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Joined: 2/17/2006
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Like fantasyflavor, I also admire both profession, they risked their lives saving others. Like most of the profession, their hours are terrible and days are uncertain. I have a lot of friends that are cops and fire fighters. I also volunteer for them. I also love man in uniform
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Cops and FireFighters
Posted: 3/31/2006 5:58:55 AM
Black or white are you kidding. All they teach us in academy is that everything is in the grey area there is no definative black or white. What may be the best choice for one situation is not always best in a similar one. Everything is instinct. If everything was black or white our job would be quite simple there would be a perfect answer for every situation. Put on a uniform, live our life, and see if you still think the same way.
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Cops and FireFighters
Posted: 3/31/2006 7:04:14 AM
Where I live the cops are too lazy and corrupt to have any kind of respect for them. Had to go to the Chief and TELL him to tell his boys to clean up their act. (Uh, hell yes I did! And after he ran a check on me he was full of apologies etc)
Also, I keep in mind the fact that they SIGNED ON FOR THE JOB and have their guns to protect them. So no, I don't go crying about them doing what they are paid for.
The only real heros we have left are paramedics and firemen if you ask me.
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Cops and FireFighters
Posted: 3/31/2006 11:16:43 AM
Hey!! I love gotta say something for a man that comes with his own handcuffs!!
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Cops and FireFighters
Posted: 3/31/2006 11:23:46 AM
yes I am one of those fellows to has dedicated my life to making the streets of this city safer for the good folks. No I do not wear an uniform and have not for a very long time. I see the the good, the bad and the ugly of a large city complex and try my best along with my colleagues to keep it safe for those citizens who have enough sense not to go out and break the law. yes there is corruption and there are some badass cops but they are not the ones who each day put their lives in danger to help those in need. We all have feelings even though we try not to show it. There is a lot of frustration in our line of work and a lot of sad moments that even seasoned cops like myself just have to shed tears for. Yes we do shed tears too. Others turn to alcohol etc to try to drown out the horrors they see every day. Suicide is high amongst cops in most major cities across North America because sometimes we just can't handle it anymore. Please do not categorize those us who try our utmost to keep these cities safe for you, with those whose morals and corrupt ways spoil it for us all.

Police and firefighters have a brotherhood and respect each other and the work we do. We all feel the same when it comes to helping people.
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Cops and FireFighters
Posted: 3/31/2006 11:46:49 AM
Well I was dating a officer who worked for the sherriffs department, and I fell so in love with this guy, he was a few years older than I was, but for some reason he was very much to himself, and I think it was because of what he did for a living, but I always felt so safe with him...He just wouldnt talk to me that much, and that was hard for now I am a little shy of anyone who works in law enforcement, but I dont hate them, just know better next time around.........
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Cops and FireFighters
Posted: 6/2/2006 3:59:49 AM
where i work there is no feud with fire fighters and cops. we all get along great.
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Cops and FireFighters
Posted: 6/2/2006 6:16:05 AM
I won't touch the "hate cops" thing, but there is a difference. Firefighters are *only* there to help people. All people (good and bad). You'll never see a video of a firefighter tackling a suspect, cuffing him, and shoving him in the back of a fire truck.

In theory, the police are supposed to be there to help people also, but there's way more potential for them to do harm in the process (false arrest, unnecessary force, etc.). And then, they're also being stretched to do things that they should never be used for. Mandatory seat-belts for adults is a pet peeve of mine. Mandatory for children, I'm okay with. But I don't want/need the police telling me whether or not I can choose to take that incremental risk with my own body. They certainly shouldn't be making money off telling me not to do so. If we keep moving that direction, they'll have to station an officer at every McDonalds drive-thru to write tickets to people that eat cheese burgers and fries. (That's a risk too, right? How many heart attacks could we prevent if we started writing tickets for eating cheese burgers.)

(P.S. Don't bother telling me how great seat-belts are. I think they're great too. I wear mine. I just don't think it's appropriate to make a law requiring it.)
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Cops and FireFighters
Posted: 6/2/2006 7:20:27 AM
I agree. Cops can hide behind their guns, and commit all kinds of horrendous acts against innocent people. (They even use their position to intimidate women into dating them. One tried it on me and boy was he sorry LOL When I told him NO, and he threatened to give me a ticket, I said, "PLEASE DO! I would love to meet you in court, where I will file counter charges for sexual harrassment, ..." and listed off about a half dozen charges. He slunk back to his car and I never heard anything about it again, much less got ticketed.) I could give you a list of examples that goes on forever. Even did a PSA about it while I was in radio. It happens ALL the time. NEVER hear of a fireman doing anything like that.
Joined: 8/25/2005
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Cops and FireFighters
Posted: 6/2/2006 3:27:45 PM
Is it just me, or has this topic gotten way off subject?
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Cops and FireFighters
Posted: 6/2/2006 11:35:02 PM
in my experience, people who have a hate on for police are usually people who are constantly in trouble with the law.
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Cops and FireFighters
Posted: 6/3/2006 3:14:42 AM
I love and respect both.
some people who don't like the police feel that way because of something that happened with one bad officer or something so they generalize the whole profession. That or they are brainwashed by the media - which as of late just *loves* to tell stories about corrupt cops.
Joined: 11/22/2005
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Cops and FireFighters
Posted: 6/3/2006 6:47:54 AM
CNN's cute little money list missed the boat big time...the second most dangerous job(for FATALITIES)...... is convienence store clerk. Ask one of those beseiged, hard working single Moms that have to work a night-shift servicing drunks, crackheads, and all around ***holes. Ask THEM, how they feel about police officers.
Joined: 11/8/2005
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Cops and FireFighters
Posted: 6/3/2006 8:30:52 AM
“in my experience, people who have a hate on for police are usually people who are constantly in trouble with the law.”
LOL Then explain why the Chief of Police called to thank me for all I had done for him department, and how much he appreciated me, in response to my calling to tell him to put a leash on his boys as they were committing illegal acts?
“with one bad officer or something so they generalize the whole profession.”
I actually TRY to find the exception to the rule around here. I hate having to believe what I have seen and heard. Just sucks that much.
“Ask THEM, how they feel about police officers.”
I think they are wondering where these cops were when they got shot.
Joined: 6/1/2006
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Cops and FireFighters
Posted: 6/3/2006 6:06:33 PM
there seems to be one job routinely left out of the loop as a dangerous job,i in no uncertain circumstances will disaggree that these two professions are dangerous nor do they get the respect they deserve but what about the ems profession?we(i have done this almost 13yrs) are routinely sent into the same situations as police and fire with none of the equipment(ie:guns,pepper spray,hoses,ladders...etc)and only two people to cover each others back.we are expected to talk our way out of dangerous situations and talk others into the hospital before they die because the drugs and alcohol have hindered there rationalization.then when the police or firefighter is "down" we are expected to go into their situation and "save" them,which is my job and i love it.we are all just "real" people deep down inside and all of us are better off with these devoted individuals at our beck-and-call.
Joined: 4/30/2006
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Cops and FireFighters
Posted: 6/3/2006 6:11:04 PM
I have nothing but respect and admiration for those who choose these professions. You chose to be in a position to protect, save and assist all of us who are in need. I thank you all.
Joined: 2/27/2006
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Cops and FireFighters
Posted: 6/3/2006 8:25:17 PM
I'm not going to get into the "bad cop" discussion. Obviously a bad, dangerous thing.
In general about police and firefighters (and paramedics): I respect the men and women doing those tough jobs. Where would we be without you?
Joined: 5/29/2006
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Cops and FireFighters
Posted: 6/5/2006 3:05:15 PM
funny how you fancy yourself some model citizen who cleans up the streets and such, yet you "prefer not to say" if you use drugs.
 Top It
Joined: 5/26/2006
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Cops and FireFighters
Posted: 6/5/2006 6:09:01 PM
Was a cop, raised by a cop, and his brother was a cop. The job aint as glamorous as people think, unless you think dealing with all of lifes scum is fabulous. And yes I have seen cops use drugs-way stupid.
 sammy salt
Joined: 5/15/2006
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Cops and FireFighters
Posted: 6/5/2006 6:25:16 PM
If they do their jobs, and defend the good ones, and put a stop to the bad ones then I think its great. So far I haven't seen it.
Still waiting. My son almost got shot on my porch by my crazy neibor, (Heard the bullet buzz by his head.)and its been over a week, and guess who can't tell me if they have talked to him yet are not. Told me to call them next time he is down. (Top it off he shot when my son got off the bus and skard him again this week. Then he was shooting again today, and no cop call tell me if he was talked to, about the dirrection he is shooting.) I see people in the news all the time over stupid things, and everyone is wondering why. My guess is the cops didn't put a end to the person doing the proublem, and so they kept it up. The whole thing is pissing me off.
When they do their job and put the fear of God in him so he is to skard to do stuff over here, then I will say great job, until then, they are lacking big time. I am keeping my fingers crossed for justic.
 Ms. Smartiepants
Joined: 6/4/2006
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Cops and FireFighters
Posted: 6/5/2006 6:30:39 PM
Yikes....I have been in TROUBLE with the law so many times that it's not even funny! I come from a line of Policemen..I am the only kid that deviated from the occupation! I also spent most of my adult life in a relationship with a man who is a fire-fighter.

Policing / Fire-fighting is not as glamorous as some people think though, most usually only see people on the worst day of their life, the luckiest day of their life, or their last day of life. From my (albit biased perspective) I know that my brothers, Dad and crazy sister , even my ex all have a fundamental belief in helping others which is also big part of me. And in the end, they are human.

It is an interesting occupation, you can't quit when it's too hard, you can't quit and leave it till morning, there is nothing too gruesome, you are there to be the best you can despite the odds and whether you know if you will succeed or not. That must be soo hard to take.

Some will do great things where some will do horrible things and some will do nothing. Some will give of themselves where others will only take and some will sit on the fence. Some will do the right thing where others will do the wrong thing and some will do nothing. Most Fire/Police personnel have seen many triumphs and tragedies over the years and have shed more than a few tears for the suffering and the circumstances. Not oo say that there aren't bad apples, but I think that they are few and far between
Joined: 6/5/2006
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Cops and FireFighters
Posted: 6/5/2006 9:46:03 PM
of corse i like cops,
Joined: 10/8/2005
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Cops and FireFighters
Posted: 6/6/2006 12:07:36 AM
i like cops too, especially one i know, hes my b/f, i love him to pieces!
Joined: 4/12/2006
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Cops and FireFighters
Posted: 6/6/2006 3:50:01 AM
There are many people that respect cops!!! Police Officers are putting their life on the line everytime they are at work (sometimes even when not working), for the general public. The only people that fear cops are CRIMINALS!!!! I would love to me in a Police Officer!!! They are hot in unifrom!!! So, there is love out there!! Any single cops in Washington???

Joined: 4/12/2006
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Cops and FireFighters
Posted: 6/6/2006 3:58:11 AM
Sorry, I forgot to add that firefighters are in the same leauge as police officers as well as paramedics and all that volunteer.....
Thanks for choosing such couragious careers!! Your our

Stay Safe,

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