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Joined: 1/11/2007
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Bitch take this dick.................Page 2 of 31    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31)
I never kiss and tell, ever!
Joined: 3/15/2006
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Bitch take this dick.................
Posted: 9/13/2007 10:08:53 PM

It depends on the woman's self esteem or if she's been previously molested by "Uncle/Grandpa Joe" age 5-16 who told her the same things.

Oh dear me. I've never been molested, sexually assaulted or otherwise traumatized in that manner. It has NOTHING to do with that for many people, men or women. I so wonder why in every single solitary sex thread that isn't about vanilla sex that someone has to pull this abuse thing. Some people are just more open to things outside of the squishy, romatic type sex that most American/Westernized people seem to believe is "normal." Not all sex that isn't routine is a result of someone being brutalized. There are those who are open-minded enough to realize that some fetishes, kinks and/or variations are a result of their own interests, not something covert, sick, twisted or otherwise dirty/nasty. And I can assure you, dirty talk isn't all that interesting in some circles. When someone brings out the pudding, the live chicken and the flogger, you might need to raise an eyebrow ~ otherwise, it's usually just a personal preference. yyyw
Joined: 9/5/2007
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Bitch take this dick.................
Posted: 9/13/2007 10:29:35 PM
I like to be called names during lots of dirty, naughty things said and done to me...but ONLY in the bedroom...I guess I like stepping out of my normal comfort zone and exploring new things..
Joined: 7/28/2007
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Bitch take this dick.................
Posted: 9/13/2007 11:31:44 PM
Like with anything it's all about prefrence, some women like it some don't, truth be told some of the women who said no in this group probaly would be for it though.
Joined: 7/28/2007
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Bitch take this dick.................
Posted: 9/14/2007 2:06:40 AM
lol thats great, but very true. like evrything in life it's about finding proper moderation.
Joined: 4/24/2007
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Bitch take this dick.................
Posted: 9/14/2007 4:09:31 AM
It's about finding compatibility. Some people have a wider variety of things that move them.
Joined: 12/15/2006
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Bitch take this dick.................
Posted: 9/14/2007 4:50:43 PM
There's a difference between being 'abused' during sex (mentally and physically) and being 'abused' outside the, rape, etc.

I for one do not like being called the "c" word during sex but if my partner were to say "I'm going to cum inside your ****" when he's about to cum, I find that extremely sexy, especially when he's looking into my eyes.......
Joined: 6/10/2007
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Bitch take this dick.................
Posted: 9/16/2007 2:04:04 PM
Huge turn off. I don't mind hearing the words f_ck me or stick your c_ck in me or even saying pus_y, but don't degrade me by calling me a name that is dog or a prostitute. I have never had that happen, and would probably leave if it ever did
Joined: 8/19/2006
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Bitch take this dick.................
Posted: 9/16/2007 7:23:16 PM
Crazy. I am currently lucky enough to be with a girl who enjoys some seriously dirty names in bed, and she has no problems with self esteem or sexual abuse. As crazycurlz says, can we say "role play" people? There is no one in the world that I love and respect more than my girlfriend, and I also love that she gets turned on by the games we play and the things I call her. *shrugs*
 Ole Rog
Joined: 7/21/2006
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Bitch take this dick.................
Posted: 9/16/2007 9:52:30 PM
Different strokes for different folks. Alls fair between partners if its agreeable to those involved.
Joined: 7/9/2005
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Bitch take this dick.................
Posted: 9/17/2007 7:42:14 AM
If the woman likes this sort of thing, it's probably a clue that she might not be relationship material, guys. One clue is that she's done this before and she likes misogynistic men. If she hates herself, how could she possibly ever love you.
Joined: 6/24/2007
Msg: 54
Bitch take this dick.................
Posted: 9/17/2007 1:23:25 PM
^^that is porn and not "real" life lol

I like being called dirty names and being held down just because I like it. it really gets me going, you know? its not for everyone. I'm not 'ghetto' and I do have self respect I haven't been crazy abused or anything like that. I just like it, I don't have to have it though. "Normal" sex is fun too.
Oh yeah and I've been in long relationships successfully as well.
Joined: 6/23/2007
Msg: 55
Bitch take this dick.................
Posted: 9/17/2007 2:35:05 PM

I've seen porn where Rocco Siffredi was dunking a woman's head into a toilet and some of Max "Hardcore" Steiner who'd slap women and call them all sorts of names, but that's nothing compared to what I saw women doing to each other in a porn flick called "Takin' It To The Limit 4" in the 5th scene with Alicia Rio and five other women.

It's time to cut back on the porn a bit

yeah, when you catch yourself memorizing the "plot" lines..'reviewing' porn flicks with more gusto that 'real' reviewers review 'real' movies..

cut back!
Joined: 9/10/2007
Msg: 57
Bitch take this dick.................
Posted: 9/17/2007 7:44:34 PM
alright well apperantly i'm not a real"lady" b/c i would like if a guy said to suck his******** or to spank me oh well i guess i'll deal
Joined: 6/23/2007
Msg: 58
Bitch take this dick.................
Posted: 9/18/2007 7:50:25 AM

one, I'd rather watch porn...sometimes they are far more entertaining than, "Billy Madison", "Forest Gump", "40 Year-Old Virgin", Me, Myself and Irene"...those movies insult intelligent people. At least porn doesn't try to be something it isn't.

LOL! :) yes I admire all those talented thespians in the porn flicks with 'plotless' film

I'm pretty sure there are WAY more porn actors that dream of being accepted in hollywood movies than the other way around..

most didn't have the talent to be real actors so they had to 'settle'
Joined: 11/21/2006
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Bitch take this dick.................
Posted: 9/19/2007 4:27:17 AM
well i have to put in my 2cents in on this one. i belive anything between 2 consenting adults is fine. i've been with women who like being called names and 1 or 2 that don't. it's very simple people.... personal preference. i think most women like it.. it makes the "sex" more exciting. of course this is always done IN the bedroom. one final thought.. it's all good.. just depends on who your with.
Joined: 6/23/2007
Msg: 60
Bitch take this dick.................
Posted: 9/19/2007 7:50:48 AM

And most Hollywood actors wouldn't have what it takes to be a porn performer.

well, I really DOUBT that most porn performers would have what it takes to be a Hollywood actor.

because, ya know, you might have to be able to...........ACT! ?

not just lip-read woodenly off of cue cards..

plenty of girls (and some guys) go out to Hollywood with dreams of being a 'big star' but lack of talent and connections has them end up making sleazy cheesy porn..

short list of big name porn actors, and causes of their death:

AIDS Related:

Bob Shane - AIDS
Brad Braverman - AIDS
Lucky Luc - AIDS - Not very lucky...
Lisa de Leeuw - AIDS complications
Lon Flexx - AIDS
Jason Steele - AIDS
Luc Colton - AIDS
Buttman - AIDS - His real name was John Stagliano, and he caught HIV from a transvestite in Rio de Janeiro
Christopher Rage - AIDS
Ryder Hansen - AIDS complications
Thom Katt - AIDS
Kurt Marshall - AIDS-related kidney disease - his real name was James Allen Rideout, why did he change it?
John Holmes - AIDS - Also known as Johnny Wadd


Steve Cadro - Hungarian gay porn director, bludgeoned and stabbed to death
Christopher Lance - Stabbed during lovers' quarrel
Toymaster - Killed during a violent crime (?)

Drugs Overdose:

Teri Diver - Prescription Meds - Husband reported that she had taken too much of her headache medicine
J.D. Ram - Heroin
Trinity Loren - OD
Linda Wong - OD
Jill Munro - Heroin


Wendy O. Williams - Self-inflicted gunshot wound - Lead singer of The Plasmatics
Christian Fox - OD
Cal Jammer - Self-inflicted gunshot wound
Rod Phillips - OD
Nancee Kellee - Hanging
Danie - Method unknown
Savannah - Self-inflicted gunshot wound


Tommy Wilde - Automobile accident
Leilani - Accident related to psychological turmoil (?)
Tom Farrell - Hit and run as he urinated by a road at night
Dick Fisk - Automobile accident
Marc Radcliffe - Accidental bathtub drowning - He may have drowned because he was on drugs and passed out in the water

yes, sounds like a WONDERFUL "business"..Linda Lovelace was not too happy in it, died young, many wanted to get out of it..

froma review of Jenna Jameson's book"

The tales begin in the underbelly of Las Vegas, a cesspool of strip clubs, tattoo parlours, murder and shoot–outs that turned the gawky brace–faced Jenna Masolli into the bombshell Jenna Jameson, one of the most recognised women in the world. Most of these stories Jenna has never told before, for fear of having to spend the rest of her life living in their shadow.

Jameson rebounds in the adult–film business, where she encounters sadistic directors, experienced lovers of both sexes, rock–star lovers, bitter rival starlets, and, finally, glory when as a relative unknown she seduces the international media at the Cannes Film Festival and goes on to become the biggest star the porn world has ever seen.

Along the way, Jenna provides insight into the closed world of the adult entertainment business.
Joined: 6/23/2007
Msg: 61
Bitch take this dick.................
Posted: 9/19/2007 7:52:36 AM

At least porn doesn't try to be something it isn't.

LOL! isn't the whole POINT of acting and movies to take people to a land of make-believe, and act as though you are something other than an actor??
Joined: 3/15/2006
Msg: 62
Bitch take this dick.................
Posted: 9/23/2007 12:52:13 AM

I'm glad to see those from the lifestyle stand up. On collarme, the rules are known by all and, in the vanilla world, those in the lifestyle are frowned upon. This is a good place to educate the vanillas that ours isn't a lifestyle of degredation and is built on the most solid foundation of trust and respect. Sure, there are bad apples in any bunch, but I prefer the lifestyle bunch where there are standards of conduct and no ambiguities.

I so admire your tenacity, but you are wasting your time. The funniest part of the entire thing here in these particular threads ~ people are all up in arms about it being OK for the man in my life to call me his "filthy cum slut" (or any other name yet unmentioned here) with my permission, no less ~ YET these posters are offended by that. They don't know a thing about me personally ~ but feel it's perfectly acceptable to refer to me as "damaged" "abuse victim" "sick or twisted" "molestation victim" "misogymist lover" etc. Hummm, maybe I'm missing something but name calling is name calling and I'm not even intimately involved with any of these folks. Isn't that just a little double-standardish? I mean what if I found being called "damaged" a turn on ~ some of you here would be playing sexual games with me right here in a public forum ~ ewwwwww ~ wouldn't want that now.

The truth is ~ to each their own. The most telling portion of any thread of this nature is this: Those with knowledge of the lifestyle, BDSM in general or those who truly are open-minded, have enough respect to state: "It wouldn't be for me, but then again, that's just my opinion." Those of us in the lifestyle, whether today, in the past or in our future ~ don't walk around calling non-lifestylers "A bunch of old out-dated stuffed shirts/skirts who have no sense of adventure." Why is this? Because we have a code of ethics that is universal and it is valuable. The wannabes, I don't know if they follow that code or not, nor do I care. I do ~ I respect the choice of any person who is safe, sane, consensual and of the age of majority. What someone else does with their private life is NONE of my business unless it affects/effects me personally.
Joined: 5/16/2006
Msg: 63
Bitch take this dick.................
Posted: 9/23/2007 1:27:08 AM
I never called a woman a **** in my life.

Even if she wanted to me in the throes of passion I just couldn't.

You can talk dirty & say sexy things when you're making love, but this is a word used so often in such a violent and malicious fashion against women, I could not imagine saying it.
Joined: 12/5/2005
Msg: 64
Bitch take this dick.................
Posted: 9/23/2007 2:56:33 AM
Not all women!
If my boyfriend just randomly came out with that to me during sex i would kick his ass.
Joined: 6/26/2006
Msg: 66
Bitch take this dick.................
Posted: 9/24/2007 1:16:39 AM
I was laughing when I first read this post why because I remember using those exact words on some girl I was with why because some girls like it some dont and by the time your going to bed with them even if its the first night you can tell if they like that kind of stuff. One can always tell the subs who like to be demeaned in bed versus the domme type who like to control everyaspect of sex.
Joined: 3/15/2006
Msg: 67
Bitch take this dick.................
Posted: 9/24/2007 11:07:20 PM
You obviously haven't been with any real ladies. Just holes. A true lady would knock you on your ass if you called her a ****, whore or anything close to that. You would be rubbing your jaw for a week mister if you called me that. And probably not been able to walk upright for a while.

Uh, excuse me??????? How lady-like is it to call perfect strangers "holes?" That would be like me calling you a "fukin' prude" ~ I wouldn't because I don't know you and that language isn't very lady-like. But to each their own, this may be just my opinion.

Basically, the lower a womans' self esteem, the more she feels she deserves such treatment. Such women also feel sex is demeaning, and if they were worthless sluts for engaging in it. They thus want to be punished verbally, so they can tell themselves they don't need to feel guilty about having sex, because the punishment came with the sex. The higher a womans' self esteem, and the more liberated she is sexually, the less she is willing to tolerate such verbal abuse at any time, and especially during sex.

LOL. Self-esteem doesn't lack in my world. It takes much more self-esteem to say, "This is what I like. This is what I LOVE and this is NOT acceptable." than to say nothing at all or letting "him" determine what is or is not OK with me personally. Calling me something unconventional while in a sexually intimate situation is an entirely different circumstance than using those terms outside sexual intimacy. Verbal humiliation/abuse is vastly different than talking dirty.

As for guilt ~ I'm happy to report ~ I don't have to apologize for my sexuality, my sexual preferences, my kinks/fetishes/likes or limits. I've evolved enough to know ~ no one does or says anything to/with me that is NOT completely accepted by me. Verbal abuse is NOT dirty talk. Verbal abuse is saying, "You fat pig, if you'd get off your lazy azz during the day you might be worth something." It would take a disertation to educate all on the differences. I'm all lady in public, not necessarily so in the bedroom. I have heard sooooooooooo MANY complaints from men about the women in their pasts who were opposed to anything outside a "norm" that is perceived as appriopriate ~ yet I have NEVER heard one man I know personally complain that his lady enjoys some adventure/dirty talk/kink/etc., in private.

Checkmate sweetie, when you are in the heat of the moment, talking dirty is a very big turn on. It's not that your cursing at us in a demeaning manner it is purely out of lust for each other. It's not like i would let a man talk to me like that out of the bedroom.

Well stated.

~OT~ To each their own. I only live my life and I do so how I choose. I was a sexual prude until I divorced 8+ years ago. I've only been sexually involved with 3 men since. Oddly ~ I haven't been cheated on since my ex-husband ~ nor have I worried anyone might cheat. Hmm ~ does make one wonder. But that's just my own thought.
Joined: 6/26/2006
Msg: 71
Bitch take this dick.................
Posted: 9/26/2007 8:29:10 AM
You know not one girl I been with has just been a hole. Also there is no such thing as ladies sorry not one person on this sight would go with the definition of a lady. why well if you done oral period you no longer a lady if you enjoy sex you no longer a lady if you wear anyclothes that dont cover all of you except the face you no longer a lady.

Dont believe me go check out the definition it rings more with 1900 area then today they would call every women who exist a whore today.

and frankly with your attitudes toward talk like that I bet you all believe you have the right to smack the person you with and be congratulated for it in your eyes. But if you were ever treated the same way as you treat the guys your with you would snap. it also could explain the singleness of those women. No one wants an up tight biotch.

and frankly alot of the women I have talked like that to would kick the crap right out of you if you said they had low self esteem they would probably humiliate you for it.

It takes more confidence in your self to hear that and get turned on and not be offended then to get offended and turned off.

Also if you ever did what you said you would to the guy I would laugh my ass off if he decided ok biotch wlecome to being charged with assault and you can spend 5 years in jail thank you.
Joined: 8/8/2007
Msg: 72
Bitch take this dick.................
Posted: 9/26/2007 9:14:03 AM
To the original quote, if a guy said "**** take this****, I'd ask him "How hard can you give it to me f#cker!"
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