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Joined: 8/16/2005
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Vegandude:)You are a really great writer.Feel free to post in my fellfromheaven"everyone else is doin it I want a thread too LOL" thead anytime too..Welcome to the poetry forums Mari sam..heya girlfriend..all is excellent today!Nice seeing you here.Hope all is super groovy with you as well..hugs all around,kat
Joined: 8/16/2005
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God & Coffee
Posted: 11/26/2005 11:21:57 AM
^^I was just about to leave for the day when I saw your poem..Welcome to my lil forum..I loved the sense of humour aspect to your write.It kind of reminds me of an old "depeche mode "song,"blasphemous rumours"....I can appreciate the sentiment behind it:)Have a great day and visit anytime, Kat
Joined: 11/23/2005
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This one's a bit risque
Posted: 11/26/2005 11:30:40 AM
This is "poem like". Any feed back?


How do I love someone who teases me with warmth, laughter, and adoration, then without warning takes it all away? As if I didn’t want it, as if I didn’t need it, as if I stopped loving it.

You tantalize me with promises of affection. Each word, each smile, and each knowing glance builds upon each other stroke by stroke, creating and revealing inspiration, beauty, and passion. And then it happens again, like it did before; always the same. The fragile masterpiece, once again beginning to take form, slips from your hands. We watch it fall as if in slow motion, knowing its fate. You reach out to catch it, like you always do, as if you have the power to reverse a law of nature. The pull of gravity does not respond to resolved regret; you grasp only air. And in that eternal moment, the moment between rise and fall, I hold my breath and turn my head, willing the impossible. The sound of hope shattering stabs the silence and abruptly causes me to turn back. The look of resignation on your face kills me every time, but it’s watching you walk away that really hurts.

This time you didn’t return.

I guess you finally tired of picking up the pieces, or perhaps you assumed it was me that was tired of it all. You didn’t return. Did you think I didn’t want you? Did you think I didn’t need you? Did think I stopped loving you?


It’s easy to know you care when I’m showering you with sunshine. I’m confused too when I promise you warmth and fields of wild flowers, then without warning take it all away. As if you didn’t want them, as if you didn’t need them, as if you never loved them.

I held my breath the moment I knew it was too late. The beauty, the passion, and the inspiration were not enough. Nothing I do could prevent the inevitable. I willed it not to fall, but the law of gravity does not respond to resolved regret. You turned your head, was that disappointment I read on your face? I felt ashamed when I heard the shatter…again. I couldn’t bear the silence that followed. I couldn’t translate what I saw written in your eyes; a canvas leaving me lost for interpretation. Was this the final fall that would render it unfixable? How many times could I expect you to hold me and tell me it’s ok? It kills me to know how I must have made you feel; perhaps sometimes loving… means leaving. The sunset may not be as beautiful, but is beauty worth the pain? It hurts me to leave, but it hurts more to know I am hurting you. I felt you watch me as I walked away.

This time you didn’t follow.

I had finally gone too far. I guess you were tired of picking up the pieces. This time you didn’t follow. As if you didn’t want me. As if you didn’t need me. As if you never loved me.
Joined: 11/23/2005
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This one's a bit risque
Posted: 11/26/2005 1:42:53 PM
Thank you Chris, that means a lot. I have a friend who is a writer, and when I share things with him he never comments on them, good or bad.. and I start thinking that I must be a horrible writer.. so thank you.
Joined: 11/18/2005
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shorty number 12
Posted: 11/26/2005 3:27:03 PM
I totally loved yer Poem too, dreamer,... as the others before,...I'll say the same as Chris!Even if i think the word risque doesn't quite fit, so what! What is so great is it looks at both sides of a situation, very touching! Now for one of mine, not quite as good but in the same direction.

Here I go again
picking up this pen,
telling of my sorrows
and losing hope for all the morrows.
How Can I even be a friend,
if they always think
I want more?
They'll say they
"Just want to be friends"
but then I never see them again.
Here I go again!
Joined: 11/23/2005
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shorty number 12
Posted: 11/26/2005 3:44:52 PM
dashance, I can relate to yours as well. :) That's what is so beautiful about writing, A person expresses themself, shares it with others and then others get to say "yeah.. yeah, that's it"...and it's all this hidden understanding amongst strangers that no one even knows about.
Joined: 11/26/2005
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This one's a bit risque
Posted: 11/26/2005 10:52:54 PM
i need a place to hide
maybe in yesturday
she won't care
will we be free
i am going to be sad in today
think twice before you say goodbye
there are not enough tommorows for it to subside
the sweat covers my mind
standing alone
Joined: 11/18/2005
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and another shorty
Posted: 11/26/2005 11:42:57 PM
14. (deeper than appears)

I like what I see
but is it right for me.
I may make eye contact,
or a hesitant approach,
only soon to learn as fact,
her opinion hidden by disguise
with an amiable look of surprise.

or how 'bout this one similar theme.... see if you can fill in the blanks.One way is to look at it as two perspectives... lol forgot about this one dreamer until I got page turning in my very disorganised collection.

How far can you see?_______________
Do you care?______________________
About the distance between you I?_________________
Whenever in your presence, I try not to stare, ________________________
These feelings I have are still here._____________________________

This shall be interesting!!
Joined: 8/16/2005
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Keep em coming kids:)wowza :D
Posted: 11/27/2005 12:34:35 AM
Beautiful dreamer...Your above write was mesmerizingly written.I was so drawn into your write. (almost like an entire novel in poetry form) Excellent Deshance..Im glad to see you coming back.You are very diversified in your writing style..Impressive Stairwaytoheaven.. Welcome to my lil corner O the forums.I enjoyed your heartfelt post.The last two lines did an excellent job of conveying the entire premise of the poem..Good job!Poet...thanks for dropping by I can feel the hope and longing in your poem..unique and well executed:)SoosyQT..Good to see ya girlfriend..Hug your sis for me ok?Thanks for droppin in Chriscusack..I love your writes.. You remind me of sopmeopne else who drops in from time to time, whose interesting and at times off the hook hilarious writes I just adore:) Nice job...Thanks for stoppin by today kids,and keep the most excellent writes coming...sleep tight,Kat
Joined: 11/20/2005
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Ninja of Suburbia
Posted: 11/27/2005 8:41:46 AM
Great stuff, chriscusak!

And thanks for the compliments, folks. Here's a link to those kits:

golden urn soiled
grandfather desecrated
by a confused cat
Joined: 8/16/2005
Msg: 236
Ninja of Suburbia...peeing my pants laughing :D
Posted: 11/27/2005 11:28:26 AM
Great stuff both of you!Speaking of "stuff hehe ..loved your little write I misread it and thought it said "decorated" instead of "desecrated" hahaha..Youre a trip,and your write rocks! Chriscusack...Glad to see you again too.Could your poem be any more original and funny?You are absolutey hilarious and love to see you both here again.Awesome job and hugs all around,kat PS..I have two magnetic poetry kits :)
Joined: 7/20/2005
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Saying good bye
Posted: 11/27/2005 12:05:30 PM
Always and forever will I hate
You left me and that was my fate

To never see you again
That bullet was your end

Your selfish ways have made us morn
The lives that your have torn.

You left us my love we are forever in the dark
You life has left its mark

You will never know the hate I feel
You have made the final seal

Never again to see you face.
Never again to grace our place

Good bye my love you will be missed
Never again to be kissed.

I hope one day I'll see you soon.
Till then all is in the gloom.

This is for my husband By K.W.
Joined: 11/18/2005
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The Tell Off!
Posted: 11/27/2005 2:58:16 PM
Nice write Dewkiss! And here's one in that vein too!

How can you go on living?
Living with yourself,
treating people like you know what they're all about.
When you don't!
You don't know what passions they have
or what they see in a person.
Where do you get off?
Saying what you say?
Can you even imagine
how one could take what you just said?
What actions you've just precipitated?
Do you feel any guilt?

Oh, you are so righteous,
in your search for Mr. Perfect.
Although you shall never find him,
you won't pause in your
relentless flailing to drag under those who reach out to you.

You see, you just wouldn't be satified.
What ever you acheiveit won't be enough.
You seek your own self-image,
but no matter how hard you look,
every mirror has its' flaw.
Medusa did not die at the sight of herself,
but at the reflection of her perception.
She just could not accept fate
and take fortune as providence befitted.

-Dash ©1996

hmmm... dark!
Joined: 8/16/2005
Msg: 239
The Tell Off!
Posted: 11/27/2005 11:39:29 PM
Hiya everyone..Thanks so much for adding more of your amazing writes to this thread:)Dashance..I love the flow and originality of your write...The last four lines were absolutely standouts and amazing Youre incredibly talented:)Dewkiss...I could feel the pain and longing for a lost love your poem exudes and in contrast the dark shadow it casted on your poem.Beautiful and sorrowful in tandem...excellent.Sometimes I feel so odd coming in here and telling you guys what I think of your poems and thoughts.All of your workd are awesome simply because they are yours Have a super spiffy day,Kat
Joined: 9/15/2005
Msg: 240
The Tell Off!
Posted: 11/27/2005 11:39:57 PM
Hello all! Thank you very kindly for the comments!! I hope you didn't think I was ignoring, just gone for the holiday. I loved all the writes I missed in that time. Vegan: I've always wanted one of those magnetic poetry things. Thanks for the site name. Dash: I, too, tend to write only when the feelings are already gushing about something. I suppose I should try to nourish it more often, but c'est la vie. Dew: I liked your post in 349 the best. It just spoke to me. Reminds me a lot of some of my earliest writing. Will post an example. Thanks again to all for the kind comments!

"In this circle, I have no name
Merely a shadow in this game
Against my fate, I try to fight
So I can do just one thing right

Still, I find nothing I can do
Fate's dagger has run me through
My heart gushes, bleeding dreams,
Coming apart at its seams

All night I lie in bed and weep
It is the only thing that helps me sleep
And the memories of days before
Come back to haunt me ever more

In this circle, shrouded by night
Protected from the fiendish light
Rain pouring down the essence of my soul
Lightning's beauty helps to mend the hole

Immersed within the falling dew
Its warmth and solace get me through
Everything I love has been lost
And I am still bearing the cost

My soul floats through the sable void
Having been completely destroyed
Looking back, filled with disdain
All I sacrificed was in vain

In this circle... almost dead
Only one thing left to be said
I loved you always, I thought you knew
So, what have I ever done to you?"
 Mean Jeanne
Joined: 7/21/2005
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muddy boot!
Posted: 11/28/2005 8:23:00 AM
Good Vs. Evil

Good and bad, light and dark
Each of these hit their mark

Love and hate, pleasure, pain
Pooling out into a stain

Ecstasy etched upon my face
Strong as leather, soft as lace

Betrayal floods my soul with pain
Falling down like drops of rain

Revenge is such a strong emotion
Inspiring only true devotion

Lust and greed now fill my heart
Both of these will play their part

Pleasure, pain, love and hate
Bring me close to heavens gate

Light and dark, good and bad
Tell me, am I going mad
Joined: 8/16/2005
Msg: 242
All styles of poems are awesome to read:)
Posted: 11/28/2005 9:15:24 PM
Chris...I absolutely love and enjoy your writes You totally rock!Hope to see more from you again soon Mean Jeanne..Welcome to one of my lil spots in the forums...I loved the imagery and contrast you created within your write.Awesome awesome job!Hope youll visit again soon. Bernard...for a second you scared thought you were having a serious moment.You know I love all of your edgy writes..Youre a trip...I think you and Chris here would make great friends I enjoy you both so much! I mean your writes...hehe happy to see you posting again.Amazing job Thanks so much for visiting everyone:)Cant wait to see more from all of you kids:)...Have an excellent night,Kat
Joined: 8/16/2005
Msg: 243
celebrating the 400th post
Posted: 11/28/2005 9:17:42 PM Im slow Thanks everyone for making this thread such a success.Ive really enjoyed reading all your work Time to party lol...lets celebrate
Joined: 8/16/2005
Msg: 244
Posted: 11/29/2005 12:47:33 AM
supadiva..I loved your lil write:)Its great to see you here again.I hope you and your grandaughter are having a blast ,Kat
 Mean Jeanne
Joined: 7/21/2005
Msg: 245
Posted: 11/29/2005 10:46:35 AM
In Memory of Darla, Dusty and John Taken to Their Lord April 1,1999

April fools day arrives each year
The calendar turns and brings it here
As the years tick by we miss you more
But talk about you less than we did before
Dusty you would be twenty-one
Your life would be busy and full of fun
Darla you would be twenty-three
I try to imagine - too hard for me
John as the oldest you'd be twenty-four
You had one child and would have had more
Jamassa Derring put a gun to your head
He pulled the trigger and now you are dead
Three life sentences is what he will do
For taking three lives, for killing you
I hope his time will be bitter and hard
Maybe someone will jump him at yard
But we have to put all that anger aside
We're still alive - along for the ride
I keep all three of you close to my heart
Taken too soon, lives ripped apart
One yellow, one blue rose and one pink
When I see them, of you all I think
Joined: 11/6/2005
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Posted: 11/29/2005 11:08:37 AM
I am what I am,
and I am what I be.
I am what I am,
and I am what i see.
I am what i am,
and I am what I do.
I am what I am,
and I am you.
Joined: 11/6/2005
Msg: 247
Posted: 11/29/2005 11:11:54 AM
Running, running,
round and round.
Cant get my feet to touch the ground.
Trying to find my place,
in this life of maze.
Can you be my path of light?
Help me find a way through the darkest night?
Through this dark and misty haze,
running, running,
round and round.
Help my feet to find the ground.
Joined: 8/16/2005
Msg: 248
All styles are awesome :D
Posted: 11/29/2005 12:45:40 PM
Hi everyone..Chris I enjoy your comedic writes,but I have to say,this one is so beautiful it makes my heart blush.You have such a diverse writing talent. I hope youll come back and share whatever you like with us....funny,happy, em all... Red welcome to this lil corner o the forums.Youy have a very unique writing style.I enjoyed both of your poems very much.Hope to see you again soon mean jeanne..Thank you for sharing that heartbreakingly sad and touching write with all of us.Im so sorry for your loss and for the loss of your loved ones taken in the springtime of their lives.I can relate to your write and my heart goes out to you.I hope yall have a good day,and Ill stop by again soon.Thanks for droppin in, kat
Joined: 8/16/2005
Msg: 249
All styles are awesome :D
Posted: 11/29/2005 12:46:26 PM
Hi everyone..Chris I enjoy your comedic writes,but I have to say,this one is so beautiful it makes my heart blush.You have such a diverse writing talent. I hope youll come back and share whatever you like with us....funny,happy, em all... Red welcome to this lil corner o the forums.Youy have a very unique writing style.I enjoyed both of your poems very much.Hope to see you again soon mean jeanne..Thank you for sharing that heartbreakingly sad and touching write with all of us.Im so sorry for your loss and for the loss of your loved ones taken in the springtime of their lives.I can relate to your write and my heart goes out to you. Supadiva,Im glad you guys had fun:)Hugs!I hope yall have a good day,and Ill stop by again soon.Thanks for droppin in, kat
Joined: 11/18/2005
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Only Music
Posted: 11/29/2005 5:16:37 PM
I get my love
from my music
This is the only way
I've ever received the
love that I need.

Forget the passions of the flesh,
that for which I still much yurn.
It is the essence of
emotion that I truly seek.

How many times
have I been attracted?
And how long does each last?

Music is my one true love;
that for which, I will not part with.
It demands no changes of me,
as willing as I might be.

I get my love
from my music.
As noble that I may strive to be,
and as fate would have it,
music shall be all I need.
DASH ©1994
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