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Joined: 11/4/2005
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Still Taken

Communication is the key,
Finally given openly to me.
No more confusion in my head,
Slept like a baby in my bed.
Bringing forth the glorious dawn,
Pain and questions are all gone.
Love can sometimes hurt a bit,
As my motto goes, "Never quit."
My heart still belongs to that special one,
Our journey in life has only just begun.

Joined: 11/4/2005
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Writing Is Therapy!
Posted: 3/14/2006 6:35:39 AM
Thanks Om! If only life could just be simple - we'd all be bored, huh?
Joined: 11/4/2005
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Writing Is Therapy!
Posted: 3/14/2006 7:14:43 AM
Glad you are feeling better today.
Worked it out some how, some way.
Thanks for stopping in to say,
Good Morning and Good Day.

Joined: 11/4/2005
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Writing Is Therapy!
Posted: 3/14/2006 3:32:10 PM
-A Wannabe My Sweet A**!! Welcome back D and know that there are so many of us here that can truly relate to When. I loved it. Keep em coming.
Joined: 11/4/2005
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Writing Is Therapy!
Posted: 3/14/2006 5:19:40 PM
Splendid writes Sep and D!

No Strings

Be happy and be free
Just giggle once more for me.
Go ahead and play a while
Just remember to always smile.
Fish the vast, wide open sea
Just have yourself a jubilee.
Throw a party for one and all
Just don't forget to give a call.
Play the field for what you're missing
Just don't forget what you're dismissing.
Keep searching for something more grand
Just don't forget that this I planned.
Joined: 11/4/2005
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Writing Is Therapy!
Posted: 3/14/2006 6:04:37 PM
Aw thanks Sep. But, the rose was just for you my friend. (Notice it's not here, too.) Sometimes we all need a pick me up.
Joined: 11/4/2005
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Writing Is Therapy!
Posted: 3/14/2006 8:06:48 PM
Hey You Guys!!! Very Sweet and Talented Woman Needs You ^^^^! You are on a roll D, keep em coming.
Joined: 11/4/2005
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Writing Is Therapy!
Posted: 3/15/2006 6:33:47 AM
I thought today that I would post one of my favorite poems written by James A. Kisner. Enjoy.

Roses For Rose

Red roses were her favorites, her name was also Rose.
And every year her husband sent them, tied with pretty bows.
The year he died, the roses were delivered to her door.
The card said, "Be my Valentine," like all the years before.

Each year he sent her roses and the note would always say,
"I love you even more this year, than last year on this day.
My love for you will always grow, with every passing year."
She knew this was the last time that the roses would appear.

She thought, he ordered the roses in advance before this day.
Her loving husband did not know that he would pass away.
He always liked to do things early, way before time.
Then, if he got too busy, everything would work out just fine.

She trimmed the stems and placed them in a very special vase.
Then, sat the vase beside the portrait of his smiling face.
She would sit for hours in her husband's favorite chair.
While staring at his picture and the roses sitting there.

A year went by and it was hard to live without her mate.
With loneliness and solitude that had become her fate.
Then, the very hour, as on Valentine's before,
The doorbell rang, and there were roses, sitting by her door.

She brought the roses in and then just looked at them in shock.
Then, went to get the telephone to call the florist shop.
The owner answered and she asked him if he would explain.
Why would someone do this to her, causing her such pain?

"I know your husband passed away, more than a year ago,"
The owner said. "I knew you'd call and you would want to know.
The flowers you received today, were paid for in advance.
Your husband always planned ahead, he left nothing to chance.
There is a standing order that I have on file down here,
And, he has paid, well in advance, you'll get them every year.
There also is another thing, that I think you should know,
He wrote a special little card...he did this years ago.
Then, should ever I find out that he's no longer here,
That's the card that should be sent to you, the following year."

She thanked him and hung up, her tears now flowing hard.
Her fingers shaking, as she slowly reached to get the card.
Inside the card she saw that he had written her a note.
Then, as she stared in total silence, this is what he wrote...

"Hello, my love. I know it's been a year since I've been gone.
I hope it hasn't been too hard for you to overcome.
I know it must be lonely and the pain is very real.
For if it was the other way, I would know how I would feel.
The love we shared made everything so beautiful in life.
I loved you more than words can say. You were the perfect wife.
You were my friend and lover, you fulfilled my every need.
I know it's only been a year, but please try not to grieve.
I want you to be happy, even when you shed your tears.
That is why the roses will be sent to you for years.
When you get these roses, think of all the happiness,
That we had together and how both of us were blessed.
I have always loved you and I know I always will.
But, my love, you must go on. You have some living still.
Please...try to find happiness while living out your days.
I know it's not easy, but I hope you find some ways.
The roses will come every year, and they will only stop,
When your door's not answered, when the florist stops to knock.
He will come five times that day, in case you have gone out.
But, after his last visit, he will know without a doubt,
To take the roses to the place, where I've instructed him,
And place the roses where we are, together once again."
Joined: 11/4/2005
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Writing Is Therapy!
Posted: 3/15/2006 7:33:43 AM
It is a beauty! Glad you enjoyed it Sep. But, didn't mean to make you !!!
Joined: 11/4/2005
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Writing Is Therapy!
Posted: 3/15/2006 10:34:25 AM
"Peace of Mind"

You thought you'd replace me so easily
with "Muscles of Art", but he too shall flee
You thought your legs would be "forever intwined"
Now he's with another, Guess what?, So am I...

She gathered the pieces of a spirit you broke
with your prude attitude and the lies you spoke
The only good thing that came from you was your son
but you walked out on him too when his journey had just begun...

Those pills you take can help you forget
and you've started smoking again I'd be willing to bet...

Now feel the warmth and bitter sting
Winter's gone and now it's spring

Your new man took the midnight train
and now you feel the bitter pain

You didn't even want to be my friend
That would disrupt your plans with him

I should have known by the way you treated your kids
Your "unconditional love" was nothing but shit...

Nice pretty little words sometimes rhyme
but your actions spoke a thousand times

Anyone who gets close to the real you will feel the cold and sting through and through...
To be continued...

Joined: 11/4/2005
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Writing Is Therapy!
Posted: 3/15/2006 11:22:37 PM
So many assumptions, which one's the ass?
One little poem attracted a mass

Let's try again...

"More Jaded Spew"

The only things that stuck on you
are things you can't deny
Like age lines, stretchmarks, bad tatoos,
and pills that get you by.

Joined: 11/4/2005
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Ashes to bashes and love unto lust
Posted: 3/21/2006 5:17:24 AM
White Diamonds

One last breathtaking snow for me,
Even though it's spring officially.
White diamonds sparkle all over,
Blanketing the ground moreover.
Shiny crystals rest on the trees,
"Stay for a while, please oh please!"
Joined: 11/4/2005
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Writing Is Therapy!
Posted: 3/21/2006 6:15:24 AM
Cloud Nine

Have you ever had the chance to
float weightless upon cloud nine?
Given graciously to only a select few
one moment to feel completely fine.
Drifting along lazily way up high
no worries or stress allowed in the sky.
The world below seems so surreal
I wish for you one day to feel.
Joined: 11/4/2005
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Writing Is Therapy!
Posted: 3/21/2006 9:12:40 AM
Welcome Ezygoin! I believe in Angels...your words hit home. Please come back and post anytime.
Joined: 11/4/2005
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Writing Is Therapy!
Posted: 3/21/2006 10:46:39 AM

As your tongue melts into mine,
Passions erupt, so devine.
Skin scorching, on fire,
My eyes reveal my desire.
Wrapped up in your smell,
Enchanted beneath the spell.
One nibble and then a bite,
Let's make this last all night.
Writhing, hot and wet,
This we will never forget.
Joined: 11/4/2005
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Writing Is Therapy!
Posted: 3/22/2006 5:22:45 AM
Good Morning All!

Ezygoin - Good to see that you are back with more of your great writes! There really isn't a "theme" on my thread. It's all about just writing whatever you want, so feel free!!

Thorb - Thanks for your support and kind words, my friend. You have a wonderful way with words.

Poet - A beautiful poem with someone special in mind. Thank you, too, for your shoulder when needed.
Joined: 11/4/2005
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Writing Is Therapy!
Posted: 3/23/2006 10:32:46 AM
Nice one Ezygoin!

Just playing around today with some limericks. They can be fun and bring me back to being a little one.

There once was a man named Henry,
who could make women scream like a banshee.
He would finish with a smile
walk another mile
and begin another spree.

There once was a man named Frank,
that really loved a good spank.
He would beg and plead
for it was a need
especially when he drank.

Joined: 11/4/2005
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Writing Is Therapy!
Posted: 3/24/2006 9:18:29 AM
The Block

Stuck in a rut.
Dragging my butt.
Gears need grease.
Want a release.
Chipping the block.
What a crock.
Grabbing my pen.
Waiting til then.

Joined: 11/4/2005
Msg: 119
Writing Is Therapy!
Posted: 3/24/2006 10:10:56 AM
Aw! Thanks Sep. You are so write...if I lost it completely, I'd go insane!

Poet - So far away but still close in heart. Beautiful.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully, I'll be cured by then.
Joined: 3/18/2006
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Gone- Goodbye?
Posted: 3/26/2006 5:43:36 AM
How can you just leave
It's not your fault
You were deceived
I know the story very well
I have lived my time in hell
Days go by and turn to years
We've all cried an ocean of tears
I grab my axe and strum the chords
In itself it's own reward
But the ticking of the clock
Lets me know it all will stop
I keep going I have no choice
This is my path
Please hear my voice

Joined: 3/18/2006
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Guitar,Playing the Blues
Posted: 3/26/2006 4:16:03 PM
Can you play like Stevie Ray or Sambori please
Perhaps like Vai or Buddy Guy?
I'm just asking as a tease
Many people love guitar
But they don't know who plays
I can write a list for you
That could go on for days
Oh, the guitar player
Women flock to you
But here I play alone again
Hey I'm a player too
We can play together
Maybe call Clapton and BB King
We could jam all night
What a joy that would bring

For Sep44 and his axe

Joined: 3/18/2006
Msg: 122
Guitar,Playing the Blues
Posted: 3/26/2006 5:58:04 PM
There are no hints placed in here
I think you have misread
The only commonality
Are our words here that are read
Perhaps even music
But that would be the end
And friendship is always welcome
Friends are there through thick and thin
There are no other reasons
That I post here in these walls
Just to share my heart speak
And have it echo in the halls

Joined: 3/18/2006
Msg: 123
Guitar,Playing the Blues
Posted: 3/26/2006 5:59:31 PM
Bike- nice write, welcome to poetry land
Joined: 11/4/2005
Msg: 124
Writing Is Therapy!
Posted: 3/27/2006 5:56:30 AM
Wowzers! So many people came to visit while I was off in HappyLand. Good To See All of You and Read Such Great Writes!!

Cat101 - So glad you came to see me and leave your poem of passion to boost us up. Luv It!

Thorb - Oh, you left me a limerick! Fabulous. Always nice to have you here.

Om - Dah Dah Dah Diggin For Gold.

Sep - Gone really shows what a big heart you have. And, you found a new friend with a cute little tushie, too!! Whoo Hoo.

Echoez - Welcome to my little haven! What great continuations to the writes here. Look forward to seeing more. God Bless.

Mprl - Welcome and please feel free to post some of Your poems.

Bikesnblue - Welcome and what a great dedication to your buddies. I remember going to visit the wall with my Dad and seeing him cry like a baby for the first time in my life. Please come back and visit anytime you have the urge.
Joined: 11/4/2005
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Writing Is Therapy!
Posted: 3/27/2006 8:22:46 AM

One small and frail little boy,
The innocence of a tiny child.
Playing with his cherished toy,
He paused, looked at me and smiled.

Tickling his small and soft feet,
His laughter erupted in bursts.
He gave me a hug, a tender treat,
Memories cherished for being firsts.

His big brown eyes have left their mark,
Fingerprints seared upon my heart.
Left shining and glowing by his spark,
What a doll and so very smart!

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