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Joined: 2/19/2005
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Mean GirlsPage 2 of 3    (1, 2, 3)
My tip would be to not assault anyone in the workplace.

Missmuah, care to share a bit of detail?
Joined: 9/7/2005
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Mean Girls
Posted: 9/23/2005 6:01:05 PM
Find another job, or report them, or sit them up to get caught.
Are you could do like most of the world, and sue the place you work at for allowing them to harras you. Provideing you reported it.
Joined: 3/21/2004
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Mean Girls
Posted: 9/23/2005 9:45:22 PM
^ Good plan.

Divide and conquer also works.


"mean people suck"
Joined: 3/21/2004
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Mean Girls
Posted: 9/23/2005 11:36:40 PM

Either that or kick er in the box.


Joined: 6/27/2005
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Mean Girls
Posted: 9/29/2005 6:00:31 PM
well i would

say practical Jokes are good ... like epoxy their briefcase shut..

or like tack on the seat...

or .... or .. or...

wait a minute sounds like i'm the bully here..
Joined: 4/15/2005
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Mean Girls
Posted: 9/29/2005 7:58:36 PM
I draw them into carefully preconceived intellectual puzzles that seem like really simple and straightforward problems but in actuality more complex then they seem, little do they know I already cased the situation out and like a trap door spider, lie in wait to make said bully look like a retard in front of all his friends. The other thing is teach them how to use a word the wrong way (bullies are often stupid), so that they go around telling people what an idiot they are all over the place. If some variation on the theme of mental humiliation is not possible then I try to get them to hit me so that I can “protect myself”….

But then that is how I deal with boy bullies I have no idea how that helps with a girl bully.
Joined: 5/26/2008
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Mean Girls
Posted: 8/10/2009 9:13:30 AM
Okay, Kiddo; I checked out your profile, and the one thing that struck me was..."everything happens for a reason..." This is something I believe, as well.

So, with that in mind--what are you going to do? What is the lesson in being 'bullied'? What are you learning from being the 'victim'? What is the payoff for remaining in that role?
Do you honestly want to be friends with these women? Why?

You work for the government, which means there is a Human Resources Department. It is their job to investigate 'bullies' in the workplace, but from what you said, this isn't really bullying--it's more like 'ignoring'. They ignore you or give you a token invitation for drinks, which makes you feel bad, but that isn't bullying you.

If you're serious about wanting to be on the 'in' with them, then begin with one of the women. Chat her up--build a bridge with her.
Joined: 2/11/2008
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Mean Girls
Posted: 8/10/2009 1:26:49 PM
I really don't know what to tell you from so little info. People don't tend to bully me because I don't put up with it but also I don't whine back or act like I'm hurt, I just really want to know what their point is then we either work it out or they take their BS elsewhere. I've had my moments, of course, but really, most bullies are just ignorant blowhards, don't go to their level but also don't be a target in the first place. I'm not saying bullies ever have the right to harass anyone but make sure you aren't giving them ammo. Bullies are either insecure pussies or they are mentally unstable, the former can be put in their place and will run with their tails between their legs; the latter can be dangerous sometimes, so be sure you know who you are dealing with.

The most important thing to know is that a bully is someone below you, so if you are happy with yourself, don't ever let a bully make you feel badly. Being a bully is one of the most useless pursuits in life, it takes a pretty worthless person to be a bully, and to be a pack of bullies, that screams insecurity and jealousy and being a pretty vile group human beings.
Joined: 5/25/2009
Msg: 58
Mean Girls
Posted: 8/11/2009 9:27:01 PM
Surprise them one day. Stand up to them in a way that won't get you fired. I don't like confrontation but at the same time some people need to be confronted. Don't even wait until another problem or incident comes up, simply confront them individually if possible. And in the mean time see if you can find another job. I used to put up with being bullied when I was younger. HA. Never again. You don't deserve it. No one does
Joined: 7/5/2008
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Mean Girls
Posted: 11/21/2009 9:54:11 PM
What did I do? I quite and got my old job back. I used to work at Sears with a bunch of under-achievers who liked nothing better than undercutting each other over $5 per/sale commissions. I laughed at them and left. Took back my job for Ford where the maturity level was a lot higher and $500 commissions were split without any malice.
Joined: 10/30/2009
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Mean Girls
Posted: 11/22/2009 3:36:08 PM
You want to see a mean girl?

Watch this video.

I'm not sure if the link was posted here before.

Ok guys, anyone ready to date this Elizabeth thing? You have to be as careful
as a date with Lorena Bobbit.
Joined: 5/16/2006
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Mean Girls
Posted: 11/22/2009 4:12:47 PM

Europe has reconized this but the US way behind on this issue .

Absolutely correct. Working in Europe, I know that mobbing, in schools and in the workplace, is something recognized and dealt with.

Probably because the US generally has a poor record with embracing individuality. In many places, such as schools and colleges, the pressure to conform and 'join in' is great. 'Outsiders' are often ostracised and excluded.
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