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 American Woman
Joined: 9/2/2007
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Ever met someone PRETTIER than their pics?Page 2 of 10    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
Gosh, I am so glad you posted rainbow fish!! This is so true: "looks only go so far". I am attractive and fit and opt to not post pix. I actually would like to meet someone w/substance, who reads my profile, and doesn't just want another pretty face. Tired of the ones that send an email: got pix?? --- no, not for you, anyhow

No, I have not met anyone better than in their pix. Most people seem to want to stay hidden behind their computer here or just not interested in meeting me!!
Joined: 6/1/2007
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Ever met someone PRETTIER than their pics?
Posted: 10/19/2007 1:06:04 PM
I've had this happen a number of times, but a couple really stick out in my mind.

One was a former Miss Tennessee, former Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader, and former Hawiiaan Tropics Girl. Well, some of her pictures looked kinda old, and yea, she used to be pretty hot, but she's 46 now, so I figured her "glory days" were long behind her.

Well, after about TWO MONTHS of talking on the phone, and we had already established a good friendship, I finally met her. I showed up expecting "nice", or "decent" maybe, but man was I way off. She was just smokin' hot. I mean, Playboy once tried to get her to pose, and it wouldn't surprise me if they'd still take her.

Anyway, after that, I didn't hear a thing more from her. No emails, no return phone calls - nothing. I was really dissappointed, and my ego got a bit bruised over that. My feelin's were kinda hurt to be honest about it...

But then about 3 weeks later she calls me up late one night, drunk off her @ss, saying "Oh I miss you SO baaaaaad! You are SUCH a great guy! " I was thinkin' "yea who are you kiddin'? You had some guy you liked better, it didn't work out, obviously, so NOW you're calling me back?" lol I wasn't about to let her toy with me like that again... besides, she turned out to be a bit of a diva, and when she didn't get her way, the fangs came Don't care HOW hot they are... I have no room for unreasonable "psycho" women in my life anymore... lol!

The other time this happened was just about a week ago. I met a great gal for lunch who I'd been talkin' to here on POF for quite a while. I knew our personalities were pretty compatible, cause we'd been talking, and the POF personality tests showed us being 99% compatible, which we both got a kick out of. As far as looks go though, she does look pretty in her profile, but it looks like most of her pictures were taken with a webcam or something. I wasn't sure quite what to expect in that department.

Well, in person, she was a HUGE surprise. She was just beautiful... I mean Gorgeous with a capitol "G", and she just oozed class and style. Not stripper hot like Miss Tennessee, but the kind of beauty that makes everyone take notice when she walks into a room, both men and women... A real lady...

When we talked about her profile, and how it doesn't do her justice, she told me, "men are more visual", and I think she's right. I'm thinking maybe she's deliberately downplayed her looks in her profile. I mean, I could have taken better pictures of her with my camera phone that day we met for lunch...

Truth is, I wound up being GLAD I didn't know how hot she was when we first started talking. I probably wouldn't have cut up with her as much as I did, and we might not have created the friendship we have quite as easily. That first date might have been a lot more awkward. Luckily, this one doesn't seem to be a diva, and I've seen no sign of any In fact, she's turned out to be a real sweetheart, and a pretty decent friend too... Best of all.... we're still talking :)
Joined: 9/25/2007
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Ever met someone PRETTIER than their pics?
Posted: 10/22/2007 8:00:38 AM
What about the opposite??? Drove a long ways because e-mails and phone talks were great. In person!!! Pics were at least 10yrs old. Really not appreciated.
Joined: 9/3/2007
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Ever met someone PRETTIER than their pics?
Posted: 10/22/2007 8:18:46 AM
Well I wouldn't use the word "prettier" because it was a guy, but yes my first PoF date looked way better than the pics and I told him so too.
Joined: 9/3/2007
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Ever met someone PRETTIER than their pics?
Posted: 10/22/2007 9:25:21 AM

In his pic he looks like a shady used car salesman (apologies to used car salesmen)

Joined: 11/1/2006
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Ever met someone PRETTIER than their pics?
Posted: 10/22/2007 9:54:58 AM
No, but I've helped several people accomplish this. Only one person I've met said I looked like my pics. All of the others thought I looked quite a bit better, at least that's what they said.
Joined: 3/13/2005
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Ever met someone PRETTIER than their pics?
Posted: 10/22/2007 10:03:56 AM
I think most pictures, unless professionally done and touched up, do not do the person justice, and when you meet, you will see someone more attractive then the pictures.

The "rub" here is that many do not put up recent pictures, or they find that one "rare" one that makes them look much better then they are normally. When this happens, and you meet, reality hits hard and your mental image is now dashed by the true visual of that person.

I would much prefer multiple pictures of the one I am going to meet, recent and changed often enough to give a much more real visual. When that is the case, for the most part, you are pleasantly surprised when you do meet, and it helps to create a foundation for knowing and wanting each other, instead of feeling let down and used.

All that have met me, recognize me immediately, and seem to tell me that I am as my pictures portray, and maybe even better, and that is one of the highest compliments you can get.

Just my opinion.......
Joined: 8/5/2006
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Ever met someone PRETTIER than their pics?
Posted: 10/22/2007 10:25:56 AM
Someone I met here on PoF sent me a note the other day and told me that my main profile pic does not do me justice. He said it makes me look like a transvestite, LOL. Jeepers, I kinda like it. Oh well.
Joined: 10/16/2007
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Ever met someone PRETTIER than their pics?
Posted: 10/22/2007 2:51:20 PM
It's possible to meet someone that is better ( or worse ) looking in person that they are in a pic. A pic gives a general idea of what a person looks like, but you can't always tell how pretty a person is from a few pics.
Joined: 9/22/2005
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Ever met someone PRETTIER than their pics?
Posted: 10/22/2007 4:25:30 PM
Yes a couple dozen times the woman was much better than the pic,but normally pics are fuzzy out of focus or to far away,so even though I have seen three pics of this person,all tiny fuzzy pics,its a complete surprise what they look like.People say my pics look exactly like me because I date my pics and I took the close up average shots and didn't use the rare shot that made me look great and not atually how I look,like those ladies that use these glamour shots with special outfits on that look absolutely nothing like that in person.Lots of ladies apparently use really old pics,because they went from unusually young looking,and I even said hey in your pics you tend to look 10 years younger than your age,and they say "oh why thank you" then I meet them and they look at a minimum 10 years older,making me think it was a con after all.Many,many many have said to me,oh well what did you have to lose,no harm no foul,so it didn't work out,ya had a fun time didn't you.............well I might of bought a shirt, washed the truck,probably drove an hour to the restaurant,then had to pay for dinner ,or drinks,drive an hour home all for someone that used ten year old pics or used some of the most deceptive shots you can imagine,so yes the honest little con was time consumning,expensive and emotionally invested in after 3 weeks of talk.......I guess they just think a guy won't notice you lied .This is why I turned to coffee dates,quick meet and greets,am tired of the ladies that want the first date the be really really special and memorable,usually it is for me only,girl is at zero risk on dating guys like this,its a quick hello,eat an expensive meal,4 seconds after plate is taken away she says forgive me I need to run have an appointment and she leaves an never returns another email again,not even a handshake invested,have had date say almost nothing speak only if spoken too,eat 3 bites off a dinner fit for a linebacker order extras then get it put in a doogy bag and leave......No real first dates worked back in the day,when you asked the girl out in person,this online stuff is a drain on the wallet most of the time....stick to coffee,if she lied through her teeth your out of there in 15 minutes, You can tell she lied if she had real short hair that was red,and she said all pics are current and she shows up with 1 1/2 foot long hair and shes a brunette and mysteriously put on 40 lbs,one lady said her pics are somewhat recent then on date stated one pic was 15 years old and one was 11 years old and newest was nine,she felt not recent meant like childhood pics....give me a break,explained why a 45 year old whom actually in person looked 51 and pics made her look a youthful 35/36..For you honest ladies I am so sorry these liars had to ruin it it for all the rest of you.some of you would never mislead or lie or even dream of doing this,to you I thank you ,and yes I understand some men seem to be the say way so I have been told,pretty bad huh
Joined: 12/9/2005
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Ever met someone PRETTIER than their pics?
Posted: 10/23/2007 2:38:52 PM
I recently met a gorgeous woman who looked better in person. To say the least, I was very imprssed with her.
Joined: 9/27/2007
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Ever met someone PRETTIER than their pics?
Posted: 10/25/2007 8:59:26 AM
Now, now bathurst. Was our date REALLY that bad???? just kidding.

I've met several men online that were much more handsome than their pictures. Too bad their personalities were as exciting as toilet paper. haha!

Joined: 9/22/2005
Msg: 92
Ever met someone PRETTIER than their pics?
Posted: 10/25/2007 5:26:24 PM
Sweet*child you state in your ad you know your a prize woman.Its no wonder everyone says your much better looking in person,I had to go view your picture to see if it was blurry or out of focus and to my surprise the pic you chose to represent yourself looks like your really pissed off,holding your breath or mad and pouting,so yes I bet in person when you show up happy and smiling everyone does say how much better you look........why that pic?,was it the only one you had?,your obviously a very pretty lady so why that pic,one that makes it seem you have a real attitude ! ..... ,a pic is worth a thousand words and makes people assume so much,after all its all they have to go on,the pic even clues the reader into whether they can believe what the writings say.This one lady wrote of how happy she was all the time and easy going,yet 7 pics of her in different outfits showed her frowning or stern and a couple as mad or perturbed,so I did not believe her self assessment.
Joined: 10/22/2007
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Ever met someone PRETTIER than their pics?
Posted: 10/27/2007 8:04:18 AM
"Ever met someone PRETTIER than their pics?"

More often than not it goes the other way, but it does happen.

Talk to any woman who is not ugly or obease... besides, some of the average looking women tend to have better personalities. Give the average girls a chance. If you could kiss her, check her out... she just might become your best freind... in more ways than one. The definition of a good partner is a helpmate you can fall in love with. You don't need perfection... there are no perfect people.... this includes yourself.
Joined: 9/22/2005
Msg: 96
Ever met someone PRETTIER than their pics?
Posted: 10/27/2007 9:33:28 AM
dakotart1962, almost same thing with me,Lady had two hard to read pics,looking down and at an angle,nothing more than shoulder tops showing.She said shes not real thin but definitely not fat,stated big breasts and real long shapely legs and no need (refused)to send me another pic because I would definately be pleased,oh definately she stated again.So we meet, fuzzy pics didn't reveal the goldmine of wrinkles,nor a potato body stuck on two straws for legs,she immediately stated "I look actually like my pic don't I",I state I had no idea as I told you before your pics were fuzzy and you almost looked away from camera so I had no idea what you'd look like,she continued fishing for compliments ,like "do you think I'm sexy"and I was trying to be polite even though she lied lied lied,and only said" boy someone sure is fishing for compliments".Her stated big breasts were small,no big deal,no priorty for me,Her shapely legs were two straight up and down sticks,shapelss,and the oddest thing,I spent the whole date wondering if she was pregnant awaiting birth withing the next 4 weeks,Her extended stomach would have made anyone wonder if she was 8 months pregnant,it ballooned 4 inches 5 inches past her breasts and made her legs look like sticks,definately a full pregnancy look,.....give me a break,what could she possibly been thinking,where do people get these grandiose thought about themselves.Must be nice to live in a dreamland
Joined: 6/28/2007
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Ever met someone PRETTIER than their pics?
Posted: 10/27/2007 11:35:29 AM
Some pics that are posted are deceptive. You meet them and they weigh 40 more pounds that the early photos show. They show themselves with facial hair but have none when you meet them and the neck or chin is better with the beard. The photo is that fish eye view from the computer camera and they can't help but look better in person .
The camera adds 10 pounds. Some can use it, some can't. If you're serious about all this it's better to have a decent photo taken somewhere and put that up.
Sometimes meeting someone you've only seen in photos is a pleasant surprise, not so much because of their looks as the genuine personality that comes through. My looks are simply OK for someone my age, but I'm told my personality and smile are better than the pics. I can live with that. Looks can fade or be stolen by illness. If you haven't got more than that you're likely to be disappointed, no matter how attractive someone is in photos.
Joined: 9/22/2005
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Ever met someone PRETTIER than their pics?
Posted: 10/27/2007 11:54:17 AM
ICARTB,after reading these forums,it seems common a large amount of men and ladies lie with their pics or have no idea of societies or the norms idea of sizes.So with this widespread problem do you honestly expect any man even romantic to show up with flowers on a first meet.If this were old fashioned dating where you asked the girl in person and already knew how she talked and how she looked then yes any romantic man might bring flowers,so don't judge a man at all on not bringing flowers or even treating to an actual real date until the second date,besides there are lots of ways besides flowers to be romantic,but I got your point,you just felt romantic sounding man should of lived up to something,well he will on second date,or then call him on it
Joined: 9/22/2005
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Ever met someone PRETTIER than their pics?
Posted: 10/27/2007 12:58:52 PM
ICARTB appreciate your comment,its just with so many victims I still don't think you'll see a guy live up to his romantic boastings until you pass the muster,only you know your the real thing but we assume we have a 50/50 chance deception is going on,once we meet you and realize your the full meal deal then we can act ourselves and will then feel good about the whole thing.I too talk on phone many times and even have done 2 months of emails(some tend to require eons before a meet) before the meeting where I find out Angelina Jolie just turned out to be her grandmother.And I never said you hold these things against them just that you expected these things or hope these things to happen intially,so was just pointing out expect it might happen second date or end of date is all.I see this is very troubling for genuine articles like you and me because we know we have no deception going on,I say I'm 49 and wow,I actually am,lol,but with me I pray they live up to their pic,because normally for me 70 % of time they don't umong many other things,like realizing your non smoking date you talked with 25 times via email is smoking in front of you.Never meant to hurt,I respect your opinions.
Joined: 9/18/2005
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Ever met someone PRETTIER than their pics?
Posted: 10/28/2007 10:24:06 PM
NO! LOL.......actually, I'm not laughing
Joined: 4/28/2007
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Ever met someone PRETTIER than their pics?
Posted: 10/29/2007 2:51:30 PM
Most of them are better in the flesh thank goodness!!
I have been told my piccies dont do anything for me
but I have also been told by someone that I just wasnt attractive enough for him!!
bloomin cheek!!
Joined: 1/14/2007
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Ever met someone PRETTIER than their pics?
Posted: 10/30/2007 3:53:45 PM
Oh, yes I'm much more hansome then the current photo that I paint of my self...
Joined: 9/22/2005
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Ever met someone PRETTIER than their pics?
Posted: 10/31/2007 6:24:59 PM
"Justdatingforfun",since this is your first forum,think its not the best idea to tell everyone here who filled 8 pages of responses how you thought we'd be intelligent and we're not,says you.If you do not like the topic then find the topic you mentioned and go there,because this topic is of interest to the ones here,your welcome to contribute or you can find or start a topic you like,but try not to come on to a topic you don't like and tell us how dumb we are and how uninteresting it is to you.
Joined: 7/9/2005
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Ever met someone PRETTIER than their pics?
Posted: 10/31/2007 6:48:09 PM
Most guys I met actually do look better than their photo. Like what DIME said, men do not really care too much about their appearance in pictures . NO wonder they post a lot of pics with their sunglasses on, lol.

Some people do look better in picture than in person. I have been told many times I am very photogenic So I asked does that mean I do not look like me in person, ha ha. But I try to post recent pictures so as not to deceive people you are meeting,and some old ones which are favourites of mine.
Joined: 1/14/2007
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Ever met someone PRETTIER than their pics?
Posted: 10/31/2007 11:58:23 PM
I was in TIjuana his orning wailting for an apointment, and a very scrufy street begger came up begging for anything it could get... so I waved it on and I asked my friend how n the world a guy gets that far down???

My friend looked at me and said That was NO GUY, That was a GAL, I was sitting in fromt of a Doctors office, and a Policemen came by,so I asked the Mexican Police man How that GAL got so far down???

The Mexican Police Man explained that in MEXICO Girl Chinderen of the Poor are worth nothing and they beg till they die,or they beg till they are killed...

I do buisness with the Mexican Government and by their standards I am a Wealthy Man, so I had the Cop grab the gal and take her into the Doctors office and get a full exam,blood workup & the works, after my apointment I went into the doctose office to talk with the doctor, see if she was clean???

#1 The Doctor was pissed, so I paid the bill up front, this helped the Doc's temperment a little, The Doctor told me that amazingly The Gal was a Begger but not a Whore,inteligent but not educated and the Gal wanted to know if I was going to give her Money??? to which I said NO and yes...

So I called another Doctor that I know and got him in on the deal and I sent the Gal to a education center for runaways, over the next 90 deays the Gal will learn how to dress,walk,talk and think lke a lady, yes this will cost me some money, at the end of 90 days
a very attractive inteligent young lady will be released into the general population of another part of Mexico, where she can get a job or whatever...

Perhaps I have done a bad thing,perhaps I am juat a hopeless romantic and just maybe have given the poor little Bum Gal a chance at a MUCH BETTER LIFE...

But this al is not for me, I am only doing for here what I feel any GOOD person would or should do, it can never make up for The Total Lack of Compassion in our society, but is just my little effort...

After 30 years of being ignored by North American Women, My investment is in perhaps some part of Tomarrow will be better for someone somewhere, but I will never live to see that day...
Joined: 1/20/2009
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Ever met someone PRETTIER than their pics?
Posted: 2/28/2009 12:43:23 PM
I sure have!

And it certainly wasn't a deal breaker!
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