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Joined: 8/10/2007
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don't know if I should stop talking to him because all he wants is sexPage 3 of 3    (1, 2, 3)
Well,.. if you're developing "feelings",. the sex must be pretty dayum good! It's always kinda funny to me,.. we develope "feelings" so, we want to start ownership papers on them, because we want to keep driving them around the block,.. " I feel I should break it off because I'm developing "feelings" and I think he just wants sex" I mean, what was he before these embrionic feelings started growing and kicking? a really good "feeling-less fukk"?You see where this is going, what I'm saying? Things were f-i-n-e-fine with NO feelings,.. but now, the "magical feelings" appear, and demand he submit to indentured servatude, or suffer the wrath of "the E-N-D!".. PULEEEEEEEZE! If people were honest-to-God smart, with just a grain of intellect, they would abandon ALL the Victorian prerequisites of "the RELATIONSHIP" It's taken a hundred years,.. but we're not being escorted in wagons with people making sure we're 3ft apart @ ALL times and NEVER get close enough to KISS (you MAY get pregnant!..oh,. and we can now say PREGNANT on TV too) BUT,. those nasty Victorian "cling-ons" (not to be confused with Klingons) are STILL manifesting themselves in our "civilized society" You want to be truely civilized? Fukk who you want, if it's good & meant to be it WILL be,. if not move on,,The problem is usually, that one is VERY happy, and the other isn't in the relationship.. and being clingy velcro type human-beans" we fight to make that person (who isn't happy ) stay with us.. If we learn to "let go" they MAY come back,. or at least come back once in a while,. Then, if that's not enough for you, draw the line, part as true friends, move to the next episode & chapter in your life,.EVENTUALLY, you may find what you're looking for. In MY case,. I don't think it exists here for me in this dimension,.because people just turn me off with this kind of crap.. IF there's someone that thinks like me,.. I want to hear from you,..we really need to talk,..becaus I'm sooOOOoo frikkin tired of this B.S.

Oh and for the folks that whine about the age of the post... the problem is out there EVERY day,.. I don't normally read dates,. I just write.. when yer onna roll yer onna roll.. You still should read it,.. you MIGHT actually learn something,.. ehh,.. Naaaaah WTF was I thinkin?!{{{DUH}}}
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