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Joined: 2/8/2006
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Wykd1 honey, you have some serious issues... do you think you may have some unresolved issues with closets?

And how big did you say you were... mmmm... a losenge will really help speed things along...
Joined: 9/8/2005
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Deep Throating
Posted: 2/25/2006 2:34:58 AM
psssst - someone should really come up with a KY spray... like those breath spray things... so that it'll make it all the way back & certainly help you out with losenge.... ooooo lala...
Joined: 2/8/2006
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Deep Throating
Posted: 2/25/2006 2:43:15 AM
The entrepreneur in you huh? We will have to do a lot of testing of the product before it hits the open market... mmmmm
Joined: 9/8/2005
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Deep Throating
Posted: 2/25/2006 2:45:31 AM
So you've volunteered your services... perfect... one bad side effect from this job is lock jaw... but as long as it locks while its open we should be ok.
Joined: 9/20/2005
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Deep Throating
Posted: 2/28/2006 9:39:59 AM
once i had a girlfiend that was excellent at it it was so beautiful she had these lovely eyes and she would look at me while swalling in me climax it was awesome
Joined: 6/14/2006
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Deep Throating
Posted: 6/22/2006 6:33:28 PM
I bet you say that to all the girls. Nice to meet you Hitman2005. My name is Susan...and I sure like your profile...very nice. Harley's and a fire...that is really hot.
Joined: 7/3/2005
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Deep Throating
Posted: 6/22/2006 9:23:21 PM
I've only ever been with one girl that could do it. Been trying to find another ever since!!!!! Hint Hint ladies. lol
Joined: 6/9/2006
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Deep Throating
Posted: 6/22/2006 10:45:33 PM
the gag reflex that half of the women do when attempting to deep throat is so agrivating they might aswell not even bother
Joined: 6/11/2006
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Deep Throating
Posted: 6/23/2006 3:02:56 PM
I did that once but that was It. At least I try things once. Have a good 1.
 Happy Cooker
Joined: 6/13/2006
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Deep Throating
Posted: 6/26/2006 12:31:45 PM
Hey Deep Throating is fine as long as you men can keep from ramming it down our throats! No wonder our gag reflex works so damned well!
Just remember .... go slow and try more than once... if at first you don't succeed.....try, try again!
Joined: 10/27/2005
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Deep Throating
Posted: 6/26/2006 12:45:21 PM
This is one of those threads created so that the guys can mark down names, isn't it? Yes yes I deep throat..... ok must contact Jasmine now...

Sadly to say deep throating has not been perfected over the internet. Though I'm sure, somewhere, some guy is working feverishly to invent the computer add on that would allow it.

I heard Microsoft has a whole department working on it.
Joined: 6/21/2006
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Deep Throating
Posted: 6/26/2006 12:48:39 PM

I can deep throat a spaghettie noodle! How many guys can say that?

Yeah, but can you do it with bacon?
Joined: 4/28/2006
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Deep Throating
Posted: 6/27/2006 3:51:47 PM
same here i have been told imgreat and actually been begged for it lol but i jus did it no learnin baby trust me listen to they guy baby hell let u know wut he wants more of baby ...... the hummin thig works tho... tease first get it nice and hard lick the head and balls n shit like that then take it all baby good luck
Joined: 4/19/2006
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Deep Throating
Posted: 6/27/2006 4:19:13 PM
chicks that use props like those pop rock candies humma humma!

heather brooke knows how to give great head check out her porns.

i find catholic ladies are the best at it.

i think it's because they master it to avoid getting pregnant.

you can always spot the ones that deep throat and swallow, they all have firm hard breasts

and tight bodies.

womens biggest kept secret swallowing and deep throating regularly keeps your boobs bigger

and you'll stay thin!
Joined: 3/11/2006
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Deep Throating
Posted: 6/27/2006 4:37:01 PM

chicks that use props like those pop rock candies humma humma!

Joined: 8/18/2005
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Deep Throating
Posted: 6/27/2006 5:45:19 PM
Girl getting deep throated is one of the best feelings ever. Especially when the girl looks at you with a sexy look on her eyes. When she know how to lick suck on your nuts and use her hand in harmony with her mouth are the best. How many girl have a found to be able to to do this sadly only 1. Boy do I miss her should of never left her. I still miss her till this day.
 Johnny Lee Cowger
Joined: 2/7/2006
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Deep Throating
Posted: 6/27/2006 9:24:18 PM
Practice makes perfect
Joined: 4/9/2006
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Deep Throating
Posted: 6/27/2006 9:29:02 PM
how do you put this on ur greeting without sounding like a pig.
Yah id like to meet a nice gurl , for cool times , and if she can deep throat 12, baby ur picture needed.
Joined: 5/26/2006
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Deep Throating
Posted: 6/27/2006 10:07:28 PM
Now Ms Ktty, somehow I bet you already knew how all these guys would answer that???

Joined: 6/18/2006
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Deep Throating
Posted: 7/3/2006 8:04:24 AM
my ex-fiancee could swallow all 9 inches of me... and even go past that if you know what i mean. needless to say i LOVE LOVE LOVE deepthroat and am spoiled... i probably wont be able to marry a woman that cant do it.
Deep Throating
Posted: 7/3/2006 8:11:34 AM
Poor me, i have yet to experience this. I usually get the hand wrapped around my shaft so that effectively eliminates them from going down farther...... or my "accidently" pushing it in farther......
 Soul Seductive
Joined: 6/5/2005
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Deep Throating
Posted: 7/3/2006 9:35:31 AM
I liked it when a girl did deep throat on me several times....woo wooo woooo!...I like to deep throat tits, tongues and toes to.....did I mention I was a little on the freaky side....??
Joined: 2/27/2005
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Deep Throating
Posted: 7/3/2006 8:28:19 PM
this is such a lame question...YES SILLY!!
Joined: 8/19/2004
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Deep Throating
Posted: 7/3/2006 11:12:16 PM
I love deep throating and enjoy when a guy has a big johnson. MMMMMMMMM bring it on.,
 Soul Seductive
Joined: 6/5/2005
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Deep Throating
Posted: 7/3/2006 11:24:39 PM
Well I guess I need to get me a passport to ride out to winnipeg the way hey slutttina...wanna be my tour guide when I get there??...hehehehehehehe
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