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Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices...Page 2 of 36    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36)
beyond the door
and now thankfully beyond another's door
his pants lay in a heap upon the wooden floor
once upon a time ago he couldn't wait to caress my face
and i couldn't wait to stroke and feel him as well
both once openly professing desires for singular future
full of promises, professions of wanting, needing
for him to leave me wanting much more than sex
he claimed he wanted and needed more from me
and i naively believed that game he played
so convincingly and deeply as he claimed
after time i freely gave, and yes, partook of, too it's true
he said he was more than sure ready and oh so willing
we waited and anticipated, we did what lovers do
just a pretender of the most convincing rank
here today now i'm free to be blunt and frank

but the soul deep inside was lost you see
despite intense gazes and sweetest of kisses
those vast intentions false, and for so long before me
as a vampire feeds upon others souls
desperately partaking, fulfilling only selfish needs
so adept, i was convinced, i was mesmerized
the master of deception held truths otherwise
no longer this day deserving of my intentions
my own responsibility of realization and acceptance
has set me free and open to contemplation
we owe one another whatsoever no explanation
for i was open to self actualization

no longer capable of holding even my contempt
while firstly i admit i was openly enraged
yes of course for self but all the others too
past present and future to fall into that trap
as prey to the predator; just within his nature
once i stood in judgement before noticing
he is not, cannot, will not choose to evolve
holds not growth nor thought to feel or transpire
he only knows only to hungrily feed and breed desire
unsatiable hungers, pretense of life never fulfilled
and while he is only what he chooses to be
ever grateful as brightest power of truth
yes acceptance too shone brightly within and to myself
allowing finally grace and inner balance to return

the choices of mine own resposibility returned
and while my delicate garments aren't next to his anymore
a smile now plays in my mind and on my lips, knowing yet
his pants lay in a heap upon another wooden floor
all is good and just as it should be, for you see
while today nor this night; no longer of nor from me
the parasite continues as he must~ to feed
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 9/13/2006 3:35:47 AM
simple ode to a jackass

me, i'm not a casual woman
surely if you were sincere
you'd have at least gleaned
i say what i feel
and i say what i think
alas not yet to you clear
perhaps time for you near
to dry out from your drink

i care not in the least for
your impromptu suggestions
or persistant calls unanswered
please read here now and know
see, not now nor will i ever
be interested in even imagining
you and i ever in any way together
call me shallow if you must
you won't give up but now you must

this saturday night past
yes a medical emergency
thankfully past now and healing
at very least kept us from meeting
yes i've felt ill since then
but you ignore any heeding
and you simply refuse to hear
as what i say you just ignore
clearly you're not in the least
what i'm wanting or needing
it's all lost on your ears
but i owe you nothing
do you not clearly see?

we have never, no not ever
you and i gone out together
an exchange of cell numbers
is all we ever shared
chalk it up a simple mistake
get on with your life
i demand and implore you
before in my hands i'll take
this opportunity to clarify
what's at hand and at stake
not even asking nor pleading
no more calls at two
to me from you
in fact none whatsoever
further contact from you

no jokes or smiles
no sharing of selves
certainly not intimacy
or frienship even
nor will it ever be

as you've surely sealed your fate
calling me just now a bit past two
this morning is this early or late
thanks to you i'm now wide awake
as i lie here, needing my rest
you must be daft, haven't a clue
with my retorts on the phone
demanding you leave me alone
or i can easily make that happen
if you persist blindly
make no mistake as it's more than clear
perhaps go drink some more beer
for i've decidedly dismissed you
Joined: 3/28/2006
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 9/13/2006 5:17:35 AM
To the BOTH OF YOU....... Very, very rewarding. My God, I have been blessed this morning in my readings here.
very, uplifting & might i add, Spiritual. My hat is off to you.

Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 9/13/2006 6:48:31 AM
i have far to go here; thank you so much for your kind words! if you have more time next time, add some lines of your own, this was from the beginning, meant to be a sharing thread, but too few people want to leave their words here, in a place for us novices...
i guess they are too refined; but all are more than welcome here. (except the dude that called me just after two this am!)
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 9/16/2006 3:24:36 AM
wow simple, thank you so much for your contributions here; you...rock!

ometimes our lives seem to wax and to wane
surely as our beloved luminescent moon drives the tides

strap on your seat belt if you must for at first
this may seem the craziest of any and all rides

even the simple and leakiest of boats
with proper work, care and love
may become the sturdiest of vessels
with true god course, chartered on hope

as plushest of velvets and flannels
most comfortably adorn and make my bed
remembering promises of warmth and feeling alive
myself singularly tossing and turning
even in sleep and within my own body and mind

just before sunlight again awakens me
magical chimes signalling it's already past time
sleepily rousing, lazily lathering in the shower
then stepping out and into the dawn of my day
to make my new way and find my fresh grind
i'd rather be back abed with us sleepily entwined

if perchance both have fallen though
not one any more deeper than the other
both may then freely begin to further grow
respecting truth and sharing laughing daring
inhaling deeply the scent of the other
singularly two lives dance and fold into one
hope may falter yet residing within two never dies
remembering cold hearts chased back to yesterdays

yes for him she is loyal, casting out all doubts
but it's just in their simplest ways unspoken
bathing in darkness and of anointing with oils
caring for each other and partaking jointly spoils

it might begin with tender smile or a shared joke
take on strength doubled brilliantly hot forged steel
looking together forward in cleansing warm water
daring to hold tightly to dreams yet even awake
ever casting aside loneliest fears and dread
sing a silly song if it brings a smile to lips
selfish even for then it's easiest to steal a kiss

whilst salacious dreams may be a turn on indeed
as may well rekindle simplest touch born of needs
irony, coincidence, happenstance or circumstance
choices for two remain plentiful and abundant
ignore those false who seem trite or redundant

remember to stay on course, best well charted
veer not off the virtue soul integrity's path
never set yourself up with pain and dishonesty
never allowing hope to leave your mind's grasp

allow the child deep inside to come out to play
but take time to laugh and trust in others
in maturity learned or thoughts integrated too

i think angels sometimes pause to rest
dare i admit nature earth herself may bless
by reason of opulence and proclivities
seemingly knowing our every very need
even before we dare whisper them freely

the safest intended place for mere mortals
to choose to rest and lay our weary heads
is ever upon a perfect angel's breast

comfort or solace are offered those there
with open heart and arms widely outstretched
magnificent strong yet softest of wings enveloping you
keeping those they choose to safely protect

i try just for today to lay aside
racing heart and thoughts
understanding humans must simply strive
somewhere within for hunger of knowledge
it is in that place they may find that even
themselves; humans can grow wings

one by one or in multitudes
daring will come at last to a place
to float and rise as the phoenix
once again to highest depths soar
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 9/16/2006 10:45:13 AM
firefox, thank you for sharing a thoughtful poem that corresponds with the content here.
please if you like, feel free to share an original write, it needn't have won any awards, for this is the novice's thread, any and all are welcome here.

including kat and cabin who long ago were so nice as to respond and yet went unacknowledged, for this i do apologise especially as they both from the beginning have been so thoughtful kind and sweet!

i'm grateful to have resurrected this mine own from last year and read words of others gracing with their presence and thusly this place isn't so lonely anymore with only myself fumbling about with my words echoing back in the emptiness back at me. no matter our position or circumstance...

they, she, he, we... all shine on these few pages early in conception and inception!
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 9/16/2006 1:18:40 PM
a new start, thank you for sharing and weaving into this thread, know you're welcome here anytime. evoking visions true is a talent surely you have, more than simply a nice write you left...

firefox, it's great you've been published and find such grace in writing thoughtfully.
"The truth be knowest only to them" is spot on, for truth means different things to all of us shaped by our experiences, and isn't that in itself a beautiful thing to consider? i'm only beginning to in a most elementary way cast out some snippets and too long winded thoughts of my past, present and future kindlings. thank you for your kindest of words; but mine is just a way to try to learn to begin self expression and relief of words coming outward from within.

any good, bad or ugly all within our minds and hearts welcomed here. with differences and likeness here please fell free to cast and share! thank you all the honor of posting your own inner workings of mind heart and soul, whether deep or short, inspiring or purging; whatever the content here unfurling...

i'm trying to keep some of mine concentrated within this thread, so if i seem divergent well yes likely that's true. ;)

here we all share the cocoons of our minds
the thrones or gutters of our own crafting
loving to wordsmith and setting of stage
preparing our simple or lush banquets
going about habits and ways of our days

hoping, reading and gazing at others
sometimes feeling contempt or sincerity
from various community sisters and brothers
not all here seek but a lover

everwhere we look and can easily see
some are content in their lives
but not within their own minds
this common bond to post inner thoughts
some bestowing praise and being kind
others cleverly peeling skin as in rinds

goats and sheep leap and jump about
they scour rocky crags without second thought
not many i've seen worry before jumping
they dare and just try rarely do they drop

we're all together taking the good bad and ugly
here all conjoin inept and adept
the fairest sailing along with the stubbily gristle
life's just like that, we reap that we sow
some easily do their thing as they whistle
while others seek to pour out and bestow
while upwardly paddling, bent to just stay afloat

if you choose be like the sheep and goats
so be it i'll encourage you here and now
if you do dare to take the plunge or jump
no one can push you off that ledge you stay upon but
you might just grow wings and soar through the air
all for yourself and inner wicked best pleasure

and yet another...

you don't even know yourself at all
destined to romance and then fall
never able to uphold nor follow through
any proclamations your mouth spewed
deception and lies causing such drama
too deftly you so very well learned
most hidden and evil traits of your mama
religious zealot outwardly you say was she
but inner demons lived consuming visciously

shocking to me, you repeatedly claimed
you just never won't and don't believe
nor share of or in hope anymore
i should have listened carefully, more
really taken your heed and believed
and walked intently backwards out your door
even if i watched carefully your face
twisted now without trace of grace
your eyes were void of anything but pain
on your own to dance for cleansing rain
and hunt for another to play tricks on instead
taking up space in her heart, head and bed

poor little lambs destined for slaughter
believing at first a golden man full of praise
they've luckily found within you
unaware of sure fate soon to knocking
a few months more time then
unable to uphold your own integrity
and will return to your cruel hardened ways

but instead i failed only myself
thinking love conquers obstacles
naively and blinded by feelings
letting go of all the ignored red flags
waving straight and blowing into my face
directly then and not much time
it took not long for me to realise
simply you were never mine

while i was yours completely
i knew not then how inticately
deceit lived within your life and soul
and danced upon your very heart
i paid for other's crimes and your karma
and expensive though they were
destiny in form of salvation true
stepped in forced her hand
and just as quickly we were through

though now i'm greatly relieved
at the turning twisting of events
gaining my self respect back
and leaving you to your whims
was indeed my best and truest gift

Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 9/17/2006 1:28:22 PM
obscene, intoxicating, deciphering
enigmas and puzzles dance upon my heart
yes i am obsessed, with words and
finding their true meaning

my love of words
declared, fiercly
debated even sometimes, albeit calmly

leaves my inner options many
free and open to mind yuck myself even
if thats what i choose for me
isn't that snice?
yes i meant snice...

words and ideas within them
considering, pondering
musing aloud, am i a muse?

this love of mine of words began
when i was very young
environmentally imprinted upon my soul
within my very me that's me

parents immigrant refugees
torn from their homes and countries of war
and brought their lives with hope
and not much else
to what once represented
the land of the free
and the home of the brave

in my family home
english only was spoken to us children
and their native tongues to each other
while this means i lost my heritage
their command of language grew
to their somewhat unfair advantage

a break from natural culture
and tradition passed per se
we dared never speak of it
even to this day, just yet
another secret to be hidden away

it left me with too many questions
unanswered and curious too
but also a love of learning
within me deeply grew

my parents both are gone now
and family i shunned by choice
as what is real and good to me
differs from their reality

so i forge ahead singularly
within my own beliefs
about what family means,
is and ought to be

communique important to me
i take things often too literally
as i seek for balance
inside i know it's best
to give credence due
to basic principles
growth, play, honestly
integrity to self and others
respect and forgiveness

trying my best to relax
appreciate the sun on my face
the soft winds caressing me
just be the hedonistic gypsy
passionate that i am
and grateful to be
without doubts or regrets
for life cannot be undone
best to look to the future
and be grateful again for the sun

to find a partner perfect for me
patience and understanding required
as i'd strive to be, with him
creating and carving out our own
ideas of a perfect world for ourselves
a gift to each other most grand
to please ourselves and one another

it's just my silly little fantasy
but hope has never left my heart
and yes, dreams more than comfort me
my heart beats faster in anticipation
blood courses through me faster now
as i await my erato's face in my hands
and we begin our journey
whatever to unfold
to begin with a delicate kiss

le fait, volonté il pas mon erato?!
Joined: 6/12/2005
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harvesting of seeds newly planted
Posted: 9/17/2006 3:34:32 PM
jumping to gather; preparing for the harvest of these young autumnal ways...

putting action
where your mouth is;
daring fate to take flight;


imagine a child, me
full of innocence and grace
despite happenings
in my own home
no way can i replace reality
so i continue on this journey

back then wickedly huge brown eyes
and platinum silky hair adorned
what once was then this face

the subject has been posed before
yes its true it has
and i've rushed willingly
over many seas

bohemian little gypsy child
of passion, even then
of music this time i'm remembering
and whirling to it wildly
before floor to ceiling mirrors
wall to wall you see
this small one danced excitedly

momentum and time carried
the her that now is me
holding it close in memory
deep inside this heart

imagine the suprise gift
from a mother to a daughter
carefully tucked inside a box
swathed in tissue safely
saved from the days long ago
of dolls paints and her trike
the music prompting the dance
passionate in another language
the music still sits safely
in that box from long ago
awaiting new life

back then oh so content
to whirl and twirl and sway
watching carefully her reflection
dancing away the day
spinning and raising of arms
arcing, curling above her head
posing for her own self
grasping those small hands
one within another
as then she twirled
and forgot fears of that time

little bits and snippets
still return strongly in her mind


yes, i have a floss fetish.
and a foot feetish too.
and no they aren't
in anyway connected...
except leaving that
to your imagination, erato
exactly what this woman
can do with floss, besides its intended use


to rejoice in your melancholy
you dear, or i; melancholy?!
either to rejoice in one another's
hard to even imagine, now eh...

no more, for now, for today we have each other
or do we yet even should we make it so?

i promise herein truth always clear,
and to never force any attempt to wind
your heart 'round anything else
only if you freely choose, perhaps mine

thinking now of my erato
after gently hanging up the phone
still envisioning various scenarios
and of the all things left yet unseen
as this soft smile now plays upon my lips
for once keepings thoughts here to myself
now all too happy to slip delicately
musingly unfolding possibilities of future
vividly into my most recent dreams


instead of living my wakeful dreams
wherein you are my lover
playful throwing off the covers
to heat one another

sweetly, so softly at first,
then with rising greed and need
playful wallowing then some floating
making time stand still
aren't these pheremones divine?

cleansing water a favorite thing
showering scrubbing washing you
soaping you up and soaping you down
and yes but of course all around
shampooing your hair from behind while
kissing your trickling wassa rivuleted neck
memories of mine all so true

then preparing, sharing, eating
yet another meal with you
nary a raw onion in sight

take that walk in nature
appreciating each other
and the warmth of sunny rays
knowing your smile and your eyes upon me
as are mine upon you
gazing at each other
within all those glorious trees

hear your voice already most dear
in the same room, near
hearing and feeling
the rise and fall of your breath
thinking of sanctity
within your safe warm arms
and close to your chest
misfortune indeed
refusing to heed
instead chancing to bleed
missing making memories of us real

Joined: 6/12/2005
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harvesting of seeds newly planted
Posted: 9/18/2006 6:20:16 PM
stuck in da middle wit you
and im guessin now
i can't go wrong
for now it's just how
i feel and i think
it's all i can do

wanting all i can't grasp
sighing n wanting it to last
for as long as it's meant to
no secrets or promises
nor false tomorrows
whattya want from me man?

i'm just me yeah only me
only way i care to be
yeah i'm damn sure n strong
but cha know this already
my mind is focused
oh yeah it's steady

got my eyes on you man
watchin you
spinnin your yarn
watchin you watchin me
spinnin my wheels
and accelerating
at least i'm
on a straightaway

where's the fuckkin beak
i'm not makin another mistake
my aim is true
but truthfully
i get what i want
too damn often
yeah so what i'm spoilt
grabbing each day
twisting it
wringing it
making it mine
and laughing and smiling too
remember the aim is true

st louis sounds
green and um yeah
but here the weathers
damn fine in early december
finery and all
still climbing up da wall

now's time for action
tired of reflection
chewing at the brain
elephants bury their own
but they live as they roam
like the gypsies
i'm thinkin

wtf do i know of hofophants
i don't wanna waste this life
dreaming of those castles
in the loamy earthy sand

i love this desert's canyons
and the sky so warm
but the traffic's turnin it all brown
is this still my home

my feet are gettin antsy
and yeah my mind is too
sometimes life begs you
to just take a chance

got my eyes on you man
watchin you
spinnin your yarn
watchin you watchin me
spinnin my wheels
and accelerating
at least i'm
on a straightaway

i'm hungry
and i know just
exactly what i want
sure ain't rotten fruit
even though
i've not tasted
even a drop of it
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backpedaling to forgiveness
Posted: 9/19/2006 6:09:41 PM
face to face our smiles
are more brilliant than the sun
your eyes eclipsing everything

i'm hungry yeah i'm weary
and yes i'm fine too
but wondering how are you
its not all about me
nor all about you
but it's all about
that which we choose
to DO

i sneak not into anything
its just so simple really
i fell out of my skin with you
i flew up in the air
forgot i had real cares
dangerous that for me
and not at all fair to you
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a nOvices attempted sonnet
Posted: 9/21/2006 6:11:43 PM
ahh but if your choice of companions
speaks only of your own lonliness
you are destined my friend to be
more lonely than imagined, tsk tsk

true we all have nasty habits
but that doesn't make us them
if we want to learn and grow
seeking and reaching toward
the sunlight in the daytime
and the moon when night falls

never make anything
all just about just any woman
sagely this i know
thats just painting
the devil on the wall
where he's not welcome

future isn't to be made up
but simply lies before us all
like a carpet of possibilities
looming large and sometimes small

confusion is just
but one state of mind
there are many others
i prefer myself
confusing isn't mystery
or enigmatic in any way
makes me just turn away

while surely thoughts are good
to relect and think about
reality simply just works best
offering balance in the end
is the often the truer test
Joined: 6/12/2005
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Posted: 9/21/2006 6:27:06 PM
no princess
has ever existed
no, never here you see
within this temple
for from the time
when i was wee
i had other things
inside my life and mind

i never dreamt of
being a bride
nor a mother
nor in forever
even when
i was all those
and more
still i was only me

i was simply
far too busy
just surviving
being me

now i'm all grown up
and just intent
on living and
becoming the best
me that i can be

while i've surely been
adorned and ornamented
and yes even adored
no princess here
has ever existed
within my me
Joined: 6/12/2005
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jesters request
Posted: 9/21/2006 9:02:59 PM
she was mystified
and yes, pissed at that too
yet at the same time just a bit scared
but sanctified too, inside
tired of worrying herself into a tizzy
and making shit make sense
would rather just be gloriously edified

it is really warm in here
maybe tis the wine
maybe it IS him
does it matter now
this time?
sharp intake of breath here
again, sighing and pondering

500$ to come so far
for what the reat of you ask?
a further way
if thast's all that's sought
no it isn't a daft conception

for it could surely
go a long way
it might fizzle out before then
but maybe
further than
any of us might
dream or even imagine
Joined: 6/12/2005
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jesters request
Posted: 9/22/2006 12:22:21 AM
no parts hidden per se
off to bedsitland
once again i stray
till dawn's new day
and of your breath
i'll dream of till then

you n for now
your heavy pen
till we breath
as one
be well
i bid you sun
for what it's worth

all my dreaming can't undue
to see for orselves
then know
clapsed hands
and hearts swell
inside this life
my heart dwells
for now

we ache and we bleed
we hunger and need
we taunt and play
but feel inside
daring to show ourselves
to the other
canyons beckon
and your shadows
your words
your voice
dances in memories
not too distant past
future she is vast

you nourish me
you just being you
and lighten my days
my nights are
more difficult
when i hang up
the phone

back to bedsitland i go
tormented and graced
for i hear you still
Joined: 6/12/2005
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perplexed with vulnerability of current state ahh arizona
Posted: 9/22/2006 11:32:39 PM
get it, hit it baby make it glow and flame

thickly veiled encrypted encryptions hiding you inside

you dared venture out feeling somewhat perplexed vulnerability exposed and suprisingly found yourself inside my heart warm and softly beating mmm welcome home

giddily laughing so thoughtful n carefully pondering and sharing befits us for now

deep and reflective simple and sane shall i sing the refrain as i play with your temple and find myself en reverie tracing your lips

once again tonight opening yet further softly pulling purple blue n pink unfolding to blue

soaring true musing too snippets of song bits of verse images flying across starlit skies

smiling here imagining pp laughing camera in her hands adoringly she smiles n playfully says mamma called today and loves her 'ittle boy sooo much her words are true yet she still collapses mouth erupting in giggles so where's that picture locked in mind not memory of what i've been told for i've yet to see for myself vis a vis the outside of that which has captured this inside of me no easy task, that

imagining your visage from different angles to be first seen lit of lights never yet viewed
a condundrum an enigma dancing on my soul many vistas ahead converging in phoenixes and vortexes crevices and folds of this my complex yet simple mind

jerome atop a cliff aging mining town of old turned into artist's retreat we'll stop in the brewery to slam a beer n a shot and rest our weary feet admiring the view for fifty miles but mostly our smiles

sighing as satiating souls will have to wait until we first another greet friendship; fire with no expectations containing n harboring deep intangibile desires
for now

london bridge has fallen down and put back all together again in arizona you'll see as well madame dust isn't far from there and she wil sense with barely a glance if our aims are true well that is, if she ain't yet expired with flaming red hair engulfing her body in entirity we shall see cause well sir yes, for i know a place where hope lives
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the first step is from our dream
Posted: 9/23/2006 11:04:11 AM
where are each of you? the thinker, the peot, the songstress, the dreamer, the hurt, the fallen, the chosen and the lurkers who post not but feed on the reads; where are you?

is this thread barren of your dreams and thoughts to begin a journey outside yourselves? have i offended to the point of no interest? am i invisible to you?
i hunger for knowledge and learning and a different state of mind, do you?

what have you realized about yourself thus far? please share a thought or two... for aren't we all hungry and thirsty to weave our own way yet blend into others lives today?

ahhh what about dreams, expectations of others or your own destiny forged and carved by yourself? do your inner true desires shape you or enslave you or leave you paralyzed in mind and heart?

have you defined your tangible passions? if not, if so; what changes can you make within and accomplish outside yourself, be they small or huge?

are you slave to your thoughts , or soar with them by making them true, stone by stone
bit by bit and act by action?

what makes your yearning heart sing rather than bleed?
do others dictate your ways and weave your life by what they say?
we own our own truths and folly too, do we each not?

forget status, stature, turn yourselves from the smoke and mirrors,
run from harlots and false magicians.
forge and crawl over every rock and mountain to your own dreams.
be still and know best yourself, and . relish the fact that beauty, truth and happiness is yours if you but dare to dream~ for dreaming is but only our first step.

can you imagine edification lies within yourself more than any other place?
comittment to self stretches outward if we are ready for that challenge.
first know what you want for yourself. make a plan and begin the course.
be flexible when necessary but recognise and decipher if a change or fork in that road
is one to be examined or tossed aside for we all have freedom of choice to become a
new traditionalist if we desire.

we weren't born with the chalice but we can drink of it, even if it's empty, if we believe
in ourselves we will see the worth of others, respecting them in their place in play of life
for we are all yet unfolding and the future belongs to all of us to shape.

waste not your talent awaiting dreams alone, look in the face of courage and begin your way. where and with what from within, do you place your first step from now?

when will true courage inside manifest its way outside for you?
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dreams know no bounds
Posted: 9/23/2006 2:12:01 PM
ahhh, but now i see.
or assume. did you not know; i abhor tests.
so therein lies your confusion; for i am NOT her or her, nor her, either. i am only me, and refuse to compare you with anyone in my wake, nor forsake you in any struggle worth that we both believe to be worthy of our attention.

it might be anything attacking fibers of you or me or both; but wil not go quietly laughing about it's evil ways having felt as if it's won. i think of ways to overcome obstacles, and i am tenacious at having well learned from this lifetime of having to think and do so. it is my sword, and it is sharp and shining, for gypsies like things that shine. yes, i know, princesses do as well, but make no mistake i know who and what i am; as well as what i'm not...

i loyally prefer to hold to the edge of his sleeve, even if it means reaching behind myself in a crowded space to reach for it. or skipping ahead to catch up to him, as i did when i was very very young.
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no question left unanswered
Posted: 9/24/2006 12:33:13 AM
oh but

you know
that i know
that you know
that i know
that we just know

we touch
we talk
we share
we look
we create
and finally, yes
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 9/24/2006 9:09:17 AM
ahh thanks sphinx but words are just words as much as we love them, touche mon ami.
c'mon give us one here and elevate us to this blue you speak of.
i know you're capable!
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 9/24/2006 1:46:46 PM
build that commune for the artistically disturbed
I'm wit ya baby , I'll scribe their demented dreams
while you colour my world in seductive desert scenes
a dream most treasured and close to my heart
now one he shares with me it was easy to open
up this heart once guarded more than carefully

i see the moon, the same one you see
albeit from a different angle it soothes
me just knowing it and we can cast our dreams
and wait for that we believe is meant to be

sleep evades us both it seems
weary needing rest yet on we go
within our daily lives and yet
our constant communique remains
simple and honest and real too

i see the sky lit with planes circling
knowing not one of them has you
upon it flying to me yet
one night that will be the truth
and we shall finally really see
each other vis a vis

what a gift beholden
no bow or wrapping needed
tossed worries gone
and only possibilities
of the most lush kind exist
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just another mirage
Posted: 9/26/2006 6:38:49 PM
a page not blank i stare at
words screaming up at me
in deafening silence
why am i now smiling?
not worth even trying
to make sense
of senseless meanings

yeah, so what
i cringed and shuddered
and finally shrugged
dumfounded yet again
i don't go for drama
but well yeah hours ago
i was heavily sighing

rolling eyes toward ceiling
though it cares not still
but at least tangibly
it's still right there
dependable comforting
real and hiding nothing
being nothing
but it's self; like me
nor deceptive
holding no omissions
plays no ****ed up
mind games that i know of
not yet anyway so hey
that makes me smile again

yeah my soul hungered
and so my brain wanders
my body aches
but less than yesterday
and i'm not torn asunder
i smelled the faintest
truest scent of a fake
hey it's not the first time
maybe not either the last
being familiar with "it" helps
most relieved and grateful here

'cause nope not lots of time
seemes to have passed
don't wanna seem crass
but i gotta be me
gotta be real
just the way it is
no fabulous wonderful deal

for clarity's sake
make no mistake
not even the smallest one
for this one right here
just so you all know
isn't in the least into
uh uh, nope not this feeling
tired of da reeling
all the ups and downs
nothing else matters
except it blatantly seems
the outcome is sharp and true
what's this icky stickiness
i almost fell into; glue?

being a most curious sort
wondering it seems
as if beens committed a tort
i abhor deciphered encryptions
so you see, even when
glaringly laid out

just enough shit in my mind
to not play other's games this time
the right amount in the head
and i now don't even dread
cause someone wanted to put
theirs halfway into me

so knock yourselves out
have at it again and finally i say
in fullest of public display
because rest most assured
i'm shrugging off any disarray
here in mine, in this~
yes a tranquil mirage
still my most beautiful desert
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dreams are tangible if worth the toil
Posted: 9/26/2006 7:43:36 PM
the gypsy inside of me is no princess
i live life awaiting no king

no gypsy i know follows
nothing but that which their hearts know
as we hold dear these kinds of things
sincerity integrity
passion and dreams
things that are or
can be made tangible
believable and oh so real

no room in this heart nor mind
nor life and certainly no,
not even in this future
for confusion reigning supreme

life is exactly what we make of it
balance within just works best for me
dreaming and toiling, laughing and spoiling
but no never, not ever
NOT believing in possibilities
or giving in to insecurities

no snake charmer here
just a woman smart enough
to turn from confusion

say it again and again
now believe it please
make me out to be unfeeling
if that's what it takes
to make yourself feel better

take just a bit of pause carefully
attempt to understand please
and do realise i mean it

yes perhaps of gypsy blood i may be
yet not the type of confusion
nor spells, nor dizzying spells actually
i'm not looking to infect or inject
neither to even interject or infer
that i am born for anyone
to please as if a queen
as i'm pretty simple you see
for i am only me
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no facades
Posted: 9/30/2006 5:57:30 PM
there is no facade dwelling in you
excepting your thinking one exists
exposing vulnerabilities is human
it can bring order to chaos
or possibly might ignite flames
even spontaneous combustion
be patient best as possible
not takings roads
meant to be untravelled

ahh i've not even begun yet
mon cher put on your seatbelt
please can we go for a drive
you can take the wheel
and i'll scan for vistas
for the both of us
with utmost of care

restraining yourself
that will never do
but i'm supposing here
it's a necessary thing

but be best sure to
remember laughter too
so drink and inhale of it deeply
partake of it freely please
and no, i'm not a tease

anyone really looking
can see plainly
im completely against the
counter; its but a mirage
but is it yours or mine?

gemini gypsy mind whirling
seeking balance of the yen
born on on the cusp of cancer
heart's emotion revealed
yeah im a mix certainly
many women and children
living within my me
might be hard to imagine
common goals shared and known
they are all cohesive
not all fd up over it
its all i know how to be
creative, caring, loving
communicative open
haphazardly artistic
artsy fartsy wanna be
is all i am yup
balled up with emotion
free flowing to just be me

important traits
to my inner self
when matched with one
who both can accept
and really understand
herein comes a phoenix
from ashes of before
not difficult when
paired correctly enough
to concentrate on inner needs
and many goals inside
men and women need each other
as much as many may disagree
at least i think so
am happiest working
on no pairing up incorrectly
tis all up to both
you and whomever you seek

life is really
so much simpler
than we make it
and gleaning the beauty
of simplicity therein
we may find that elusive key
not overlooking that
which is right before us

good place to start
we will sometimes remind the other
with pleas slower, please
reminders are good
mmm slower please...
purely darwinian

hey yeah we got to stay warm
some how but
warmth is subjective
i want it all
many things can warm me
words wine music
good smooth dark beer
the perfect lover
a toasty fire
sunlight on my face
a child's laughter
stirring coversations
taking place

one i can share with
everything inside
vrooom vrooom vrooom

thats admirable
not bragging being real
hey, geeky IS cool!
so great at to have that
for ourselves
working towards our goals
quite an amazing thing that
more than looks and outside shells
inner thoughts dance and sway
the hedonist within me
whispers and pleads
softly for response
meowing and wimpering
sometimes simpering
but promising always
to just being me
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 9/30/2006 9:14:32 PM
you are welcome here anytime, flash~
very strong and moving writes! you are clearly very talented and yes, i peeked at your last few...
an honor you shared the one above here; thank you!
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