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Joined: 7/26/2006
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can non-pot smokers handle pot smokers?Page 18 of 77    (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44)
^^^ as for smoking cigarettes same goes for u buddy. Butt out or get out,.
 Art Vandolay
Joined: 2/28/2007
Msg: 625
can non-pot smokers handle pot smokers?
Posted: 3/30/2007 3:06:14 PM

Drug smokers/users/abusers... total waste of air-space.

Well maybe if I was a TV or radio signal, then I could agree with the waste of air-space. Hell, I would even accept that if I were an Aircraft. But alas, I am just a human. Such an unwarranted attack, what were you smoking??

Im not convinced any other way. simple as...

If YOU can't handle ANYTHING (not just pot-smokers) then don't be around them. Thats what it is as simple as. I watch this thread gain pages, almost daily. Some people realize what I am typing here. Others, I think they are so against pot, that anyone that uses it is a *expletive deleted*. And as for professional pot smokers, anyone remember Clinton? Oh wait, he didn't inhale.

All I ask is don't be so quick to judge a person by what they smoke. If you can't handle the pot-smoker, then answer with a no. No need to tell us what you think of a pot smoker, just that you cant "handle one".
Joined: 3/22/2007
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can non-pot smokers handle pot smokers?
Posted: 3/30/2007 9:55:58 PM
i am a non smoker (pot or otherwise) I lived with a pot smoker for 5 years and now would not date another smoker. At first I was very open minded about pot use since I had never been around it previously...I thought it was no big deal and for the most part harmless....Then I met him and experienced it first hand! Now mind you, he smoked it all day everytime he had a the car while driving, in the bedroom WE shared not caring if I didn't like the smell...He put it as his number 1 priority...Everytime he got paid he'd drive for miles spending a lot of gas to get to his dealer to pay for the last few bags and get a few more bags, therefore always being in the "hole" with the dealer...Then he'd complain about the power bill, paying for something his daughter needed etc...His memory was so bad we couldn't watch a TV show together then have a conversation about it during the commercial..I'd make a reference to the show we just watched and he'd ask WHAT I was talking about!!! He referred to it as needing an attitude adjustment...That told me he couldn't cope with everyday life without needing it as a crutch, and since he did it all day long, he was "emotionally" addicted to it much like an alcholic needs booze to cope. I still don't think its bad if someone chooses to smoke it on the weekends, at a party etc but everyday all use defiinitely had an effect on me where I would never date a pot smoker again because this guy did not consider himself a pothead and now I would question anyone who smoked it and claimed to not be a pothead!!!
Joined: 3/15/2007
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can non-pot smokers handle pot smokers?
Posted: 4/3/2007 4:26:13 PM
Totally agree.
If you were very ill with cancer, aids, and so on, and the only releif you could get from constant pain and vomiting, was to smoke a fatty . Really what would you do ?
Lay there in pain , vomiting?
Or smoke one ?
I know what I would do, roll one up.

I also Have known alot of people who partake in smoking up, and I would much rather spend my time with a room full of stoned people , than with a room full of Drunk people.
Joined: 3/12/2007
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can non-pot smokers handle pot smokers?
Posted: 4/3/2007 5:37:38 PM
Here is what happened to me. My ex bf was the biggest pot head I have ever seen. I loved him, but after a year and a half we had to end it. Nothing mattered to him but his pot. If there was ever a problem with our relationship that we needed to sort out, he would get high instead of talking about it. He never wanted to go out, never wanted to do anything, and even started getting lazy in bed. I couldn't handle it anymore. People who smoke pot on occasion are okay to me, but keep in mind people who do it all the time are not themselfs. It makes you lazy, and it makes you not care about anything. It came to the point where he would rather smoke a joint then go to his fathers funural. Find sombody that you have things in commen with. As my mom always tells me, your going to marry one of the people you date.
Joined: 3/22/2007
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can non-pot smokers handle pot smokers?
Posted: 4/4/2007 5:57:35 AM
420 forever! Hey if you dont like pot then dont hang around someone who does,its that simple.Each to there own is what I say.Have a good one and keep on toking!
Joined: 1/9/2007
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can non-pot smokers handle pot smokers?
Posted: 4/4/2007 7:34:06 AM
i think it's a tuff combination...i've seen it work mind you...i have a number of friends that have been lifelong tokers and they have successful marriages now approaching two decades...none of them are much for drinking, ...super ladies they have for wives...

for the girls, if you're guy has to have a bad habit, pick this one over the bottle every time..old tobacco farmers i used to insure always told me they'd much rather pay the extra expense of flying in jamaicans at harvest time...they'd quietly get a buzz on in the evenings in their bunks instead of getting juiced up and rowdy...and they never wrecked expensive machinery as motor-control impaired boozer would...

also most stoners just want a buzz, they're usually not violent types at all..

and the nice thing about weed is you can get a buzz a number of times a day, as opposed to getting drunk, once you're drunk, you're drunk

for the guys, meh i'm, not sure..i know i hate a woman that boozes..lousy breath, ornery and quite often very aggressive...if she's a happy drunk or a cheap drunk i might look closer, but a girl that tokes "regularly", no thanks...the occassional toke i think would be ok
Joined: 10/23/2006
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can non-pot smokers handle pot smokers?
Posted: 4/4/2007 8:54:38 AM
Pot...? No thanks.

Anybody who needs to self medicate just to manage their lives is just painting over some bigger issues. Just like a drunk.
Not that I lack a certain empathy for those who need to be "comfortably numb" but don't go trying to sell yourselves as freedom fighters or sub-culture revolutionaries.
You're just drug addicts.
 Audial Liaison
Joined: 1/10/2007
Msg: 633
can non-pot smokers handle pot smokers?
Posted: 4/4/2007 9:05:28 AM
I cannot, i have had and will continue to have oppertunities with women who smoke pot. And i will continue to not persue.
While i personally believe that the substance should be legal, while it is not i will respect the laws and not associate with anything illegal.
that of course isnt the only reason, I have noticed i just dont click with people who are into that kind of stuff.
Joined: 12/20/2006
Msg: 634
can non-pot smokers handle pot smokers?
Posted: 4/4/2007 2:27:32 PM

Anybody who needs to self medicate just to manage their lives is just painting over some bigger issues. Just like a drunk.
Not that I lack a certain empathy for those who need to be "comfortably numb" but don't go trying to sell yourselves as freedom fighters or sub-culture revolutionaries.
You're just drug addicts.

As stated by one who drinks socially.
Joined: 9/9/2006
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can non-pot smokers handle pot smokers?
Posted: 4/4/2007 3:26:44 PM
hey peeps, i dont wanna say this reply is just for you , its for anyone. Weed is weed! but, depends on if that person adds things to it ( like so many do!) i have 3 family members who are very messed up from smoking weed because someone sold it to them laced with something. Me i tried weed one time with my brother long ago and i didnt like it at all. i dont need to be high. i am cool and enjoy my natural feeling very much. Now do i hate on smokers of the erb? no not really , but when i see weed smokers who use it like whoa! then i am very concerend. A family member of mine him and his girl smoke alot,and i mean alot! sometimes 3 blunts a day! if not more. their kids get neglected cause they be so stoned out and be off in another high zone to rationalize the damn kids diapers need changing and even smoke around them right there. The house smells like it all day even when they clean it from top to bottom it comes right back cause they smokin it again. Puff puff give! I dont condone cigerettes or alcohol either they are far worse and arent healthy period. but Weed is healthy to those who have the medical need for it. everyone else doing it for the high. thats why its a drug thats illegal cause its sold illegally. i live in the damn hood so aint nothing anyone can tell me, professional or otherwise. I see all these comments and i feel everyones point but to pass judgement cause someone doesnt care for dating someone that smokes it isn't being closed minded, thats a personal choice. they have that right as well as those who care to smoke it and date someone that does too. Me i dont want to date a woman that smokes it, now if she did in the past long ago, that is something else but that is my preference and dare not i am closed or simple minded for that. tell me to my face and we gonna have a debate that you will lose for sure. dont knock it till you try it, ha, that is a stupid excuse to use it! druggies used to say that and the drug dealers who push it to get you to try it to get you to buy it. I know cause i see all the weed heads and all commin in here to buy it. now if you posting you dont use drugs and you do, ya lieing. straight and simple. Weed is a drug whether its a prescription or not. legal or not. Think about this: if it wasn;t a drug then why do drug dealers sell it? yeah i know that got yall the nay sayers thinking . like a drug dealer gonna only sell pies but wants to be called a drug dealer. lmao . just because someone doesn't share your views of what you do does not make them narrow minded or idiots. our president is an idiot! I can tell when someone writes something on here if they are or were a smoker at one time. And for you who i am replying on this topic by no real means other than to post my thoughts of being real, if someone does not want you and passes you up because you smoke weed whether in large scale or a tid bit once in a while, listen, they are not narrow minded , your just not their cup of tea! If you knew a someone that smoked crack and you didnt like it would you date them and you didnt smoke crack? Of course not, but if you do thats what you dont mind dealing with. Remeber , when you are finding a partner or dating whatever your doing and its a part of your habits, if they want to be with you then its gonna affect them in some kind of way. Your actions will lead to reactions. well hope i gave a more urban experience thought on this lil subject and it is real and true and ya can dispute all ya want but in the end, the truth is the truth! peace.
Joined: 10/23/2006
Msg: 637
can non-pot smokers handle pot smokers?
Posted: 4/4/2007 4:41:49 PM
And here we go.....

A social drink may mean as little as 1 per year. In my case it means maybe 5. I do not "drink to forget my problems" or "drink to release the stress of the day". I do not drink just to "feel the head-buzz".
Do any of the dope smokers here smoke a couple of joints a year? I doubt it. You probably smoke more than 2 a day. You get up in the morning and spark a little spliff just to get going. Go off to work (providing you have work to go to); spend those 8 hours thinking about how good it will be to get home and roll a nice big fatty, order a pizza, watch a little TV and then roll another just before bed because it makes you sleep better. You get up the next day and repeat the process.
If I did that with booze I'd be an alcoholic and I don't think that anyone would argue that fact. There are no social drug users.
Joined: 12/20/2006
Msg: 638
can non-pot smokers handle pot smokers?
Posted: 4/4/2007 5:30:18 PM
Oh there are a lot of social weed smokers there are also those who smoke on rare occassions. Kind of like you and your drinking. Me ? I don't smoke pot or drink but I would much rather be with a occasional pot smoker then someone who drinks.
Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 639
can non-pot smokers handle pot smokers?
Posted: 4/4/2007 5:55:43 PM
back in the 70's I smoked a bit but when I had kids, I quit. Now I don't judge if it's toke here and there but for me personally I don't do it. I will not tolerate it around my grandchildren though.
Joined: 3/22/2007
Msg: 640
can non-pot smokers handle pot smokers?
Posted: 4/4/2007 6:38:44 PM
I'll take pot anyday over booze.At least it dont make me crash my car or beat up my wife or shit like that as booze will do to some people.Just because something is legal doesnt make it better.All that means is big brother is making billions off it and just think,if you legalized pot you could probably get rid of national debt in no time and empty out our prisons a bit and put people in there who deserve to be like murderers and rapists and also free up police resources to go catch real criminals.So before you bash pot you might wanna think of these things.
Joined: 10/23/2006
Msg: 643
can non-pot smokers handle pot smokers?
Posted: 4/5/2007 10:24:36 AM
"GRRRR....I gotta stop looking at this thread....I can't stay away... "

Just something else to be addicted to eh?

Look at your logic (or lack there of) ....An alcoholic has the "freedom" to drink himself to death. A smoker has the "freedom" to smoke themselves to death. A person living off junk food has the "freedom" to eat themselves to diabetes or a heart attack. So potheads are fighting for the "freedom" to toke their way to a vegetative state? Come on now. This is the same logic a lemming would use to justify why its following its buddies over the cliff.

I was a musician for 12 years and I've seen all the uses and abuses of drugs and alcohol I need to. I smoked 2.5 packs of cigarettes for 20 years until I finally quit at 35. I am not speaking out of ignorance.... you have no idea who I know.
Joined: 1/11/2007
Msg: 646
can non-pot smokers handle pot smokers?
Posted: 4/5/2007 3:59:59 PM
Doesn't bother me, I can take it or leave it. It also amazes me how so many people are so anti-pot. Why is it that so many other countries legalize it, but the good ole USA denounces and throws people in jail over it and you lose your home? Just makes no sense to me at all. I think the US needs to consider the financial value they could gain from legalization!! They are sooooooo missin' the mark on that one!! I totally agree that pot vs. booze (pot is preferred), I'll take a toker over a physical or verbal abuser anyday. Booze makes some men mean as hell and pot simply relaxes them (and yes, makes them a bit horny too - ooh la la - lol).

I missed out on the hippy era :( Dang!! Like anything else though, there is a time and a place for everything and definitely in moderation. A rule, definitely not around children.

I personally can't afford the habit, but in closing, I must say

"Don't Bogart that Joint!!!" ;-)

p.s. - Guess I should change my profile to say "yes I do drugs" because I take about 3 a day, all prescription, but I like a previous poster stated, it would be nice to expand upon the responses to that profile question. It's entirely too vague.
Joined: 10/23/2006
Msg: 648
can non-pot smokers handle pot smokers?
Posted: 4/5/2007 4:43:01 PM
"Where that freedom ends is when it infringes on another's rights. As an example, you absolutely have the right to drink yourself to death (and rightly so!), but you don't have the right to endanger someone else by driving while drunk (or stoned,) or show up to work drunk (or stoned,) or to sell alcohol (or weed) to kids. I fail to see how advocating for personal choice is akin to "lemming logic." In fact, isn't that

You really have smoked a lot of dope haven't you. I don't think I can dumb it down any further without breaking out the finger puppets and etch-a-sketch.
If you really believe that legalizing or decriminalizing cannabis will enhance and enrich the fabric of our society then fly off to Amsterdam with whatsername and see what a jewel of European culture it has become. Or better just move to Jamaica where it has been legal for decades and bask in the warm glow of one of the highest drug related mortality rates in the world.

Claiming that you have the right to poison yourself as a matter of personnal choice is not "the antithesis of lemming logic?" " it is lemming logic.
Joined: 3/22/2007
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can non-pot smokers handle pot smokers?
Posted: 4/5/2007 7:42:20 PM
Oh gimme a break! I live in B.C. where we have the best pot in the world and lots of it and we are quite lax in our attitude of it and I dont see our social fabric breaking down. In fact our economy is booming and everything is good here.What screws up people on drugs is the stuff imported through the good ole U.S.A like the blow and stuff that does the damage,not our pot.So before you make comparisons like that you might want to think twice.Have a toke,it might help you
Joined: 10/23/2006
Msg: 650
can non-pot smokers handle pot smokers?
Posted: 4/5/2007 8:15:10 PM
Buddy you are too far gone. The BC economy has been in the craphouse since the NDP ran it into the ground. I'm sure you don't see it because you're stoned and most likely middleclass. Are there no drug wars in BC? No one has ever been killed during a bad drug deal? Didn't the RCMP just pay a visit to the Hell's Angels?
Drug addicts are always extolling the virtues of their drug. Its a portal to some other worldly experience where the user has gained Herculean powers and the insight of an Oracle. If only he could share this profound revelation with the common man there could be peace...a lasting our time for all time.
Brother I have heard it a million times if I have heard it once.
You're as bad as pedofiles who try to rationalize child abuse as love.
Are you going to try to tell me that there are no victims within the drug culture? The drug life is a bullet wound sold as a kiss but go ahead buy/sell/trade/smoke your stuff 'cause sooner or later you'll get busted.

This is your a$$hole *
This is your a$$hole in jail ()

Have a nice day......
Joined: 3/22/2007
Msg: 652
can non-pot smokers handle pot smokers?
Posted: 4/5/2007 8:48:41 PM
Where you been buddy?B.C. has the second best economy in canada right now behind alberta but I wouldnt expect somebody from ontario to know that as you guys think you are the center of the universe,especially you in toronto.As for ***holes toronto is the ***hole of canada because its spewing out the most bullshit.At least we got good dope,and yur just a ****in dope.Stay on yur side of the ****in rockies!
Joined: 3/22/2007
Msg: 653
can non-pot smokers handle pot smokers?
Posted: 4/5/2007 8:54:24 PM
Oh ya,The RCMP did pay a visit to the hells angels,In yur city I might add,not here.And people dont go to jail here for pot possession as they go after the real crooks.Maybe thats why the angels got big in yur city,too busy busting people for pot when they shoulda been after the real crooks.So before you go bashing my province maybe you should look in your own back yard,the a$$hole of canada.And one other thing,dont you ever compare me to a pedophile you f*cking piece of sh*t.
Joined: 6/13/2006
Msg: 654
can non-pot smokers handle pot smokers?
Posted: 4/5/2007 9:05:32 PM
this is a hard one.

i have dated people in the past who smoked dope and it made life hard as they were unpredictable, and moddy and we ended up broke all the time as a result, which caused some major problems.

i think there comes a time in every body's life sometimes 30 sometimes 50 everyone is different where smokers realise they don't want to smoke anymore, i know a few people who have done this and they know their life is so much better for it. i try not to get involved with people who smoke these days as i got the my stage in life where i was over the shit it bought on and have had a few close friends end up extremely parannoyed and/or scizofrinic (can't spell that on sorry) which is scarey to see and trust me it doesn't happen.

however my best mate smokes occassionally with other mates that i know through him and thats cool it is their choice but they know to stay clear of my kids when on it as i will not have anyone around my children who do it.

what is more important, being high with no cares, or having someone to be with and the possibility of a family on day if you have thoughts about that.

in the end if you choice the drugs you could very well lose out and end up with nothing but a bong in your hand
Joined: 2/26/2007
Msg: 655
can non-pot smokers handle pot smokers?
Posted: 4/5/2007 9:11:42 PM
i had 2 bowls for was cereal
Joined: 10/23/2006
Msg: 656
can non-pot smokers handle pot smokers?
Posted: 4/5/2007 9:36:19 PM
Getting a little sensitive Eddie?
Funny how the newspapers seem to confirm police raiding Hell's Angels clubhouses in Vancouver and Kelowna. They are still a part of BC aren't they? Or did you sell them for drugs?
Its ok Eddie the adults will take care of everything.
Go blow yourself a big fatty and flip on the playstation...all will be well again.
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