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I don't get the Harley thing either. I used to own a Ninja and I can't see why I would spend more than twice as much for something with half the performace, terrible handling and the same road feel you'd get sitting in a LazyBoy recliner on wheels.

Back in 1989 when I bought the first Ninja ZX-7 (see profile for picture) in my area and I paid over 10K for it and many of the Harley riders I knew (including my dad) said:

Why would you pay so much money for something that you can not ride for more then an hour before your butt goes numb?

So I let the old boy take it for a spin and when he came back, he understood.

To each their own.
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What is it about Harley's?
Posted: 7/21/2010 4:39:13 PM
While there remains a true contingent of Harley riders who do so for the passion and the entire mystique, from what I've seen over the years, that mistique has been co-opted significantly by rebels without a clue. People on machines beyond their capabilites are being scraped up with greater frequency. We have a huge Harley crowd turning out at many of our music venues these days. Not hard to discern between the die-hards and newbies. A lot of folks when told to "get a life" searched the internet and glommed onto the "scene" du jour. "All my friends were non-conformists, so I became one too" is aptly applied to many of the posers in the Harley, whitewater, hang-gliding, climbing, boating and other scenes. It's the road kill that is hard to watch.

PS..I was a crotch rocket, rice burner sort...
PPS..I have seen far more yuppies with Harleys than Goldwings. The uniforms are cheaper with Goldwings.
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