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Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 76
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thank you for your comments and i love that you have your own interpretation and my poems envoke some emotion for you.. thanks for your feedback i really do appreciate it and i hope that you visit often...

living on the edge is sorta a peice i wrote for the heck of it and truly some of my best work is done that way.. it basically giving hope and also about my feelings toward the stage i am in.. in my life.
i like that you enjoyed it.

all the best
Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 77
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 1/6/2005 8:57:10 AM
Poetry Friend

Either than the fact that it uplifts me
I feel glad at the thought that it can
Also empower me. Make me sad and
Also make plans to devour me.

You make me glow even when I have
No need for it to show, I grow from your
Soft blows and give opinions of minions.

You give me laughter, even after I discover
You can also be thought of as a lover. To the
Lonely and to the newly wed, the old and the bold,
The warm and cold hearted even the dearly departed.

You give me an outlet even if it’s just to sub-let,
You’re even part of a bet. This is just to let you know
How truly magical you can be, sombre yet frank, shocking
Yet mocking, the list it’s endless it can’t even fit in a stocking.

This is for the sane and the insane both, I’m so very glad
You came. I hope you understand this tale, as you are not
Welcome to fail. I welcome you, and I hope It becomes you.
I hope it beckons you into this world, so say hello and shake
Hands with my friend, her name is Poetry!

Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 78
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 1/6/2005 9:02:52 AM
The calling

Its cold out here, but nobody cares
I’m always the one invited to have
Affairs, it’s cold out here but the question
Posed is, is this rare?

Do I dare and is it fair, I’m healthy and
Comfortable, God has me to spare. Others
Wonder aimlessly and that’s the part that
Doesn’t give me despair, its cold out here
But in that I have no fear.

Love escapes me, but all else is clear
It is in this that I should be called dear.
Fortunate am I, not to have become sucked
In by a peer, or is it that I am queer.

Sometimes I wish to disappear, to be swallowed
Whole, then this life I lead would have no hold.
A different person I will emerge, in that I will
Thee pledge, a new beginning, a new calling,
How will I answer without falling?

Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 79
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 1/6/2005 10:34:19 AM
i just found this poem at open Mike and i love it cause it echos my feelings to the T..

here goes:


one of my #1 wishes would be about a friend
and how i never want our friendship to end.
i've probably told him once or twice how i feel,
but he most likely doesn't know how much of it is real.
if i could just find the courage to not hide,
i'd tell him all i feel inside.
i'd tell him that even when we're together for just awhile,
that little time we spent together will make me have a big fat smile.
and though some people may not agree,
to me, he is hilariously funny.
and if he's ever scared to make a fall,
he should know that all he has to do is call.
and if anything happened to him in our years,
i'd cry an entire ocean of tears.
and for-sure on the list, there is more
of things i wanna say instead of just these four.
but at-least after this, i hope he can see
how much he really means to me.
Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 80
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 1/6/2005 1:46:41 PM

Independence seems to be confused with freedom,
We all need to retire to some sort of kingdom.
What do we really know about being free, when
We have never been faced with being caged to
Some degree, never been forced to denounce
Nationality, don’t even know what it feels like
To be forced with that harsh reality.

All of a sudden loyalty is questioned, humanity
Or human never ever mentioned. Friendships
Destroyed by immorality all because of the color
Of my vitality, judgements passed at the drop of
A hat, they swing insults like a ball hit by a baseball bat.

Silent honour her number one armour, culture causes her
To act with extreme valour, but culture no longer respected,
Denouncement ever expected, putting myself in her shoes,
I see my life flash by in different shades and hues.

My questions, my ailments and their complainants
Fill me with a sense of derailment. Her suffering and
Losses heart wrenching, mine in comparison make me feel
Like retching, I am truly blessed by the knowledge of her honour
Her courage and sense of faithfulness

This is a dedication to all those that
Have suffered unjustifiable annihilation
I wish you peace and am truly sorry for your decrease.
I empathise with you and recognise the need to rejoice,
For I am truly free as the result of you paying the price

Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 81
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 1/7/2005 6:26:42 AM
yes it mine..

Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 82
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 1/7/2005 10:36:00 AM
My Boo

“For JEJAY, You will always be my Boo”.

Hey Boo, what you doin’
Hey You, I’m just lookin’
I’d say, you’d say and then
You’d give me a toothless smile that
Always pulls at my girly heart, just
Enough to give me a great big start

I wonder what it will be like when you
Start to talk, will you walk or just eat chalk
Will you make your Mama gawk, or just
Climb a huge big bean stalk.

I wish you love and happiness
Even though there is crappiness in this world
I wish you a sheltered life, but not too much
Otherwise you might run halter scatter.

Night Night, Love You’s for the rest of your
Days, kisses and cuddles your number one craze
Dad da and Ma Ma, always and forever, I hope
You’re always that clever.

Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 83
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 1/7/2005 11:04:32 AM
oh i read your confession danny and now get what you said.. its intresting.. this is referring to self indulgence..

all the best
Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 84
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 1/8/2005 12:01:19 PM
thank you two so much for visiting..

Ray- welcome and i hope you make this your home and stay for a while there are truly a good bunch of people here.

i hope all are well..

newly single thank you soo much for reading and coming in here once in a while..

all the best
Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 85
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 1/9/2005 3:58:21 PM
Seems like just yesterday
You were a part of me
I used to stand so tall
I used to be so strong
Your arms around me tight
Everything it felt so right
Unbreakable like nothing could go wrong

Now I can’t breathe
No I can’t sleep
I’m barely hanging on

Here I am
Once again
I’m torn into pieces
Can’t deny it
Can’t pretend
Just thought you were the one
Broken up deep inside
But you won’t get to see the tears I cry
Behind these hazel eyes

I told you everything
Opened up and let you in
You made me feel alright for once in my life
Now all that’s left of me
Is what I pretend to be
So together but so broken up inside

Cause I can’t breathe
No I can’t sleep
I’m barely hanging on

Swallow me then spit me out
For hating you, I blame myself
Just seeing you it kills me now
No I don’t cry
On the outside anymore

kelly clarkson
Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 86
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 1/10/2005 6:43:00 AM
once again you honor me by posting..

good on ya mate..

i hope you are having a great day..

all the best
Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 87
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 1/10/2005 6:54:26 AM
i'm doing just peachy i just finished leaving you a message on your thread..

its seems you're online..

having a good one then??

Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 88
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 1/10/2005 8:16:21 AM
its morning here and well its quite cold on opposite sides of the world..

all the best
Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 89
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 1/10/2005 5:05:16 PM
thank u.. do feel free to visit whenever you like...

all the best
Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 90
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 1/11/2005 9:49:04 AM
hey neo we have missed you truly i was beginning to wonder what happened to u and here you are.. i hope you are well and dont disappear again i really did miss u..

do visit you know you are welcome in here

all the best
Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 91
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 1/11/2005 12:06:53 PM
heres my latest one that i entered in the poetry contest for fun..

Summer Rain

Me standing in the pouring rain, the beginning
Of a sad story, for rain to me is when I am sad and lonely
Misery becomes my one and only, friends, you say?
Alone I am, just dreams of what I once was and what I
Will forever be in their memory

A dejected individual with a want of the intellectual
Entwined with only the very best of the sexual, sexuality
Ever a mystery, purity always questioned, innocence
Shunned, defiance honed and the rain roars on still.

Summer, wondrous to some, but for me hot, yet not,
Sweaty yet heady, my favourite kind of spaghetti,
Lovers roam, and wonderers constantly comb the streets
In search of their first, happiness and excitement abound,
The streets are filled with bodies in lustrous feat. I stand still
And ponder Love’s foibles and Life’s defeats.

It occurs to me that the rain knows my features so well, for it
Is inside that my summer dwells, a new summer one with the
Sun’s lustre, and the rains sparkle, no longer is it dark and lonely
But instead stark and homely, and there I stand as the rain no longer
Roars but pours forth, a light lush summer rain.

 poetic coco
Joined: 1/12/2005
Msg: 92
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 1/12/2005 8:12:37 PM
that was wonderful bubbles
Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 93
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 1/13/2005 6:18:47 AM
thank you coco...feel free to stop by anytime..

all the best

Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 94
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 1/13/2005 5:52:15 PM
why thank you.. i hope you make this a regular spot and do tell what u thought about the others..

thanks once again..

all the best

Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 95
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 1/14/2005 7:05:53 AM
It was a cold winter’s night
All I wanted to know is if I had
The right, the right to choose,
The right to lose, but all you could
Say was do you cruise. Cruise away,
You thought I would stray, never
To come back you for a great lay

just a thought i had..

Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 96
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 1/14/2005 12:09:15 PM
oh neo
thanks soo much no one has ever really said stuff like that to me except me parents.. so thank you truly from the bottom of my heart.. for sure you remind me of me and i love that .. twin souls???

i would be honored to be called your sister and i accept..

all the best

Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 97
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 1/14/2005 12:09:58 PM
Slow dawning

My heart feels anticipation yet my brain
Feels apprehension, my insides are filled with
Tension, my brows inch closer to each other
Trying to figure out what kind of eager I am
Supposed to be as I wait for disappointment to trigger,
The very wrong king of vigour

Emotions at a fever pitch, all in wait of a lesson
I’ve learnt you teach. I convince myself you’re out
Of my reach but then as if out of nowhere, you appear
And my heart stops with an abrupt screech.

This breach of my emotions fills me with the bleak,
Laughter and amusement obliterated, the longing travels
Right down to my oblique. Paralysed mentally, my
Senses awaken and the only thing I can rely on is feelings.
Brain blocked, heart knocked, it slowly dawns on me that I
Have been robbed

Stolen is my ability to reason, my ability to refuse disappears
With the resolve of what is suppose to be love. Behaviour once
Again echoes trueness, my brain returns with a slow rudeness.
Anger and hurt I will not show, yet I begin to walk away. Slowly
My feelings disappear leaving the numb, me feeling dumb and Slowly,
It dawns on me that I have set you Free.

Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 98
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 1/15/2005 5:13:37 PM
aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh thanks u guys

i love ya'll
Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 99
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 1/17/2005 8:11:37 AM
Heres what i have been up to all weekend..

Bittersweet Games

Eyes burning, body yearning,
You stand so far, I wonder if it goes against the bar.
Are you afraid that we might be on par, or it that you
Think you might get scarred, marred for life by the color
Of my strife, you rush through your feelings like you’re
Afflicted by a knife

Too presumptuous I might be, but why do you feel the
Need to always lean on me. Want to see me you say, how
Come you’re not as quick with the lay. Shocked at my honesty,
Imagine what lies in this dynasty.

All could be yours, but you choose to ignore,
It makes me angry, then sad. Sad to know that
I’ve been had, yes things are that bad. I sigh in
Acceptance, but my body won’t believe it has to
Give repentance. For the yearning still grows, despite
All my minds woes

Leave it alone they say, I know they’re only looking
Out for that day, I want to tell you that my body whispers
Your sweet name, will you ever answer, or shall I remain
Trapped in bittersweet shame,
STILL playing that same old GAME

Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 100
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 1/17/2005 8:57:04 AM
hey.. ya'll this one is unfinished somehow.. i feel like i got down most of what i wanted to say.. but somehow its still incomplete..

Help!!! give me some feedback and tell me if you get the gist here..


Fires and desires

Bored out of my skull, my thoughts are subdued
And become a lull. Dull, I definitely fit in with the
Driest of hulls, a week-end-over, you’d think I’m
Becoming a rover, Rover I think not, braver, you can
Call me, because now I am calling the shots. Out of
Control, I feel very bold, why oh why can’t you be
Here to be told?

Always so far away, you are, how do I reach you?
To teach you, that I am not as sweet as you think. I do
Have dark thoughts and desires, but just because they’re
Not visible, doesn’t mean that my fires burn any less.
I do confess, just one look from you puts my senses in a mess.

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