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Joined: 5/11/2005
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Video games. Oh you play them too.Page 5 of 5    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
My games. . .

Ace Combat 4
Ace Combat 5

Need For Speed: Most Wanted
Need For Speed: Underground 2

Mortal Kombat: Deception
Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
Mortal Kombat III
Mortal Kombat II

Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighter
Super Street Fighter 2
Street Fighter 2 Alpha. . . .
Joined: 4/1/2005
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Video games. Oh you play them too.
Posted: 1/3/2006 11:24:35 PM
I didn't notice any handhelds; do you have any suggestions for people with PSPs?

I currently have GTA: Liberty City Stories and Tokobot. I'm looking for a RPG or FPS with online (Ad-hoc or Infrastructure) multiplayer. Got any ideas?
Joined: 8/4/2005
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Video games. Oh you play them too.
Posted: 3/18/2006 1:56:49 AM
Couldn't help but read this thread as it developes I too use games as a substitute for movies and T.V. and have been playing them since I was a kid. You're right games these days do privide stories and enterainment on par with T.V. and movies I might add. Here's a few of my fav's on no particular order.

Gaxigan, Missle Command, Super Mario Bros, Wild Gunman, Street Fighter 2,Mortal Kombat 1 and 2 More recently Starcraft,Diablo,Jedi Knight, and Doom.

Also liked Neverwinter Nights, have been playing Fate a lot the last little while as well.
Joined: 3/19/2006
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Posted: 3/19/2006 4:57:04 AM
Tend to play a mix of fps games like Halo, HaloCE, Unreal tournament and MMORPG like Eveonline

Looked at wow, but you cant or could not get free trial, heard it gets a bit tedious at lvl 60 or so...
Joined: 4/19/2006
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Video games. Oh you play them too.
Posted: 4/19/2006 1:49:15 PM
I enjoy games myself but often enjoy regular RPGs and platformers over First Person Shooters and MMPORPGs.
Joined: 10/19/2005
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Video games. Oh you play them too.
Posted: 4/19/2006 2:25:15 PM
Well I think Ive finished one of my goals in life now,I dont know if anyone ever rembers playing it in the arcade(it was in limited circulation)but Iv finally beaten the arcade game Cadash(god bless roms),and Ive got another 70 or so to play and finish with such classics as Kung Fu master and BUbble Bobble(ahhh Diamond Doors)I think I may just have to revert to being a child again
Joined: 5/1/2006
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Posted: 6/4/2006 5:43:12 AM
Ultima Online, there's a good mmo.
EQ was great too, but I wish I didn't play a cleric =/. MUMKEN YOU'RE NEXT, START CH IN 4 SECONDS!

Counter-strike 1.6, now there's a huge tournament game.
Source, is pretty and whatnot, but whenever you turn on hitbox's via console and the hitboxss travel INFRONT of the model you're shooting at... game loses it's fine points. Not to mention the Half-Life 2 engine was bad. Man the FPS struggles with that game.

Any of you cats play some tournament style 2d fighters? Like some street fighters super turbo, Marvel vs Capcom 2 (most broken game ever, which led the game to be amazing), or even 3rd Strike? I'm all about tournament games here, I love me some competition, but for some reason I also like to practice.

Games are starting to become more about graphics, but fallout on gameplay. Ex: Halo 2.
Storyline was predictable and multiplayer is just.. horrid. The idea that a FPS should be played on a controller just boggles my mind. Not to mention xbox live ranking means nothing.
I'm too critical on games I guess, I mean they are games right? I just don't know why people put out steaming piles of.
Then again, it's not whether the game is any good really, it's if it sells.

halo 3 the new cash cow
In Reply To #1
Posted: 11/3/2008 8:59:17 PM
wow.. long long time since my last post here and . well great stuff got left here.

OK not to ignore your post as .. well .. wait..WoW is like huge.. Istopped playing it but they just released a new X pak and scooped up anther 250k players along the way.

at any rate.
I have been busy playing alot of PRO game.
Now excited to say that the CPL (bought out by the investors group) is coming to Toronto.

.. it's like a dream come true for a hardware tech game jocky like myself lol.

So.. I was given a sponsorship by a local comp store and am building a team Hopefully to get signed intot he new league.
Wow.. i am really excited and busy lol.

Beta testing Call of duty 5. .. and if you done beta before.. Buggy.

Threw a grenade well napalm in the air at a guy .. but it got stuck on a thin leafless branch.
I looked at it and thought.. Not good.
So after I respawn from burning to death I make a note on my pad next to me.

At any rate. This update is about the CPL.
Now.. as for you hard working money non gameing types I know you have heard of the investors group.
Yes them..
They have bought hte gameing league ( the CPL) google CPL vid game league.

Now allwe wait for is them to nail down the .. well the outline of the league.
Team sign ups are in .. well Rumored feb of 2009.

I'd love to give you my t eam name and team contact info AND the name of the store sponsoring us.. But I do not think POL will like that.

But If you do game you can prob find the information.

Well now that you know it exisit lol.

What types of games will be considered for PRO levels.
Well alot of FPS on PC. PC is faster harder.

However alot of console games will make it. HALO on Xbox and .. something or other on Sony.. lol I am not a sony fan.

BUT they do make it to tourny.. well consoles dont play against PC as.. no cobntest.. PC players would ruin the life and moral of a console player lol.

OK .. I am soo busy and it has been a long time since last rant

but buildign machines and playing game is time consuming.. and WHY is there such a SHORTAGE of gameing chicks still!

like COME ON !! lol
do woman have any idea how much is made playing games competivly? ALOT!!

ok peeps stay sharp and alert!

Uhgg.. I orig had a hole thing on WoW EVE online Fianl Fantasy and the new types of MMOs from Marvel DC and Star trek. But .. I have to actaully play 3 hours a night..... so I ran out of time on the top part. Sorry lol

Joined: 11/20/2004
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Posted: 11/5/2008 6:33:47 AM
As much as I love video games for their detail rich environments, especially single player RPGs (console and pc), they are starting to take a turn for the worse. To many game companies are jumping on the bandwagon of charging real money for virtual items in games, it's going to ruin the experience when I run through a dungeon in my favorite RPG series (Star Ocean, which probably wont be affected by it) and get prompted to pay $5 to be able to open that chest someone told me contains an awesome item that really helps game play.

My all time favorite games though have to be the classic adventure games, the newer variants just don't do it as well as they used to. Things like Monkey Island series, Kings Quest, Space Quest, Simon the Sorcerer, and Maniac Mansion. I loved the slapstick comedy that was thrown into those games, a light and enjoyable atmosphere that engaged you in thinking unconventionally.

Some of my current favorite games:
Counter-Strike: Source
Final Fantasy 12
Star Ocean 3 (still haven't finished the optional dungeons, stupid ps2 not wanting to read the second disk even though it's perfectly fine)
Tales of Destiny 2 (Tales of Eternia)
Tales of Symphonia (I really like the tales series heh)
Lunar 1 & 2 (liked 1 a whole lot better than two though)
Wild Arms 3 (even though the odd bugs in it keep me from finishing the game every time I try to play through it)
Phantasy Star Universe (offline, don't care for the annoying kids on the online mode)

Games I'm looking forward to:
Final Fantasy 13
Star Ocean 4 (this one has me real excited)
Phantasy Star Universe Episode 3 (in expansion form for offline play)
Infinite Undiscovery
Tales of Vesparia (well it's out by the cd drive in my bro's 360 crapped out so I can't borrow his unit to play it)
Joined: 8/16/2005
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Video games. Oh you play them too.
Posted: 8/19/2009 8:21:16 PM
I just got done playing Nintendo Wrestling! lol Man that game brought back a lot of memories. I used to play that game until I couldn't feel the tips of my fingers when I was a kid.
Joined: 11/20/2004
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Video games. Oh you play them too.
Posted: 8/21/2009 2:05:12 PM
Recently started to play Tales of Vesperia and I'm a bit less than impressed. It's leaps better than the last major game of the series published in the US Tales of Legendia, but still lacking that touch that makes Tales of games what they are. Graphically it's amazing outside of the night time areas looking a tad bit to dark; there's also the text, only one of the 3 fonts looks even halfway decent on a SD tv, can't wait to find the cable to hook it up to my monitor as I'm sure it'll look much better on an HD display. The battle system of the game leaves much to be desired when your playing alone however, the AI isn't nearly as smart as it was in Tales of the Abyss and Tales of Symphonia, but if you play with at least 1 or 2 other people it gets to be loads better once you crank up the difficulty.

I've been glancing at my bro playing Star Ocean 4, very odd for that series, they seem to have strayed away from the cartoon look of the series and moved toward realism, which isn't bad as it looks great (after all it is an artist oriented game engine). I'm putting off playing it until I finish Vesperia though.
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