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Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices...Page 3 of 36    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36)
listen now to a tale if you care to
to a simple story from long ago
about a princess as she waited
for her handsome hero to return

long ago as he held her tightly
underneath the moon and stars
a promise then he made to her
that he would one day return

though she wasn't born of blue blood
nor was she spoiled in the least
but he indeed was a brave hero
and not only in her eyes reflection

they reminisced about their days
when they travelled this orb together
they lived lives of real adventure
and each then purely relied upon the other

now many days and moons years even
have passed since they were one
long ago wherein to each other they clung
man and woman creating fire as meant to

so much has happened since that time
seasons of many grapes ripened on their vines
he takes his job seriously onto foreign soils
she awaits his return dreaming only of his touch

the middle of this is now just beginning
far from its end you might yet see
inspired by one from far away this day
found tucked inside an inbox as a gift
now ripe with possibilities unexplored
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 10/1/2006 12:09:36 PM
thank you, mi for your very kind words, feel free to post any of yours here too...

and flash, thank you too for gracing us with another here, provoking, evocative, kudos to you!

all are welcome here, as always has been since the inception of this thread.
we all learn each new day a way to pull or flow that which is inside us and grows.
Joined: 6/12/2005
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deep meaning if only to ourselves known
Posted: 10/3/2006 1:12:41 AM
gunslingser, intenzity, and flash~
wow, how did so much talent wind up here; in a place for us novices?!

i bow and curtsey to the gallantry displayed here for all to drink of and share.
i am blown away, reading these lines left herein this thread...
an honor to read, pure pleasure and many thanks for the gallant, those brave enough to post their thoughts and show such mastery in a most humble thread.

the princess now
lay yes almost sleeping
in her crumpled
gown wrinkled
n a bit mussed too
she bites her
bottom lip
and tries to keep
from weeping

she's taken off her jewelry
laid it softly on the table
closest to the bed
always a bit of an ordeal
and in specific order too
for our compulsions
have deep meaning
if only to ourselves known

an earring from each ear
clear red gems in silver
delicate yet strong
much like this woman
wishing she were capable
of emitting forth a song
but from her heart instead
pours the simplest of lines

three silver rings from one hand
one with an amazing setting
from far away oman
the magenta stone
has a life gleaming
all its own

while another of silver
intricately carved
sits atop the other

a reddish pink
star saphire
have yet to see
another one as this
from the orient

they each have
their own story
as does each person too
wondering when comes
our days of glory
all for myself and you

life was good
good work
smiles and jokes
much completed
and ahh even a bit
of chocolate
melting in
her mouth
leaves her yearning
for more

she lay down
to finally relax
her weary thoughts

to fantacize
but picked up
the phone instead
(i hope he returns, too)
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 10/3/2006 5:12:03 PM

i created this thread as a perhaps safe place for those like myself, new and timid in expressing themselves and their deeper vulnerabilities... whether drawn on from past present or future possibilities; the importance is felt within each and every post here!

myself not knowing much at all of the semantics of poetry styles besides feeling it's pull to play with ideas and words, as my own style is undeniably naive and very elementary; but that is simply how i am, a mix of assertiveness and some fears too.

it's great to see posters sharing and contributing here on these pages; i am grateful for all who post herein, very much so. thank you all for your expressions, imagery and descision to post here, inspiring and provoking further all who read your lines!
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for us novices...
Posted: 10/3/2006 8:54:14 PM
ohh yes now today it's different
than that first time we laid eyes upon the other
then a prominent funky psychedelic attitude
it was like a digi techi style visualised
the quirky modern classic reinvented
inhaled unto all senses
reflected in my eye's dilated pupils
now everythings different again
felt by kisses surely known to be missed
arms entangled suprisingly comforting
or we're just the best damn actors
hey its our show all for the other
have i ever told you~ well yeah you're the best
i ever had the pleasure of swallowing whole

yeah well now you surely just know
i remember you saying i glow
still you comment as you caress
this softness of my skin
as over me you hover and stare
deeply into these very eyes
as they swim deeply back into yours
making us both smile and lower our gaze
to softly feed on each others lips
and only grow more hungry

well maybe it's not just me
then maybe baby it's not just you
you've all but given up
doesn't need a tag or name now
chalk it up to lust if you must
whatever you like methinks it's just us

water's essence behaves as earth
unexpectedly new and fresh
sweet smelling fragrance of
simple sprawling skin to skin
limbs innertwined lazily
nope not a sin this is more

this tongue seeks it's pleasures
tastes inexplicable because
no one will ever taste like you do
except but you; its true

gently playful and spontaneous
embracing compassion
feeding imagination most lush
it's important to relax, to breathe
damn you know too; this is ok to need
only maybe not to bleed
not stopping my desire and wants
deciphering if now you
playfully taunt me as i sigh
trying to stifle my sounds
realising my fantasy is true

heralding this wellspring coming forth
starts all with a lil snuggle n shared smile
knowing it's ok to play and stay awhile
relaxing and stretching out like a cat
mmmm that spot you always get
in my left shoulder and on my back
rub it out both softly then harder
till it's surely gone for now again
i sure ain't feeling no pain
you for now remain my healing touch
into each bit of my cellular structure
to draw from memory when needed

mmmmhmmm knowing right now
exactly what i can do for you
as you feign suprise but know it too
for what we feel we cannot deny
or even begin to try

but damn floating again
full of endorphin's rush
wiped clean of any bad attitude
all this and more we know what's in store
before even closely satiating the other
you know the secrets to my me
Joined: 6/12/2005
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underlying attitude
Posted: 10/3/2006 9:42:25 PM
yeah thoughts and feelings underly all attitudes
seed of hope perhaps as yet unseen
remains a challenge to be sure, yet remains pure

one to be met and somehow resolved yet i remain strong
as my mind makes its preparations and takes its time
for all that still yet remains to be seen

no abuse of power will exist no matter the opposing tower
like the scattered chessboard begging for its players
new ideas and ideals still forming to hold tightly to
experiences past cannot be erased yet they cannot last
i look upwards to the beauty of our moon and wonder
while tides rush in and flow out like a physical mantra
life is but as dream both beaten by blows and kissed by reality
what we do in wakening matters more than that we once hid
each of us, no matter whom or where we are must just be
mid ground is best not above nor below but by just being
Joined: 6/12/2005
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underlying attitude
Posted: 10/4/2006 1:39:53 AM
attitude evolving into future
the stars catch my gleaming eyes
shining they sing to to me new hopes
and revelation of further insight
seed of inspiration, courage and faith
enlightenment of many senses of
self, body and mind are the present shell
covering deeply buried insecurities
yet drawn toward the ever radiant light
as the rare and beautiful moth
shrugs out of its cocoon to begin life anew
at the end of a too long and dark time
but onward toward lightness and laughter

essence of fire growing n posing as desire
swirling of water indicating extreme thirst
earth green shrinking represents perception
and assumptions tangle my attitude

forget the seducer-predator flings on
whatever guise is of others desire
yet in time shows and unfolds
pushing all aside to manifest
their true motives and disregard
of all else because they own
but a shuddering idea of intimacy
as i try to shake and clear this head

what demon can i not confront
that i would not spit in the face of
and already may have, none i say
for the sake of a new shiney day?

do i hide from my own self's
knowledgeing and accepting of id?
creativity, curiosity, consuming and
invention, most primal unleashed passion
served this chameleon very very well
before nature deemed it necessary
that she begin shedding her protective
armour, skin and past to drink deeply
of water no longer fire, to breathe deeply
of air no longer mere oxygen, and to live
a life as never dreamt possible yet before
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place for all vices
Posted: 10/4/2006 10:29:26 PM
what an animal
do you remember
that horrid thing
wtf was that?!
monster of genetics
child's nightmare mine
well yeah it was different
but scary when all's
said and done...

but it ain't
Joined: 6/12/2005
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lusting for spontaneous creative combustion
Posted: 10/4/2006 10:42:53 PM
their IS the whisper, in memories
as silence indeed is most true and fair
sometimes when there's nothing needing
to be said and the quiet is welcoming

maybe i ought eat my own advice
more often without even need of
looking in the mirror of deception
we're still beautiful and yes
the city is but a sewer spewing
and breeding garbage so then please
look to the sky the heavens stars and
the moon, ohh that damn moon again

words true of no protection from lies
or eyes or even fists remembered
we are all but one but remember
that makes us alike in that sameness too

pornographic images and lusts can easily
turn in realities here in screenland but for
us who seek more what's really in store only
future knows as she cradles us in her hand

lust such a powerful thing a string untied
a thigh exposed is nothing without the truth
lips are bold passion ignites flames which
turn into spontaneous combustion sometimes
my mind my body my heart my needs
my my my so am i so very self indulgent again
wanting the needs of comfort of that which
physical body and vulnerable mind connected

thank you flash, i always enjoy your words paintings!
Joined: 6/12/2005
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free or prisoner of thought
Posted: 10/4/2006 10:48:27 PM
she indeed lives within the confines
of her self indulgent creation quite clearly
free or prisoner remains yet to be seen
as she is in circles again stringing verse
when she ought to be sleeping and dreaming
weaving thoughts taking over tripping and
stripping away layers of tarnish and peeling
away of skin shaking off the past to begin anew

intenzity thank you too!
very vivid imagery, very crafty are youl with your silver pen.
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place to lay some lines down, to feel, to frolic, to be
Posted: 10/4/2006 11:05:31 PM
buckle up wind it down womanchild
many lines along these threads i read
so many to reflect upon and garner insight
from a very different angle
for this, the mathematically challenged

inspiration forms within
evoking like minds
to excrete and purge
sometimes shocked
at what springs forth
i guess like giving birth

ideals and reflection vast to
spread out stretching and finally
flying and offering up any others
to drink deeply of the flask
if it helps the thirst within

finally stop relax and just be
reminding myself to breathe
just because i hate sniveling
doesn't mean i don't realize
when i do just that on;y makes me
think more and that ain't my answer
spoiled indeed i need to chill and just be
who'da thunk it seems i want to run again

gunslinger, thank you, for your service and your ideals.
be safe kind sir, be well, and thank you for the apropos henry here!

thank you lyriclover for your visit here again. nice threads you recently began, kudos!

and arcauso, please feel free here to post anytime; i welcome all but few women post here so it's an honor you shared yours tonight; insightful, simple in it's grace, i thank you.
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place to lay some lines down, to feel, to frolic, to be
Posted: 10/7/2006 10:49:31 AM
but ooh those words
choose just who you save today~

well ok, then i pick me
for sad as tis
i've flailed and i've failed
miserably so, and for what?
whenever attempting
to right other's wrongs
when they don't wanna
be right can't refuse
they own their right
to be themselves
not having to choose

or when singing sweet songs
falls upon and in deaf ears
eyes look through me
assumptions too many are made
on all sides when playing games
such as those for the distraught
all for naught or the few

imagine the curse
as forging one's own way
kinda like blindly leading
the blind to nowhere
too exhausting that
too even consider
right now in this
space and time
or frame of my mind

as some don't want
to be truly saved
so best to leave
rather than stay
gotta remember
the heart
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place to lay some lines down, to feel, to frolic, to be
Posted: 10/7/2006 10:50:27 AM
now is this thing fate or dumb áss bad luck
neither; as it's just a shrugging sulk
somewhat like a tantrum turned inside
and i know we've all been there
or here as it is undercover openly
what is going on inside of me
isn't because of you or him or her~

it takes me time to digest things
after twisting n turning them inside
like the bored coffeemaker's grind
self loathing overflowing
because i'm now one of those

just another one
yeah we all know them
those humans that
took the same path
down the same road yet
expecting different scenes
ya'll know what i mean

struggling here in mind
twisting deeper in soul
burning in seething skin
or is it sin
my own worst enemy am i
this too shall pass but
right now i bleed
rightfully as i ought
till i fukking rot

for i did something
REALLY beyond stupid
i jumped at the chance
to be bitten again
and so now i sit bleeding
in my swollen head and heart
just sitting in my shit
near it you don't wanna sit
you see it really isn't you
yeah it's just plain
it's drivel, a snivel
it's smee just more
of the same shame
burning stinging searing
engulfed in ravenous flames
hunger eatings it's bits away
bit by simpering bit

again yes again whining
but trying to get past
self inflicted pain
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place to lay some lines down, to feel, to frolic, to be
Posted: 10/7/2006 10:51:49 AM
when and why isn't what matters most
or maybe it truly was for me
but returning to a better place surely
helped more than you could know this night
so thorb and neseemoo; thank you

i read both of your posts and finally
some tears welled and flowed
as was my indulgent need
thank you both for your kindness
here extended and which
tonight i clung to
between you two here
a chat with a dear friend
and grace in my mailbox
i gained much through
generosity more than words
i availed myself to sustenance too
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place to lay some lines down, to feel, to frolic, to be
Posted: 10/7/2006 10:56:30 AM
around the revolving door some folks get stuck it seems weirdly, cause it only moves
as fast as we push it ourselves

now gush out like tidal flows somethings seem backwards from how they were here by faras i've had a houseguest like that once for more than a few months and i ain't no shuga momma not then not now or future but i can see how thats seen from reading between some lines not my thing not going to pretend understanding once upon dreams not my own...

nor am i the flava of the day

the drivel that i was tossed about was a very local one while some think they know while they don't at all no moving west was ever encouraged as as i'm****d further in my sights and sites prefer overseas different cultures awaiting and hell yeah i'm seriously into contemplating without divulging even yet nary a secret here a place with smooth mellow chocolatey dark ale and folks don't hesitate to say what they mean
in cheekiest of ways while smiling and joking

tonight you might find success not having much to do with any silky dress or driving extra miles or prompted smiles hell or even meeting some worthy man for i've already
one very dear to me and am glad to have a plan

i hope more can see and know
that success has more to do with simply being you for you
and my simply being me
for me acceptance and clarity
rather than chewing cud and throwing out blase rhymes
or as sheep just always going with the flow

since secrets aren't meant to be opened in an open forum i've not spilt any here
but made the mistake of opening forth reality of my perspective feelings brooding
ooh no one wants to read that though because sometime's it ain't pretty
and mostly just indulgent shit is loathesome self pity

yeah i'm human too but can't just throw down fluffy pictures of musings
with no real inner meanings on anyone's command smiling a bit wickedly thinking
at some sheep and a few lame admonishments as if i were a sweet lamb (perhaps for slaughter bound?) clearly as i post here not for anyone but myself
on a day home ill respecting but the lines here of a few i hope they know who they are

many i pass over as well i'm sure they do me; swell!
nothing suits me finer than stranger's eager misconstructions and assumptions
of who and what i am for those that truly know wouldn't judge me so...

so quick to pick and spat like starving rats without any of their own ideas
for throwing down the lines just running for the crumbs
clouded delusions
blocked creativity
patterns of rhythym
as caring and giving
live and let live
laugh in the rain
run naked in the sun
do whatever you must do
accept before drawing
lines within your own
for they might just as easily
be said to you in all sincerity

i do like the quilt here woven each one so like themselves but again thats just my ideal:
colorful honest and real diverse and controversial even as a community ought be
even when at a different pace but since i took up so much space how bout hat last line
around the revolving door
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place to lay some lines down, to feel, to frolic, to be
Posted: 10/7/2006 10:57:50 AM
spare us nothing
please and do ensure
we each and everyone of us
understand importance of the following
be kind to others; especially
the elderly
challenged in any way
addiction laden folks
we all see often on our way
animals and all living things
including of course ourselves
our lands waters and vegetation
the fine earth beneath our feet
artists and musicians
caregivers too
so many more
than can be included
so just follow golden rule
do unto others as you would
like to be treated too

i'll asume fair and equal
with no false pride nor
assumptions to be made
yet easily casting fear aside
as well to reap that we sow
work hard with owning these
integrity honesty faith courage
restraint when necessary
when to speak up as well
to help others when we can
to keep ourselves safe
self respect and love
freedom so important
try to be of lightest heart
remember there is always
someone more needy
more angry because they're hurting
more thirsty, more happy
and many other things

respect all until you have
been shown a risk involved
too big to take or make
have fun when you can and
work at something you like
and life will be more than right
if only it were easy as following rules
and avail ourselves too
but at least we've been given
a fine set of tools
if we but them
choose to use
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place to lay some lines down, to feel, to frolic, to be
Posted: 10/7/2006 10:59:00 AM
when we live our lives as the ouroboros
we may seem to be at first glance one thing
but upon closer inspection quite another
for the symbol of such a creature is reptilian
of a dragon or snake devouring it's tail
but representing the circle of life you see
as etymologyfully states this is greek
and vastly encompassing all: infinity!

as a believer in many things and a lover
of words and especially antique books as
well as exploring variant forms of knowledge
different planes of reality thusly i~
firmly believe not only am i truly a geek;
but in some form or another we all are infinite

no matter our color race or creed
religion or spiritualism
following which way
seems best for us
but are we better than "just"
simply organic as plant matter
ashes to ashes indeed
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a place to lay some lines down, to feel, to frolic, to be
Posted: 10/7/2006 11:02:22 AM
But love is not what’s said,
but what’s both said and heard
and sometimes read...

others may know that
which stabs us deepest inside
but only if we let them
so much better to read
ignore and decide to heed
the crumbs and pieces of
our heart yearning yet
waiting for true breadth
on which to partake and
on that to begin to rely
Joined: 6/12/2005
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beauty day here in this desert
Posted: 10/7/2006 11:42:26 AM
beauty day here in this desert
woke up feeling so cleansed
and finally whole once again

needed that wake up call
and speaking of sense
reminding me what matters
no matter the distance
space or time cannot deny
even the oceana torrents
doesn't part that deep within
even news more soon a visit
when faces not seen in years
will smile gratefully into the other

no misconstruction in our words
we know the other better
than any other even sometimes
better than ourselves
we accept we are still the same
to each other in still every way
another reunion of soul to soul
hearts free at last to unfold
the reality deep within both
a phoenix rising like
a newest moon
whence harvest time
will surely be most lush

time to prepare as once long ago
excitement building as surely
that known ultimate crescendo
thoughts and ideals spoken clear
foundation this truth of many years
laid out about the seed
accepted and wanted sincerely

thoughts again focused clear
nearly jumping from this skin
comfort of real hapiness
settles luxeriously back in
balance returns and so swiftly
smiles laughter and planning
as i remember back once again
bringing me to absolution
worth of all recent past
upon fruition most suprising today
grounded yet excited finding
beauty day here in this desert
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Posted: 10/7/2006 12:54:24 PM
now for the many
maybe hurting inside
i offer this which you
may pick or discard
whichever fancies your whim

if you can but just imagine
anything you can build
upon yourself within
hope that strongest foundation
that exist of purest will
tenacity brings forth much
a veritable wellspring within
pick up all your bits of courage
now each and every one
large or small matters not
for you'll need them all
as far as they seemingly
have scattered here and there
yet if you reach
deeply far and wide
you can indeed regain
your own self of self
hence even yes even
your shattered pride
hardest sometimes in dark
to quiet the storms inside
buckle up to soar and fly

it's within your right
more importantly your duty
to yourself be only true
and as best not in any hurry
forget about any worrying
negativity's demons play
but you own your strength
and all mustered power
to cast them completely out
by remembering not the pains
for anguish helps only
in the very moment it's felt
worked through right there then

best not to revisit those
especially in the dark
or feeling in the fray
remember dawns a new start
each single day of 24 hours
may seem to be lasting as forever
but you can if you choose
keep it all perfectly together

hey it's a start
but one of right direction
look to nature
hear her calling gently
enjoy fully her offerings
many and plentiful all round
breathe in deeply all
let it out slowly
allow yourself to believe
you have the power but only
if you choose otherwise
that power is misused

forget not many hurt
same as me and you
some even far more
c mon you know its true
don't gauge any differences
but accept them as they are
rather seek sameness in others
some are not meant to come
into our lives but as but lessons
if you know or learned anything
it's good to learn from them well
as you better decipher
and understand your needs
then move both body and mind
toward your goals forward
it might take a bit of practice
yes it's well worth your time

pick and choose those you like
some are indeed kindred
more are not but that's alright
understanding the difference
is sometimes the only lesson
accept what you want and can
discard what doesn't work for you
simplest way to bend over and
pick up the scattered pieces
singularly of your own held truth

if you don't believe me scoff
turn your heart away
laugh in my face or burn me
at your stake you've created
you alone are master of your life
do you hunger for release
or something else undefined

find that you alone know
deep in your heart pure
to manage to create
whatever you like
of clay or all those
many pieces all strewn
upon your grounds
the choice is yours
and is waiting for you
all you have to do is simple
decide then follow through

if you make your ideals your path
and decide to not from it stray
sooner than you might think
you'll know fuller and brighter days
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a simple but true promise
Posted: 10/7/2006 8:29:59 PM
mere distance matters least of anything
in minds and hearts of any true friends
really understanding one another for
they are kindred

oh so please no never stop dreaming

yet also please do remember as well
to live each day new reaching to strive
living and learning to walk with pride
ever honoring the little you inside
for she was brave yes good and real
and she has now become both
inside and out beautiful you~
so be truest to yourself always

and know this too all storms weathered
outside or within always do pass
and troubles shared amongst
friends seem to always divide

family left i have none; i have lost them to death
but blood left i have some; yet i won't claim
but friends i have many and you well you are indeed
a soul sister i am graced to now know thank you

next time just try gently laying down that looking glass
it may be time to safely begin a journey within
you're safe now and yes so am so i this i can promise
Joined: 6/12/2005
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a simple but true promise
Posted: 10/8/2006 11:31:32 PM
the desert sun set
again beautifully
majestically even
warming me as it
left my eye's sight

as i watched it
once again alone
but not really
because i shared with it
my thoughts purest

so full life is of so much hope
promise ever rendering
and yes neverending too
desired passions heating
good interesting work
challenges every day
amazing things yet
to learn share and grow
true friends along the way
memories swelling
emotions flowing
so much to keep me
on my toes sometimes
a bit off kilter and
balance as well too
but fair amount still
to strive toward
makes it all interesting

and yes some regrets too
for once again my sweet
twas not shared with you

and then as i watched quietly
a most beautiful happening
occurred and stirred me again
in a different but similar style
for then this full moon rose
proudly in the same sky
and it whispered to me
loudly in my heart and eyes
of magic and just knowing
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i love words
Posted: 10/9/2006 10:33:30 PM
thank you for
your kind words to me

yes words flow
from my hand
as fast as my mind feels them
usually i do read through again
perhaps to add a word or two.

i love words!

just play with them a bit
you'll soon see yourself
doing probably exactly
the same thing
we are but human

we have needs
we feel fears
joy can even cause tears
shed a few tears
love and want and grow
cast out doubt
life life getting out
a bit into the earth
feel it solidly underground
familiar isn't it?
enticing senses
of sight and hearing
scent and textues
colors lazer printed
in my minds tablet
once felt then to
become memory
i hope we all have this
even when we grow old
for it's a very comforting thing
now, if only i could sing...
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thicket's hidden
Posted: 10/11/2006 11:05:40 PM
must confront our own demons
or they shall never be slain
laying quietly in recesses
of mind's past incantations
ruminations once too true blue

dichotomy's cloak snugly bound
in every realm and fold unfurled
heartiest of all fires began
stoked from small twigs first

was it the edge or a warm ledge
or perhaps just thicket's tufts
fanning winds creating lust
peeking from behind hedges
yet hidden in intricate depths

then spiraling skyward
heart's locket broken open
dreaming non reality
soaring again quite freely
won't be tied in binds
of other's yesterday minds
awaiting that single kiss
textured brilliantly divine
better even than gustav klimt's
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veritas y grace unfurling within hearts kindred
Posted: 10/14/2006 3:30:56 PM
dearest ad!!!! thanks for taking the time and gracing these electronic pages leaving traces of your heart here...

love love love your writes, personally i was struck in awe of meaning betwixt your bold lines!

I am not mindless
I know I am not beautiful to all nor are you
That is a blessing to the cupids who don’t always
Have the ability to shoot straight
Show me perfection and I’ll show you a world of dreams

In OUR eyes is all that matters
A soul that blends with the spirit is true
A truth without words JUST a recognition

Like the rarity
Or possibility
Of a triple rainbow unseen but only by OUR eyes
YOU are the colour in my life
That does not seek because I am bought into being…
This soul knows you’re my…delusion

i smile, my heart sings, my mind dances, and i welcome kindred here!
ty salty and eyes; feel free to leave lines too...

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