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Joined: 4/25/2007
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??Page 10 of 63    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41)
Robfish - are you saying you never met this person? If that is the case, you may be the victim of a scam - Did you ever send money, airline tickets or high $ gifts? I talk to guys all the time from sites, and this happens a lot - and this may be a ploy. If it is, then you may need to report it. I have even been contacted by people (from another site) saying they need my help to send money into the states and need my bank account number, etc. You sound like a good-hearted and faithful person - just the kind of person they are looking for. Please be careful. PS - No, if the person committs suicide, it is not your fault - all you can do is try to get them help.
Joined: 11/14/2006
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 5/4/2007 9:44:17 PM

No unfortunately I didn't get the opportunity to meet this girl and there is no way this could have been a scam because I didn't meet her on a dating site. I tend to avoid dating sites because it promotes the idea of "selling yourself" to get a date and this encourages people to lie and be fake in order to attract the opposite sex. You might now be wondering why I joined this site in the first place, its mainly for the forums but if I were to meet someone special from this I would be open to a relationship.

Anyway to get back on topic, I met her almost two years ago in an online pool room. We played games against each other often and what started as casual chats turned into more. Before we knew it we were talking for hours every single night, lots of emails, phone calls, picture exchanges, just went on and on. Sure, we were from different countries but I never saw that as a problem, I have had some wonderful LDR experiences in the past and I genuinely felt that I had a future with this woman. She was beautiful, inside and out......see, many people knock the LDR and think its a total waste of time but its a connection of personalities when two people spend hours just talking, without the distractions of sex.....everything is mental. The problem was that she had low self esteem because her ex bf was very abusive and scarred her body, she showed me some pictures of them and her ex was obviously a psycho.....the scars were not small. It didn't matter to me though, I continued to try as hard as I could to make her see that and to make her feel beautiful and special because thats what she was to me.

Urgh, i'm rambling response to what you said about scams, she NEVER asked me for money, and always insisted that she wanted to come here and be with me because she knew in her heart that I was the one for her. Thats why that day at the airport caught me off guard, to this day I can't believe she was capable of doing that to me and now this added responsibility is getting to me. I stopped calling, because I guess i'm afraid that someone will answer and confirm that she did kill herself. I don't see suicidal tendencies and/or depression as an illness, I never have. I have been through it myself, many bad experiences making me question my mortality and there have been times I seriously thought of giving up but I continued on not for me......but for my dad. I lost my mom to cancer when i was 16, he lost the love of his life and no matter how badly I was tempted to give up I didn't......for him.

Thanks for the sweet words Polite Lady but unfortunately I have to disagree with you again (sorry) ....I didn't see what she told me as a manipulative threat, I saw it as a person reaching out for help, she felt alone, miserable, and probably ugly thanks to the ex which is why I did initially give her that second chance. All I wanted more than anything was to hold her, I knew deep down that was all she needed to feel special again, and to feel needed and loved but in the end I couldn't deal with the stalling and the empty promises. She said a lot of sweet words to me, very touching, but NEVER backed them up, it just felt so one sided and I had to let her go because it was hurting me. I do hope that she is alive and well and that it was an empty threat because I will blame myself if she gave up, I know its unhealthy to feel that way and probably didn't do all that much wrong but I can't help it.......I guess all I can say is that you need to experience this first hand to fully understand it.
Joined: 4/25/2007
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 5/5/2007 6:47:40 AM
Robfish, Sorry things didn't work out, but your love can't fix everything. That is one of the things I learned in counseling. I had a string of bad relationships because I was picking people that needed fixing. Good Luck and as I told my son about a girl who had problems, that he loved for 6 years, there will be people you love in your life who are not good for you - and guys like to fix things.

LButterfly #949 - I have been in your shoes, my boys were 4 and 8 when my husband committed suicide, so if you need talk, feel free to E-mail me. My 2nd son grew up angry and was my hardest child to raise, but I hung in there with him and he channeled all that drive in his career - and at 26, has been promoted 3 times to a special job, is the youngest one in that area, won 5 major awards, and was named top in his area this year - and has helped many people. So there are happy endings. God Bless you dear.
Joined: 3/2/2007
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 5/5/2007 6:48:35 AM
simply put, suicide is the single most selfish act in existence, that says it all right there
Joined: 1/6/2007
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 5/6/2007 7:04:45 AM
I wish someone would have told my sister that in 95,her husband pussed her over the edge and he knew just how to do it. Six months after her death he remarried,and moved the new wife in the home my sister and him shared for 30yrs.He acted like the gieveing husband,everybody saw right through him.Now the new wife has everything,and she kicks him out when she feels like it.He deserves everything he has coming to him.
Joined: 8/13/2006
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 5/13/2007 12:43:44 PM
I think everyone at one time or another has fantisized about commiting suicide, most menatal health professionals will even say to an extent that it's normal.......i personnally could never do it because i find life interesting and wish i could live forever! But i'v had my heart broken to the extent that i thought my life was "OVER", but eventually i was back on my feet meeting new people in no time.
Joined: 1/18/2007
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 6/24/2007 8:13:46 PM
Although this does occur in many cultures, it is not necessarily the best answer....yes, the pain of a broken heart can linger until what seems like eternity...but being dead will not allow you to win back your love...instead of making them your reason to die you should make them your reason to live....I have loved someone whom I have not seen in ten years....regardless if I will ever see him again he is my purpose to live in many ways since he is my love...moreover, killing oneself only causes those who love you to have a broken heart in the sense that you ended your life...this can take many years to get over and some may not completely recover... I know from experience.....

Also remember some people never even get the opportunity to experience love to the depth you now know what every love song, every lover's poem, every war, every truce, and many other things from the beginning of time were for since you have experienced it from the heart.

Live life for every breath you take and every beat of your only have one.
Joined: 6/11/2007
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 6/24/2007 10:41:04 PM
Live life for every breath you take and every beat of your only have one.


And isn't it your life, to do with as you see fit?

Suicide, much to the average poster's dismay, is not always about "revenge" or guilt or getting back at someone...occassionally, some people simply do not want to continue living their lives and very often, a broken heart is the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back.

I wonder how many people that responded to the OP have actually attempted hope is that it is very few, but to be honest, I don't have enough hours in the day to read each and every post covering 2+ years, so I'll have to continue to hope.

I attempted suicide at age 21 "over a woman" and as I proposed ^^^ up there, it was the proverbial straw...I was in a car accident, required plastic surgery to "replace" the eyelid I left in the windsield (always remember your seat belt, kids!!), and my fiance` dumped me during my "rehab." All seemed lost at the time, and I just wanted out. I cut my wrists, rather unneccessarily deep according to the ER nurse (more on that later), and prepared to bleed note, no morbid totems around the house to make people wonder what I had been doing immediately prior, just me and my thoughts.

Which is exactly why I'm here today to tell this tale...I started thinking about other people...and the one that got to me was the thought that my grandfather wouldn't attend my funeral because my actions weren't "catholic." in nature. Call it an epiphany, a moment of clarity, whatever, but I realized I had made a mistake, life could and would get better, and I had just made the most heinous mistake of my about-to-be VERY short life.

I won't get into the gory details, but I made a phone call, got a friend over to take me to the hospital, got sutured and "re-filled," and got "hospitalized for my own protection" (great stories about that too, if you have a sense of humor about people who can laugh at themselves).

My point? There's a few, each one more disturbing than the previous, but here goes...

1: life sucks, then you die...don't rush the dying part, you might miss some good amongst the sucking

2: Every day, people wake up and make breakfast, or don' to work, or don't...shoot heroin with haitian prostitutes, or don't...your life is yours to do with as you choose...including not living it when you decide you're done.

3: I fully support "assisted suicide" in the Kevorkian sense...that being said, I think you're a complete tool if you leave children behind who aren't old enough to grasp the reality of death and choices adults make for themselves.

**** you Kurt Cobain for leaving your daughter in the hands of the idiot you impregnated.

Not that I have any opinions on matters such as these...

"..with the scars on my wrists to prove I'll try again..." - Phil Anselmo
Joined: 5/2/2005
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 6/26/2007 4:01:39 PM
Suicide is terrible and only hurts those left behind. I have no sympathy for anyone who commits suicide.
Joined: 4/30/2007
Msg: 239
What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 6/26/2007 4:32:36 PM
I don't think anyone knows what is going on inside the head of someone who is so sad and feels so hopeless and they don't see any other way out...they would do something like that unless they have been through it themselves. Some people have no idea how to care about someone so deeply they feel like the are dead inside when that person is gone to understand how that would be possible. The pain is unbearable and sometimes people can't find a way out of the dark hole they are in.

I knew some well who I know he did think about it after losing someone he cared very deeply about. He didn't tell me, but I knew he did. Finding another reason to live is the only way to stop them and get them to a point of getting some professional help... It usually helps if there is someone else to live for - in this particular case his kids. .. I think he is now trying to burry his hurt by keeping so busy he is almost killing himself that way. It is a very sad thing to watch and not be able to do anything about it. They try to dig themselves out of a deep dark hole (that is how he described it) in their own way but it doesn't take much to slip back down again deeper than the last time. The only thing you can really do about it, it try to get the person to someone professional, but that isn't very easy. All you can do is be their friend and show them you care about them unconditionally.. and try not to get frustrated when you can't seem to make any progress. All you can do is your best. You can't do anything about something you have no control over.

Mental illness is a very scary thing, and most people don't believe or understand unless they have been in it themselves or know someone well who has seriously thought about it. Everyone has their bad days but when you only have bad days for so long and you can't get out of it, it is not much fun. I chatted with a guy once who lost his girl friend to suicide because she couldn't get over the death of her son. There is nothing he could do for her. I don't know what I would do if I had to go through that. What about the old couples who have been together for years .. when one of them dies the other one dies soon after? They loose their will to live because the person they cared about for so many years is gone. They don't commit suicide but they do die of a broken heart.

Some times it is for attention, but not in all cases. The person who is serious about it doesn't usually tell anyone they are thinking about it. When you see they are trying to cover up how sad they really are, that is when we have to worry.. and it is very hard to stop worrying. It can make you crazy when you have someone in your life you care a lot about who is like that.

That is my 2 cents worth.
Joined: 4/20/2007
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What do you think of a person committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 6/26/2007 4:52:43 PM
I think that anyone who gets to such a low ebb has no thoughts of anyone or anything, just they want the hurt to stop and in any way it can.
It isnt a solution, but at the time they wont think that. It is only afterwards IF they survive that they will start to see how their actions would have affected other people. It isnt that they are selfish, they have just reached rock bottom.
Then hopefully will start to understand that it isnt a good way to deal wth anything.
People shouldnt criticise anyone for feeling like this, just try to help them if they suspect they do.
Joined: 7/5/2004
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 6/26/2007 5:52:27 PM
It's a pretty good way to guarantee that you'll never be happy again.

It's kind of related to what Clint Eastwood said in "Unforgiven":
It's a terrible thing, killing a man; you take away everything he has and everything he's ever gonna have.

If there's a possibility for even greater joy ahead, why risk it?
Joined: 9/30/2005
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 6/26/2007 6:18:44 PM

[quite]here's always another love waiting around the corner - possibly the love of your life :)

What if death is the love of your life? Don't wait, she's waiting with open arms!

I think Japanese suicide is the coolest. Seppuku! The real thing. That is to say, bleedling to death for hours with your stomach slit open. No help from an assistant who beheads you with a sword after you make the cuts!

If you want to make a bold statement, you have to choose a long, drawn-out, painful suicide. That way you will really hurt all those motherf#ckers who made your life miserable.

end of quote

This is sick shite.

And I post an honest questions and the a-holes on this site that censor posts vote to delete my harmless questions and let this crap stay.

I am out of here, POF you suck
Joined: 5/23/2007
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 6/27/2007 4:23:12 AM
i agree most people have no idea what its like to have ur whole world flipped upside down therefore they're decision is bias and has no merit. ever since i was a kid about ten years old my father was killed then when i grew up a bit, at about forte en my first love sara took her own life w/bottle of sleeping pills, then at eighteen my high school sweetheart nahanni died in a car crash on the way home from a party! i've been on sides of this fence & sometimes i still fall into a rutt wishing 4 death to come & take me so i can b with them... but i remember my dad telling me to look after my mom & sister & brother & that promise to him is the only reason y i haven't done myself in already! but people who know nothing of death except 4 wat they hear from other peoples tragedy will contiune to remian blind & ignorant, untill 1 day it'll hit close to home then watch how their opioins change faster than the weather!
Joined: 8/8/2005
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 6/27/2007 4:50:24 AM
Suicide is never the answer in my opinion.
Anyone that would consider it for reason of broken heart was not a complete and stable person mentally.
Joined: 1/22/2007
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 6/27/2007 10:51:27 AM
Don't teach people how to commit suicide- the answer is getting professional help. Spend the few dollars on therapy and live until God wants you home.
Joined: 3/26/2007
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 7/30/2007 12:31:11 PM
Hi, ru4afunartist, this has to be one of the worst things to happen to a person. Of course you're going to feel bad about it or that you are somehow responsible, but it isn't your fault. This person was sick and had problems way before you came along.

Now, the important question is: Are you in therapy? I feel strongly that you should see a psychologist or psychiatrist to help you deal with your feelings of guilt over this guy's death. Take Care.

Joined: 3/17/2005
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 8/20/2007 7:21:34 PM
yea it's a selfish act.but as a person whom has known to many people departed from this earth thru murder,accidents,and is th e right of the individual to do whatever he/she wants .some people will never be happy some people make mistakes....and never come it suicide bad them and to the general masses i say:AT 6.4 billion people and growing when some enviromentalists feel maximum sustainable population is 500 million;suicide,wars,disasters,pestilence,and anything along the lines of general population reduction are good are suicidees whether they acknowledge the fact or not.They are complicit enviromentalists by not continuing to use the earths resources.
Furthermore in closing yes suicide is selfish,but so is the deisre of some of you to make others in to youre own light as a path to youre own salvation;because of loss of a loved one?it is youre selfish desire to have them back amongst the living,not to help them,but have them back to cease the pain of loss..of which their is no escape..except thru within,and acknowledgement of loss.
Joined: 3/15/2007
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 8/22/2007 7:17:47 PM
Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Why let that person affect you so much that you want to end it? Get over it and just live your life the best you can. You now have the opportunity to do anything you want. Go on a trip, go on a walk.

LIVE man.
Joined: 6/5/2007
Msg: 249
What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 8/23/2007 4:29:58 PM
People who seriously consider suicide for any reason need help. Brain chemicals work a little bit like sugar works for diabetics. Suicidal thoughts need treatment. Don't give up until you find the treatment that works. Go or recommend whomever to go to a counselor and a doctor. If someone you know has committed suicide, just remember they were sick when they did it.
Joined: 9/24/2007
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 10/5/2007 7:54:43 PM
if you are seriously considering suicide for any reason, you should have seekin help long before this
Joined: 9/25/2007
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 10/6/2007 3:22:04 PM
I know the feeling all too well. In fact, I have to say I have the feeling right now. My wife, the only woman who has EVER had any feelings for me (I'm not joking--before her I hadn't been on a date in 20 years), is in the process of leaving me. Before her, my life consisted of work and sleep. Then, she came into my life and I had something to do and fun and someone to care for and someone to provide for. I had a purpose for the first time in my entire life. We had plans of having a family. We had all kinds of dreams of things we wanted to do together.

And, then, she goes back to visit her family in her home country (Russia). [No--she's not a mail-order bride--I met her in America, actually from one of these sites, and we dated for a while before marriage] She's gone for 2 weeks and when I talk to her over there, she asks me to divorce her! Come to find out, our entire relationship was a lie and she actually was living a double life and had a boyfriend on the side!!! (she doesn't know I know this yet). And, I'm STILL trying to get her back!!!!!!!!!

All of our dreams shattered. I'm back to an empty house. Completely alone. Very few friends. NO single friends. Self-employed, so I don't meet others much--I sit at a desk in my house all day. Nothing but the computer and me, again.

Yep, I know the feeling you are describing.
Joined: 8/27/2007
Msg: 252
What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 10/6/2007 5:02:12 PM
The love of my life committed suicide because I had an affair. His suicide letter stated his reason and now his entire family hates me. To make matters worse, they have nothing to do with our children ages 8 and 2. I am not saying what I did was right because I betrayed his trust that we shared for 9 yrs. What he did isn't right either. I had the affair because our sex life all but diminished. He thru his life away over nothing. What he did was the most selfish thing anyone could do. He only thought of his pain. I guess he never thought about the pain he would inflict on others, especially his innocent children. He must have given it some thought, he put a rope around his neck and put a bullet to his head with me on the other end of the phone line. He intended to scar me for life. I hope anyone that is considering this would please consider all the consequenses. Broken hearts can b mended n time.
Joined: 4/13/2006
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What do you think of a peron committing suicide over a broken heart??
Posted: 10/6/2007 8:51:21 PM
To die is easy to live is whats hard, if ever to think about it look to who it will really effect; The man or woman who you want to hurt for hurting you does not care, so by killing yourself you are only hurting the ones who really care for you.
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