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I hope yuo guys like this. It has been awhile.


I feel as tho I am seeing once again an old friend,To
feel the smooth hardness of a pen,
Again as the ink flows smoothly from this quill,I feel
it as becoming as the blood that flows through my
To grasp once again thine own imagination,To put forth
into words again the feelings from within my soul,
capturing the captivating ideas and dreams which abound
in abundance deep from the source of all that seems as
magic,But in reality,Is only thyself,
So once again I greet thee with the warmest and most
sincere feelings of LOVE,So you shall feel and see that
what I say is truth,
Here is a story,One I feel you shall enjoy as much as I
do,Although at this time I cannot finish this story as I
would like to,
I shall continue it untill its end,
For now.

WE met one day not long ago,
I remember the day to be
pleasantly warm.
As are the first weeks of spring,
when all awakens from the slumber
of a cool winter.

The Sun was shinning brightly
from a cloudless day,
For the first spring storm's
have just passed.

Leaving behind a clarity so clean
and so pure,
That to just breath the air
was an exhilerating thing.

One to be savored and enjoyed
as a fine wine,
slowly and teasingly, lightly tossed
about the palate,
Enjoying in its simple sweetness,
The joy of living.

So it was when I first laid my
eyes upon you,
and saw the beauty pouring forth
from within.

I knew then as I felt a stirring
deep within my chest,
That my heart had been stirred
once again.

A feeling that I almost did not
recognize at first,
For I have denied myself,the pleasures
and the pain,
That always seem to follow this thing
called LOVE.

Yet I could not deny those feelings,
As I could not deny,
how awe struck I was in those first
few moments of your presence,

Rude and impolite I felt
as I stared,
Not being able to remove my eyes
from you.

Then as I stammered a simple hello,
Wanting at that moment to just capture and
hold you in my arms,

To look into your eyes,
To the depths of your

To feel there the passion I saw
in your first glance,
As our eyes met from seemingly
far away,

At that moment I knew then,
From within,
That the stirring I felt was the ember of the
Purest fire known to all living things,

And the longer I stayed
in your presence,
The more I felt the winds blowing
confusingly through my soul,
Stirring the ember into a flame.

But before I fall helpless into the
consuming fire.
Where nothing matters but to feel
you near.

I grip myself so strongly that I feel the
very foundation of my being
is shaken,
As does the earth before being split
wide asunder.

From the eruption of a volcano spewing forth
an explosion of passion,
That has been kept to long.

So I felt,Strange ,
as you spoke your first words
to me.

Not hearing your words,
For your voice was as
music to my ears.

As the sound of crystal and
silver chimes,
Being softly stirred by a slow

Calmly soothing all inhibitions,
Holding me ,
as in a trance.

Reveling in the sheer beauty of its sound,
Even now I can hear your voice,
Softly spoken,
Yet strong and clear.

Then I heard you laugh,
and I felt my heart leap in joy.
How pure,I thought,
Knowing That I would love to always
see you smile and laugh.
Never being sad,

But I knew not how,
For I had fallen into a stupor,
I knew not what to say,
For I could not tell you how I felt,
I was afraid you would... laugh,

For that I could not blame you,
For who was I to you,
We just met only a few moments ago,

What would be the chance of you,
feeling the same for me?
Could I build a future on a chance

A glance caught so fleetingly,
It seemed as a dream.

But yet I did see something,
And I felt a stirring not only from myself,
But from you also!

And what a stirring it must have been,
To find the ember that I thought,
was buried forever.

Only now what to do?
Do I watch,
as you go on?
Never to know of my passion
for love,

Never to know the feeling of you held tightly,
in my arms,
Whispering my love to you?

If some things were not so complicated
in life,

I wish I could tell you,


Till then......
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Poems of Passion
Posted: 6/24/2010 8:28:13 AM
WOW WOW WOW... all your poems are beautiful but this one is very ver HOT!
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Poems of Passion
Posted: 12/6/2012 11:13:10 AM
SOME have won a wild delight, By daring wilder sorrow; Could I gain thy love to-night,I'd hazard death to-morrow.Could the battle-struggle earn One kind glance from thine eye, How this withering heart would burn, The heady fight to try! Welcome nights of broken sleep, And days of carnage cold, Could I deem that thou wouldst weep, To hear my perils told. Tell me, if with wandering bands I roam full far away, Wilt thou, to those distant lands,
In spirit ever stray ?
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