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 Heart Bandit
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'toooo many fish in the sea?'Page 5 of 11    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)
I'm beginning to think this ocean has been overfished. Or, more likely I'm just not very good at fishing.
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'toooo many fish in the sea?'
Posted: 10/9/2005 11:35:07 PM
I caught mine..when I was on a break from fishing...go figure
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'toooo many fish in the sea?'
Posted: 10/9/2005 11:47:30 PM
I do agree with you in that people are trying to find someone that is alot like themselves, however, I think it would be best if people (like myself) would look for someone that compliments their personality - not necessarily opposites, but, for instance, where one is weak, the other is strong.

Ah, what do I know, anyway ... ? I'm still fishin' too!
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'toooo many fish in the sea?'
Posted: 10/10/2005 7:44:33 PM
sorry ,I didnt get hooked, I just got snagged, BY A SUSPENSION !!! lets keep this on topic! .....

well i fished this weekend, was very interesting and a lot of fun. I cant say if i found a connection, or if simply i found great friendship! And if for nothing else, what better thing to come of this!

Thanks to everyone here who commented on this post, that they are feeling the same way.
A few simple years ago, even any form of internet dating were considered taboo, we didnt even tell people if we met anyone on line! (no pun)

I am just happy , no matter how we fish that we have this opportunity to fish in this really big pond! surely beats floating around alone in the fish bowl!
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'toooo many fish in the sea?'
Posted: 10/10/2005 8:28:40 PM
I must not be using the right bait I guess.
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'toooo many fish in the sea?'
Posted: 10/10/2005 8:41:49 PM
Bucsgirl, I have no idea what the figures are, but I did an experiment one day. I entered in some search criteria and only varied the gender. I found that despite the search criteria the number of men was 3-4 times higher than the number of women.
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'toooo many fish in the sea?'
Posted: 10/10/2005 8:47:06 PM
CountIbli I'm not arguing at all, that's the only thread I ever saw and if I remembered the name, I'd gladly tell you so you could search. But Big Fish did give figures for signons and the numbers were to the best of my knowledge 1.7 males signed on in a given period to 1 females signing on in a given period. I'm just saying what I saw posted. I've had to take graduate statistics, I understand the variables and samples, I'm sure by region or area it varies greatly. It could be even the day of the week or time period. I don't doubt at all what you say is accurate.
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'toooo many fish in the sea?'
Posted: 10/10/2005 9:18:01 PM
I believe what BUCS is saying..1.7 is the entire POF average...of course it gets
skewed by those who create profiles for trolling purposes...LOL j/k

I remember doing sometime my country of the POF chapter its about 5 men to 1 woman...

If you filter it down to profile that match your criteria....even less
Profiles with mutually matching crietrias even less
matching criterias that contact you or reply your mail even less
Contacts that lead to a date even less
Persons who represented themselves accurately....80% well at least the majority are honest
First dates that lead to a second 40%

So in finding a suitable partner...Macro statistics make about as much sense as Enron's balance sheet's.....LOL

I have replied some guys who mailed me for advice to expose themselves to more I notice
on other websites this gender gap also exists.
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'toooo many fish in the sea?'
Posted: 10/10/2005 9:22:42 PM
Why do you ppl think I make so many roadtrips and host so many parties?
Connections are made this way.
I rarely go alone on the trips and so many attend the parties that there's usually at least one connection made.
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'toooo many fish in the sea?'
Posted: 10/10/2005 9:32:20 PM
carribeanking I basically learned one thing about statistics. It depends on who's doing it for what intent and is the sample a random sample of the class. Very few statistics published are legit, most are total fluff. And you can skew a medium, a mode or an average by a small number. If you put 2 instead of a 3, you can be way off. Statisics is all about accuracy, accurate numbers, random sample, from a selected class. And once you start plugging in the can get wild deviances. I've had to work out problems many problems that are pages of numbers, from a pencil and a 10 key. I'm not trying in any way to argue or debate with anyone, I only said what I personally saw and that was Big Fish the owner of the site, so I tend to rely on what he says. It was logins in one day, NOT an average, he doesn't have time for that, I'm sure it varies greatly by location. Ask the people from the UK.
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'toooo many fish in the sea?'
Posted: 5/16/2008 7:18:51 PM
Yes it is my opinion at least from the male point of view picky and a long list of must haves.
Must be this and must be that the list seems to get longer as we get older.
It surely seems the number of singles will continue to grow.
The games that were played when we were younger are still being played today.Honesty is rare and lame excuses are the norm.
When a guy asks a lady to dance often the reply is no thankyou I am tired. Then alogn comes Mr Smooth and off to the dance floor they go. Duh Ladies how about just a plain no thank you and skip the I am too tired line.
And just maybe you might find the perfect man for you is right under your nose but you failed to notice because your must have list was blocking your view
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'toooo many fish in the sea?'
Posted: 5/16/2008 11:50:35 PM
yes i totally agree with your post.thats the big problem with internet afraid that people on here are getting too excited with the choices.they think hey why waist time with one good person when we have so many other choices unfortunately they dont realise that quantity doesn mean quality.
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'toooo many fish in the sea?'
Posted: 5/17/2008 4:23:33 AM
I really don't think so, honestly. I've been here a while and I've found very, very few people I'd consider a match. So it's not a matter of too many options, at least for me. For me, it's just another way to find that extremely elusive woman that I'm looking for. In the old days, you did get to know people on a deeper level before you started dating them, and that was good. And I do think that we can afford to be more picky when we have a lot more options in general, but the things I'm looking for are just rare by nature, so I'm not so sure that I'd have been any better off in the old days. For instance, I would shoot myself before I ever started dating a woman that was seriously into sports.
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'toooo many fish in the sea?'
Posted: 5/17/2008 4:47:35 AM
I think that the current age with all its internet dating and such has caused more problems when looking for that mr or mis right, than before. We're bombarded dailey by images of the perfect man or woman and so in the public conciousness thats what we start looking for.

Just 20 or 30 years ago, you met someone at the pub or wherever, started talking and if the fates were with you then maybe you hit it off. Now, people don't want to know if arn't the "perfect" image they have in your mind.

So, yes, I do think (perhaps a little cynical) that theres too many fish in the sea that only go for one type of bait.
 Just JJ2
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'toooo many fish in the sea?'
Posted: 5/17/2008 4:56:04 AM
My opinion is......

Unless you are meeting at the events planned......

We are all just one click away from the next best offer.

I for one, when at a restaurant would prefer a limited menu. Too many choices just causes confusion...

jmo jj
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'toooo many fish in the sea?'
Posted: 5/17/2008 4:56:06 AM
More like too many freaks in the circus!

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'toooo many fish in the sea?'
Posted: 5/17/2008 5:03:23 AM

More like too many freaks in the circus!

LOL. About right.
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'toooo many fish in the sea?'
Posted: 5/17/2008 5:13:53 AM

We are all just one click away from the next best offer.

I for one, when at a restaurant would prefer a limited menu. Too many choices just causes confusion...

Zing!!! Thats it...Thats exactly why...your a genius...

Like when you goto the bar that is only half packed...odds are much greater then when the bar is packed...

Brilliant...for now on I'm attending half empty clubs/bars.
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'toooo many fish in the sea?'
Posted: 5/17/2008 6:30:04 AM
I seem to find little interest in myself, maybe shaving my head was a bad idea?
In my opinion, people have become a little too choosey. they want everything to be there in a nice neat little package. Struggle forges better relationships in my opinion. if you can go the distance through the piles of smeg in your lives, then the good times will seem all the sweeter.

~but dont trust me... been single too long, bit too choosy myself!~
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'toooo many fish in the sea?'
Posted: 5/19/2008 4:02:49 AM
This is true and I think everyone in the online dating arena will go through the phases --from the arrogance and ego boost in getting a lot of attention to the bottom of the barrel feelng where hope and expectation in meeting quality is compromised. Fishing is one thing but actually being moved by a person emotionally is a chemistry that happens without our choosing.

Dating a myriad of people can be exciting but not having someone to reminesce about the things you've experienced over time is uncomfortable enough for some to decide to focus on quality and not quanity. Ultimately the difference between dating as a sport and dating a person you're interested in all comes down to the comfort and desire you have to learn about yourself through someone you desire in your life. People are scared of being seen for who they are and dating websites is an awesome way to circumvent that issue with self.
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'toooo many fish in the sea?'
Posted: 5/19/2008 5:15:11 AM
people say they know what they want, but often seem to lose track of that as soon as more options are made avilable to them; which i think happens online, you can initially click w/someone. But as you come across more and more people you get more and more unsatisfied w/the person you make have been otherwise satiated with; it happens in real life, an it happens online.

u just keep looking for that right fit, cus u figure there is one more door to open or one more person who is perfect who u might have missed; its why its hard to commit cus u always wonder if your missing out, an sites like this highlight how many available and attractive people are out there.
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'toooo many fish in the sea?'
Posted: 5/19/2008 5:46:42 AM
[I think, that relationships and dates, and meetings, are almost like a ballot box.... we look and pick, we order as we would on a new car.. we select our options and if the newest selection... the one we have ordered doesnt come off the line with perfection , we tend to say , OH WELL NEXT.............
............. next ......
if we are back to fishing , we cast, fish a little,, hook and ........... toss that one back, he is too little, she is too big, he is out of season,.... oh god her gills are the wrong colour...............his tail is too short!]
I agree with the OP that this site tends to work like that for some people who are serial daters. I have not picked, order, and moved on to the next, but instead have choosen the ones I have met and still waiting to hear from the one.
Joined: 11/15/2007
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'toooo many fish in the sea?'
Posted: 5/19/2008 5:57:30 AM that a bit like saying "too much money in the bank" or "too many new cars to choose from"...? Lots of choice is good but the OP is refering to the quality of the catch and the few "keepers" that you hook. Take a look at the "500 hottest people" ..... lots of very impressive cleavage on display with but a few words of profile: clearly these are lines loaded with sinkers that only hook "bottom-feeders". Fishing is such a good analogy, it's a sport of some skill, lots of patience and more than a little luck ! You can't choose who's going to nibble your bait, but many people decide to cut the line before even having a look thinking "probably just another crab or jelly-fish" without making any effort to look beyond a public pic, or the first line of the profile..... It's all very easy to "trawl" around and see what comes up and there's nothing wrong with being picky so long as it's based on facts rather than supposition. A profile is nothing more than a hook on a line, there's a real person on the other end too and I think it's all too easy to overlook that fact !
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'toooo many fish in the sea?'
Posted: 5/19/2008 6:00:26 AM
I think that people are shallow and superficial. People are looking for a person that doesnot exist. There a lot of people that are not even fishing just here for the forums.
I have messaged a few people that want qualities that i have and there are many interests that are common, but I never hear back. Its not like I'm hard to look at either. Perhaps people really are not wanting what they say.
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'toooo many fish in the sea?'
Posted: 5/20/2008 3:43:30 AM

his tail is too short!


I would have to say I agree. I'm guilty of this also...especially when I first tried this. That summer I believe I had about 30 FIRST seconds.

Now, I'm just a lot more picky about who I will even meet. I guess we all have our "must haves" or "must not haves" but we need to be compatable in so many ways.

It's a toss up as to if this is a good or bad thing.
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