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When love is lost
Your heart feels cold with frost
When your heart is broken
Life feels unsteady like an ocean
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 1/10/2006 9:51:20 PM
I Can’t Believe its not Butter

11 January 2006

I can’t believe its not butter
because it does have saturated fat
That stuff taken from Oleic Acid
and other manufactured thought like that

The kind of margarine
all mushy like axle grease
Why was it let out
call the police

Because what was great
might not always be good
So why not use butter
when you really should

Made from just
cream and some salt
If you can’t believe its not butter
then that was a case of assault

© 2006 Christopher W Herbert (a New Zealand Poet)

a poet who cares
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 1/11/2006 7:21:45 AM


The brightness that surrounds him
Like Sun, lights up the day
His smile, it is the reason
What makes him smile that way?

The heart that once was trampled
He holds within his hands
A heart that once was broken
Will always understand

Holding onto daydreams
Makes me feel alright
Finding out the answer
Why he smiles so bright

With his love he's waiting
As if right on cue
You'll find your heart inflating
When he smiles at you

A shield of faith he carries
One light hides the dark
I guess you'll always find him
Leading with his heart

He lost his will for Loving
But then he round his smile
He trusted me to love again
And true love takes awhile

Somehow he found courage
And Love's a Mystery
I seem to feel so happy
When he smiles at me

The brightness that surrounds us
Like sun, lights up the day
Our new love is the reason
Why we smile this way

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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 1/11/2006 4:05:00 PM
Now that is very sweet!! You must have been in quite the mood when you wrote that one!!! hehehehe!
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 1/11/2006 5:28:24 PM
Great is my contribution.

So clear now,
Depths of character;
And my role black
In the end
I relent, my guns again silent

Each face,
It's sometimes sunshine;
And I divide
One by one
They falter, but they still throw thunder
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 1/11/2006 8:38:39 PM
sorry for any interuptions
but we're running lines through here
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 1/11/2006 9:01:46 PM
watch out for the train

hey my gauge is bigger than yours
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 1/11/2006 10:13:19 PM
All men say that poet Om,Poet yall crack me up... I just wanted to drop in and say very groovy writes kids...keep em comin,Kat
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 1/11/2006 10:33:55 PM
I dont consider this poem, just an organized collection of my thoughts, tell me what you think


These emotions are indescribable, can’t be categorized or explained for this reason I am unable to ease both my confusion and pain. I feel that these emotions are eating my insides, like a spider eating its prey; I’m unable to discern my feelings like colors being meshed together with out a trace of the original which they came from.
Slowly I’m being devoured by wall of darkness which will leave nothing of my corpse that can be identified; I will disappear in this darkness, alone. Just when I was able to live, just when I though that I have conquered my fears. I have suddenly succumbed to my loneliness. As I run from this feeling I see that I’m running in vain for I cant seem reach the light at the end of this tunnel, my hands are stretched out, reaching, grasping, yet I grab nothing, I fall to my knees giving up on hope, knowing that I forever am destined to be in this darkness there is no savior for me, there is no existence for me, as I walk and talk it is not me but my corpse which has been numbed by the passage of time, all you see that stands before is just a shell of my former self , yes I laugh, I speak, and smile with you but you don’t know the real me, my true self, you don’t see the person who is hiding, crying because I wont let you. Because you don’t want to, yes I have giving up on hope, love and happiness I will just sit here and let this darkness and pain consume my soul, for I have no fight in me, I’m tired of this. I will just let this shell of my body walk aimlessly with no true goal or purpose I can only apologize to my self for giving up but it seems that I have no other solution other than to let my self be engulfed this monster called darkness, I have another name but I shall not say for I already have a constant reminder in my dried heart.
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 1/12/2006 12:23:12 AM
Hiya:)I think you definately have a gift for expressing yourself . Poetry is an awesome venue to articualte any feelings or emotions we need to purge or simply just want to express for the joy of writing
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 1/13/2006 2:12:04 AM
Laugh my head off ! poet,

yeah but its more work ! lol

Hiya kat, folks, gonna stroll down the tracks for a bit...:)
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 1/13/2006 6:28:14 AM
Ending a Marriage is often difficult, but it makes it that much more difficult when one of the partners has been unfaithful to the marriage. This poem is not based on personal experience, rather that of a dear friend.

I hear so many people complain that they've lost so many material possessions in a Divorce. These people might not realize that what their partner lost, can never be replaced... it takes forever to regain Trust.



I sleep with an electric blanket
Cuz I no longer feel your heat
My toes they feel like icebergs
I can't snuggle with your feet

Although you're lying next to me
I'm greeted with your back
You have no need to touch me
And I'm still good in the sack

I know you have another
I'm no longer what you need
I hope you're being careful
That she's not carrying your seed

I wish you would Divorce me
But you love me (so you say)
I guess I'll be the one to leave
I can't go on this way

So go ahead and keep her
And sleep with me at night
If you think I'll stand for this
You're in for quite a fight

I gave you some of my best years
I loved you with all my heart
Knowing that you've lain with her
I'll make a brand new start

So keep your pretty plaything
Go away and leave me alone
You both can have each other
Cuz you sure won't get our home

I gave you all I had to offer
And my trust was all I had
It'll take forever to regain it
And for that you should feel bad

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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 1/13/2006 1:33:18 PM
Man! You've got good writes!!! ANd here I am left reading! Hahaha!Its a hard life!
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 1/13/2006 2:42:19 PM
^^^^^I'll echo that !^^^^^
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 1/13/2006 11:37:59 PM

A true story

My brother Jonathan had this pup that was a bitch, my father had breed -
and when it came time to register the dog - by law I think it was 3 months old -
this female pup still had no name - so my father wrote down "Doubt" on the registration form when he filled it in.

So from that day on, until this dog died it was called Doubt.

And that is the whole and honest truth -

When in Doubt

12 January 2006

The old man's dog
had a pup that
did not have a name
So they called this pup - Doubt
and that was the truth to proclaim

A dog of black and white
in those colours of two
Then this was just one
of those dogs to live
its whole life through

Now years have passed
and the owner is also dead
Of that pup from the old man's dog
that was given the name in doubt as said

This tale of truth to tell
of a living legend to partake
For when in doubt - think ahead
and love life for heavens sake

© 2006 Christopher W Herbert (a New Zealand Poet)

a poet who cares
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 1/14/2006 1:56:11 PM
Sometimes ya just gotta take that last leap of faith into another's arms.
Writing your own Storybook, creating a new existence, enjoying a new reality
and hopefully, making many happy memories.



What's this life anyway's?
What's it to you and me?
What's it to anyone?
Who are we supposed to be?
Make me a Storybook
Write me away from here
I need a different now

Where we can wear each other for awhile
I'll lend you my joy, if I can borrow your smile
We'll share happiness, get through better days
We'll be together, once upon these days

There's four roads anywhere
Four ways to everything
We are unbreakable
We speak our destiny
So take a moment now
And write our Storybook
Let's make a new world now

Then the day will come, and it may take awhile
I'll show you my joy, if you show me your smile
We'll find better ways, to share better days
We'll be together, once upon these days

What's this life anyway's?
What's it to you and me?
What are we doin here?
What are we supposed to be?
Write me a Storybook
And write you here with me
I need a different now

Where we can wear each other for awhile
I'll give you my joy, if I can keep your smile
We'll have better ways, to enjoy better days
Happy ever after, once upon these days


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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 1/15/2006 12:51:16 AM
running repairs and fixing the thread, this page was put out of a-line-ment,
normal transmission will be assumed on the next page
Joined: 5/1/2005
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 1/15/2006 12:56:34 AM
800 posts has been and gone
now normal transmission can continue a fresh
So ya wanna be a poet?
nows your chance
place your words of freedom here
and allow them to dance
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 1/15/2006 3:12:31 PM


Waves crashing down, the air moist, sweet and salty, the birds cry
The hot sun begins to gently burn away the morning mist
The swell created thousands of miles away calls out to them
These Black Bodied Warriors who grab their swords
White boards rising to meet their challenge
From the sand I observe the dance, their fight to win
The rhythm of the surf is like the sound of distant drums
One by one these Warriors throw their bodies into the liquid of life
Their Souls are set free as they ride to fill their heart's desire
Astride their boards they twist, turn and maneuver for position
Propelled by the very thing they wish to conquer and become one with
Into the blue fluid of peace & the white foam of happiness they dive
Fear their only obstacle, they push through the barriers that restrict
They become consumed by their play & satisfied by their own technique
They gain strength in the discovery of their own capabilities
Adrenaline becomes their motivator and exhilaration their reward
They’re like Children baptized by the waters of our Creator
Their Sins are cleansed, Spirits renewed, Souls made new
They carry a message of Preservation and Love for Mother Earth
An infinite calm surrounds them, anger tamed by their Sport
You’ll know from where their solitude comes as each new day begins
They quiet their souls to hear the call of the Lover who beckons them to join her

Joined: 10/16/2005
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 1/16/2006 9:18:50 AM
^^^ really cool writes, Nice surfing!
Joined: 11/9/2005
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 1/16/2006 11:35:44 AM
Love’s Flower

And does our love flower
Or does it grow old
Where have all the flowers gone
Wilted, one by one

Where is the love so true
I thought I found in you
Laying somewhere blue
Breathing with bated breath

And where are you
The one I searched for
High and low
To find a dream for two

Show me really
Who you are
Truly what you feel
Nothing I will not do
To know the real you

How did you deceive me
With words of love
Felt for me or lost regrets
Comparing me
To another love

Pain you say
How can you know
Life is not over dear
But begins again
Each time we love
 mama tiger
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 1/16/2006 11:56:15 AM
Is there no freedom from this
only intrapment
the responsibilities grow
bearing down upon the head
as an energy draining dread
no praise, no love bestowed
to rejuvinate within
just foeboding, the resentment growing,
as a curse, vexed upon
by choices of paths unknown
taken in times you incompassed
the core of my soul
like chains entertwined around
from the daily fight to shove it out,
out of sight
the resentment
growing within
binding as the struggle lost
of all around
all breath of love
within a tanglement of chain
where is the light?
only darkness
so the resentment has engulfed
within the core of being
giveing birth to the vexed
a gastly reproachful soul
scowling, unaproachable
emittilng all negativity
does one dare
come near such a horrid beast?
with eyes encrusted of pain within
scowls upon the face
Joined: 8/16/2005
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 1/16/2006 11:58:02 AM
Simply awesome everyone..keep those groovy writes comin.,Kat
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 1/17/2006 10:33:59 AM


I find myself constantly thinking about your silky voice
As it slides over me like an expensive satin negligee
I find myself becoming addicted to the words you say
During our numerous, steamy, late night phone calls

The pictures you sent of yourself are intriguing
I imagine your incredibly long, thick brown hair
Draping around me and sliding over my naked skin
Tickling and teasing all of my erogenous senses

And the words you write and things you describe
They’re exciting, sensuous and full of potential for more
This Internet exchange takes us back to another Era
Where potential Lover’s waited expectantly for letters to arrive

Your seduction of me on the beach that you described
Was more than I could ever imagine it to be, and I wait
Impatient to know if what we share on the phone & in emails
Is half as good in person when our energies finally combine

Sometimes it’s destiny and sometimes it’s a randomness
When two people meet and discover their potential
Even if we meet and discover that we’re not meant to be
This Friendship is an incredible gift that I’ll always treasure


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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 1/18/2006 9:03:57 AM
ooooohhh, luvtolaaf, I loved your "Internet Meeting" poem... great description, awesome poem :)
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