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Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 126
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oh soull you will definitely find people in here who care genuinely just do some interacting and well some poetry to get the emotions out ..

all the best
and do visit when you want

Joined: 12/1/2004
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Confessions of the mind
Posted: 1/31/2005 7:58:32 AM
"this is inspired by you, if you ever see this you'll know what i am talking about.."

“We were halfway there and halfway Home”- D.O


I feel torn in half yet the finality of the words above
Keep me feeling rough, frayed at the edges, I sure
Could use a drag on a tall Benson and Hedges

Mischievous I feel, yet another part of me feels deliriously
Alone, the want of the lascivious consumes my every bone.

Suppress the emotion I must, for lust is looked upon as
Dust does to a cleanliness freak. Despite this, I force feelings
Of robust energy to the surface, half in love and halfway to forgotten.

The bottom sure can be lonely, feelings of longing for all that’s maternal,
An unawareness that these dark torrid emotions I feel, are tied in with all that’s familiar.

A smile, the sound of loud infectious laughter, the bickering and the snickering,
My mind’s made up, but still I can’t help feeling torn. Half for love and halfway
To forgetting and, hence halfway home.

Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 128
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 2/1/2005 6:08:10 AM
what do you interpret it as.. what picture does it paint.. tell me then i'll tell u if you're on the right path..

Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 129
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 2/2/2005 9:51:07 AM
hey ya'll im here D A N N Y.... said with an echo.. i know i have neglected you guys but i am here just well recovering from lifes foibles.... so whats been happening..

Danny, thanks for the lovely writes i really enjoyed then specially the first you ME

Neo.. you sweet soul you.. how are ya.. i love you mind its truly fresh and oh so youthful..
thanks for being here.. love you

Majoa.. i think your an eccentric and i love it.. thanks for posting, hope you had a blast..
all the best
Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 130
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 2/2/2005 11:20:55 AM
thats quite a vocab you have there Mr. Majoa... thank you hmmm no one has ever called me reminicsent before.. it hits the spot...he he he

heres one i wrote today:

CLArity’s harvEST

I turn to you to feel brand new, I expect you to be there
And that’s not fair. I hate myself for losing touch with thee,
And what’s important, right down to the fifth degree.

I can’t tell you that I am sorry, for sorry doesn’t cut it.
I feel so awful inside, like I’d like to be turned inside
Out and disappear into a pocket.

Small and fierce I think I am, yet I cannot compare
To how huge and loving you always are. I can’t say I have
Tried because that would be a lie, I am rendered speechless,
Helpless and unable to justify

I turn to you only when all else fails, I try to hide, yet
Doom always prevails. This feeling I have leaves me feeling
Dark, worse than when I was feeling glum, for gloom is what I
Truly deserve.

I hope the goodness that you have bestowed continues, for that
Feeling you give is what I need to preserve. Forgive me, I ask
Again, what a sad story this one must sound, one that reverberates
Over and over again

Selfish and self centred I am, I can fill myself with fruits
Of disdain, their juices enough to stain, never feeling worthy
Of you, hence ever feeling restrained.

Heavenly Father, let epiphany befall, for I have fallen the
Hardest and surely cannot endure an addition to this dark harvest.

Let this be your will, and surely it will be done, let there be
Clarity, unselfishness forever is gone. Let us raise to that which
You have begun, let this be our Prayer Heavenly Father, when we lose
Our way, make this be and let Love and Laughter come
Out to play.

Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 131
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 2/2/2005 6:29:38 PM
thank you all sooo much...
it only comes from my heart... thats all i guess its heart felt and that was the way i felt today..

love you all

Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 132
Confessions of the mind
Posted: 2/3/2005 9:48:37 AM

The music blares and tempers flare,
They’ve pushed her to the very depths of despair.
She looks at him crushed, tears in her eyes, the silence harsh.

Feelings strangled, she escapes,
Before she portrays the worst of vandals,
Now the road ahead, winds and the hills and trees become entangled.

In a blur of emotions, the whir of the engine drowns out
Reason, acceleration and speed become an intense need. She
Is driven further away from him and escapes with greed.

Higher and higher up the hills she climbs,
The danger she’s oblivious to, deranged and crazed
The car exudes power, a hunger of which she must conquer.

Conversations and accusations play over and over again,
She screams at the volume of her thoughts, the music blares louder.
Letting go is all she can think about, seeing the light, she’s told not to fight.

Surrendering to the sweet notion, she succumbs
To the silence, she dreams of no more violence. Unaware
Of the brakes she drives over the ravine, too late to think of the mistake,
She is forced to feel.

Brief feelings of calm, nothing left to cause her harm,
She is only aware of the bliss of flying. Flying away with
Clouds of relief, the storm is over, the pain brief.

A look of contentment shadows her face,
As the music blares, she’s at peace. The car plunges
Further and yet she is unaware of death’s kiss.

Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 133
in response to
Posted: 2/4/2005 5:21:51 PM
oh you are most welcome, love, thank you for visiting and always understanding, thank you for being one of the people that get it... i love you oh so much for it.. thank you for always relaying your thoughts they mean alot to me.. it takes me to an even higher place to know that i could have been of some help to someone as great as you are.. for this i thank you and i pay tribute to you... i dedicate silence to you and all those who have been there... i feel you..

all the best
Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 134
sticky nose
Posted: 2/5/2005 5:36:51 PM
you two are funny he he is you weekend so far..

love you
Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 135
fresh out the shower......
Posted: 2/6/2005 6:58:41 PM
dont you worry about getting carried away... you deserve every bit of happiness
love you
have a great one
Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 136
fresh out the shower......
Posted: 2/7/2005 9:40:12 AM
Oh love.. that must have been not too nice then... i hope you are ok about this.. for sure something else to write about.. i hope you are having a wonderful day.. thanks for stopping by... a bit busy these days but i will always be right here for you to vent, be happy or just plain silly with..

all my love
Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 137
spelling sanctuary......:P
Posted: 2/8/2005 1:09:12 PM
yes i do agree... i also agree though that nothing we do doesnt have consquences to be careful of the choices you do make, you never know when they will return to bite in the ass
he he he

thanks for stopping by your confession was well said..

all the best
Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 138
spelling sanctuary......:P
Posted: 2/9/2005 6:40:17 AM
oh you guys.. thanks for keeping my thread going.. i've been away from it all just trying to come to grips with life...i love you too and hey cheers to kabold..

he he he

love you
Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 139
spelling sanctuary......:P
Posted: 2/9/2005 8:41:36 AM
i loved off the cuff thanks for putting it here
all the best
luv ya too
Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 140
spelling sanctuary......:P
Posted: 2/9/2005 12:02:23 PM
this is nice... dark and broody... my speciality so i guess that is why i like it alot...

all the best bubbles
Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 141
confessions of the mind
Posted: 2/9/2005 12:03:26 PM
Exclusive Rendition

It’s occurred to me that I’ve got the Love symptoms,
But what I don’t get is why it feels like I have flu; crappy and stuffy.

Could it be that I call love stubby,
Always in a hurry, worries of doubts, I’m ever afraid of their never ending shouts.

The voices will return and they’ll make my world spin,
They’ll curse me with the thin, and then I’ll retire like I’ve been inflated by a pin.

Are we ever sure of our definition of Love,
Somehow I always find my self mimicking someone else’s rendition.

This causes me to search for a more popular edition,
So I won’t have to face that I have been beaten to submission.

It’s always all about the competition, confusion used
As an illusion, yet somehow Love still manages to be elusive.

This sure is an exclusive, for I won’t openly admit,
My lack of understanding, what this all comes down to however,

Is will I ever get it right and will I fight for the write?
Do I have to continue the harassing of brain, or is this all in vain.

Will I have to become lost in a recluse or just refuse the urges I get to include, Seclusion?

Joined: 12/28/2004
Msg: 142
view profile
confessions of the mind
Posted: 2/9/2005 6:20:01 PM

Can you see me
underneath all these layers?
I try to hide so much
mainly my true self.

Somedays I feel like showing
a little part of me
that is never seen
a side no one knows

I want to bring
to the surface
the love, and laughter
the freedom that I lost

But I am stuck
behind this huge wall
straining just to see over it
to find the crack

How can I break the wall
when I keep getting
pushed back down
by emotions so strong.

Gradually I creep
up the steep wall
inch by inch
gaining some ground

Reaching the top
seems like such
an impossible dream
that will take forever

From this day on
I will continue my climb
to reach the top
when the time is right, I will suceed....

Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 143
confessions of the mind
Posted: 2/10/2005 6:30:31 AM
your guys honor me by posting and visiting... thanks and do take care ya'll are fab

Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 144
confessions of the mind
Posted: 2/10/2005 10:10:41 AM
hey you...
you are most welcome...
love you
Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 145
confessions of the mind
Posted: 2/14/2005 8:20:54 AM
Two Shots

My feelings remind me of the swirl of life;
All mixed up and they sure are rife.
The colors I don are dull and boring; you’d think I was in mourning.
Unable to explain when or why, just taking it a step at a time.

I feel like I am treading on thin ice,
Definitely a pitch creative enough to be used
In ad for, a cool bottle of Smirnoff ice.

Sometimes the vivaciousness reaches the surface,
Just when I think I’m in the clear, stolen is my vitality;
I feel like my heart has been shattered, and images of crushed glass
Flash before me, the pieces too damaged to put back together.

What strange analogies I sometimes have,
The person, who gets close enough to see, will almost always flee.
Is it me or is it all too free, am I just one of those people who are just too complex
To handle, or is it that I need reality to bite and hence face the decree.

Decisions always difficult, over reactions scare as much as the occult,
Yet reaction is all I seek from you. Am I oblivious to your signals?
Or is it that I want them to be present and am therefore delirious, two shots
Shy of being over zealous.

Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 146
confessions of the mind
Posted: 2/14/2005 12:11:56 PM
oh i love you just for being you... thank you for always being you for sure...
and i will always be here for you when you need me... my day is going not so good but hey i guess all is well that ends well... i dont really like this day but whatever... i should thank God for what i do have and not be sad about what i dont..

thanks for being you
Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 147
confessions of the mind
Posted: 2/14/2005 1:50:56 PM
Thanks Neo... i hope it is a Happy one indeed for you... all the best and truly do indulge it only comes once a year... like hmmm Christmas..

Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 148
confessions of the mind
Posted: 2/15/2005 5:51:19 AM
Mr Majoa... how very relevent.. i like this one alot.. it is so very true to what i feel and i guess this would be your interpretation of my state of mind or is this a randon posting..

i love it... thanks for sharing..

Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 149
confessions of the mind
Posted: 2/15/2005 1:01:05 PM

I used to be sure of whom I was,
What I wanted and what would happen to me when I departed.
But now I don’t know where to go, for where I’ve been, there’s only
Been blurring, a blur of defences, the scents of tense are ever exuded
And carefree is never included.

Prevention is what I surely must seek,
Do I need to feel the pain to understand the human brain or
Is it that I need to mark my terrain, feelings of mine always shine,
I’m surprised you aren’t aware, or is there interference
From all that’s divine

Clueless as always is this a front or are you afraid of being too abrupt.
Frustration ever abound, yet emotions I must bind, so as not to
To let you in, all I know is someday I’ll have to begin.
Till that day, I’ll learn lessons of the heart, trade loneliness
And sorrow, and wait for a better tomorrow…

Joined: 12/1/2004
Msg: 150
confessions of the mind
Posted: 2/16/2005 6:05:34 AM
Danny.. thank you so much for posting that i love it... you genius you...luv ya man

Newlysingle.. how you doin my love.. yes maybe i dont know its how i felt yesterday... but i think there may still be some hope in there for us both for sure... all my love
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