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1bellanella I actually agree wholeheartedly with you, in almost every comment,....
and if you read over my responses you might see that,...

where I have a problem is with the kinds of advice that is delivered in the form of a definitive statement such as if you do this ( whatever the advice is ) then you too will be cured,...
as you know getting someone to believe that we actually have a real honest to goodness medical condition is a thing that most if not all of us have had to deal with,....and it is offensive,(to me)...we are the only group I can think of that has to prove we have this thing called FM,...I suspect the disorder isn't new at all,....just the diagnosis,...but there are so many other things that can account for the laundry list of signs and symptoms, Lime disease etc
a poster a few pages ago was under the impression she had FM, Had been diagnosed as such I believe,... and just recently found out she actually had lime disease,...which BTW IS completely curable,....

Now the last time I read the list of S&S, there must have been 50 of them or more, I have never heard of anyone who has all of them, which accounts for the fact that this thing is different from person to person,....(again we agree)

and my asking someone are they sure they are sure they have fibro, is a valid question, as is asking how they came to their diagnosis,....because there are so many new developments being done in FM, and yet every day people are being misdiagnosed ,...or prematurely diagnosed,.....something that seems to me happens more in our group,....(I'm not saying it does,...only that it seems so to me, I have no actual data to back me on this,)....

Personally, I am still hoping that there is something out there that I could be tested for that might prove I don't have it,....

So yes,....I want to know how we as a group are being diagnosed, ... (it's a question, not an accusation)
I am sorry if that is how you or indeed anyone, read it,.....
I try to keep up with the literature but there is just too much subjective stuff out there,....

as for how pain is measured,...(now this too interested me)I tried to find the jama article but couldn't without actually buying it, so if you can find it for me, anyone I would indeed be interested, in this new tool? gauge? machine?....whatever it is and I will happily pass it on to my doctor who is managing me.

I do this whenever I find any new information, or website,....and I have also regularly passed this information onto anyone who wants it here in this forum, I have done so for years going back to my early days even before my diagnosis,....

many of us have run the gamut, of being told by someone that this that and the other thing ( like the fellow a few posts up our own bad attitude and anger) caused our present condition,....therefore alluding that we must be bad people to have this thing right? I know this was the case when I was still being tested,
in fact it was even taught at the local hospital on a course my doctor sent me to,....a treatment and management of your condition kinda course,....

and several of the instructors told us outright we had this because we were doing something wrong,....and not that vaguely either,....they were very specific,.

So then what did that say to those of us who corrected all of those things we were doing wrong and Still had this thing? like me?

(I just double checked, turns out I have been with this thread since page 1 2005,....there are some good posts along the way ,'s worth reading again,.....we have come a long way folks)
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Posted: 8/24/2012 12:52:36 AM
Marita .

You are not being attacked and peoples post are not personal nor is it about YOU.
You are not the only person on earth that has pain with no swelling/redness/bruising or a flashing sign pointing to a certain thing with ticker tape coming out with INSTRUCTIONS on "how to fix" and a time of cure.

Please get that.You are not alone.

People loose family and friends over this very issue ( pain you cannot see).
It is a terrible thing to be accused of making up/exaggerating.
You can't see depression either or heartbreak.

You take from a post/thread what you want and ignore the rest.

as for how pain is measured,...(now this too interested me)I tried to find the jama article but couldn't without actually buying it, so if you can find it for me, anyone I would indeed be interested, in this new tool? gauge? machine?....whatever it is and I will happily pass it on to my doctor who is managing me.

First,measuring your pain level would be of no use to curing/diagnosing/helping FM in my opinion..but anyhoo.
If I mis spell it please forgive me (Dolorometer) i meter??

You can probably find info through Harvard if you are googling it.

Physicians since the civil war had had their own devices or methods in order to stop people from using them to keep getting opiates for pain when they have supposedly "healed".

Quite "infamous" in our small town was a Physician that would take a needle and insert it very slowly into the bottom of your foot (lets say if you said the pain was in your shoulder or back).

You could not see what he was doing, just that he was holding your foot.
When the patient said stop or yelled, he knew the pain in the foot was worse than the pain the patient claimed or actually had.

It was often a topic at our dinner table about people trying to get medication and these old doctors were no fools.

I would bet/not sure that that gauge was rooted somehow from an old sharp country doc somewhere in a one trick pony town.

Those diagnosed with FM or any hard to diagnose should first be as concerned with what goes into their bodies and their emotional health should also be considered.

Hell if I broke my leg, I would want extra sulfur and calcium and eat less inflammatory foods.
It just makes sense to treat the PERSON as a whole.
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Posted: 8/24/2012 6:55:59 PM

according to whom?

28 years clinical experience.

And the impression of other practitioners with whom I have conferred.
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