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Joined: 2/11/2005
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I gotta a couple genital piercings... I just got a Frenum recently, no complaints but also no huge ammounts of praise of additional pleasure... not from the piercing anyways...

but I just have a couple things to say/add....

I have never heard of the frenum/ladder piercing being a huge g-spot hitter... someone made that up for reasons unknown... also, if ya can't find the g-spot on your own, no piercing is gonna help...

also, if your gonna get a piercing or a tattoo.. you should be doing it for yourself... not for someone else... but I'm sure we all already know that...

Piercings need time to heal, a ladder is a series of frenums... all which need 2 to 6 months to fully heal... sex is outta the question for the first 2 weeks or so after you get the piercing.... just do a lot of research so you'll know what to expect...

but oh well... hope all goes well.
Joined: 5/3/2006
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ladder piercing/ Prince Albert
Posted: 6/12/2006 11:03:55 AM

Think of all the great infections you could get, and think of all the nerve endings you do not want to mess up.

I have had mine now for 7 yrs, never once got it infected. As for nerve damage.. yes, that can occur... but that is why you do the research and find a good piercer.. someone who's been trained and knows something about anatomy. If you plan on getting a clit piercing, be prepared for some loss of sensation... the research I did came up with a 50% rate of damage for these piercings.

My GF talked me into having my hood done a few yrs ago, and the piercer knew her anatomy, etc... BUT... she didn't listen to my needs and didn't warn me when she went to insert the jewelry, and as a result I flinched and she lost the hole... ended up redoing it and that was a mistake!!! I had soooo much pain from it all that I ended up having it taken out 5 days later. There was no point trying to work through the pain I was experiencing as I knew that I would have a problem with the jewelry she said I should use. Part of the reason I feel this one failed on me was because I relied on someone else to do the research.. and I'm not sure they asked the same questions I would have. I think my GF still has her's, but her's was done by a different person than the one that did mine. I don't regret the experience, I just regret paying the $85 and ending up with essentially nothing for it.

If I were to do it again, I would go back to the place I had my first one done and have him do it... he did a good job, ran a clean operation, told me what to expect, walked me through the whole thing before the proceedure, walked me through it as it was happening, and was respectful and more then businesslike...
Joined: 5/9/2006
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ladder piercing/ Prince Albert
Posted: 7/17/2006 2:54:02 AM
Alright, I have a prince Albert... Rather than check you on why your dong it I will strictly answer your question based on my own personal experience. Take it for what it is worth, one man's opinion and experience.

The initial piercing...
Make sure you are prepaired. To start the piercer will use a cotton swap to lube the inside of your penis with whatever his preferred lube is. Vasiline was used on me, and yes it was rather uncomfortible. This is nessecery as the tube that is inserted next is very uncomfortible. You see for a Prince Albert, you will be pierced from the outside in. Thus the need for the hollow tube. The needle is passed through the shaft of the penis and it to the tube to prevent unnessecery damage to the urethria. Once the needle is in, the jewlery itself is then insert through you new hole and out the old "natural" hole. At this point the inital pain , which can only be discribed as a quick pinch and pop, is over. Breathe deep just before the actual penitration and exhail durring. Screaming is optional.

The weeks of healing after...
Again make sure you are prepaired. The first thing you'll notice is an increassingly uncomfortible throbbing. No, not the same as your used too. You will bleed, a lot. Keep in mind how the p e n i s works, blood restrictions in the organ create an errection. Thus, again you will bleed. The uncomfortible throbbing will in most cases, negate any thoughts of sex for the first few days. The next thing you will notice as far as pain and/or discomfort is the first time you urinate after beeing pierced, you will certainly question the worth of the piercing. It's a burning sensation that can best be descriped the way Eddie Murphy explained VD in his stand up routine RAW. "When I pee, fire shot out my d i c k. I gots to go outside to pee so I's don't burn down the house". Keep in mind that it is going to be a new experience for you, friendly advise... SIT DOWN! This will make unwrapping the little burrito easier as well. Again you'll bleed a lot so wrap it to avoid clotting to your underroo's. I found it very easy to use TP to wrap with for the first day or two. Plus it's easy to just soak it a little and remove any pieces that stick to the clotting. Another piece of advice wash your hands before you handle youself in the restroom. Your own urine is sterile, sterile is good for cleaning. This may sound a little gross however rest assured that and infection in a Prince Albert piercing would be much more gross. When you urinate let the first few seconds of the stream breakdown the clotting and using your kegels, start and stop your stream to allow the "dripple" to coat the jewlery. Hear is the gross part, get urine on your fingers and ever so gently work the jewlery back and forth through the piercing. Keep in mind that there will be clotting on the outside and the inside. Again allow me to stress the importance of GENTLY. After about the first week the throbbing with subside and the burning will decrease to the point of being bearible. The most important thing I found was to allow AMPLE time to hear before attempting to reap the benifits. I waited 2 weeks and then my (ex) wife and I attempted to engauge in testing. I got aroused and noticed a deffinate addition to my sensation. now I'm one that enjoys a little pain, so at first it was great. Then she moved left as I went right, the results... I teared up in pain and swore off sex for another 2 weeks as I ripped myself a bit.

In conclusion...
How much did it hurt? Let's set the bar here. 1 being the slight grazing of a infant and 10 being a swift corner kick from David Beckhem to the nuts.

The piercing itself = 5-6
The Throbbing = 7
The peeing and cleaning process = 8-9
Having s e x before being healed completly = 10+

How quickly it healed? on average from my knowledge it should take 4-6 weeks to be fully functional again. Even so, think of it like a new car, take it easy for the first few miles as there is a breakin period.

A chance of perminant numbness? Personally I've never heard that myself. However I'm not a piercer nor am I a doctor. I noticed no loss of feeling, however with any genital piercing I would imagine there are plenty of horror stories out there.

A question you neglected to ask... Was it worth it? The prince albert is a piercing for the guy. The reason for the piercing is to stimulate the urethria as an addition to any type of other p e n i l e stimulation. Much like a woman stimulating the c l i t o r i s durring intercourse. On another note some women notice it, some don't. However the feeling I get from my 4 gauge PA is worth the temporary pain and discomfort of the piercing process. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat if needed.

Please excuss any spelling errors as it is really late here and I should be in bed...

Hope this helps,

Johnny Chopper
Joined: 2/29/2008
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ladder piercing/ Prince Albert
Posted: 6/26/2008 12:16:46 AM
Dude, never do something to yourself you are not comfortable with. Never stay with someone who asks you to do things to yourself you are not comfortable with. These piercings will cost money, and they will leave scars; and there is always the risk of pain, infection, and significant scaring. If you are excited about the piercings, go for it. If not, tell her to deal with it, or walk.
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