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Joined: 8/16/2005
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Youre welcome Chris...I really enjoy all your writes.Believe me everyone in the forums knows what its like to have writers block at one time or another.Ive gone for an entire week without posting anything in my other thread.I love everything youve shared so far I also love this emoticon and this one Ok Im a bit silly ..havent had my coffee yet..Too beautiful..welcome to this forum..I was about to say your words are too beautiful...the imagery youve created and your expressiveness is amazing...anything else you would care to share Id looove to see chemistry and magic...your cookie poem was good enough to eat ok ok...enough with the slap happy from me...In all seriousness I love your unique writing style.I also enjoyed your take on relationships and what key things make them blossom and work...couldnt agree more...have an awesome day kids! Kat
Joined: 8/16/2005
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Loved em both :)
Posted: 11/30/2005 1:07:57 PM
Heya Chris..(awwwwww what a cute baby in your new pic:)Im so glad you and others are making this thread home to some awesome writes..Your above poem made me chuckle..very well written,clever and cute....I also thought your other poem was very emotionally expressive .Great writes on both counts in very dfferent ways Hope ya;; have a great evening...see ya soon,Kat
Joined: 9/15/2005
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Loved em all :)
Posted: 11/30/2005 1:26:57 PM
Great writes everyone!! Chem: I couldn't help but think about Cookie Monster when I read your poem hehe. I'm posting this poem because I'm getting ready to leave for our choral concert tonight & it's stuck in my head. If anyone wants to know what this sounds like, message me privately.

"The evening hangs beneath the moon
A silver thread on darkened dune
With closing eyes and resting head
I know that sleep is coming soon

Upon my pillow safe in bed
A thousand pictures fill my head
I cannot sleep my mind's aflight
And yet my limbs seem made of lead

If there are noises in the night
A frightening shadow, flickering light
Then I surrender unto sleep
Where clouds of dream give second sight

What dreams may come both dark and deep
Of flying wings and soaring leap
As I surrender unto sleep...
~Charles Anthony Silvestri~
~poem commissioned for a choral work written by Eric Whitacre~
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Posted: 11/30/2005 7:41:53 PM
With such a sweet smile
you could have any man,
having your hair 'up' just
makes them want you more.

Such a catching figure,
one would never want to let go.
Your poise has us peaking
without a single touch.

An ancient beauty
in one such as you,
a quivering feel of mystic
runs up and down my spine.

Fantasy runs wild,
ecstasy hits,
I'm holding you in my arms.
Stareing up at the ceiling
I emerge from confusion.... was just a dream.
DASH ©1995-2005
lol, just altered a bit on the last stanza and on.
Great writes folks! Luv the cookie! Later Folks!
Joined: 8/16/2005
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Posted: 11/30/2005 11:13:10 PM
I luv the cookie too...and the amazing new writes as well.I want to tell you guys and whoever is reading this thread....I am not here to "judge" anyones work..I .only began this thread to encourage people and enjoy all the poems posted .I just thought Id clairify that in order to diffuse any confusion or misunderstanding about that.Im just happy to share this lil corner o the forums with alot of great people:)Thanks for posting and have a great night,Kat
 Mean Jeanne
Joined: 7/21/2005
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 12/1/2005 11:05:41 AM

Lust washes in like the ocean tide
Ebbing and flowing, one hell of a ride
The heat of passion ignites a spark
Straight as an arrow it hits the mark
Our bodies mingle and melt into one
The sweat first beads, then starts to run
Like dew on the grass, our glistening skin
Is covered by the product of our sin
But I don't care about right and wrong
Just to be with you, a feeling so strong
A moment of happiness, too soon lost
The risk I would take, but at what cost
I came to see you whenever I could
A few stolen moments, it was all good
I showed you I loved you, showed you I cared
I gave you my all, nothing was spared
Misunderstood, mistaken and missed
I knew I loved you the first time we kissed
You send sweet shivers up and down my spine
You smell so good and look so fine
A beautiful spirit, you've touched my soul
Simply to please you, that is my goal
A look from you and my heart skips a beat
Then we touch, can you feel the heat
Joined: 8/16/2005
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So ya wanna be a poet?hi kids:)
Posted: 12/1/2005 12:51:57 PM
Mean Jeanne...What an awesomely lust filled passionate write Nice!Chris...your poem brought tears to my eyes because I could relate to it on so many levels..You poem was short,but so emotionally charged.Im still blown away by it:) Exquisite:)Thanks so much for posting here everyone.I love reading all the amazing poems that get posted here. I really enjoy hanging out with other writers and sharing our words.Have a groovy day,Kat
Joined: 8/16/2005
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So ya wanna be a poet?hi kids:)
Posted: 12/1/2005 8:42:11 PM
supadiva Im truly sorry for your loss..
Joined: 7/18/2005
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Terms of Endowment
Posted: 12/2/2005 10:21:04 AM
Per poem, I find acceptable
It is, in fact, benign;
Still, I prefer the editor
 Mean Jeanne
Joined: 7/21/2005
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Posted: 12/2/2005 10:46:03 AM
Identity Crisis

Nobody sees me, nobody can
I am the invisible man
I walk through the halls and nobody sees me
Scream through the walls and nobody hears me
I am the invisible man
Nobody sees me, nobody can
Three hundred people, three hundred stares
Three hundred faces and nobody cares
I am the invisible man
Nobody sees me, nobody can
I look around as I walk
Open my throat and try to talk
It's been so long I forgot how
They look right past me, keep walking now
I am the invisible man
Nobody sees me, nobody can
In this case nobody guessed at the gravity
Or knew the depths of my depravity
Early that morning an announcement is made
They gather together the whole seventh grade
An accident took place the other day
We lost a student, her name was May
Starting as a whisperthen becoming loud
A question ripped right through the crowd
Who was this person? Who was this May?
She was the invisible man
Nobody saw her, nobody can
She stepped in front of an oncoming van
And no longer is the invisible man
Joined: 8/16/2005
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Posted: 12/2/2005 11:36:10 AM
Mean Jeanne..Your poem gave me chills... harryhaller Welcome to this lil corner O the forums...supa diva Thanks so much for dropping in kids.I wonder if its ever going to stop snowing?Its crazy outside right now Lol..Have a great weekend, Kat
Joined: 7/5/2005
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Posted: 12/2/2005 11:42:04 AM
I wanna make believe I am real.
I wanna make believe I can feel.
I wanna pretend, you were more than that.
I want so hard to see, that this is more that what I got.

I gave you everything, thinking there was much more.
I showed you all I was, hoping for what was in store.

For my honesty, you gave me duplicity.
For my caring heart, you gave me falicy.
For my open eyes, you offered me blindness.
I was given hatred, in turn for all my kindness.

So sit there on your ivory steps, and offer to explain.
How it was that for all my love, all you had to offer was pain!!

A thousand curses, and a thousand more on you!
A hundred lies you told me, and I thought they were all true.

A thousand curses on you. May you forever desire and need.
A thousand curses on you, for the day and the moment you made me bleed.
Joined: 7/21/2005
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Terms of Endowment
Posted: 12/2/2005 11:50:29 AM
Affectionate Ambition For Love

Secretly I yearn for a moment of lasting love
A necessity in a brief moment of life
Aspired a hunger for passion lasting forever
It can be caught up in lifes meaningful strife

Ambitious erotic lustful desire in my heart
Coming forth to find my love thats waiting
Swiftly it can come and go but keep it always
To give love so clear a much higher rating

In any language Je t'adore means I love you
To have an attached sensual love for another
Can only hope for desire from two who need it
When love is near my heart starts to flutter

Essential expressive suggestions await me
If only I could find loves secret I would be free
A valuable lesson is not always needed
For love can often climb to a point carefree
Joined: 8/16/2005
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Posted: 12/3/2005 12:10:25 AM
^^^^^ (Both of you)Thanks so much for sharing and Im pretty zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz so Im going to catch up on some Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend so far.Thanks for dropping by everyone..Hugs,Kat
Joined: 12/2/2005
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 12/3/2005 8:02:43 AM
I love you in ways you'll never know
In light rain beneath piers
Beside bonfires in February
Embers in March
By lonesome prairies I've forgotten
Where wild horses run in silhouettes
Between the moon and my memory
And I think of you in the wind
When I turn up my collar to light a cigarette

In the night when I undress
I sigh and dream of Rome before I'm asleep
And miles and miles of blue sky
That stretch from California
To New York
Joined: 7/20/2005
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 12/3/2005 6:21:42 PM
I have made my bed so here I will lie
I hate you! You left us.

Never know how much you will be missed.
You selfish **stard! With this twist.
I'll say goodbye I so want to die

You promised to stay by my side.
Untill the day that WE died.
But you left us in your selfish ways.

You took it upon yourself to say.
I hate you all and will not stay.
Yes you said I hate you all and will not stay.

As I look at our childs eyes.
How do I tell him about your goodbye.

We cry for you every night.
We cry till the morning light.

They way you left our "Happy" home.
You left us all alone.

No more can I write you see.
Cause the hate I feel is to real.

Why I ask why did you have to die.
Why did you go to that great blue sky.

Why did you leave us??
Were you not pleased.

Did you hate us?
Did you despise us?

I guess we will never know.

By K.W.
Joined: 8/8/2005
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 12/3/2005 9:08:30 PM
Letting Go

Cast your fears to the wind
i would never hurt you
I know how that feels to
have someone desert you

Let's live for today and not
think about whether it will last
A love can only grow when
it lets go of yesterday and
and dos'nt live in the past

Don't shed a tear anymore
for the pain of yesterday's love
that left you in a empty bed
A love that hurts you deserves not
a single tear wasted to shed

Open your heart to me
and fly upon my wings
feel the emotion as two
hearts make love and their
souls start to sing

Feel the earth move
as our bodies glide in flight again
Moving across the heavens
our spirits begin to blend
forgetting about yesterday.. tonight
your heart begins to mend
Joined: 11/18/2005
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 12/3/2005 9:26:12 PM
Welcome to the thread folks! You've got some nice writes!
Feel welcome to keep droppin' by! The more the merrier!
And yet another shorty.

Can you yet see
how I long to hold thee?
To whisper sweet nothings in your ear,
and wake-up having you near.

You speak to my love
in that sexy drawl,
like a pair of doves
taking flight over a waterfall.

My want is to return
all the pleasure you give.
My thoughts begin to burn,
I grasp your touch as water through a seive.

I long for your companionship,
I tire of sleeping alone.
With a quivering lip,
I try not to moan.
-Dash ©circa'98

I had better get my bollocks writing again! I've only been giving ya from my collection!!! Later folks! Nice seeing all the true feelings out there!
Joined: 8/8/2005
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 12/3/2005 9:52:33 PM
Silence of the heart

Her smile was full of brighteness
she was a breath of fresh air
her hair golden as the sun
her skin soft and fair

We rode the train together
almost everyday, Some days
when no one was there
she'd seat right next to me

The scent of her perfume
was almost too captivating to bear
i just wanted to put my arms around
her and hug her, but I would'nt dare

She always greeted me with a smie
and i would nod my head
she never spoke a word
she just made eye contact instead

One day as we were sitting together
our arms touching, you could feel
the passion connecting through
our skin, I got the nerve say to her " I've
been searching for you for a lifetime,
Where have you've been."

I was'nt prepared for her reaction
she just stared straight ahead
she did'nt utter a word
I slumped in my seat and said
"I'm sorry, I must have lost my head"

She got off the train and looked at
me through the window, her eyes big and bright
she smiled shyly and it looked like she mouthed the
words " I love you, goodnight."

I thought it very odd that she never spoke to me
till I rode the train the next day, She never got
on at her stop, I opened the newspaper and her
picture was on the front page and it shedded the light.
It's caption said " Deaf girl killed by bus last Night.
Joined: 7/5/2005
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 12/3/2005 10:01:39 PM
Nice write bro... very nice!
Joined: 11/26/2005
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 12/4/2005 4:24:06 AM
the day of summer winds are gone
and winter winds are bred
no longer warm and humid
now cold and bare instead

i long for days of summer winds
the balmy breezes on my face
the sun high up in the sky
the heat,its warm embrace.

the only consolation, that i ever get
is that the season of joy that comes around
and Gods love is actually met.

after that though,i must say
i start to dream again
of summer days and summer nights
the warming to begin.
Joined: 8/8/2005
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 12/4/2005 4:53:36 AM
The Gunslinger

They say he was the
fastest gun in the west
big and mean with a colt 45
a hundred men faced him
none are still alive

Today he was coming
for me,his gun hired
to put me down in defeat
by a ruthless land baron
who wanted me dead for
keeping peace in the streets

I've been the marshal of this
town of abilene,texas
for tens years and a day
i cleaned it up, chased out the land
baron's henchman who got in the way

When i was a little boy, i lost
my mother and father they
were killed when i was ten
my twin brother and i put
up for adoption, my brother
never to be heard from again

I was raised by the town blacksmith
who taught me the trade
many a gun and horseshoes
i melted from iron and made

When i was sixteen i picked
up my first gun
i won my first battle with
a horse thief at the age of 21

Since then i've killed 40 men
with a gun fast as lightning
and eyes like a hawk
my accuracy frightning

At dawn the gunslinger
rode into town
riding on a black horse
a mask on his face
his eyes on the ground

Riding beside him were the land
baron and his henchman
to make sure thier deed
was carried out
this was going to be a
tough task, no doubt

Staring out the windows
the townspeople were awake
afraid to come out, but
still wanting to see my fate

I loaded my guns and put
on my lucky hat
headed out of the jail
not knowing if i'd ever come back

The gunslinger was waiting for
me at the town square
the land baron and his men
waiting on the rooftops there

The gunslinger walked into
the middle of the street
his hands by his sides
his eyes at his feet

He looked up at me
with his mask still on
his eyes suddenly widened
he took off his mask
and said in a whisper "Keep
your eyes on those hiding"

We both drew our guns
and fired at will
when the smoke had cleared
the land baron and his men
had been killed

The gunslinger and I the
only ones left standing in the street
i recognized him as soon as he took
off his mask, he said "Blood is thicker then
water my brother, i'm glad again we finally meet"
Joined: 1/31/2005
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 12/4/2005 5:28:01 AM know i adore westerns, cowboys, marty robbins and gunfighter ballads....well darlin as soon as some one scoops me up from tha warm puddle i turned into from readin this ballad of yers.....i am addin you to that list................sigh........
Joined: 11/23/2005
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 12/4/2005 5:34:53 AM
Love Story

Volumes of books could never hold
This story of love about to be told
Two tears of longing coming down my face
Two years of longing to know you inside
They say its "wrong" I'll never break the code
Can i risk another "road not taken"?
Passing glances, a brush of hands I'm getting weak
Cant leave it with "what might have been"
Is this warmth a flame in my heart?
Will you let me in your life to be a part?
Is this a chance for real happiness?
We opened the door we are stepping through
I knew it was you with our first kiss
Was it God who put my hand in yours?
Feelings so deep I cant turn around
Now consumed with you I'll never go back!
So thankful we threw caution to the wind
Cant wait to see whats around the bend
My love for you so strong so true
I never again want to be without you
Joined: 1/31/2005
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 12/4/2005 8:19:51 AM

the people of the valley were big and tall,
the folks on the mountain grew quick and small
but they couldnt stop the coming of noonfire,
rich mans robber, hes a killer for hire...
he rode like a phantom thru tha night,
always disappears before daylight
but like all legends he had to go
his end came fast tho his name dies slow
and if you listen hard in tha night
you still can hear him before daylight.....
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