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Amazing stuff everyone;)wow!
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one from the future - 16 hours ahead of EST
Posted: 4/24/2006 4:22:01 PM
I like this Rich Man Blues. Reminds me of a limerick :)
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"Rich Man Blues"
Posted: 4/24/2006 4:47:00 PM
if you only knew the truth behind that one (but does a poet always tell)
"Rich Man Blues" is so named for a place in New Zealand, the township of Richmen,
in the Nelson district, near the city of Nelson. And any more would be truly telling
thanks for your comments.

for whom I composed it for, in thoughts of never appreciated such beauty

Rich Man Blues

23 April 2006

There once was a girl
who was seeking a rich man
as to looking Nelson in the eye
Just to know what she could see
like she was damn well gunna try

High upon her tower of Trafalgar
much as to a column in a book
For was it a one-eyed view
such in being history read, she did look

Unknown and not sure
a starlit upon a stage to act
Not in being quiet or calm
but more so mad in attack

For whether or reign
those storms that did brew
Not to know, nor understand
words of amour in meaning true

© 2006 Christopher W Herbert (a New Zealand Poet)

a poet who cares
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Posted: 5/23/2006 4:49:57 PM
If I could be a part of you, I think i'd be a tear.
To be born in your eyes...
To live on your cheek...
To die on your lips.
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missing you
Posted: 5/26/2006 8:15:32 PM
The wrinkled sheet falls to the floor
My hand feels the warmth where you lay before
Such emptiness you left behind

My skin hungers for your gentle touch
Untill you come back my love
I ache to feel your breath again

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missing you
Posted: 6/3/2006 8:30:09 PM
That's totally awesome,... and it really doesn't need to be directed at missing anyone in particular either, really really nice! Kinda "wants" for more verse maybe,.... but ha I know how often I've tried that for my short ones and how they would then just fail, or just be brought down a bit. Anyways kudos to yer writes!
Joined: 6/14/2006
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The Poet
Posted: 6/28/2006 9:56:41 PM
I lie awake on a cold dark night
I feel the warmth of her body next to mine.
For she lay still without making a sound
As I watch the light of the candles slowly burn down.
For I hold her close, next to my chest.
My arms wrapped around her.
Cupping her soft breasts.

I hear thunder in the distance
As the lightning strikes
Two souls come together.
Their passions ignite.
Their bodies entangled
As they become one
Pressing close together
As they make love.
I feel her warmth deep down inside
I look into her eyes as she softly cries.
She pulls me close, as I press against her breasts
My breath warm on her skin, I kiss her neck.
Our lips touch and our tongues begin to dance.
Our lovemaking so intense we go into a trance.
For I can feel her body quiver and shake.
The sweat begins to drip from my face.
The intensity builds and we both let go.
We collapse in each other arms
Together we hold.

We fall asleep by each other’s side.
I softly stroke her hair as I close my eyes.
I slowly fade off into a dream
Taking her there to be with me.
And in the distance the lightning still strikes.
Two souls became one on this cold rainy night.
For as they lay together, they are one.
Brought together by God
Broken by none.

D Yaugo
Joined: 6/25/2006
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poetic bombardment
Posted: 6/28/2006 10:34:07 PM

Her eyes, once light as a childs,
have gone away. Away inside herself.
They're still there of course, just hiding behind
memories and sad songs. But why do they hide,
and why can't I find them anymore..

behind those memories and these sad songs..


Stolen Moments

The Velvety caress of my coat
pockets keep my hands warm so
safely tucked away from the night's
coldness that steals away the heat
of your skin at my fingertips.


One Song

Life is a dance floor and I have two left feet.
While others swing from partner to partner happily,
I lean against the wall and whistle a different tune.
Call me old fashion, but I never learned this new dance.
I just want to slow dance with one person for the entier song.


Timeless Flower

Lust, like a rose, is fleeting at its prime.
Passion, like a rose, blooms then wilts away.
Love, like a rose, can be pressed and last forever.


Vanity Kills

There once was a beautiful dreamer,
and everyone wanted to be her,
but when someone tried,
she only had cried,
so she ran over her with a Beemer.



Stop my heart and let me die,
My dream is over and I wish to cry,
This world I walk has nothing new,
and all in it I wish is you.


Heat of the Night

I'll Burn a trail across your skin....
with cool kisses down your neck.

I'll Stoke the flames of your passion...
with ice tipped fingers to stroke your flesh.

I'll Tempt your every restraint...
with every chilling touch.

I'll Fuel your strongest hunger...
with every cold sensation.

I'll Scorch the fires of your mind...
with every inch of ice.

And when your boiling from this heat?

...I'll Consume you...



Spin, Spin, and Spin some more.
Gotta keep turning to this music we'll sore.
Can't stop movin, we've got energy galore.
Gonna keep jammin till our feet can't take anymore.
And when its finally over we'll just fall on the floor.
But laying here it's you, not the music, that I adore.


I want to...

I don't want to fly to the moon.
I don't want to hop a balloon around the world in 80 days.
I don't want to travel 20,000 leagues under the sea.
I don't want to go the edge and behond.
I don't want to traverse the event horizon.
I don't want to go faster than light.
I don't want to go back to the future.
I don't want to ride a rocket ship.
I don't want to steal a trippy boat.
I don't want to take a drive in the shaggin'wagon.
I don't want to be beamed up.
I don't want to walk 10,000 miles.
I just want to lay on your bed.
I just want to hold you in my arms.
I just want to kiss you goodnight.
I just want to wish you sweet dreams.
I just want to breathe in your scent.
I just want to cherish every sound you make.
I just want to memorise every inch of you.
I just want to have 'just 5 more minutes' forever.
I just want to see you smile.
I just want to hear you laugh.
I just want to embrace you when you need me.
I just want to wipe away every tear.
I just want to be there with you.
I just want to tell you I love you.


Little Red Riding Hood

There's knocking at the door.
Tap, tap, tap.
But the door is closed,
held strong and fast.

There's someone at the window.
Tap, tap, tap.
But the windows are closed.
thick cloudy glass.

there's someone searching for a way in.
Tap, tap, tap.
but the walls are thick,
boarded up and reinforced.

locked up inside,
tap, tap, tap.
alone with your injured heart,
safe from the jaded world.

curled up and afraid,
tap, tap, tap.
alive as long as you hide,
away from painful memories.

But someone's at your door,
tap, tap, tapping at your door.
Why won't you open up?
So I can stop knocking at your door.


Auction House

"The bidding will begin at Careing."
"Let the bidding begin!"
"Can I get Careing?"
"How about acceptance?"
"Ok, lets move on to tolerance, tolerance anyone?"
"No one for tolerance?"
"We have hatred, can we get meanness?"
"Hatred, going once..."
"going twice..."
"Ma'am, do you realise what your getting here?"
"Are you absolutly sure of what your doing?"
"I believe so."
"Fine, love, going once..."
"Going twice."
"Sold, to the angel at the doors to heaven."
"Now come claim him."


Life Debt

If I took every flower,
and i took every landscape,
and planted every flower,
within the most beautiful landscape,
I'd still come up short.

If I took every star,
and I took every night,
and I pushed every star,
within just one clear night,
I'd still come up short.

If I took every color,
and i took every canvss,
and I painted every color,
to create the most beautiful canvas,
I'd still come up short.

If I took every dollar,
and I spent every cent,
and i bought everything,
to create just one gift,
I'd still come up short.

If you took just one laugh,
and you spent just one tear,
and laughed just once,
to create the words "I love you."
I'd forever come up short.


Little Boy Blue

Once was a child, long lost and blue, who sat without
notice-right next to you. He was clutching a picture,
holding it tight, remembering stories-when this was right.

Defunct was the picture, what memory it held, faded and
jaded-by whom we won't tell. But there he sat lonely,
tired and grey, shivering softly-oh what to say?

So up we all walked, and left him to rot, thinking we'd
lost him-with no second thought.Yet there was this child,
long lost and blue, who sat without notice-right next to



Sitting here beside you, I took your hand.
It's been a long time since I smiled like this.
And I'm just not sure what I can say to you.
Your hand is so soft and small in mine.
You're so beautiful it hurts just seeing you.
That perfect look of happiness across your face.
I have to leave soon but I don't want to go.
While you sleep you seem to be at peace.
Once again before I go I run my fingers through your hair.
I slide my hands away from yours gently.
And even as you sleep you still hold onto me.
But no matter how much I want to I can't wake you up.
You're going to need all the rest you can for later.
Now I leave the room again to go; I'm not allowed to stay.
And I keep wiping the tears away one by one.
Now I wish you good luck and God's speed on your journey.
Because we both know; heaven's a long way away.


At First Sight.

Turning on the spot you keep
fiddling with your hands
and staring at your toes
while turning ever redder.

While his face is not watching
you keep wondering if his eyes will
turn your way and smile
so you can start breathing.

His voice is for another
and so his body is the same
but you cannot quite stop staring
at the one you cannot see.


Puzzle Piece

Life is a puzzle, an unknown game.
Just when you think you have it figured out,
You find another piece and realise you've missed something.

Just when you think you've got it all under control,
the rules go and change on you,
and your not sure if you like them or not.

But you start to get used to them.
And eventually, you start to like them,
and think you've got it all figured out again.

So what do they do?
They change the rules of course.
Better to be a jack of all trades.

Atleast that way you can find someone.
You can know a little of what your doing,
and eventually you'll know all the rules.

So when they change them, you'll still be where you are.


Roaming Reality and Public Privacy.

Bubbles and balloons and marshmellow men.
Skys fall left and moons bounce like rubber balls.
Star streaking turmoil and a Gypsy from the streets.
Blinking boubles and jumping toads, all the same and.
shadow light the night crawlers.
Flying fantasies that don't make sense.
Nightmares that you never want to stop.
Make as much sense as you never understood.
Show the world a blind man's vision.
Walk forever and never move.
take a step to never stop.
jumbled jangled jingling jumbles.
all mixed up when it's in its place.
Name a name and know the name isn't a name.
crack a mirror and look at your reflection.
clearer then than never knowing broken.
a path unwalked a path yet still.
a broken wall a barrier stronger.

Are you as confused as I am?

...welcome to love...


My Secret Garden

Have you ever found a fork in the rode,
and then decided to wade through the trees instead?

I have.

Then walking through that thick maze of trees,
did you find a different path instead?

I have.

when you travel down that path it's not always smooth,
and eventually you wonder if your lost instead?

I have.

So you continue down these trails of wonder,
and eventually you'd think you'd find a dead end.

I have.

When you reached the wall and saw that you were stopped,
did you wonder who was on the other side?

I have.

I sat with my back against that wall and called out,
"Do you hear me?" and waited for an answer.

She hasn't.


Boys and girls and flowery dresses

Waiting here for you I almost forgot.
Kisses are butterflies and skin is silk;
Pretty and nice to hold, but only temporary.
Turning in circles in the long green grass,
happiness is getting dizzy and falling.
In the fields of endless wildflowers,
friendship is never needing to talk;
But always knowing we can.


Tangible Myths

You took my hand and showed me,
every single thing people fight for.
We laid togeather, with smiles
and butterfly kisses to share.

But the tears that fled your eyes,
told me I couldn't keep you.
You belonged with someone else,
in someone elses arms.

With your words you walked away,
and left me standing in the dust.
A half-smile to say goodbye, and
tears streaming down my face.

I think I finally understand it all,
why man needed to create God.
It was because of people like you,
who seemed too good to be true.


To Express love, say nothing.

Never stop singing for me.
Your voice is the light,
and your words the road,
that guide me to your arms.

I'll tell you I'll be fine,
and ask you not to worry,
but a love as great as this,
will never fade in time.

And now I sit and pray,
to a god I'm not sure I believe,
for just one fairy tale with you,
to live happily ever after.


Ok, you've been attacked. lol. If anyone want's more there's tons of it. i write alot.
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poetic bombardment
Posted: 6/28/2006 11:31:51 PM
Written For My Husband.... Take A Chance On Love-Part 1

On a midsummer night we chanced meeting each other,
Wondering if we should give the other a try.
Keeping our hearts at arms lenght, not daring to hear another lie.
Taking a glance into the others eyes, with a peek from a distance I thought I would cry.
Knowing in an instance you felt the same as I.
Letting my guard down for only a second, I could feel the emotions you was trying to hide.
Taking no chances we said our good-byes.

Take A Chance On Love-Part 2
Without a mistake we met again, for reasons today I don't understand.
The soul of your being, I saw in your eyes.
A soul that was searching for answers, unknown to me.
Intriging enough to find the questions, so I could ask why?
Our minds seemed as one as we sat in the silence.
Talking with one another, yet never saying a word, just a smile.
I knew in a flash I would want you as mine.
Daydreaming in the middle of the day.
Realizing you had the same ideas as I.

Take A Chance On Love-Part 3
The walk was taken, our life was united.
We loved, we laughed, we even cried.
Keeping our steps in perfect rhythm, never losing track of time.
Making plans and dreams come true.
I never imaged I'd lose you.
Good-bye sweet prince, until the day we meet again, In Gods grace.

In loving memory of my husband.
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Posted: 7/29/2006 6:36:24 PM
more poems in this thread are wanted for budding new wanna be poets

Metering Love

30 July 2006

Who cares about meter
that measure to make
The flow of a poem
and heaven for God’s sake

Who cares about right or wrong
Then what about those lyrics
in attachment to Beethoven’s song

Those words Mozart did write
were they really his own
or another was way of flight
Who said love was love
and could that be at first sight

Lies and truth
metre and measure
Those ways we do spell
or was love pure pleasure

1: meter, metre, m - (the basic unit of length adopted under the French Systeme International d'Unites (approximately 1.094 yards)). Spelling in ways of difference where in US English the word “metre” is presented as “meter” (kilometre/kilometer)

2: meter - (any of various measuring instruments for measuring a quantity; measure with a meter; “meter the flow of water”)

3: meter, metre, measure, beat, cadence - ((prosody) the accent in a metrical foot of verse)

4: meter, metre, time - (rhythm as given by division into parts of equal duration)

© 2006 Christopher W Herbert (a New Zealand Poet)

a poet who cares
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Devil in Disguise
Posted: 7/31/2006 9:55:48 AM
You are full of fear and hate.
A helpless girl,
Don’t know her fate.
You say she’s pretty,
and kiss her hand.
Behind her innocence,
I see your grin.
The evil eyes hits again.
The life she once knew,
diminishes with every touch.
You tell her lies,
and for you its a rush.
She’s powerless over your control.
for she has not realized,
You are taking her soul.
Every waking minuet she breathes,
you enter her mind like an endless dream.
Unconsciously devoted,
she awaits your smile.
You whisper words in her ear,
that she's just your style
Her trust is endless,
so a child is born.
You look at her grinning,
the trap has been set.
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Love’s Fear
Posted: 7/31/2006 11:24:32 AM
a beautiful poem ^^^^^

Love’s Fear

30 July 2006

As if you can’t give up on love
then what was love in a way to give
To seek, to learn, to touch
a silent way of feeling

A deepness, a tranquil dependence
but what made love real inside
Two spirits captured in a light
that lost in the heart feeling intense

Yet separation hid the vision
masking that beauty to endure
As if the myth was love itself
the mercy of deceptive means

Not to know, but to know
wrong could be wrong
For love did have its freedom
as to that of compromise
For who would love, if love did not exist
while reading between the lines
means loving was always at risk

“Where there is no vision, the people perish:
but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”
Proverbs 29: 18 KJV

© 2006 Christopher W Herbert (a New Zealand Poet)

a poet who cares
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Posted: 8/5/2006 10:01:35 PM
The second shortest poem in the workd.


(c) me
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Posted: 8/6/2006 5:29:37 AM
I have a cat named Dizzy
who's second name is Lizzy
tree heights make her frown
as she has troubles getting down
but, being up puts her in a tizzy
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Posted: 8/6/2006 9:42:31 PM
The Shortest poem in the world

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Posted: 8/7/2006 7:24:44 AM
The most selfish poem in the world


A poem with infinite possibilities.

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Posted: 8/7/2006 9:15:34 AM
The worlds shortest poem in honour of the awesome writes in here...


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Posted: 8/12/2006 9:23:23 PM
a new poet ok how about this

no emotion to do..........words to speak.........the pain I feel..........
captured echos... of sinful meanings.... in my brain...
repulse the love that has died of a slow death
no emotion to do.............words to pain i feel.....

lightly clam wind blowing soft through my inner soul
it hits me....... A falling angel......I hold her in my arms.... she is hurt inside and out.... wings damaged....but she speaks............the words she speaks of, are amazing... light....... soft at a wisper..........but full of inspairation to help heal these wounds.......she takes my breath away.....she makes my heart pound fast.....the sweat pours off my body......
She truely is a angel........hurt by the ones that loved her.....cuts.deep.....I know I must heal them...... with every word I speak in passion...........stright from my heart.......she slowly begins to heal....

will she ever return to heaven?
emotion to do...........words to more pain i feel
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Posted: 8/13/2006 1:27:52 PM
(while in the can)

Here I sit all broken hearted.... to take a Sh- t ... but only Farted.....

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Posted: 8/16/2006 8:17:51 AM
on the old standard .... it went ...... paid a dime and only farted.

dates back to 10 cent pay toilets ... I vaguely remember them from my childhood..

the other 10 cent referrence was from pay phones being a dime .... and 1191 being the bell code to test ring the phone you just dialed it on. [It rang after you hung up]

hence..... "here's a dime ... call all your friends .... @1191"

now that is so much fun
making silly puns
trickin yer friends
and rippin' the trends
while you ride off into a sunset
on a streamer covered bike
thinking you got the last laugh
while fading out of sight.

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Posted: 8/16/2006 10:03:32 AM
A life

I saw a young boy kneeling
At the headstone of a grave
The tears gently falling
In the grass they soaked away

His face was full of sorrow
His heart was full of pain
His mind was full of memories
As he whispered over again

I know that you have left me
Why did you go away?
Why can’t you be beside me?
Why can’t you come and stay

He knew his words were useless
But he tried with all his heart
He couldn’t bear to leave her
He hated being apart

In his mind he tried to reason
With God and heaven above
Then gently kissed the headstone

To Mother,
With all my Love.
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...A Memory
Posted: 8/21/2006 10:11:50 PM
Our lives run on different paths
Touching only tentatively
A temporary moment stolen
Hearts joined conectively
Bodies clenched. Black , white
Sweat, slip, slide.
Cream flows between us
All life,love, a ride
Kisses soft, teeth gleam
Arms, legs, breasts
and make it seem
As if tomorrow is the dream
And this the reality
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 9/22/2006 3:04:39 AM
We don't always know the difference 'tween what is bad and what is good,
She had been to hell before, and it came to be her truth.
But the little girl deep in her heart, she never ever lies,
You know I loved that child, since that time I slowly die.
And in this world so many people, live with the regret,
It may seem easier to move along, but it can be harder to forget.
Your soul is always whispering, it always plays its part,
All those subtle quiet reminders, when you don't listen to your heart!
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 1/12/2007 7:14:20 AM

So … here it is: My two cents
(I know that’s not much recompense
For using up this space and time
With this, my lowly rhyme.)

But … in this published poetry
I’ve read rhymes of majesty
Too, I’ve read some words from whence
I can simply make no sense

But making sense of what they write
Reflects only on my insight
And does not diminish - in any way
What it is they have to say

And in these pages as I drift
I read poets who have “The Gift”
In shock and awe do I read
And now I find I must concede:

Good or bad, short or long,
All these poets sing their song
All can see, there is NO doubt
‘Tis from their hearts these words ring out

So, I’ll not read them critically
For who the hell am I to be
In judgment of a poets heart
Of what’s inside which they impart

They open paths for their purvey
For they must say what they have to say
In their hearts they write As One
And to all I say: Wow! Well done!
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So ya wanna be a poet?
Posted: 3/26/2007 12:16:08 PM
Majesty and Divine Purpose!

Plangent in spirit hearing
The Supernal Soul of being
Enlightened through the pangs of darkness
With wings I grasp Elijah’s cloak
What forgiveness hath been wrought in me!
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