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Joined: 4/18/2005
Msg: 349
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Which way is upstream?

Sounds like an important question, if you're a sperm.
You obviously need to quit smoking and doing drugs.
The first thing I thought when I looked at your about me was, "Whoa! Too many emoticons!"
Does this sentence make sense: "Why is everyone going the wrong?"
The sentence following it doesn't even begin with a capital letter! What poor utilization of the english language and grammar!
In general, your profile is a difficult read, mostly because of all of the random moving things.
Joined: 4/18/2005
Msg: 350
Posted: 4/10/2007 8:43:22 PM
I don't know why you've written prefer not to say beside body type, it looks like you have a hotter body than I do, and I'm 24!
Your about me is okay. Its a bit choppy, but it works.
Joined: 4/18/2005
Msg: 351
Posted: 4/10/2007 8:47:34 PM
I like the headline. Its cute.
Please, quit smoking.
Always begin sentences with capitals.
Religeous is spelled religious.
Ever considered writting paragraphs? Just a thought. Then you can group like things together...
Joined: 4/18/2005
Msg: 352
Posted: 4/11/2007 9:10:34 PM
Please tell me that you normally are a well kept young man, and that photos 2 and 3 were just a bad day when you were in dyer need of a good haircut. In this case, delete photos 2 and 3.
Please have a look at your interests and determine what is an interest and what is a trait. Traits don't belong here, interests belong here.
Please, no need to repeat any information which is stated in the general info section of the profile.
Otherwise, its okay. You've got some baggage that you've laid right out in there... remember that I always say, purge as much as you can and only move on with a thin breifcase!
 H2O and go
Joined: 2/13/2007
Msg: 353
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It's time: Brutally Honest Profile Reviews by Kikilynn... as promised
Posted: 4/13/2007 10:06:20 PM
Was going to attempt some clever message here, but forget that, I want you to get to work on my profile.
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