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Joined: 11/12/2010
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i long for the moment...i hope he understands whyPage 10 of 11    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)
Only a coward would threaten to punch a woman through someone else song

only a coward would threaten a woman

now that u realize I am not afraid of you Patrick I hope you get the help you need.

I don't want to sleep with you or your friends, you forced them on me once. I promise you ...u will not be able to brutalize me again. I know you are not done with the abuse...bring it on.

I am not alone.

Characteristics of a Potential Batterer

* Jealousy
* Controlling behavior
* Quick involvement
* Unrealistic expectations
* Isolation of victim
* Blames others for his problems
* Blames others for his feelings
* Hypersensitivity
* Cruelty to animals or children
* "Playful" use of force during sex
* Verbal abuse
* Rigid sex roles
* Jekyll and Hyde type personality

* History of past battering
* Threats of violence
* Breaking or striking objects
* Any force during an argument
* Objectification of women
* Tight control over finances
* Minimization of the violence
* Manipulation through guilt
* Extreme highs and lows
* Expects her to follow his orders
* Frightening rage
* Use of physical force
* Closed mindedness

Abusers often try to manipulate the "system" by:

* Threatening to call Child Protective Services or the Department of Human Resources and making actual reports that his partner neglects or abuses the children.
* Changing lawyers and delaying court hearings to increase his partner's financial hardship.
* Telling everyone (friends, family, police, etc.) that she is "crazy" and making things up.
* Using the threat of prosecution to get her to return to him.
* Telling police she hit him, too.
* Giving false information about the criminal justice system to confuse his partner or prevent her from acting on her own behalf.
* Using children as leverage to get and control his victim.

Abusers may try to manipulate their partners, especially after a violent episode.

He may try to "win" her back in some of these ways:

* Invoking sympathy from her, her family and friends.
* Talking about his "difficult childhood".
* Becoming overly charming, reminding her of the good times they've had.
* Bringing romantic gifts, flowers, dinner.
* Crying, begging for forgiveness.
* Promising it will "never happen again."
* Promising to get counseling, to change.
Joined: 11/12/2010
Msg: 220
i long for the moment...i hope he understands why
Posted: 12/1/2010 3:19:47 PM
violence against children pedophiles in America, Asia...other countries running loose, like pedo's watching little girls and boys through "windows" is this what you mean ??? cause it seems to me America and the rest of those sad faucks got their priorities all wrong.

You SOB's are truly sad.

Let us Try protecting children against some of you.

You people make me sick.

You exploit children on television, on the radio...all over the entertainment industry for MONEY

You ****in predators, love exploiting anything that will fatten your pockets.

Try this on for size. How many of you have gotten rich off a child’s fame....

prostitution in the form of entertaining the masses....

sound familiar?

your little camera’s in my my daughters' bathroom...sounds familar...

I don't care about your fake morals.

You sad disgusting son's of...dam it I called you that all ready

Ok you sad pathetic perverted hypocrites.

really now get your minds right
Joined: 11/12/2010
Msg: 221
i long for the moment...i hope he understands why
Posted: 12/3/2010 1:34:11 PM
This is a true fauckin story.

You fauckers now use African Americans to do your dirty work?
Well, there is always an idiot who is willing to go that extra mile to prove their allegiance to you sick **stards huh?
Hint... I eat dark meat too...

Tip- I will wear weave to my knees if I like, or shave my head bald and still look like a ****in teenage dream, ***hole. As long as I like ****ers can kiss my pretty brown ass.

Ok here is the story.
So out of no where this fugly manly looking woman walks up to me and some associates.

yeah I said it, this manly looking "black" woman in class the other day, attempting to insult me I suppose, says to me "honey you know black folks can't grow out their hair."

I am looking at her sparsly looking corn-rowed head thinking really???

I suppose she realized I was viewing her scalp and maybe the thoughts hairless cat escaped my mind and inched into hers...gawd knows I was thinking it hard enough.

Well she then says ..."but,uh, but, but my hair is shoulder length the only reason I am wearing braids is because I am "trying to grow my hair out"


I am still thinking hairless cat....

she walks away as quickly as she came.

...I'm thinking really biatch, really??? Good thing I ain't black...

to be continued

Joined: 11/12/2010
Msg: 222
i long for the moment...i hope he understands why
Posted: 12/3/2010 1:58:19 PM
"They are sayin silence biatch, silence
or we will shut you up"

By: Tammy Anquinette

You want to shut me up, don't you.
You want me to stop talking
Call me a crazy
Call me a fraud
Call me a god da//m,
abomination from your GOD

Call me a bald headed chicken
Call me a queer
Call me a slush, addicted to wine and beer

You sad little fauck ups call call me what you want

I am going to talk
I am am going to scream

I am going to spill all your **fauckin beans
keep fuackin with me

I want to see how far you take it
You want to kill me?

well bring it on baby, bring it
See many have tried

I have been drowned,
shot, sufficated and poisoned

but I keep coming back for more
Oh, yes lets see if you can handle the heat.
Cause I sure as fauckin can

Heelll awaits you all

p.s the children, will survive
they have my genes/

Joined: 11/12/2010
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i long for the moment...i hope he understands why
Posted: 12/3/2010 2:23:21 PM
Queen of the Dammned
by: Tam Anquinette

your truth is a slow burn
and the sun moves closer to the earth
and the earth sinks into itself
and the molten rock, rises

and the children of the dammned cry
the see what the vultures have eaten
and they whisper, please stop no more
and their cries fall on deaf ears

for their God has turned his back on them
For their God has turned his back on them
And their God warned them
But they did not listen

and their God pleaded and sent his son
and they refused to listen
and when the world says there is peace
there shall be silence before the storm

and when the earth says I am resting
it is the silence before the storm
and all shall see
the horror and glory

all shall believe
all shall bow

they all will cry tears
and his glory will burn the face of the earth

and it will be calm
Joined: 11/12/2010
Msg: 224
i long for the moment...i hope he understands why
Posted: 12/3/2010 3:03:02 PM
No more bunny hop
By: Tam Anquinette

Bunny wants to be rabid
bunny wants to be rabid

bunny wants to rip their skin
with her bloody rabid claws

bunny has seen it all
bunny was innocent,
but they took her innocence


she is and was a sparrow,and
a crow...
and then she laid low
thinking, and hoping
they would leave her alone

but the wicked wanted more
they could not get enough

they fed, she bled
and now bunny/sparrow
is no more

She became a crow,
she became a tree
but the wicked would not let her be
now she is a cat

oh how they like that
because they think,
oh we have dogs
and her prince as it
seemed was a hog

and now
they wonder
what is she

what has she become...
You son's of biatches really don't want to know
leave me now...
Joined: 11/21/2006
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i long for the moment...i hope he understands why
Posted: 12/3/2010 9:03:34 PM
Never I asked of you but never I gave
These trials these sins I long to hold you this I take to my grave
Now that I'm coming home I may not be all you wish to be
I need your arms to welcome me but these stones of road I may not wish to see
Each of us walking upon a stick on the ladder walking the rope till we fall
I cannot catch you if you don't save me first just give my name a call
If we all are bound to be damned let my mark of the beast be your name
Is this boundless poetry to me it seems pretty lame
But for those who listen those of us with ears
It reflects the times we've all faced behind shadows on the wall for ears
So if you walk this journey of this through life
I think he understands and is meant to make you his wife
Joined: 11/12/2010
Msg: 226
i long for the moment...i hope he understands why
Posted: 12/5/2010 5:07:23 AM
Dagger sorry guys update they forgot I turned off my wifi signal...and they can remote access your computers without wifi signal...firefox is drac

And you fauckers are still stealing

Joined: 11/12/2010
Msg: 227
i long for the moment...i hope he understands why
Posted: 12/5/2010 5:14:29 AM
remote accessing a computer without authorization is a no,no even for you
Bl/ind one

avast is their toy dog
ring, ring
she is on the line
cover your tracks blind

ring ring, she does not sleep
android girl is awake...
the demon does not sleep
she is taking names
and playing for keeps

by tam anquinette

Joined: 11/12/2010
Msg: 228
i long for the moment...i hope he understands why
Posted: 12/5/2010 6:27:08 AM
The darkness and the light

By:Tam Anquinette

He is darkness
I am the light
he is darkness
he is the antichrist

he is the wicked
we are the chosen few
they are the wicked
the righteous will fight

He is here\he has come

you must find your belief
this must be done

and this battle is spiritual
this battle is magical
this battle is physical
this battle is psychological
this battle is environmental

They will poison your, food, water, minds and land
they will poison your children, your air, your families and your bands

they have poisoned your television, your radio, and your news
their ultimate goal is to poison you.

this battle is real

and it does not matter if you are wiccan,christian, hindu, muslium or jew

this battle must be fought by all of you.
Joined: 11/12/2010
Msg: 229
i long for the moment...i hope he understands why
Posted: 12/5/2010 11:21:09 PM
The powers of government were never given the jurisdiction to do the things they are doing today. Many laws, taxes, restrictions and government powers come from this post-constructional (89 years later) jurisdiction. Abortion, Roe V. Wade, prayer in school, gun control are all fruits of the tree of this unlawful and unconstitutional jurisdiction. I will demonstrate, with facts and freely available documents, how this unconstitutional jurisdiction came to be and how to fix it. - Bruce Ray Riggs

Bruce Ray Riggs

honest to goodness truth for a change

yes, its about time

Joined: 11/12/2010
Msg: 230
i long for the moment...i hope he understands why
Posted: 12/6/2010 12:16:59 AM
"I believe what i choose to believe"

by :tam anquinette

i am going 2 remind u all,
i believe what i believe
i am of no ONE secular religion
you are whatever belief you chose to be
you are welcome and have the right
2 follow your own beliefs,
as do I...
but this battle is all of ours.
So please stop trying to convert me to your point of religious views.

thank you and have a nice year.

Joined: 11/12/2010
Msg: 231
i long for the moment...i hope he understands why
Posted: 12/7/2010 12:16:44 PM
I've longed for the moment I hope he understands why by Tam Anquinette is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License . Based on a work at . Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at .

I recently had some work mentioned on facebook
that I had not released to the public
I realize that the people responsible are determined to continue along this wicked path.
If you can not admit the truth, don't worry it will come out in ways you will least expect.

There are some major labels, and artist that have stolen, and continue to steal. Your day will come. Admit where the ideas and where the stolen goods came from and all will be forgiven.

If you continue, I will call you out one by one. It doesn't matter to me if people believe me, it doesn't matter if you threaten to sue me. It doesn't matter if you continue to hold my children hostage. It doesn't matter if you call me a liar or a fraud or a crazy person. People will see, the truth is coming out.

Your wicked kingdom and all of your houses of clay and straw will fall. This promise I plan to keep. You will fall.

Tammy Anquinette Thomas
Joined: 11/12/2010
Msg: 232
i long for the moment...i hope he understands why
Posted: 12/9/2010 8:45:00 AM
Fans Didn't we laugh at the Chinese and Iranian government­s for censoring the internet?
See we judge other countries for doing the exact thing our government does
We are not free people
our freedom is...a joke
but the masses do not believe

it takes something more serious than this, me, 9-11 etc

it is going to take a freakin miracle or...everyone really banning together and SPEAKING UP. Tell them no more lies

Joined: 11/12/2010
Msg: 233
i long for the moment...i hope he understands why
Posted: 12/9/2010 11:44:40 AM
Some are far to young...
try again..
Joined: 11/12/2010
Msg: 234
i long for the moment...i hope he understands why
Posted: 12/9/2010 1:33:34 PM
The claws come out
by: Tam Anquinette

i've fallen twice this week,
both times after I was ready to make peace
What does that tell me...
I have enough memory to know What my type is and adam/eve is not it

Over the years I have lost a lot in unpaid storages, old house etc.
Some of it personal, some of it very personal. A few diaries a few love letters.
But if you think that I need a fan base to tell my story, you are wrong.
Neither do I need My-space... fortunately the web is big enough to move around in.

stop trying to be nice

Today I was called a whore
as if I have never been called that before
So that doesn't hurt
What will happen is exactly what I said would happen
When the truth comes out
so does the claws
Joined: 11/12/2010
Msg: 235
i long for the moment...i hope he understands why
Posted: 12/10/2010 12:02:28 PM
Some women chose to wear burqa because it makes them feel comfortable, in a very uncomfortable world.

I will wear burqa,

or as some of you know it

see Burka (disambiguation).Part of
(Islamic jurisprudence)

•Behavior and daily life

Part of a series on
Islamic culture

Arabic · Azeri
Indo-Islamic · Iwan
Moorish · Moroccan · Mughal
Ottoman · Persian · Somali
Sudano-Sahelian · Tatar


Abaya · Agal · Boubou
Burqa · Chador · Jellabiya
Niqab · Salwar kameez · Taqiya
Thawb · Jilbab · Hijab

Ashura · Arba'een · al-Ghadeer
Chaand Raat · al-Fitr · al-Adha
Imamat Day · al-Kadhim
New Year · Isra and Mi'raj
al-Qadr · Mawlid · Ramadan
Mugam · Mid-Sha'ban

Arabic · Azeri · Bengali
Indonesian · Javanese · Kashmiri
Kurdish · Persian · Punjabi · Sindhi
Somali · South Asian · Turkish · Urdu

Martial arts
Silat · Kurash

Dastgah · Ghazal · Madih nabawi

Maqam · Mugam · Nasheed

Karagöz and Hacivat
Ta'zieh · Wayang

A burqa (Arabic pronunciation: ['b?rq??]; also transliterated burkha, burka or burqua from Arabic: ????? burqu‘ or burqa‘ ) is an enveloping outer garment worn by women in some Islamic traditions to cover their bodies in public places. The burqa is usually understood to be the woman's loose body-covering (Arabic: jilbab), plus the head-covering (Arabic: ?ijab, taking the most usual meaning), plus the face-veil (Arabic: niqab).

I will wear until my children are freed from bondage. I will wear this until, the female gender has equal rights, Until my children* are no longer in the hands of my enemies. Until woman are free of the male dominated rules...and games, and politics.

and if that means until the day I die...then so be it.

(and that my friends may take a while.

tam anquinette
Joined: 11/12/2010
Msg: 236
i long for the moment...i hope he understands why
Posted: 12/10/2010 7:17:44 PM
Only sick demented individuals would rape and crucify a underage girl

and then attempt to make her think she is crazy to cover up their human sex trafficking trade.

the girl was at least 9...maybe younger

if my memory is intact and I pretty sure it is...she is not 35.


those 3 countries are all in bed together.

her mother country sold her to the second one, and the 3rd country took advantage...the third one owns the entertainment industry.

She is not safe...she lives in the wolves den, they know she knows and they threaten her and remind her daily...

every day they make sure to warn her thru television and radio and magazine ads, that if she tells...they will kill her.

she doesn't care about their threats...she knows they are doing it to others...

the difference between the others...and her is

she has more power than they realized.

Tammy Anquinette thomas

also known as kindacute
angel blackbird
Tam the forever damned blackbird
Virginia sea..

and many, many, others...
Joined: 11/12/2010
Msg: 237
i long for the moment...i hope he understands why
Posted: 12/10/2010 7:24:02 PM
She has given birth to several children...a few are held by her captors..

the evil ones, took the children immediately after she gave birth.

they even attempted to give her kids that were not hers...I am asian ...what exactly did you think a half breed...asian black, or asian white child would look like????

they are claiming that the children are their own.

I know my own kids you sick faucks...

Harm my children...and I will harm you...plain and simple.
Joined: 11/12/2010
Msg: 238
i long for the moment...i hope he understands why
Posted: 12/12/2010 5:24:05 AM
the truth of this model/ version 2010- 1.0

by:Tam Anquinette

she was born in 1987
sent from heaven
raised in hell
how does a system
fake a lifetime
with lies
fake id's
fake birth certificate
fake birth record

she is only 23
and her captors know this.

there are drugs that induce puberty
card games that teach 2 year old to read
really, you don't believe
it is as seen on tv

now she is almost 24
discovering the truth
her autobiographers call her a wh*re
some have the audacity to mock her
and they are still threatening to reveal dark secrets...

my your darkness
remember that my friend
and she is condemed and called a liar
but the truth is known
and I am not the only one...

Tam Anquinette
Joined: 11/12/2010
Msg: 239
i long for the moment...i hope he understands why
Posted: 12/13/2010 4:38:27 PM
Yes, yes I see said the little bee

I can have some of my own honey

as long as I give you what you want...America

I think this has been clear to a few other countries for a while.

I am just now getting it.

Thanks guys

I am learning daily.

I am a hostage with benefits.

The son is still on lock down, Etrade will not release my funds until the Attorney General of Texas, releases the illegal lien on my finances, and I am still in burka...

I was in a cult, that I broke away from, only to run into the arms of another cult, the "mother" that I know as mary, will not admit the truth. The memories are very real. The trauma is very real, and I am still going to move on to a better life. Doesn't matter how many liars, whor*es and b*iatch (name calling) you and the media throw at me.

America has its own dirty secrets, that they cover up regularly by running around pointing fingers at other countries.

I am also not interested in staying in a country that refuses to play fair and keep its part of the deal...

Stop making promises you plan on breaking...just be real and say, Fauk-off.

I am still a 23 year old, extremely distressed, former child bride of a sick demented, enchanted sociopath who refuses to take no for an answer.


Tam Anquinette
Joined: 11/12/2010
Msg: 240
i long for the moment...i hope he understands why
Posted: 12/13/2010 4:57:05 PM
Today a dj on the classical radio station I listen to says I am making it all up, and that the conditions, I come up with are not possible to be met...look- a -here silly man, i am proof that anything is possible...k

now, I am going to move on...with my life. I ma going to finish my education, I am going to pursue all of my dreams.

More than likely, just to be clear to everyone....I agree with Tina Turner's idea of living arrangements...

Tam Anquinette
Joined: 11/12/2010
Msg: 241
i long for the moment...i hope he understands why
Posted: 1/7/2011 1:36:26 PM
there is a creeper in my attic

this is the second time,

I need pest control
Joined: 11/12/2010
Msg: 242
i long for the moment...i hope he understands why
Posted: 1/7/2011 1:37:00 PM
their is a creeper in my attic for the second time
i need pest control
Joined: 8/15/2011
Msg: 243
i long for the moment...i hope he understands why
Posted: 8/18/2011 6:10:23 PM
I don't even want a boyfriend anymore

I think I will just
do the whore
thing for awhile
set my style
to something more fitting
for two thousand and something
rather than some fifties fantasy
constructed by
my lying mother
with a twinkle in her eye
reflecting the jewels
that once made her

My hands are getting old
and I'm too tired
to care anymore

Just bury me in a pretty spot
you can have my eyes, if you think they will make you less blind
and I would prefer to be bald
so take the hair too
I'm sure it'll be a lovely sweater
and look just smashing on you
because you would look good in a potato sack
as would I

Sometimes I see ghosts out of the corner of my eye
but then I realize
they are simply
reflections of your spirit
and I should really stop focusing on you
and then maybe I won't feel your touch against my skin
every ****ing waking hour

You are the most
sadistic ghost
I've met as of yet

and there's a child in my house
that only exists
through shadows.
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