

someone's gotta spoil me
might as well be
myself methinks
yes i'm smiling
not even pouting
the slightest bit
i'm sinking into
my future languidly
you see and really
for now it's
a fine time
all for me
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a place for us novices
Posted: 11/10/2007 12:26:17 PM
ahh jules glad my own musings
somehow touched
and maybe nudged you
remember to take time
all you need to, for you
not to live in any shadow
to dare take to make time
to fully relax and unwind
throw out all that which
doesn't work for you anymore
take in other meanings
discard programmed ways
make way fo new good things
which will surely come your way
wash away all specks of troubles
with so many good ways to renew
self indulgence such a decadence
when it really needn't be
clearing self via soul searching
is just finding then making
yourself better ways to breathe
it's not gender specific stuff
it's not really even fluff
what i mean is methinks
not just us femmes ought
to take the time to enjoy
our sensuality singularly
in different or ordinary ways

even if it only to relax
our weary minds and bodies
or if to completely recharge
and no i don't mean batteries
i abhor faux... um ya know

Laugh at people who say that pleasure is not part of life

oh i do, and at myself most of all 'cause i'm a people too
and ya know what? *whispers and smiles*
i had all to myself half a decadant
dove chocolate bar with almonds
the other night without a solitary
misgiving rather i enjoyed each
and every softly melting bit

designs you got me smiling
you're talking in riddles
almost making me giggle
you're writing in ryhmes
twisting my poor 'ttle mind?

are you leaving us dear?
ohhh is this what you're saying?
if that's the truth well
i sure wish you'd be staying
here your heart so sweet
i'll miss you, you know
but must wish you well
your words make hearts swell

when you say someone
won't let you go
i'm not sure if
it's someone you know
i hope not a stalker
but a lover so true
i hope you've found
the perfect woman for you

thank you for gracing
the threads with your lines
i wish you a life full
of love blessings and light
truly i do dear
for your heart has touched mine
thank you for taking your time
herein leaving your ryhmes
all the best to you, sincerely

i read aother profile that made me laugh

if you're a player, please don't bother

yet i note their own marital status listed as prefer not to say
short uptight laundry list included her desired do's amd don'ts

only men of this age to that age will get a response
we might dance together for life
must have good table manners and no fowl language
(allowed only in certain circumstances)

omg, "no fowl language" AND (allowed only in certain circumstances"
sooo, one can ply her with foul language, just not "fowl" language, *smiles*
makes me wonder what's considered a "certain" circumstance, to her
but i don't need my brain warshed yes i meant warshed; like that 80s cult comic jimbo
where is that odd old book of mine my add riddled mind wonders and wanders
ahhh but perhaps i do need my brain warshed afterall this makes me smile
and i really do hope she finds her man to dance with for life

i dislike cut n pasters with only flowery rainbows and butterflys
flitting here and there dispensing their posed advice
looking back now i can appreciate laughing
at their impetousness of lame tired schemes
show me something real not just constant posies and glee
show me the reality of yourself up or down whatever it is
because just posing is for the vapid ones you know the kind
those that walk around posing for others in so many ways
you see that ilk everywhere even in grocery stores
usually with their mouths wide open thinkin it's so attractive
wtf, there are germs out here, take care a fly won't dare go in there
just ask my aunt rosie it happended to her and she was near no posie

(i must make them gag too, my talking to cats and the breeze)
telling myself sometimes some things over 'n over again you see
as if to verily absorb the words into cellular structure of reality
meaning if they aren't already an inherent part of me
we all simply choose to do our own self convincing thank you

but but but
i remember singing
off key but happily
to crowded house's
you'd better be home soon
and i was
and he was
and we were

soo tired
after driving
so many miles
in a rented car
pulling into
the city
which became
my new home
so sleepily
taking in the
dark night
foggy city lights

and he, well
he was right there
beside me
holding my hand
kissing my fingers
entwined in his own
we were home
and yes he
was singing too
as he drove us
into our future
that's now
become our past

xenon optix never faded
carbon whispers on my heart
liquid silver dreams
languid memory streams
bring me full circle
to a brand new start

yesterday my desert sky was grey
from desert fires not so far away
someone mistakenly
called it virga
i just rolled my eyes
and of course being me
i sighed
but held my tongue
(yeah that was hard to do)
but i'm learning sometimes
it gets me through
just like so long ago
forgive me this
momentary lapse
into memory
or not
and turn away
i'll smile either way

drinking strong panche liquor
my first two shots
given me my very first morning
i landed in spain
he took me straightaway
from the plane
we went in those
fog laden early morning hours
in a city with sun not yet awakened
to an old cafe where the old men sat
smoking strong smokes
already (or still) drinking shots
with expresso pressed
won't tell you
the rest of that day
not here anyway
not now another day
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