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~OP Deep throating not all can do cause they tend to have GAG issues - To be honest as long as I'm pleasuring the one I'm with in the same way he treats me should not matter as to if I deep throat or not.




Seems to me cougar is cheating and thinks the grass is greener on the other side well honey let me tell you this much it's not. You talk of first date like your single well you say friends then make the date thing blank talk only of friendships not how good you are in bed who cares your married take care of your man and be lucky you have what you do have. Oh wonder how hubby would feel reading what you post on here put your self in his place would you want him here doing the same ?

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Deep Throating
Posted: 10/17/2008 4:38:30 AM
Most times I can.....sometimes I can't.
Depends on the angle or position.
How I taught myself was to relax and act like I'm actually swallowing something.

and I agree....huge turn on when a man grabs my hair or head.....
but when I start to make a gagging sound.....let the hell go please.

I also have to wonder how the above male poster (balko) learned his technique?!
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Deep Throating
Posted: 10/17/2008 8:25:40 AM
Good input and suggestions. Could anyone explain to me though how you would have your head off the bed? Where would the man be? Standing?
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Deep Throating
Posted: 10/17/2008 5:00:42 PM

Where would the man be? Standing?

yep... as long as his legs hold out
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Deep Throating
Posted: 10/17/2008 5:06:32 PM
nuttin better than watching his legs start to tremble....and he gets all weak kneed.....
and u know he really wants to lay down.....but it feels so damn good....and then when he finally cums.......he can barely keep standing let alone make it back into the bed......

how some women don't understand the power a woman holds while giving head I'll never comprehend.......
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Deep Throating
Posted: 2/25/2010 2:24:34 PM

I really REALLY love the feeling, ...
Obviously, since you went back well over a year to find this thread, For me, I don't get a huge turn on from the actual physical sensations; but the attitude that goes with it, If she's putting out that type of effort; willing to try, whether she can get it down or not; and getting into it... THEN I'm major league turned on.
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Deep Throating
Posted: 2/25/2010 6:00:24 PM
Deepthroating is heavenly. It can be learned.

3 words.

Practice, practice, practice!

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Deep Throating
Posted: 2/26/2010 3:58:31 AM
I think saying its no big deal, or the feeling isn't better, etc.....

is a great come on guys...and it might even work...but lets cut the the B.S. here....

Deep throat is the equvilent to woman as a man having an eight inch long tongue he can do push ups with at the rate of 100 per every ten minute, and can spin like a propeller on a fighter plane of wwll.

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Deep Throating
Posted: 2/26/2010 5:55:27 AM
My ex could deep throat to put a porn star to shame.
Thing is, it didn't do much for me. I much preferred it when she focused on 'polishing the knob on the end of the shaft."
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Deep Throating
Posted: 2/26/2010 12:40:57 PM
i am too big and thick .women see it and its like a horror movie its funny though.but its all good i i laugh.
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Deep Throating
Posted: 2/26/2010 4:30:15 PM
It's not that great, a good handjob while licking the head is better. Best of all is a good vagina, that's what it's for.
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Deep Throating
Posted: 2/28/2010 5:54:43 AM
You either want to or not....wouldnt worry bout it unless your in the movies...they like consider the act a gift..{oral}....and wouldnt force or make a scene with any woman about it....Good luck!
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Deep Throating
Posted: 2/28/2010 8:21:12 PM
I had a funny experience regarding it recently.

I was never able to do it, too strong a gag reflex. A little over a year ago I was with a guy and one thing led to another and I ended up doing it quite easily. That was cool. A few days later I got a very weird pain in my throat. In the mean time, I found out he'd been with another woman. I was afraid I'd picked up an STD. Got tested - no. Saw a doctor. She didn't see anything but thought I might have a yeast infection (which isn't normally painful) and treated me for that. It cleared up.

A year later I deep throated someone else for only the second time. Again - weird pain in my throat, even though while I was doing it, I didn't feel any sort of discomfort. The pain persisted for about a month. Meanwhile, I got an ear infection that wouldn't clear up and I had to see an ear, nose, and throat specialist, a very nice but straight laced doctor who appeared to be in his 60s. He checked out my ear and I told him while I was there, I wanted to ask him about something strange going on with my throat. I told him about the two deep throating incidents, a year apart, and this weird pain in my throat following each incident. He looked down my throat and palpated from the outside. While I was telling my story, he sat and listened intently but when he himself started talking, he kept backing away from me and, in fact, kept backing up until he ran into the wall. He was very polite but inside myself I was laughing, watching him back away from me.

As it turned out, he thinks I was causing a little muscle strain and I think he's right. It resolved itself. However, I still chuckle remembering him backing away from me like that.
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Deep Throating
Posted: 2/28/2010 8:56:03 PM
Im sure theres plenty of material on this topic....just type it into a search engine...and SEARCH.

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Deep Throating
Posted: 2/28/2010 8:59:42 PM
"I have had it done and yes it is a really good feeling, especially if you cum but you have to be wary of one thing here. If the lady in question somehow chokes herself accidentally, ya know, the natural reaction? Well you could be looking at a chain reaction culminating in a trip to the ER."

I agree 100%,,,,,and have been thinking about that lately,,,,,good old fashioned sex for me....never was big into risking my man-hood.
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Deep Throating
Posted: 3/1/2010 12:36:53 PM
i am six feet six size 15 shoe and a blackman with green i am not even going to touch this one.but you made me laugh.thank you.
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Deep Throating
Posted: 3/1/2010 6:56:20 PM
YES!!!!! You should start swallowing repetively with his head right where the action of your swallow takes place... it is unreal!!!
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Deep Throating
Posted: 3/8/2010 8:34:03 AM
Its easy but dont do it right after a meal, it could hit your gag reflex and your food could come up by accident. Sorry to be so blunt but you really dont want that happening.
Joined: 2/28/2009
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Deep Throating
Posted: 6/30/2010 1:16:10 PM
Well, the only guys who might not enjoy it are the 1's who she can't deep throat You know the ones that are hung like a lightswitch (lol). I'm just guessing at that, since that scenario does not apply to me
Joined: 12/21/2009
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Deep Throating
Posted: 7/1/2010 5:40:44 AM
I only like it if I am calling her names and forcing her in different positions. I also feel like I'm just doing that to entertain her cause its not really my preference. I would rather be trapped under her butt struggling for air.
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Deep Throating
Posted: 6/17/2011 2:44:11 AM
I would love to know how it feels to be swallowed compleatly
Joined: 6/1/2011
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Deep Throating
Posted: 6/17/2011 6:35:49 AM just so happens that I have FINALLY perfected this art. I have always been orally gifted; but, my 1st lover after my husband was almost 9" long. He had never had a woman who could take it all. Well...never give me a challenge. I have no tonsills, which helps, and I have always brushed my tongue. That is a good thing to master. Each time you do it, just try to take a little more than the last time. I find that the biggest secret is ... GET IT PLENTY WET. Let your saliva actually drip down on the tip of him before you start down the pipe. Keep eye contact...they love that. Secondly, pray he doesn't have a huge curve like my guy did. Yikes!!! Makes it a lot rougher, and you have to pick your angle. LOL. Good luck ... and practice makes perfect.
Joined: 6/1/2011
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Deep Throating
Posted: 6/17/2011 6:42:43 AM
ONE LAST THING I FORGOT...and it is a BIG one. Do this on a fairly empty stomach, if you can swing it. If you do have a mishap, the only thing coming up is a beverage, perhaps.
Joined: 5/24/2011
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Deep Throating
Posted: 6/17/2011 7:57:19 AM
I have only met one woman who could do it. She just went for it and surprised the heck out of me when her lips hit my pubic bone and my****was entirely insider her mouth/throat. My first reaction was "WOW" followed up by "hey, I am going to need that back sometime"... That was 20 years ago. Cindy was about 6 feet tall....
Joined: 12/17/2009
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Deep Throating
Posted: 6/17/2011 8:02:26 AM
To add to lookinmyeye's post:

Take a deep breath, cause once you've got it as deep as it can go, you won't be able to. So make sure you come up for air.

And for the guys: don't grab her head and force her unless you fancy your manhood covered in vomit. SHE needs to control how deep it goes and SHE knows when she needs to get a breath. I know in the heat of the moment guys can get carried away, but remember, even expert deep-throaters need to breathe and will start to choke if you force them past their limits.

Now personally, I find it more fun to alternate between deep throating and stroking the penis, and licking and sucking up and down and around the head. I'll concentrate on the head and shaft for awhile, then just throw in some deep throating action, bring him to the brink and back off so that when I finally want him to cum it's mindblowing.
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