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Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices...Page 28 of 36    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36)
no worries angel julesy, friends are something i don't lack; and they are more than patient and kind with my me.

indeed i am most grateful for the handful of those i have around me
and yes angels they are, most assuredly
patiently showing their graciousness
always ready to help in multitudes of many ways
please do believe me; those near to me right now know fully what they mean to me
i am open and honest and blunt and Eeyor-ey and all other sorts of not so nice things
i worry too much and i fret and am impulsive with my tongue
but i'll stand up for someone with conviction of good triumphing over bad any day
for someone with integrity to mean what they say
one thing i've found by simple observation is to just let the nature of life take it's own natural course through myself and others
our day to day
life actions sometimes speak so much more loudly
than any mere words could ever convey

in other threads recently i've read comments about angels not being real
i am sorry for those without any glimmer hope or love in their lives
for their heart without a doubt to know of these attributes far worth more than any material tangibles
those are the ones too damaged to care
too damaged to dare to believe in the simplest of truths
or too apathetic to even care about htemselves anymore
i know a few like that they are as walking wounded; the undead
yet even for themselves and others too
possibilities in future's grasp aren't written in their past

and yes, for me... humility is a difficult thing
asking for help some times more trying than others
and yes, especially clear to those who know
for when you've mostly fended for yourself in the past...
yet to grow and learn is but the human condition
thankfully i'm still falling into that category

one of those yet who now knows
it's akin to the velveteen rabbit...
when one believes in something or someone; when one dares to dream
is oftentimes the most beautiful of times when clarity reigns and miracles occur right in front of you to prove themselves
amazingly touching your heart so strongly you can taste it
you can smell it as it takes over every ounce and sense of your being human
no one can disuade me of otherwise
for i've lived through & seen
too many beautiful things
from absolutely horrorific situations

the generosity of a heart and compassion or love
is always something to be treasured
never to be taken for granted or misused

no one is perfect; yet we are each perfect just as we are
in this moment right now
we've all had our spills and our spoils too
and likely will have more; it's true
nothing like the touching of a heart dear
to another to light a beacon clear
i'm learning still sometimes words aren't even necessary things
imagine me, believing that!
my posting rate could prove that easily
i am beginning lately to understand something
very important: fortune indeed favors the brave

designs4u, yes you surely understand
but don't fret about knowing or wondering what to do
when the time comes, you'll know instinctively exactly what to do
your love is evident and i hope well spent in this season of all love
and will rejoin you tenfold in a thousand angel's fluttering wings
as a phoenix rising from ashes to take it's first breath of clear air
far above the smoke below now it can soar and grow even more brilliant
till it literally flies and dances seductively with the sun

you're wise to know and say don't give up it's never too late
i echo this back to you too, friend
so dear you are for your kindest words
my humble thanks extended to you
and you're right, there are many good both far and near
this thing i still fight, invisible yet but shall not win
although perhaps waxing and waning my might
i'm still alive and kicking
just like midge ure sang
all those many years ago
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 12/21/2007 4:14:57 PM
again, thank you, designs for your truths
merry Christmas back atcha too

this is quite an exquisite violet sky
this evening's purple fading firstly
to outrageous pink then orange hues
rippling to velvet blues
my mind thinking like always
of all yet undone this weekend ahead
mentally going through tasks laid out

running so often it seems
always stretching to seams
clock tick tocking faster
even than my own dreams

homemade hearty soup tonight
real stock n 2 chicken breasts
by request first go into the pot
bubbling merrily happily
wafting through the whole place

bay leaves fresh garlic and cilantro
shall i slice an onion or two
noodles twirling dancing
with carrots parsnip n fresh peas

big chunks of fresh garlic bread
steaming and savory making me glad
toss in peppercorns black and red
grind some too for good measure

salad yet to be made
organic spinach with kalamatas
manchego cheese
cherry tomatoes for me
toss in a few chick peas
vinaigrette oil of grape seed
a splash of garlic rice wine vinegar
sprinkle of sugar and sea salt
quick twist of my wrist
yields a grind of fresh pepper

i've already had my bath
i smell like citrus and kenneth cole
there's a log in the fireplace
sitting awaiting to be lit
and a tree too sits lonely
wanting to be dressed and adorned
all that's missing is your knock on my door
so i can swoop in for a sweet kiss
i hope tonight you're ready
to be fully completely adored
hmm what's for dessert?
because i have plans you'll see
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 12/27/2007 3:08:54 AM
my sincerest heartfelt thank you to each of you; caught a bug here and am up far too late but promise to respond/write soonest when my thinking is more clear.

hoping each of you had a beautiful and magical holiday and will have a beautiful new year full of love, health, happiness, wonder and hope in the coming new year!
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 12/29/2007 11:00:04 AM
Sculptor, thank you
for such kindness left herein
your words touched me deeply
more so than i can impart
happiest of new year to you and yours
loved reading your lines
please come back anytime

designs thank you too
the stars shine brightly
guiding our ways
with grateful acknowledgement
i am humbled by the grace
in each moment of the rhythyms
of life
happiest of new years to you!

joshua dear
thank you for taking your time
and your well wishes
somehow methinks this year
coming new will be a great one
for yours and you!

thank you for visiting
for your thoughts and query
i have many thoughts on the subject matter
you've brought up herein
sacrifice + love = equality
no matter which diety
one chooses to believe in
none are perfect yet
we are each perfect
none are devoid of "sin"
yet we are each pure
happiest of new year's blessings to you
and thank you kindly for yours too

just around the corners of lives
comes a new year shining bright
gifts heartfelt for one and all
health love warmth balance and hope
an end to strife a return to simplicity
if but only we heed their call
whether of whispers or loudly announced
they will present themselves unfolding
in their time as it right they show themselves
quiet ourselves so we may better understand
feeling knowing and devising for each of us
ourselvesfor our best to be laid out plans
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 12/31/2007 4:07:21 PM
lovely lines, joshua, thank you for sharing them here

by now she was of an age
wherein her mind
sometimes played
tricks on and in her reality

she still had her sass
an active imagination
appreciation for so much
she'd already seen, known
and been bestowed
she still had a nice ass
or so she'd been told
since about age thirteen
of yeah in case ya hadn't yet noticed
she still had a bit of 'tude too
sometimes a good thing
sometimes it got her into trouble
those latter times made her humble
upon reflection and self introspection
and methinks humility is a very good thing
to feel first handedly

another move now looming
this very next weekend
in cold and wind
a fresh start to this
brand new year
in again with dear friends
a new home again
grateful me
to have the grace
of a place loving and warm
to go rest and live in
to not be alone
while facing so much
again humility raises it's head
while pride must depart
for grace to take place

more than lucky is me/she
to have friends such as these
chosen kindred family

she was and is the sort
of person who'd lived
quite an amazing life thus far
experiences so many
living and travelling overseas
friendships many so grand
love felt strongly firsthand
and grateful was she
for not only it and humility
but as well her strength and tenacity
her mother had taught her well you see
although now a few years gone
her lessons and spirit
somehow still live on
and this one, me
not quite yet ready
not giving up
not even a bit
not even close to dipping a toe in
can't even see or feel or hear that
rushing clear cold and deep
river of water running beneath
me, i still have too much living to do
no end in sight just quite
yet my friends
Joined: 10/6/2005
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 1/8/2008 5:27:15 PM
Each day draws closer to conclusion
A broken heart lost in illusion
Years gone by seem like yesterday
Too many to count along the way
Wondering if her love will receive
A live long goal, a desire to achieve
With absolute heart, I reach out
Unsuspecting soul clutching doubt
Looming to be crushed and burned
Fond of years, lost and yearned
Within this all I must contend
To bring this sorrow to an end
Finally closing this chapter’s fate
Hoping I’m right, it’s never too late
To turn past mistakes to make them right
And shed the darkness into the light

Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 1/9/2008 9:27:49 PM
sculptor thank you
i really liked monarch park cafe
i myself know all too well
it's not ever a good thing
to get too spun up
and too, how quick some are
to place tags on others
your lines are funny sad and true
clever of you and yes somehow methinks
she most probably does know the truth already
welcome back shadow
thank you too for the meditation
soft and flowing, thank you for placing it here
"yet a rhythm unfolds
beautiful, apt and also, so true
so nice to see you've stopped in
and left such a beauty

triple your words too are true
hope, such a small word
with huge and infinite meaning
happy new year tpb for you and yours

Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices
Posted: 5/17/2008 11:01:34 AM
so mon amis, it's been a while
life has taken many twists and turns
i had to take some much needed time
and revisit to read and think
thank each of you for posting
your thoughts feelings and lines
please feel free to revisit any time
mmmmmy thank you for visiting
and sharing yourself herein
me reading your lines this morning
finally trying to catch a breath
reminding myself to breathe

tossing turning
floating churning
crashing crescendos
desire and frustration
emoting tangled dreams
roller coaster of life
am i drowning or
taking flight

singing and laughing or
screaming silent screams

skies never seem the same
to me
ever changing daily
brilliance of beauty

"nothing ever matters anymore"
you said back at the end of february
i really do hope that feeling
has passed and a strong flame of hope
and the trust in good
has been rekindled in you

we are always alone
we are never alone
the truth is in the digging
the truth is in our eyes
the truth is in our hearts
the truth is in some lies
the truth lives steadfast in our layers
and has been
from the start
the truth is always changing
nothing ever black n white
the world is full of colors
the world itself is alight

it's the human race that wanders
it's our emotions and mental state
that we choose to make or break
stars continue to call out your name
yet our answers are never twice the same
just keep on smiling baby girl
may your heart not be out to sea
but rather, out to see
don't ever get caught up
in that ole blame game
reach up and you will find yourself up
think down and find yourself in muck
defenses that helped some of us survive
no longer needed ought be put far aside
designs i thank you too
for sharing your beautiful day
and yes, evidently some friends are here
this much very much clear
to find we must be brave enough
to continue to seek
i hope all is well with you and yours
and you revisit when you can
you're such a rare kind man
ogm very nice to read your lines
thank you for taking your time
to leave them carefully here
the winter's rose upon a bed of snow
brins to mind now it's late spring
and snow is thawing everywhere
in hearts and minds of everyone

i do heartily agree
let all the bonsai trees
reawaken everyone from sensibilities
and attune instead, opening to possibilites
for in my mind's eyes and heart
those are endless and true opportunities
tailgunner you sir, are welcome any time
our pages are indeed soaked sopping saturated
as life has it's way with us
we do our best to stay afloat
awash in complexity
truth in words can and does exist
may we not be remiss
may we not step on our own tongues
may we not trample on other's hearts
or dreams as we pursue our own desires
the silence of our singular sounds
may one day rise up spreading and washing
unto the night's clarity
reverberating our scent and intensity
rising up as a phoenix
a brilliant flame
believe your soul's insides
for this isn't like
any other sort of game
we have participated in
without shame come forth
remain to yourself true

may the lightening bugs
burst forth from your soul
and light up your skies
for you are correct methinks
you shall indeed live forever
and so shall she
as will he
and perhaps even
maybe, me
scryptkeeper please also feel free
to herein share your truths
but please be clear
there are no
novices of loss here
while i cannot nor will not
speak for others here
please be mindful and very clear
lunch to a handful of vets
ain't what we is about up in here
careful who you try to speak for
somehow i think i just may know
firsthandedly more vets than i might show
i live with one, for example you see
i was married to two at different times
i shared that life and all that encompassed(s) it
and somehow someway i've managed to still be me
without having jumped ship
fear shall not be my badge
but hope instead
and that one i wear maybe
just a bit too proudly

back soon, i promise... we're having a late breakfast, and it's my turn to fry up some eggies to go with that wonderful smelling hot peppered bacon.
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices
Posted: 8/30/2008 11:36:51 PM
ecco domani pinot grigio
grilled rib eye
fresh sweet corn on the cob
with far too much butter
tri colored rigatoni pasta seafood salad with
le suer peas
black olives
dijon mustard
and half a baked tato
yes with sour cream
AND butter
and yes more pinot grigio
you opened the bottle
but don't bother
i'll refill our glasses
as we play cranium
and laugh
and of course
we win
even if neither of us eat
the lemon cake i baked
this afternoon
with real buttercream
and lime juice with coconut icing
someone did
and liked it just fine
now my mind won't quiet itself
must be the pepsi, eh

what's runnin round in me head
'sides the memories
over and over and over again?

two songs come to mind
from a far away time

Entertain me by Soft Cell

Trying to please
All these people around me
Is trying to reach for the moon
The Moon!
I see their faces looking so empty saying
I hope that they'll finish soon
So Soon...
Could be a chat show
Yap Yap Yap
Could be a go go
Reaction would be the same
The Same!
So here I go
Though why I don't know
Trying to prove myself again

Entertain me
I'm as blank as can be
And I've seen it before
And I've done it before
And I think that I like it
But no I don't like it
It just goes on over and over
And over and over and over again

I try to give them all of my best
And it's taking a turn for the worst
Oh No
Things going wrong
Start to sing the wrong song
I think that we must be cursed
You Betcha
Playing the wrong tune
Hitting the wrong note
This is where my nerves become frayed
It's falling apart
Why did we ever start
And do you think we'll be paid
No No

Entertain me
I'm as blank as can be
And I've seen it before
And I've done it before
And I think that I like it
But no I don't like it
It just goes on over and over
And over and over and over again

Over and over again
Build 'em up, knock 'em down
Build 'em up, knock 'em down
Build 'em up, knock 'em down
Build 'em up, knock 'em down

I see a movement
Down in the front row
Maybe it's just a mistake
She's smiling at me
But he's frowning at me
Which conclusion
Do I make
Fold all your arms
And look straight ahead
At this puppet on a string
You're feeling confused
But you've made a decision
You don't like anything

Entertain me
I'm as blank as can be
And I've seen it before
And I've done it before
And I think that I like it
But no I don't like it
It just goes on over and over
And over and over and over again

Build 'em up, knock em down
Build 'em up, knock em down
Build 'em up, knock em down
Build 'em up, knock em down

Entertain me
I'm as blank as can be
And I've seen it before
And I've done it before
And I think that I like it
But no I don't like it
It just goes on over and over
And over and over and over again

and too~
Chips on my shoulder by Soft Cell

Chips on my shoulder
More as I grow older
Feel I owe a debt
For the things I don't get
I only miss out
Well I was there before...
I sit in a corner
Sit on the floor

Self Pity
Chips on my shoulder
There's no time for fun time
It's sit and complain time
I'll talk about famine
While cooking the dinner
Don't you feel guilty
Don't you feel pity
While my head gets fatter
And the starving get thinner

I should have told her
I've chips on my shoulder
I'm making a stand
While I sit on my arse
Fish and chip supper
While those in the gutter
Can't have a good time
Fun's just a farse
Self Pity
Chips on my shoulder
Chips on my shoulder

indeed summer's end is nigh
and on and on the irony belies
hurricane down south east way
about to hard blow it's way in
as we here in this arid desert
go another day
in this drought
times are strange
things so uncertain
are they not?

well as we well know
they aren't so
very strange
no so very uncertain
are they?!

someone please
do tell me the truth
her truth
his truth
ok then
your truth
because the truth
cannot lie
bitter pill to swallow perhaps
not better tasting even, perhaps
but at least it's better than
living lies

because really
it's almost easier
to believe
or realize
or just simply wake up
this naive sleepy head
than to live a dream
that's not real
or just fantasy
for me, never one to believe
candy colored dreams
easier though it may be
for me
to shed
candy colored lenses
and face the uncomfortable
bright light of truth

or maybe just maybe
it's just my mind
just over cluttered
once again
Dear Lord
give me strength
i find myself begging
once more
familiar refrains
crashing round again
in a sort of
silent sound

i believe that's
what's it's called
thankfully it ain't voices i'm hearing
and i don't think need my brain warshed
by that ole comic
whom was drawn by gary panter
and published by matt groening
long ago
and far away

but hey
does anybody ever
really know what
i'm gibbering on about
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a place for us novices
Posted: 11/6/2008 7:53:44 AM
as always, love and thanks to you, AD. been too busy to be on much as of late, but it's nice knowing when i DO visit, friendly kindred hearts and words jump into my heart and mind, from oh so far away physically.

matters not, the distance, for tis a stronger thing capacity to love...

having missed a chance yesterday to post in first line, last line (part deaux)
in response to post 3654 left therein at 1150
but off the cuff had come up with the following few lines
thought i'd leave it here in a thread i began oh so long ago
just seemed apropos

although not as suggested by fight nor strongest might
or even velocity of the sheer g force of my mind
(or ego for that matter, not meaning to be unkind)
but mon amis i think if you please
to choose my own route and try not to pout
without tickling my knees nor making you sneeze
but rather instead simply using my good heart and head
easier path of trajectory even if solely olfactorily...
but oh just now for you and for the sake of the art
of leaving you a good line with with to start

more later mon amis, i do *hope* this finds everyone healthy, well and doing fine.
flying out tomorrow am to tend to some personal family matters...
missing reading, writing, bantering and sharing with you!
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 4/23/2009 9:32:25 PM
ad, dear dear ad~
where to begin?
firstly, with thanks
for you, always to me so kind
i am still here
but tired feeling
a shell of my former self
yet faintest traces still exist of me

been so long!
but i've been to Canaan
and i wanna go back again

(just like carole king did, all those years ago)

i know i speak in circles
and whirl inside them too
not everyone really quite "gets me"
you ad, are one of the few who do
(and accepts me as i am; too~ thank you)

right now, this minute
i'm back to say
i really will return soonest
perhaps this weekend
this beautiful spinning orb
will somehow some way
allow me unto it's graces
and once again gravity will
keep me from free falling
in and out of oddly shaped spaces
till once again i feel
sure footed upon terra firma
stronger again too
as surely as whispers deep inside my heart
tell me this is indeed so
perhaps then my mind will quiet itself once more
and rest will be, well... restful

oh, and ad?
forget the fancy china
forgo hours spent on epicurean delicacies
tonight i'd be happiest
with a good stout
or a smooth buttery merlot
either is fine; shared with a friend
even if drank from a simple paper cup

thanking you for keeping the thread alive
while we here, on this side of the planet
within this hot and arid desert
have been dealing with the pain of loss
and getting back, however slowly
with our own business of living
and finding our own ways

Pops passed from the earth last month
after a year long illness
so last weekend we journeyed
taking him back to his home, his friends
his church and the place of his birth 88 years ago
together, those of us who loved him
went about celebrating his experiences in life
and his amazing depths of love
our own love and respect of and for him
at the most beautiful Memorial service
i have ever had the grace to experience
 Autumn Fantasy
Joined: 3/15/2009
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 4/23/2009 9:37:51 PM
I'm so sorry to hear about your loss Softedge. My Mom is 86 now and I can't imagine life without her. Stay strong.
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 4/30/2009 1:40:58 PM
thank you Autumn Fantasy, and yes; thank you Hummingbird Dancing too
promising here, to be back soon; i have to i want to i need to
and funny this: messages this short may not be posted

I rarely see anything informing me i am too short...
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 12/5/2009 9:35:50 PM
ohh so far back
this fray of memories
damn when i drink any red
even a merlot...
and no folks
i caught no such
essence of chocolate
as the vino assured on it's label

but...13 years worlds away
ahh yes that long ago reverie
springs up suddenly

how strange
ahh yes brings to mind
life is so strange
missing persons
Hawaii, circa early 80s
enough unencypted information

Life is so strange
When you don't know
How can you tell
Where you're going to?
You can't be sure of any situation
something could change
and then you won't know

Where do we go from here?
It seems so all too near
Just as far beyond as i can see
I still don't know what this all means to me

I don't know where to go
I don't know what to do
And i don't even know the time of day
I guess it doesn't matter anyway

life is so strange
Destination unknown
When you don't know
your destination
Something could change
It's unknown
and then you won't know
Destination Unknown

When will my time come?
Has it all been said and done?
I know i'll leave when it's my time to go
Til then i'll carry on with what i know

life is so strange
Destination unknown
When you don't know
your destination
Something could change
It's unknown
and then you won't know
Destination Unknown
Life is so strange
Life is so strange
Life is so strange
Life is so strange
Life is so strange
Life is so strange
Life is so strange

mmmmhmmm life IS so strange
and no...
missing persons didn't play
at club lollipop; in waikiki
for that is an entirely
different story my friends...
but then again
so is berlin, and yes, dear terri n
and so, for that matter
is the regeneration tour...
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 9/21/2010 5:33:13 PM
Having returned to this thread so very long ago begun... And but, what do I find, what do I see, but a smattering, offerings, a handful of beauties are left upon these pages. For this, I thank you, Shudden, for your lovely words and thoughts left herein.

I feel lesser than the world
Like a set of virgin eyes upon a painting.
The golden compass,
and the brilliant lights that twinkle,
they tinker with my baby mind.
Upon the threshold, between the seams
and below the surface exists
more than I'll ever come to know.
I don't hold enough existence
to watch the sun set enough times
and be able to tell the difference between wrong and right.

(The last line is bugging me, I wanted to end it somehow, but that's just not... "right." It ruins it, but any fix that I've attempted so far has ended up wrecking the whole thing even further.)

Ahh, even though SoundsWavesMake is apprently gone, or has taken another name... If I may... SWM, I love your lines, and perchance, the following ending lines make sense?

I don't hold enough existence
to watch the sun set enough times
and be able to tell the difference
between wrong

and night.

As in, you've seen the sun set a plethora of times, yet...
Never too many times? And never have experienced too many or even, enough, nights?!

And, btw, i adored "1 poem" and thank you for leaving it here!

Dear, dear AD, I am so glad we are still in touch, and promise to soon get back to the reality of what I must do, stopping the silly games and getting back to the meat of what my soul cries out it must again begin...

And oh, Thorbie, I am so saddened to see you've left this place, but thank you for your friendship here for the years we shared the forums, and bid you nothing but the very best wherever you are.
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 11/9/2010 11:05:38 PM
I take solace in soft’s desert sands
Cool nights in the stars’ amorous hands
Moonlight captured in grains of evanescence
Darkness swathes life’s eternal presence
The stars and space covet life’s great escape
Enchanting our minds as if to intoxicate
Concealing secrets creating mystery
Secured in the existence of ambiguity
But I take solace in soft’s deserts sands
Embracing this concept with all its demands
As the sun gently rises and captures the night
Blanketing the darkness with all its light
I wait again eagerly for night to fall
So I again can ponder it all
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 7/14/2014 9:58:39 PM
I float in and out of the fog effortlessly
nary one whit of a whisper of intention
having done so for mostly my entire life

Resurfacing, navigating in and out of different cognitive abilities
With love, acceptance, understanding of precious few
and judgement, stupidity and ignorance of far many more

Ever shuffling, resettling, readjusting, I breathe in deeply now
the various facets of my mnemonic memory
imprinted forever unto pictures deep within my heart

I no longer view myself as I did for too many wasted years
as deficient, as mentally ill. Nor even unstable
For they are not organic, my experiences were environmental,
and they were real though they did not originate in my id,
nor my understanding, but
in all the many levels of extreme abuse I endured

I am safe now
And I am busy, with this business of healing
and learning to love myself in all stages
as I'd never before been taught

Love was, indeed, a battlefield
Fought unwillingly, and perhaps sometimes even unwittingly
as I never quite understood all the ever changing rules
Oh but the mines are buried deeply in my subconscious
trying to protect me from my own memories;
they appear, dangerously, without warning
just as they also fade and move to the distance
only to reappear again, revisit again
without prompting nor invitation

Though I may be more than merely complex
I am just me, afterall
I accept no labels assigned to me by others
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 8/16/2014 4:29:55 AM

running the day running for they
running in clay running for pay

running for grade running dismayed
running the blade running afraid

running to play running from gray
running astray running to pray

running as made running parade
running betrayed running charade

running the day running like prey
running for they running their way
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 8/23/2014 2:18:07 AM
red roses are like

muzak she chirps at me
cut flowers are so just 4 the

self absorbed she informs me

i know that she rather likes blood oranges
i brought her a couple

the peel
she rends from its flesh
her chewed fingernails
like broken crimson teeth

she knows that i rather like black chips
she brought me a couple

cacti are like

perfect she beams
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 8/25/2014 1:46:18 AM
some of the old angels gather

first saturday each month
for festival

night and ride down
from the high desert into the valley

to recount past lives and make up new lies
in the parking lot of the nexus

nightclub on the el real
when the city closes

the street turning
it into an open air market

frequented by walkers
with a taste for dead head

memorabilia and classic motorcycles
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