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Thanks to those who remained on topic.
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single parents smoking pot
Posted: 3/29/2008 8:40:51 PM
If you can't give up tokin' for 18 years, you're not ready to have kids.

Kids do what they see you do. Let them them grow up before they decide how to lead their lives.

Simple as that.

Besides, if you can't give up your roach, you got a problem.

 miss minnie
Joined: 3/1/2008
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single parents smoking pot
Posted: 3/30/2008 1:05:31 AM
Obviously u have not kept up with the latest studies concerning marijuana. It is not harmless as previously thought as consistently using it gives rise to serious mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and extreme paranoia. I know this because my ex husband has abused pot for over 20 years and it's made him as mad as a meat axe. Although, he is still holding down his position as school principal, but only just. How would people feel if they knew the pot smoking principal was in charge of their children.
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single parents smoking pot
Posted: 3/30/2008 5:34:21 PM
do what you will, but remember that imparment is imparment. What you do effects the kids. Pot does have it's uses but you need to be honest with yourself and ask the tough questions. Is It really worth the trouble it may be causing??
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single parents smoking pot
Posted: 3/31/2008 9:14:16 AM

And illegal. And I would NEVER do anything that would even remotely risk having my child taken away from me. Do the parents that smoke pot think about that?

Ummmm, not illegal everywhere... Not even in the US, but that's another thread.

For the pot smokers here where, yes you can lose your kids over it....
Do the parents that smoke pot think about that?

Well, duh??? NO!! I'm around construction field, and I'm the A-HOLE that goes on the jobs screaming and cussing at the guys when I smell it....

If they are gonna run a crane, be on structual steel, drive heavy equpiment etc etc etc which they are in control if someone lives or dies, then come-on it's all about theirselves.

Thes people do not have enough sense to see you get in a traffic accident (that aint their fault) and because there is a jay in the ash tray, off to social services goes a kid that was in the car... at least in my state.
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