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Living with PsoriasisPage 3 of 3    (1, 2, 3)
Of the 500 plus processes our livers do daily, one of the biggest is Detoxifying our blood.

The blood is constantly riddled by toxins. Every human being alive has toxins in their body. Toxin = poison = dirty blood. The answer to your first question is a resounding Yes.

What toxins are in our skin? Well gee....Laundry soap, perfumes/colognes, dish soap on our hands, bath soap, pollutants in the air, the food we eat, the beverages we drink etc.

Our skin is our largest organ and biggest line of defense from the outside world. Of course its bombarded daily from toxins from almost everywhere. Not every single human beings skin will be as permeable to the outside world, but not a single human being is immune from it either.

The skin takes in and excretes toxins constantly. Just like the liver.
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Living with Psoriasis
Posted: 3/29/2011 8:57:44 AM
There is a lot of good info in this thread. I get psoriasis mostly in my scalp areas, sideburns, eyebrows, and left side of my nose. I use medicated shampoos from time to time (usually having to change brands every so often that have different ingredients). I think the people that talked about ph levels are right on. I never had myself tested but suspect that my body would probably show too acidic due to my diet. For about a month now though I started drinking a lot of lemon juice mixed in a water bottle. I actually don't mind the taste even though it takes some getting used to at first. Since lemons are highly alkaline I thought that would be the best method for me to alter my intake. I noticed that the white patches (oral thrush) that were on my tongue have largely dissipated and the flakiness on my scalp is less severe. I tried putting the lemon juice on topically also and it felt like it cleared a lot of the flakiness as well.

I thought I read somewhere that psoriasis is a type of fungal infection and that fungus cannot survive in an alkaline environment, but others have stated on here that it is an auto-immune disease instead. In any regard I've heard that researchers in Europe have achieved more success in treating cancer patients by also putting them on higher alkaline diets (in addition to using traditional cancer methods such as chemo and radiation). There isn't enough data yet but many researchers believe that fungal infections are a precursor to getting cancer.
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Living with Psoriasis
Posted: 3/29/2011 10:16:06 AM

The skin takes in and excretes toxins constantly. Just like the liver.


Though the sweat may contain a trace amount of metabolic wastes, sweating is an active process of secretion not excretion, specifically for temperature control and pheromone release.

Therefore, its role as a part of the excretory system is minimal at best.

Specifically, the skin secretes a fluid waste called sweat, or perspiration.

Source: Excretory system
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Living with Psoriasis
Posted: 3/29/2011 8:19:43 PM
I Repeat.....The skin takes IN and ExCRETES toxins constantly.

Sweating is an active process of secretion?.....Duh Frank.
I spoke nothing of sweat. Or temperature control. Or pheromones. I didnt need to, I made one point and one point only.

Again. I repeat. The skin takes in and excretes toxins constantly. Thats it, thats all. That one sentence. Are you with me Frank?

Dont try and break it down to something ridiculously nitpicky to try and save face. Its weak.

If you werent aware blood does get *dirty* just say so.
If you werent aware skin holds and secretes toxins just say so.

Last but surely not least....with your background in medicine.....I remember specifically reading a post where you stated to another poster * You were a doctor and she was just not smart enough to see this fact* Given this background and education......How are you quoting from Wikipedia with a straight face?

Slap yourself Frank. Middle schoolers are taught to never do this and if so, their work will not be accepted as Wikipedia is a ridiculously unreliable source. How did you miss this as an adult in Med school??

Do your own research Frank. Google/Bing Wikipedia as an unreliable source. Good Lord theres publication everywhere speaking of this especially in Academics. You should know better.

Borrowing a quote from yourself " I'll take trying to save face and losing on POF forums for $800 alex"

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Living with Psoriasis
Posted: 3/30/2011 5:59:09 AM

I Repeat.....The skin takes IN and ExCRETES toxins constantly.

Sweating is an active process of secretion?.....Duh Frank.

Sorry my mistake I assumed you where smart enough to understand the difference between secretion and excretion.

So if my source is not credible, please provide another that supports your point.

Educate us on how the skin works.

As for the rest of your rant and attempts at insulting me, you stay classy.
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Living with Psoriasis
Posted: 3/28/2012 10:36:40 PM
If u have a M & R feed,u could go get a can of what they call Bag Bomb,it is used on cows after milking.
Was told about it fr a Dr.used on eczema & psoriasis,results were unbelievable .
Living with Psoriasis
Posted: 4/11/2012 7:00:33 PM

How's that for a kinky sounding start? There has been a lot of good information posted on this thread. I would like to share my experience with psoriasis, and hopefully others can benefit.

What is the largest organ of the body? Hmm...the liver maybe ...err...heart...NO..the largest organ is the skin. The skin helps to excrete toxins, which has been covered by many on this thread. Have you ever smelled someone who stunk with body odor, just after they showered; or you call smell feces on their breathe. If the colon is impacted, full of waste, and the body cannot remove these toxins out the back door, then the body tries to eliminate them through the skin.
If you have ever gone on a colonic cleansing, or a detoxification regimen, then you will be familiar with cleansing reactions; when the toxins stored in your body are released. Whatever ails you, or even old injuries that you've forgotten about, gets worse, and then gets better. Physician, psoriasis sufferer, heal thyself. First cleanse out thy
sewage system.

Now, about the salad dressing. Whenever I feel the itch, I use apple cider vinegar. It is non-toxic. You can drink it. It is good for everything. It helps stock the itch. To aid healing, I use olive oil. Again, same story, non-toxic, you can drink it, and good for lots of ailments. So the story continues. Someone visits my bathroom, and they return and pose a question. "hey,I know that you are kinda kinky, but what's with the salad dressing in the bathroom.?"-
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Living with Psoriasis
Posted: 6/19/2012 5:47:40 PM
Psorasis is a real blessing, it keeps one humble and disinvolved from the usual mischief most people go through with relationships. Us dragons just stick to our own layers and try and find our inner wealth and contentment, I would hate to pass on such monsterous genes anyhow.
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Living with Psoriasis
Posted: 6/19/2012 8:50:09 PM
I remember crying as a kid when I was diagnosed. Somewhere around 11 or 12. It would get better or worse. I would be dying in 35C weather wearing jeans and long sleeves, but I didn't want it to be seen. I remember being scared to show a long time girlfriend (we had just started dating) because I was so ashamed. I told her I wasn't normal. She said "what's normal anyway" and was perfectly fine with it. My ex-wife was ok with it as well. In fact, everyone I've ever dated had no problems at all with it.

It was just me that had the issues.

I take methotrexate for mine, and get lots of sun. When I take the methotrexate regularly (as perscribed) it pretty much goes away. I'm not a real sunworshipper, and I hate my tan, but that's a whole other can of worms lol. It's a bit hard on your liver, so when I go off it, it gives my liver a chance to recoup. The nice thing is this.

As you all know, it's accelerated skin cell production, so an offshoot ironically, is that I have no wrinkles at all, at 42.


So it's not all bad.

These days I know the sun helps, I really should start up on the meth again, but it makes me feel a bit nauseous. I keep my skin moisturized, and my girlfriend has given me the nickname "Tinman" because I'm always "oiling up" lol I find it a cute nickname and don't mind it at all. I even went swimming in public 2 years ago, which I never in my wildest dreams ever thought would happen.

So do what you have to do, what is "normal" anyway.



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Living with Psoriasis
Posted: 8/26/2013 5:40:48 PM
Hello how are name is Les I would like to know more about you...
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Living with Psoriasis
Posted: 8/31/2014 9:53:46 AM
Don't worry about that guy. He sounds like he is having
A bad day and taking it out on you . There is no
Right or wrong, we are all learning. Keep sharing views
As you' see it :)
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