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Joined: 6/12/2005
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lush lifePage 4 of 36    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36)
inspiration from my inbox full but yours stands strongly alone, for YOU, kind sir, are of that special ilk of evolved man that i am just in absolute awe of.
i find myself dumbstruck by lines laid out and hesitate to even yet to allow you to expand further in my mind's realm; you are that satiating to this very point i bathe in them.
i wrap myself in them as a beautiful velvet cloak of softest texture and deepest blue lined silk inside and just fine and begging to be felt.
for now...

rest assured when i sit to eat hungrily your words i will wash them down with a cup of tea, not too hot nor too sweet.
or a kamikaze...

you are of cellular structures and fibers woven intricately into that same which dreams are.
while i am indeed complex, you are more; for you are depth.
while i love words, yours seem to love you even more so.
i am intrigued, as beholding a fire, a bit afraid to dare know more.
but, in this case, i find myself indeed daring to dare...
this is not anxiety nor restlessness i feel, but yes it is explicable.
as it is heady rapt anticipation, and of the form of purest depth.
Joined: 6/12/2005
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lush life
Posted: 10/14/2006 6:14:33 PM
what was once shared
took us beyond ourselves

no matter where we were
no matter where our time was spent
we now have other places to go
other dreams to envelope
and invade once again ruining
depths of our separateness
Joined: 6/12/2005
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blood moon
Posted: 10/17/2006 5:20:16 PM
blood slowly staining our moon
as it seeps beading and weeping even
pleading matters not in ways dearly
who will know its when meaning clear
appears our beloved companion moon
huge fantastic orb suspended red in skies
seen both here n there; far and wide
dripping blood down to cries
below to this our earth stopping even time

some will say it's a definitive sign
one sure thing to behold
yet even more of to fully know
i'm not here speaking of
sights through fire
or smokey haze throughout
nor of setting night afire
for us humans, well we sometimes
doubt that and yes even those
right in front of our very nose
Joined: 6/12/2005
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thank you kindred posters
Posted: 10/19/2006 5:22:39 PM
thank you for your words here left indelible within this thread, robert~ clarity rings true today, yesterday and tomorrow! you are quite a writer, your many writes within this site are a testimony to your words and integrity.
Joined: 6/12/2005
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night sailing from the novice's view and heart
Posted: 10/19/2006 5:32:50 PM
mmm now THAT was indeed
a most beautiful evening spent
driving and sharing anew
out to your lake we went
sharing unending blue sky turning
pinks, purples and blues
mountains shades indications
water levels sharply dropping
so alarmingly and sadly too
from that we both once knew

yes here yesterday afternoon
in this very crowded city
we began with a smile and hug
in greeting then we got in
and then buckled n strapped in
then you turned on your music...

we seemed to glide on roads
which both took us from and to
that white blue glistening sheen
like glass of lake waters
reflected therein the glow
of our city beyond those
very mountains we passed
over and through to get to
water seemingly vast
waves of lavender icelandic blue

a great ride of new adventure
began for both me and you
yes here in this desert city
roads and mountains winding
into the very sky to the dock
then there on that boat
began quite another, indescribable
with your amazing company
but you know this already
don't you?!

expansive star laden sky
focus unendingly clear
my eyes are still amazed
waves wind and sails
flapping gently and
sometimes swiftly slicing air
my ears still processing
hearing jokes and tales
my lips are still smiling
warmly inside and out

for that promise made~
it was more than true
that i would enjoy myself
easily as it best is
you just knew

you shared an amazing thing
indeed, yourself, sky and stars
and managed to keep me warm
all the while so it seems
i still can't stop smiling

man of integrity proven
already by spoken words
vis a vis made stronger
by you and your stronger actions
that and more; sharing isn't a chore
but rather the beginning
of something intangibly more
Joined: 6/12/2005
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my mind tonight eased
Posted: 10/19/2006 6:29:08 PM
my mind seems to be traversing in many directions

i am speechless
i am the wandering gypsy
i am...
so many things at once
i am only just me

i am the absolute very best me i know how to be!

for some i am definitely far too much
for others i could never be enough
some feel they are too much for me
many of them are very very wise;
for i only appreciate certain types of fire ;)
others believe they could never be enough
yet others still think i judge although i don't,
as life works or it doesn't...
but only till we each find our way
hoping striving working learning growing sharing and daring
so that it all falls oh so perfectly into place

it's just most sensible and honest
that i remain me at all times
in this way i have found no one else limits me
except only myself if i so choose to draw a line
Joined: 6/12/2005
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miss michelle finding her way
Posted: 10/20/2006 4:10:23 PM
girl it's gonna be ok
please be strong enough
just for yourself today

seek n begin to find and make
your very unique own way
now c'mon isn't it finally time
let that ole comfy denial fall away
decide and begin if you please
ignore all the meaningless crap
from now forth please
for all of yourself and all others
only good give, good make
and of offered true good take
call your angels closer in
they will heed your cries
i will call mine too
i know you really don't wanna die

so you see i got a few calls
from a lonely friend truly dear
tonight she had a heavy heart
remorse of loneliness laden with fear
her mind and body both swimming
in that fifth of rum
yes i heard your voice shake
but it's ok to cry sometimes
when all ya wanna do is run

so with intentionally glass breaking
onto her wrists she took a shard
making linear cuts while shaking
apologizing so profusely afterward
and yes finally some crying too
stating she didn't no what else to do
she doesn't belong she doesn't fit in
she feels so alone in crowds even
forever shy and turning within

she doesn't know
she's cocooned herself
she's waiting for the time
when she can spread her wings
and leaning toward the sun
she will one day soar and fly
but first there's a bit to do
preparation called life
approached best feeling
secure letting go of strife
the same things that kept
her safe back then
changed completely into new
and just can't right now
in today work right
they just won't anymore do

c'mon, please roll up your sleeves
let loose your tears and heart
release painful spots
however you can manage
reclaim regain your fresh new start
no one said it's gotta be perfect
she doesn't realise all that good
inside enough to let it out

girl it's gonna be ok
please be strong enough
just for yourself today
but woman i tell you true
ain't no nothing worth that
not even your lover departed
or bills and bills and bills
feeling only pain in your heart
remembering all yesterdays faults
not happy either in your work
you call it feeling overwhelmed
problems looming just way too large

get to it real then feel it so
dump the crap all out toss it
to the growing discard pile
while you select what you alone need
turning from now on negativity
seeking out each single positive

girl it's gonna be ok
please be strong enough
just for yourself today
make up all new rules
love sing dance live laugh
but make it all true to you
not just any one's happenstance
just keep on the path and you'll
see, girl it's gonna be alright
find your own way
continue to see each new day
cling to good promises
you made whispered to yourself
as you grow and learn

no one can do it for you
or make it all go away
we each all of us here
on this spinning orb
have to find our own way
best place to begin is
examine your beliefs
and then your ways
make them as similar
as you possibly can
your faith love hope
will lead the way
have i EVER
lied to you before?!
i know you can do it
but first you must
believe and try
just do your best
it's even ok if you cry
really, i know so

girl it's gonna be ok
please be strong enough
just for yourself today
Joined: 6/12/2005
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Posted: 10/22/2006 10:36:51 PM
ty miTurn, for your entries here, as always, you are welcome here.
sorry to see you've deleted your profile, i wanted to email you.

neo, thank you so much for your write here; stunning and most welcome anytime!

if indeed veritas, our friend truth
can appear contradictory
just as surely
each of our days turn
by kissing night's dusk
we all close our eyes and deeply inhale
partaking of the scented musk
embracing changeling newness
calm returns and overtakes us
skies take us to other places
sometimes if only in our minds

we sincere and good undead
share commonalities of hope
sincerity and integrity justly

surely as the zombies remain parasitic
quietly hoping to not be found out
too quickly before they fall
feeding hungrily as they
sense their oneness
and cover their ears
in thwarted efforts
so as to not hear the cries
of those on which they feed
and knowing they will
again be alone
because of their deeds

imagine the gnashing
within their minds
making me shudder
and cringe deeply
for their not turning the tide
reshaping their ways
mending their past days
and those they've
knowingly harmed

inhumane reptilian borglike
cold surging through their very veins
hearts blackened like of stone
shaping their future desires
they know not real fire
but remain cloaked
as they too deserve
for all rest of their lonely time

so much meaningless chaos
dissipates into nothingness
as it should and ought to
when we get back to nature

revelling and basking
bathing seductively even
in all the geens and blues
colors tints and hues

all we have to do
is step outside our minds
and ordinary lives
taking ourselves
to that which calls
beckoning us homeward
to the wild

planets aligning
and spinning out yet
bringing order
to our days and nights both
balancing our thoughts and lives
deeper still, even charting
somehow the course of our minds

of each new season
knowing comfortingly
there is obviously indeed
rhyme to all our reasons

is it your sun
or is it my moon
somehow dusk and dawn
just holds us all in awe
the world over of millions
changing with each rotation
with nary a flaw
nature's sweet nectar
of near perfection

all is more than right
within each of us just now
as we continue inner probings
to create better tomorrows
in each our own unique way
won't you stop, breathe, sit and rest
feel free here to share and play
Joined: 6/12/2005
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Posted: 10/24/2006 5:53:29 PM
halfway i find myself today to there
halfway indeed most happily here
halfway remaining open of my risk to dare
halfway accepting sometimes needing to bleed
halfway to harvest long flinging of seeds

fully now life can and must be perceived
fully consumed and accepted with needs
fully continuing to realise and strive
fully within my soul seeks to drive
fully ever and always remaining intent
fully of trespasses sure of to repent
fully now aware; lush bohemian resplendent

yet still awaiting unfolding vast future
yet craving debate and laughter to nurture
yet teetering managing to balance evenly
yet beginning with hope each fresh day anew
yet remembrance of me and past still peeking through
Joined: 6/12/2005
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mnemonic memory
Posted: 10/24/2006 7:31:59 PM
of mnemonic memory
often verbally aiding
repetition creating memory
factual stuff of experiences
reality based deja vu et all

association of data
intrinsic humanistic mind
twisting turning flowing
staccato reverberation
musings throughout time
without the necessary rhyme
culled sometimes
of or from seemingly insignificant
personal spatially aligned data

mother of all muses
remembrance of all things
breathtaking within it's importance
heralding all whether or not kings
tucked away safely
in recesses of our minds
cubbyholed and woven
intricately within brain's tissues
intangible yet incredible
an enigma throughout time
our passions and our targets
both small and looming large
coding imprinted into grey fissures

mostly of 2 types not fonts being those
which follow here clearly dear
naturally inborn; inhereint of all
artificial trained not necessarily
but certainly even those minute and small
via various technique edited if need be
extraordinarily impossible easier to read
we're all but using the natural best alone
but then of course i'm just a geek you see
'cause mnemonics all greek to me
Joined: 6/12/2005
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being alone
Posted: 10/24/2006 7:33:28 PM
for myself
not really being alone
it's being with me
i am my own clone

after all these years
in my own skin and mind
it's clear sometimes
i just need my me time

as true as it is
that some things
are better shared
some times i've found
that not worth the risk dared

i'm picky you see
i'm just being me
n while some don't seem
to quite understand
and that's fine
i'd rather just
be the best me
i can be, alone
than the worst me
around some sorts
i've found

life is full enough
to enjoy immensely
yet far too short
to live it too tensely
i'm of the mind
that life between people
ought just flow
if it seems not to
then well there ya go

sometimes it's been worth
work and sticking around
trying to understand
and get to common ground
respect, ideals, integrity mean
such different things
to different people it seems

not worth discomfort
whining or pleading
rather best concentrate
on something succeeding
even if that means
my being alone
with myself cause that's
always been home

the shell i reside in
the mind that is mine
the spirit and soul
cannot be divided
Joined: 6/12/2005
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in the teak trunk of inlaid ivory
Posted: 10/24/2006 7:47:20 PM
from her crack sharpest smack
arose from those beautifully
well constructed cat o nines
breathtakingly amazing work they displayed
as any true great art takes breath away
these were made for other types of play
whilst perhaps leaving some lines and welts
along their path and way different these stings
very decidely unlike from leather belts although
somehow most satiating too
pain so bright white flashes searing
thought ya might just go blind
from eyes overflowed with the tearing

just kinda like throwin down verse
and so precisely too just like this with
no reason nor rhyme nothing intended
nothing expended not even spent time
was it truly a meaningful past time or just
another waste of your most precious time

where is she now with that collection
lingerie crisp yet soft of french invention
lace just so draped silk so exquisite of
texture so soft and wet littlest ribbons n ties
buttons snaps bows lace intricately woven
smallest finely stitched rows
no laytex wasted here even when evoking
scent deliciously wafting and curling upwards
when heated correctly; salaciously just grows

those whips of yesterday wasting away
in a teak trunk inlaid with ivory and brass gleaming
once was steaming now long unused
very much like afternoon's musings of this very muse
Joined: 6/12/2005
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Posted: 10/24/2006 10:21:26 PM
thank you thank you nes n neo too for stopping by to grace this electronic page herein!

hallow's eve is nearing nigh
to yet closely be seen of vast starry skies
but recently felt with yet even more deep sighs

imagine rodents nestled in and cuddled up
warm and curling fur to fur
nighttime sounds become a blur
open window breeze tickling in
insects and other flying things
not felt but heard

senses overloading
muffled moans exit mouths
spilling out
mind reeling
body feeling
visualization becomes
now but only a test
for tactile pleasures
soaking through mind
later time taken for rest

floating endorphins abound
concentrated indeed without heed
but not at all like tang
Joined: 6/12/2005
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i once too was robbed
Posted: 10/24/2006 11:50:43 PM
i was walking wounded
naive until that day
i too once was robbed
but thankfully

yes of course
it was on purpose too
haven't we all known
how deeply it hurts
to be used

but that's not the lesson
to be learned
just don't forget it along
the way for deeper
under surface stuff
we are all meant to
find our own way

be it victorian
many other types too
it's true

we are but animals
pretending to be civilised
as we walk upright
over lands and flying over seas
still we are selfish
we are but animals

what really matters most
is the way we pick ourselves
up and dust off with aplomb
simply simple isn't it
perhaps easier said than done
no one seems to have won
turn the other cheek but
remember not to other's wrong
for some are still
walking wounded yet

trace a wide berth around the undead
practice makes perfection at smelling them out
you now have better things to do and say
isn't it much nicer charting your own true way?

presents intangible revealed to us
might not make sense at first
but if we sit and quiet our minds
the rest all easily falls into verse
and we can feed and chew a bit
thinking on chosen words
leaving the undead to themselves
for they burn alive now here on earth
the insincere are to be pitied
and not much else
Joined: 6/12/2005
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mine own space
Posted: 10/25/2006 7:02:27 PM
i put my money down
so now as of today
i can smile at this time
while i say
moving day looms
my own space again
i swoon thinking
windows facing west and south
just as i like them
hugging all the sun in
the whole winter long
trees and sky seen
from each one

sounds silly perhaps
but not for me
appreciative again
i'll be
for my space
all my own
not quite yet
but will be home

freshly painted walls
longing for the color of my pictures
new carpet and tile await my toes
i can barely contain myself
imagining how good it will feel
to roll around on their texture
as i lay in the sun
like the lizard of this desert
that i am

the layouts fine
and it's all mine
so much space
for all my many trinkets
stereos tinkling
my electronics all
at the ready
my own personal assistants
behaving so well
in my mind already
placement placing

one separate room
to set up all
my bookcases
with mostly nonfiction
my paints and easel
windows facing the sky
finally i will
breathe again

and ohh
a clean huge
garden tub
and another smaller too
all just for me
to dip and bathe in
and just think
as i sip something
matters not what

brand new appliances
await my presence
i saw them today
in their wrappings
they seemed shy
i know they wait for me
clean and empty
to fill with foodstuff
cabinets plenty
abound thankfully
i'll fill them all

2 walk in closets
and more
for clothes and
shoes shoes shoes

finally again
i will have about me
keeping me snug
my softest linens from afar
and all my rugs from further
plush towels n pillows lush
now in storage
don't yet know
till they will come
out of storage
happy to see
light again
just like me

i know it's silly
of me but that's
just me for sure
last time it was
a quick load up
of uhaul by
5 male coworkers
to get me the fick
outta dodge but
this time it's
more a return
to self once again

with many sighs
of relief and for
all the help
most grateful
of all because
now i can once
again breathe
and just be me

Joined: 6/12/2005
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just breathe
Posted: 10/26/2006 10:06:52 PM
rest here for
as long as you like
or need
or want
or feel
just breathe

nap in the sun
fix a nice drink
turn on music
or just
sit n think

do whatever
you wanna
just be always

do not deter
from your
goals or your dreams
matters not what
anyone else seems
to assume
whilst knowing
you not
just breathe

in life there
are always
people you see
that want you
to be
what they
want you to be

run from those
all the way
they deserve
not to know
the real you
be they
to be wise

as you know
so many only
set out to
without walking
even a small way
from behind
your eyes

just know
here you're
always welcome
whether they
like it or not
i'm glad you
to come back
smile only
when you
choose to
a puppet
not be
just breathe

now sit down
get comfy
put your feet up
just breathe

Joined: 6/12/2005
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the jade plant
Posted: 10/26/2006 10:27:56 PM
it shrank last summer
as i was too busy

back it comes
fuller more lush
proud and somehow
even greener
than before
i recall my mother
when i look on that
beautiful plant

heh just today
torn to shreds
by curious sadie
kitten belonging
to my friend
we laughed
at the leaves
full of bite marks
plucked and left
in the soil

we ate crabcakes
and rice and fresh
green veggies
we drank wine
and ate rich
chocolate ice cream
and i had panna
wassa of the Gods
and still we laughed
and too were horrified

but we laugh
and the plant
will grow again
even more full
than ever before
life is like
that too

it just takes
a bruising
of sorts
before we
are ready
to again bloom
risk splaying outward
toward the sun
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grand prix
Posted: 10/26/2006 11:07:00 PM
festival of speed
they're calling it now
making me smile
my brother would have liked this
raceway speeding past my work
grand champion racing
april cannot come
soon enough
even if
my pretend maserati
won't do even 85
Joined: 6/12/2005
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so nice to meetcha
Posted: 10/26/2006 11:43:00 PM
weldergurl, you've no idea how much that touched me.
thank you for stopping by and sharing such a beautiful ode.
feel free to post here anytime, please.
Joined: 6/12/2005
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evocation of thoughts
Posted: 10/31/2006 6:21:51 PM
hullo dear ad; thank you again sweetheart, for gracing these electronic pages with your heart's words!

evocation of thoughts meandering
evoking, projecting many different moods

"huh, as in transporting of soul?"

but again, of course; tell me why not!
ha! did you think i'd say no?

"so, then, sayyy, i could "beam" right over here?
magically and mystically appear in my living room?
you, not i..."

ummm no; that happens
only under special certain instances
between myself and an intimate
so therein one way i can indeed float

"how transendental!"

umm, no not really...

" impressed me!"

well... you are easy to impress then, eh?
it's just pure and simple scientifics of endorphins!
i like quantum physics remember
there is more
we don't know
more unproven
than that already proven
but, being rather bohemian
prefer floating, admittedly

what cologne am I wearing?"

im no witch!
what are you inferring, please?
perhaps i prefer not to know

"never made claim you were..."

i lay no claim whatsoever to your presence!
it's more than enough
just keeping up with mine own you see
much is lost en fonte
i'm rather an animated person
a dichotomy; an enigma
yes; animated yet thoughtful

"'re not really sexy
but just drawn that way?"

no, quite the opposite
but a hedonist
that must exist in this
the real world
merely semantics and um or tantrics
and by the way
patience is ineed worth waiting for
Joined: 6/12/2005
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crabbyEDGE today
Posted: 10/31/2006 7:00:07 PM
out of sorts

damn that
spot in my shoulder
can't seem to work out
in any usual way
today somehow
i deserve the pain

moon high in the sky
dancing brightly
shining even
so far away

just one of those nights
i know
even on tiptoe
i still coulnd't reach it
and if i could
it'd burn my fingertips
and really teach me a lesson
just exactly
like the thousand others before
that i still uselessly ponder over
and can't for the life of me
yet figure out

thoughts rattling 'round
in me wee lil brain
like chalk
on the chalkboard
making me wince
and sigh again
with lazy pouty
half smile

no sense trying
to make any sense
of some things

life will have
her way with me
any way she chooses
i'm but the puppet
of mind and heart
the UNpinnochio

lying wouldn't make
anything easier
life is sometimes
just hard

time again
to remember simplicity
to just be
to just breathe
to just stop trying
to figure out
every damn thing
and just accept
i am indeed
crabby this night
but this too
shall pass

knowing so
at least
has me smiling
this lazy pouty
half smile
Joined: 6/12/2005
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the hardest part
Posted: 10/31/2006 7:54:01 PM
miTurn, sweet girly, thanks for your kind words and leaving your thought provoking writes and making me smile widely this night; happy halloween!

how many times
must i re~learn
the hardest part

knowing soaring and flying
feeling strength of my wings

wind blowing hair
surely as sun shines
so very warmly
brightly on my cheeks

this bohemian, she flies
higher and higher
climbing the sky
laughing till
my face feels
as though it stings

lungs filling of air
laughter peals outward
daring again to dream

but the hardest part
damn that cold hard
cold stone
Joined: 6/12/2005
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the hardest part
Posted: 11/6/2006 6:25:44 PM
fullest moon tonight
backlit with
deepest incredible
blue velvet softness
pleasure for all eyes
senses intoxicated
souls warming
as evening cools
taking over
it's rightful reign

today here
unusually warm
for this time of year

desert air
scented sage
even desert's dust
smells good mixed
with this autumn's blooms

inhaled, appreciated deeply
reminders as well future's promise

sunset came again
yes beautifully
we here below it
are graced most every night
as it flows across sky
creating new masterpieces
each dusk
all for you n me
if we but only
take our time
to look
to see
to feel
to just be

oh but then
it appears
rising slowly
on horizon
of hopes

dreams even
yet undreamt
but somehow felt
from deeply within

i'm having
a most amazing affair
with my life's one
unconditional strength
consistant true love
the moon
a drawing to
and i'm not
in the least ashamed
to admit it
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the easiest part of tiredness
Posted: 11/7/2006 6:37:01 PM
om, dear; thank you for stopping by and leaving your poet's words electronically; what a nice suprise!

dragging through
my day
remembering rushing
not even stopping
to buy fruit
though i craved some
but craved otherwise more

tap of my fingertips
before turning
the door knob
cool night air
all round me
then a quick smile
before my senses
and imprinted
begins anew
taking over

then i settle
perusing the paper
biographical stories
pouring from tv
california goldrush
sepia toned photographs
flash across screen

nice hot steamy bath
bit of quiet and
my own thoughts quieting
before more photographs
are taken in by dilated pupils
bits and pieces
of lives
as history unfurls
mmm good food
spicy green salsa
topping all
sweet juice
tickled my tongue
sweeter laughter
my ears and lips

ease of two
with each other
good stuff this
melts away
but living in now

last night abed
by the time
11 o clock's news
didn't flash
across the now silent tv
on stainless shelf
didn't finish
that daniel day lewis flick
with all it's beautiful
began night prior
end unseen

sweet green puffball
stuffed with pasta
meatballs salad
rice, cornbread
sausage even
he wanted it
and finished it too
like a good boy
then his eyes
half closed lazily
like mine own
sometimes get
he nestled in
for the night
retiring quietly
tucked into himself

me, so very tired
i could barely
walk the straight line
down dark long hallway
laughing out loud
at myself
as my tired soul
carried my tired self
and was steered
from behind
a bit of help
and more

i dove onto the bed
arms outstretched
as into water
my torso and arms
smoothing sheets
headfirst still smiling
soft yet firm
buried in a sea
of soft down
blankets, comforters
so many
many pillows

sheets cool
but soon
to be warmed
as smiles
spread across
this face
my eyes
too sleepy
to stay open
but still the smile

imagine me
too tired
to even talk
yes; me!
yes i do know
it seems a fib
it's true
my heart

then magic
beautiful thing
giggling ensues
then talk
more talk
yet more giggling
smoke break
more stories
falling from
our lips
as easily
our smiles
and yawns too
came forth

return to bed
talk talk talk
laughter too
and jokes
bit of slap n tickle
who knows
what time
sleep came
i'm still smiling
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wherein attention decifit ISN'T a deficit at all
Posted: 11/7/2006 7:30:36 PM
or, when work is 2nd home

filing filing filing
requests for information
thank you
as builds
find the overtime where
which floor?
huh, secret service?!
32 copies each asap; scanfaxed/emailed
cost coding
inspection requests
water authority here!
irs building here? nooo
thank you
a week's worth of daily reports
damn excel spreadsheets
the mayor will be here at what time?
which plan revision?
please leave me your keys, we may need to move your vehicle
check requests
i need 108 more exactly the same artwork ready
HOW heavy is that glass?!
when do you need this?
he went where?
layoff needed today
32 new hires in one day?!
no access
thank you
i'm sorry, the liability is too high
i have to ask you to leave
how many lunches to order
owner's meeting minutes
subcontractor's meeting minutes
please sign and date here
whose phone number
cell or office
email please
anticipated cost reports
thank you
asap please
contact so and so
phone calls3 radios going off at once
voice mail on the computer
sign for this please
order 3 more of these
requesting repair reference # please
order that please
we need more block ice now
edit this please
scan fax this please
full color photgraphs, 5 copies en total
we need toner
whose mercedes is that?
i needed it at 11 am today, but will get it tomorrow at 3...
call IT
turn in that cell phone
order more business cards
call him
fax her
thank you
credit card receipts reconcilliation x5
we're out of water
they've hit the water line again
tickets to be signed
3~ 40 yard recycling bins are behind?
all 3 WILL be changed out within the hour
no, his door is closed
yes, YOU may go in
please knock
how can i help you
how can i HELP you
how can i help YOU
habla ingles?
si, yo habla espagnol, pero en ingles, por favor
no, lo siento
what's a better way
will this work?
give the man a break, please
when can i expect this from you
no, i mean i need an approximate timeframe
no, sorry i need a firm timeframe
sorry, that won't work with this
is this feasible
which form do you need?
not acceptable
drama queen
my eye!
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