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 Strange Days
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The Last Waltz...Page 2 of 2    (1, 2)
If you have the new remastered version of the film- Watch Neil Young as he steps up to the mic before "Helpless". He has a HUGE chunk of coke stuck to his nose. For the first few bars the entire band and Neil himself are way out of time. I love the movie, but the new cd box set that came out when the remastered movie did holds a special place in my collection.
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The Last Waltz...
Posted: 6/22/2007 6:38:09 AM
This isn't just a video. This is an amazing piece of work by Scorsese. You can keep your Farm Aid and Live Aid and Aid Aid films, 'cause there is no music film ever done like The Last Waltz.
Okay, so maybe the 3 day festival at Yasger's Farm (nothing like Jimi Hendrix playing the anthem) or an extremely wasted Santana.
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The Last Waltz...
Posted: 6/22/2007 6:26:57 PM
A film I enjoyed as well, I saw it when it first came out.

I always liked The Band ( Acadian Driftwood.... ) , and that film shows you the difference between music today and then. It's a bunch of people who know one another well having a blast playing together , with mutual respect.

It's also brings back memories of seeing Dylan (circa 1975) with the Rolling Thunder Revue in Quebec City.

I saw Levon Helm in Montreal as well, in a small club.

Makes me really glad to be this old.
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The Last Waltz...
Posted: 6/25/2007 12:44:11 AM
Yeah; it truly is an incredible film. Scorcese did a great job directing it, and he was able to capture the atmosphere of the concert incredibly well.
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The Last Waltz...
Posted: 7/10/2007 6:02:48 PM
I have to admit that there are a few folks in this film that I am not a fan of, but I like the Band and this is an amazing movie. The one problem I have always had with the Last Waltz is its pretty much the Robbie Robertson show. From what I have read he and Scorsese pretty much edited the film themselves so that may explain why there is so much Robbie. I would have love to seen more interviews with the other guys from the Band. It might be one of the better concert films around. Way way better than Woodstock.
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The Last Waltz...
Posted: 9/1/2008 8:26:36 PM
With the exception of Levon's drums, some of Garth's parts and most of the vocals, a large chunk of the instrumentation was re-done in the studio over a period of a few months (all of Rick's bass, Manuel's piano, a lot of Robbie's guitar). I used to marvel at how tight the performance was, and it turns out, it wasn't very tight at all until it was fixed. That said, it's a great film. As much as I love Levon, he and the other members signed away a lot of money to get a big payment up front in the 70's. I wish Robbie would share and help his bankrupt friends (one former) out, but, y'know.
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