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Joined: 5/12/2006
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This is a test
At lucious Bubbles request
It looks like all is fine
Might I suggest you drink less wine hahaha
Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 455
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 5/31/2006 4:35:41 AM
ode to mr. sterling

Darkness, Can bring vision.
For some, instant religion.
I, like he, have only one fear
Leaving behind, those we endear
In the end, it's not a matter of land
Men are made equal, by "who'll hold their hand?"
The mystery, for us, is not where we'll go
The fear, is not from, exiting the big show
As we walk slowly towards, that brilliant white light
As we all will, on that predestined night
Legs that are weak, a mind that is weary
There is only enough, strength for one query
"Who will watch over them, keep the salivating wolves at bay?"
I'm sorry, I truly thought myself immortal, and I was until today
Joined: 3/13/2005
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Confessions of the mind
Posted: 5/31/2006 2:55:25 PM
Hiya Bubbles!!!! Hope all is great!!!!!!

Wow Dog, I'm speechless, That was deep!!!!!!


Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 457
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 6/2/2006 6:18:35 AM
I want to give bubbly a nice massage
Show her two people can make a menage
Maybe even suck on her toes
If they're excited do you think they'll grow?
Kisses all over from lips on fire
Trying to satisfy an insatiable desire
Skin so soft has never been touched
I don't think I'd ever get enough
I want to know what her hair smells like
While she rides me like a seatless bike
Looking straight down into my eyes
As my hands pull her deeper by the thighs
Beautiful breasts do brush my chest
As she bends for a kiss I don't resist
Her tongue invades my awaiting mouth
Inspiring me to flip her over and head south
Exploring eagerly her secret place
Her delicious juices covering my face
I want to make her twitch and moan
Slide in a finger just to hear her groan
She arches her back as she begins to explode
A simple sensitivity overload
I'm not done don't push me away
I'll just tie you down and eat all day
Get you an IV to avoid dehydration
While I'm teaching you all about female ejaculation

Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 458
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 6/2/2006 8:40:06 AM
Hardly a king, alas
More like a gypsy, in a palace
I'll feed you skittles, from a silver dish
Tell you if you rub me, I'll grant your wish
Spike the koolaid, in your golden chalice
Bite your shoulder, sans any malice
Tell you tales, from days of old
Just to get you under, my control
I know nothing, I run on pure instinct
It just screws things up, if I stop to think
As I drop to my knees, to worship your Juggernaut
Love potion kicking in, it only takes one drop

Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 459
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 6/2/2006 10:40:46 AM
A palace could be a tiny shack
As long as I could rub your back
I wouldn't want a 200 room castle
You cleaning them would be a hastle
Just a lil place where we can play
Keep in mind, some places a dog can't stay
Your beauty would turn any meager cottage into the taj mahal
And you would be the queen of our 2 person ball

Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 460
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 6/2/2006 12:11:49 PM
I ain't coming up there, your dad would kick my as.s
I got twenty years on you, and dog years at that
Can you see him asking me to say grace?
As I Brawnify something, the look on his face?
lol lol lol lol
Deck the halls with blood of Doggie
fa la la la la la
I'll meet you in the middle, or you come down to the pound
Preferably the latter, cause the walls are fortified to kill sound
You know that you'll be vocal, when I'm going down
One night and you'll be barking, a reaction from too much hound
moo moo moo
I stay out of gun range, of pretty lass's dads
Just one look into my eyes, they know that I am bad
So get the triplets together, and try to share one suitcase
I do carry-on only, and you'll only be dressed til we hit my place
la la la la

Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 461
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 6/2/2006 12:51:39 PM
Well, that's different then
Wish I spoke Canadian
I might have trouble gettin cross the border
I don't have all my vaccination papers in order

Panthers still purr when rubbed just right
And their tails curl up on the end with delight
I would love to make you purr an curl
As I go diving for a precious pearl

You have an open invitation you know
All the hospitality that a dog can show
My house is yours, though it is quite humble
The ball's in your court, careful not to fumble

Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 462
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 6/2/2006 1:25:59 PM
last all night or 30 seconds
whatever is the immediate preference
truth be told, I'm never done
passion is more than merely having fun
it comes from inside, a fire always burning
something you have too, as we are learning
some don't have it, but they're not to blame
it doesn't make them bad, just lame
I might be an old dog, but I ain't under the porch
light my fire baby, I'll run with your torch

Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 463
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 6/7/2006 1:10:44 PM
Okay on that one.

As adults, our relationship requires no definition to others
We are not, by any means, having a discussion with our mothers
We are intelligent people and we are both single
Intensity is just a biproduct of when we mingle

We have the unique capacity for honesty
One chromosome off of the anthropoid family
Even though sometimes we are kissing in a tree
It's one of the things that lets us be free....
you get to be you, and I get to be me

Would I make love to you in a fashion....doggie
Of course. I am now, incase anyone is foggy
Make no mistake as to my intention
And don't bother us with an intervention
The thought of my tongue running slowly along your calf
Is it really in my mind? Hell yes. Did you hear me laugh?

Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 464
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 6/14/2006 8:10:30 AM
Yeah. Lavender is her color.
She is no doubt a product stellar.

It's been a few days since I've read this thread
You should have dropped me a note to come put that fool to bed
Grabbed me by the leash
Made me show my teeth
Foaming at the mouth as I tore out his throat
While sweet bubbles held my coat

I am always amazed by your natural beauty
Serving you is my pleasure not my duty
And I'm not wearing any armour
Just a spiked collar for those who harm her
Delicate as being thrown into a cactus by a tornado
Just call on me when you need the wind to blow

I love bubbles. Simple as that.
Just to cut through all of the fat
Her eyes are as clear as a perfect diamond, cloudless
Her smile so bright and sincere that I find her, faultless
If I found a glass slipper beneath my humble chariot wheel
Her foot would be the first and only one that I slid in by the heel

Joined: 4/25/2006
Msg: 465
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 6/15/2006 6:32:39 PM
I have a confession that no one will hear.
That my soul is empty is my greatest fear.
You see I'm a legend inside my own head.
But when no one is listening it fills me with dread.

My style is illusion to hide that I'm hollow.
I pretend I'm a leader, but I merely follow.
The illusion seems perfect, no one can see through it.
I just think of cool phrases and then start to spew it.

Wielding small powers completes the illusion
and striking at others inflates my delusion.
Of course my bravado is only a sham,
but at least they don't seem how pathetic I am....

Who am I?

Joined: 3/13/2005
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Confessions of the mind
Posted: 6/21/2006 1:52:32 PM
Hiya girl!!!!!

Hope all is well with you!!!! Seems the triplets are still going strong!!! lol
We need some catching up soon!!!


Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 467
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 7/3/2006 9:16:29 AM
You've always got your loyal doggie
In times where things seem kinda foggy
At your feet where I always lay
Curled up right where you told me to stay
Just give me a pat and I'll look in your eyes
Exposing love that never dies
And feelings that are never mixed
You know it's true cause you had me fixed

Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 468
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 7/8/2006 3:22:50 PM
Optometry isn't the only science of sight
Close your eyes and look inside for what's right
Tension means that there is a conflict
It doesn't mean you are too strict
With any emotion or moral that you carry
It doesn't mean that a ghost you should bury
You braved a move to a land that was strange, all on your own
At an age when you were barely grown
You, my dear, are your own person
You are the teacher, not receiving the lesson
The thing that you don't understand
Is that your beauty drives the young lads mad
Get used to it.
Abuse it.
You are it.
Don't let them give you no shit.

Destiny is nothing more than what we are going to do
Destiny is something that is mostly up to you
I know what you desire within your heart
Let us start there, let's start with your art
You're a dancer, a writer, a dreamer, a poet
Dance out your dream to us, please show it
I have never had the pleasure of looking into your eyes
But I've seen inside of you without even having to try
My friend.
Don't join the trend.
Or it will never end.
It's your will that won't bend.

just toss me a scoobie snack from time to time
Joined: 5/11/2005
Msg: 473
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Posted: 8/3/2006 11:36:49 PM
Hey Miss Cat and Miss Bubbles!

Long time no chit-chat, I've been watching the threads, wow, you guys have attracted some REALLY good writers/users! Here's something for the forum; it took me a few days to write.

The Moon and the Human

Outside my lonely abode, I sit near a hollowed tree,
Looking at the beautiful nightly sky, who is capable of such beauty?
Home to the stars and the moon, who knows what else lies beyond,
They do more than fill the dark void, they are a resting bed for those who look over us.

My eyes pierce into that dark void called night,
In such awe I am, My heart pounds loudly,
It is as though it were a hammer hitting on a nail.

I find comfort in this silence, peace has found a companion,
As I look into the dark void, it calms my soul,
My daily troubles are gone, the dark void has swallowed them.

The stars fill that dark void, I know I am not alone,
It is that presence that one feels, as though your guardian angel is near,
As if a baby knows when their mother is near, she will always protect them.

The nightly gentle wind caresses my hair, and suddenly it dawns to me,
I have wasted my life, I have plundered life's wonderful gifts: today and yesterday,
I beat my chest incessantly, I wail and become downtrodden.

The shining moon escapes from the clouds grasp, she yearns to be free,
It is a reminder to me, yearn to be free, but most important of all:

. . .Yearn to live for today and in the moment for tomorrow may not come!

The American Gentleman
Joined: 3/13/2005
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Confessions of the mind
Posted: 9/6/2007 12:38:36 PM
Smiles Hun,

Life is like a lost feather
It floats in its own air stream
Destiny will lead your way
So don't be afraid to dream........



Joined: 11/5/2006
Msg: 476
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 9/7/2007 8:47:51 PM
Nice work..I am new here. Hope you enjoy this one I just made up.

You take me to another place
Where spirits soar and hearts do race
Captured passion my gift to bring
Togetherness is everything

I ask you not your point of view
Just want to share the joy of you
Enchant me with your magic song
Let's find a place we both belong

Never judging by your shell
Just absorb your magic spell
Stick with me until the end
Eternally I am your friend
Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 477
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 9/19/2007 6:49:58 PM
you sure are tense
it's just me
write what you feel and don't force it...
'cept for rants

the next thing that I see you write should be about your love for acrobats
close your eyes and open your heart to the simple fact
and write me a poem
one just for me, yanno?

Joined: 7/24/2007
Msg: 478
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 10/28/2007 9:21:15 AM

Your gentle caress
Soft upon my skin

Your paralyzing eyes
Drawing me in

Your tantalizing smile
Arouses my passion

Your fears
Touch my compassion

Your tears
Touch my soul

Your love
Makes me whole

Your soulful gaze
Speaks a new start

Your sweet words
Touch my heart

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