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Interacial dating accepted by Blks & Whts only, how come?Page 4 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
Wow, empress1978f

Did you not understand a thing I stated, or what ?

You seem to of just jumped on the racial bandwagon and whipped out your "Race Card",...just like a lot of black people do when they feel threatened, or go on the defence when someone thinks differently.

I didnt make any racial comments concerning decent honest people of color,...I mearly pointed out that in my neighborhood there arent any. All we have around here are thugs.

You must not understand the mentality of these punks,..and yes,..they come in all colors,..all they want to do is score with someone,..and move onto the next victim.

Lets see, stated....

"To bikerbiker53, the poster who seemed to think that blacks are all gangsta rappers waiting to seduce some poor white girl.....2 points"

I didnt say anything about them being "rappers",.....I mentioned they have a "Rap" that they spread on the girls they seduce,...and now your gradeing me,..."2 points", this on a slideing curve, or straight across the board ?,...LOL

Then you say,...

"assuming this behaviour is limited to black men"

I didnt say that, did, are the one that is "Assuming",..not me,...and thinking your way,..not mine,...I just stated my thoughts on the subject matter,..and you are adding a whole different train of thought,...LOL

Slow down, or you might jump track,...LOL

The you state,...

"Somehow white women are stupid like children and not responsible for their own actions with black men"

You said it empress,...not me.

Then you "Assume"

"Its funny to me that any one person knows lets say at most 50 black people maybe even 100 and yet they will make a blanket statement based on your severely limited knowledge of the race, that doesnt even make any sense."

Im glad its funny to you,..cause I know a lot of good decent hard working black people that wish they could shed that image and stereotype that the "Bad" blacks create for them. You see, you just made another assumption, and tried to put your thoughts across as mine.

I have known, lived with, and worked with , many fine people of color,...that dont complain, and try to point the finger at "Whitey" every time something go's wrong, or they dont understand anothers ideals.

I understand your proud of you family, and their achievements,..that great,..but you dont have to try and belittle my post, or my ideals,...just because you dont like them, or dont understand,...I was just stateing my point of view,....not asking for a personal attack.

Now you say,...

"The girls you describe sound like morons anyways and since this is the type of person you seem yo know, I hope you persuade them not to date black men"...............I would be horrified if either of my brothers or any of my friends got involved with people are moronic as the ones you seem to associate with.

Now I want you to understand what you just said,...look at it closely, are the one making a "Blanket Statement" trying to include me as some one who is "moronic" and to "associate" with. I describe these girls as neighbors,...not my friends,...I have nothing to do with them, or how they live their pathetic lives....yet you want to "lump" us together..

It looks to me,...that you are doing the accuseing and pointing the finger, defending your "Race"..even tho you have tried your best to dissassociate yourself from them....

Have you lived in a ghetto type neighborhood ? Have you had to endure the sound of gunfire 24 hours day and night,...and no,....Im not being dramatic, really did used to be that way,,...we hardly ever hear a gunshot. Has you car, or you familys car been broke into and stolen repeatedly ?

I grew in in this community, used to be all white, nice and clean,...very little crime,..till the blacks started moving in,..then the muggings,...the shootings,..the burglerys,..the murders started,...till just recently a black thug shot and killed a family of 7 here in Indianapolis, may of sen it on the news,....

The young 5 year old was hit with a blast from a shotgun,..the cops didnt even need a body bag for him,...they carried what was left of him out in a plastic sack.

What Im trying to say is,...dont go on the defence and start attacking something posted,....unless someone is disrespecting you.

When you assume,.."You make an "Ass out of You - n - me"

Peace be with you,..and beleive it or not,....I LOVE Black people,.....its the ni**ers I cant stand, matter what color.

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Interacial dating accepted by Blks & Whts only, how come?
Posted: 7/13/2006 8:33:43 PM
I am Indian and agree with the OP's comment that we are not as open to interracial dating. I believe that the reason for this is primarily practicality. For some reason, our culture is so rich that it just makes it easier to date people from the same culture. Food, language, values, traditions are all virtually the same among Indians, and while dating outside our race is fine, getting married outside our race is sometimes looked down upon. I believe the Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc) cultures and some European cultures are the same way. It all comes down to making life easier, especially when it comes to raising kids.
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Interacial dating accepted by Blks & Whts only, how come?
Posted: 1/26/2007 3:55:30 AM
well, you still have traditional folks man, not everyone is going to jump on the peace train, lol. I have a few friends that are not black or white, but they want to keep in the same race, personally I see no problem with people who want one of their own, it's their choice. as far as the just balck and white thing, I think that is not true, other races such as asian I see their women with white men, and let's not forget spanish they hop down with other races as well. I think it's more of a culture thing now, but that does not make us better than whoever wants to date their own though.
Joined: 12/18/2006
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Interacial dating accepted by Blks & Whts only, how come?
Posted: 2/1/2007 11:44:56 AM
PiscesCoda hit it on the head... at least in America. The blacks and the whites have lived together, side-by-side, one behind the other and every which way including loose now. At the root of basic primal vision (blind and ignorant) we see ourselves together and against the foreigners who migrated later from the islands, Asia and South America.

It takes generations for a people to become accepted. If you hold citizenship here, you are an American (undefined by race, color, creed, ethnicity and gender). If you don't, you are simply a foreign national. Personally, I will date an American over a foreign national simply due to the exceedingly slim chance the American will be deported... Silly, I know.

Generally speaking, I enjoy dating, talking, interacting with and meeting people of all cultures. It's all good kids!!!

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Interacial dating accepted by Blks & Whts only, how come?
Posted: 3/14/2008 11:09:46 AM
I have no problem dating outside my race. I have dated mostly Caucasian women and think they're great. I have been told to stick to my own race (Latin, Puerto Rican) beautiful people too but, it comes down to personal preference. Besides a woman is a woman and they all want to feeilng special.
Joined: 12/4/2007
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Interracial dating accepted by Blks & Whites only, how come?
Posted: 3/14/2008 3:33:30 PM
Do you realize that if you were saying that every single boyfriend you had before was black and that they all treated you like garbage , and that now you had a white boyfriend who treated you like a queen you would be branded a racist.

She was replying to a post ( msg 35 ) where a man made negative generalizations about black men. I think her point is that there are jerks from all races. I don't think she was implying that these men were jerks because they are white.
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Interracial dating accepted by Blks & Whites only, how come?
Posted: 3/15/2008 12:57:51 PM
The common denominator in all of your previous relationship was you.If all you ever had were terrible boyfriends then the fault was yours for choosing them, not because they were white.

You couldn't said it any better.
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Interacial dating accepted by Blks & Whts only, how come?
Posted: 3/16/2008 12:36:06 PM
This is just an extension of the "How do you feel about interacial dating?" thread.

My question is, and correct me if Im wrong. It seems like Black and White people are quicker to accept an interacial couple than any other race. Why is this? One of my good friends is East Indian, and she is always commenting on "sticking to your own".

Well,...seeing as how this thread has suddenly came back to life,...after such a hiatus,
I'd like to re-address the Original Post,...and say,.......

I believe that with the passing of time,.....American Society, in General,....has became more lax in their opinion of interacial dating,.......

The older Generation,...that, to me,...that had "Stricter Morals", and deeper ,..."Family Values",.......raised their children,.... in the belief,...that it was NOT RIGHT,...for humans to date, ......nor Marry,...OUTSIDE THEIR RACE.

Gee,......Common Sense, tells most people that.

But as the older generation has died off, and replaced with a generation of swine,..... that are thoughtless degenerates, ..........who dont care if their babies are brought into a world of hate, and prejudice, has become the norm,....and more accecpted,....
because of,.... MTV,.....MADONNA,.....
and all the other supposed "Role Models",..that our children are subjected too,...with a TV for a "Baby Sitter",............
What do YOU Expect ???

I dont think,....from what I see,...that Black and White people are quicker to accecpt
an interacial couple,........

I know,...there are still a lot of narrow minded folks out there,...that cant stand to see a white woman with a black man, still hear remarks like,....."Thats disgusting",...or,...."That Tramp has no respect for herself",......and stuff like that.

But man,......its really odd to see a white man, a black woman,.......

Oh My Gawd, get dirty looks from both the white people,............
and the Black people,...alike.

Now maybe in HOLLYWOOD, all can mix, and mingle,..and not raise an eyebrow,.........but here in the Mid West,....or any where in the Corn Belt,..or the Bible Belt,........if there is a mixed couple, gets attention,......BIG TIME !

My daughters sister, mixed,....she is a doll,....a grown woman,..with 4 kids of her own,.......and the rude, snide remarks, she hears, down right horriable.

Her children go to school, or play outside,...and the other kids pick on them,...cause their Mixed,.....the whites dont want to play with them,....the blacks dont either,......
Now that is sad,.......

Now I dont mean that none of the other kids wont play with them,......just "Some"

And thats a shame,...that even little kids,..carry on that way,.....but when you consider that their learning it from their peers,......its understandable.

My daughters first boufriend was black,.......I didnt like him,.......and made sure they both knew it,........I didnt interfeer,....but I didnt encourage it.

Thank goodness my daughter finaly saw him for what he was,.....a player.

I dated a beautiful ,......."Lady of Color" for a couple of months,.......she is one of the sweetest women I know,.......
When we would go out,.....I would see all the disproving eyes on us as we dined,.....
we both agreed that neither of us was seriously interested in a relationship,.....
(she told me her dad would "Flip Out" if he knew she was dating a white man)
so we decided to not date anymore,,...neither of us needed, nor wanted anymore stress in our life.

So,...we remain friends,....we chat with each other once in a while,....but were not interested in having to fight against the narrow minded people, the rest of our lives, if we would of decided to make a commitment.

Common sense.

It all comes down to your own personal feelings,...and if their strong enough, to face the struggles your up against, everyday.

All that should matter, if two people truly Love one another,

Joined: 12/15/2006
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Interacial dating accepted by Blks & Whts only, how come?
Posted: 3/22/2008 9:57:59 AM
DOn't trip off of black women being standoff-ish. They're the same way to black dudes too.
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