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“tried to find names for mine that were not going to be the same as everyone else, but also that weren't so different I had to repeat it 10 times before people understood.”
LOL My real name, first and last, are not difficult to understand, just difficult to believe you heard me correctly. ALWAYS have to say it 3 times, and then spell it before people believe LOL
When it came to naming my son, I wanted to name him Joseph Zackary S**** (my last name). His father wanted to name him Jerimiah M***** (his last name). Never did agree on anything, so it came out Jerimiah-Joseph Zachary (hospital screwed up and used an “h” instead of a “k” like I asked) S****-M***** (his last name was hyphenated with mine getting top billing LOL) It was hysterical listening to the announcer at his football games in high school. Poor man would stammer through the hyphenated first and last names every time my little star player did whatever LOL He even had to pay more for all the extra letters on his jacket.
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Why did you name your children what you did?
Posted: 5/16/2006 10:28:45 AM
I didn't want to lose my last name after marraige so I gave my son my last name for his first. It would've been the same had he been a she.

Middle name was hard. I wanted something unrelated to god. Came up with Harrison
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Why did you name your children what you did?
Posted: 5/16/2006 11:33:59 AM
6 of my friends were pregnant at the same time due all within a week of each other .

We all were having girls so we sat down with our partners at the time and came up with 6 girls names and 2 boys names just in case !! We numbered them and as the babies were born we took and named our kid the name that was due to us..

I was the last one to give birth so i ended up with CASSIDY - EVE

Love that cute lil petite blonde haired blue eyed angel .. Shes almost 7 now and knows the origin of her name ...

My second daughter is Alyssa Rose .. and i can tell you im in trouble when this lil devil hits the teens !! At 2 she thinks shes 15 already !!! Her name my ex husband and i just picked he liked Alyssa and i liked Rose so we put em together .

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Why did you name your children what you did?
Posted: 5/16/2006 11:37:14 AM
because it sounded cool and he didnt come out looking like a 'trenton miles'. LOL, I wasted money on having TEE-SHIRTS made with that name on them for his mother and I to wear at the 'coed' baby-shower....ahh, what memories
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Why did you name your children what you did?
Posted: 5/16/2006 11:51:15 AM
My dad helped me choose my son's name. I knew I waned something bibical but I was unsure which name Iliked the most. We decided on Jacob because he was faithful and loyal and because he worked 14yrs just to be with the woman he loved. I wanted my son to have those qualities. Then for his middle name my dad suggested Aaron because he was a strong leader who wasn't afraid to speak up for what he believed in. I liked it so my son became Jacob Aaron.
 Mr Sullen
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Why did you name your children what you did?
Posted: 5/16/2006 8:59:29 PM
The name Leroy is the anglicized version of the french words; Le Roi or old french Le Roy translated as The King or to be literal, The Royal. They were just words until the time of Louis XIV the all powerful, omnipotent absolute monarch of the Imperial Empire of France. Louis The Fourteenth, The Sun King. He ruled from 1643 to 1715 (72 years the longest reign in modern European history). During this time monarchs ruled by divine right, that is to say, it was believed they were chosen by God to be Kings and they answered only to God, no one else. Being an absolute monarch Louis had “The Right of Knowledge” of all the maidens in the land. That was the Biblical Right of Knowledge if you know what I mean. (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.) Now being a young, healthy and rather “randy” King, Louis was known to take advantage of this right on his many travels throughout the kingdom. Of course as was bound to happen, many maidens found themselves in the family way as a result of the Kings visit. As did a few others who never laid eyes on the King. By way of declaring to the village that they were not naughty ladies but in fact patriotic, they would name the offspring Le Roi to inform all and sundry that indeed, the King made me do it.
Now when I was born some 235 years later my mother took one look at me and declared to my father, “Well Matt, this one we are going to name Leroy.” “What on earth for?” demanded my incredulous daddy. “Because” said mother, “I can tell just by looking at him that this one is going to grow up to be “One Royal **stard!”
That's how I got my name, believe it or not.
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