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Male Multiple OrgasmPage 6 of 7    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
Most def.....but the woman has to be patient and build a guy back up....Ive had as many as 4 in a night and maaan did we sleep well....nothing like it but most of the time few and far between.....woman on the other hand can usually go one after
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Male Multiple Orgasm
Posted: 5/30/2010 1:26:38 AM
I get confused about the semantics... as a woman I can orgasm several times in a session. But I have read that multiple orgasms means one on top of the other, just moments apart. I do not do that!!
For a man, I would guess you are really talking about the ability to cum, stay hard and orgasm again soon after. I have only experienced that once, with my ex. He explained it thus... During oral, he came hard in my mouth but!! he kept on cumming. I can attest to that as I got rather more than I bargained for if you get my drift! He came for perhaps 3 times longer than normal, but in spurts as it were. He said each spurt felt like a new orgasm. afterwards he stayed hard. We had a little more fun, no orgasm for him, then got up to have a drink of water- still hard... lol - a little fun in the kitchen then back to bed where he came again. Bear in mind we are both mid to late 40's. It only happened that one time but it was memorable for us both. He reckoned it was the only time he ever had a multiple.
I kinda miss him
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Male Multiple Orgasm
Posted: 5/30/2010 10:44:11 AM
The most interesting thing about this thread is the ignorance. Assuming all people are created equal should be an obvious mistake. It's so damn funny how men will fully accept stories of men that perform at lower levels than themselves, but immediately start screaming liar, impossible and other negatives when encountered by men who have mastered a higher level. I know of men that can't even get inside of a woman before loosing their load. Using this same logic, it should be impossible for another man to get in and take four strokes before blasting. The same goes for women....I've worked myself to death on a few just to get one orgasm, while several others have achieved more than twenty in the same time period. As for myself, with the attitudes of other men...I won't even go there. This is an area where ego overrides a desire to learn or accept reality. There are a few men here that seem to have accomplished more than I, but I would certainly hesitate to call them liars. I'm happy to learn even more is possible.
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Male Multiple Orgasm
Posted: 10/11/2012 8:08:08 AM

I ejaculate extremely fast, it sucks. literally have done it before even getting it in before, and if i do it doesnt last even a minute. 10 seconds tops, like i cant even dream of getting road head cause id blow asap. BUT. My d ick will not go down, and i can come basically as many times as i want with the next session lasting longer than the previous. I remember having sex with a girl in college until the sun came up. It was the best, and it was after my 3rd ejaculation that i was able to go for a long time! And i could ejaculate again whenever i wanted. I didnt even know about multiple orgasms or any of that, I actually thought this was normal. My PC muscles seem to have a mind of their own no matter what i do and it sucks because it makes me embarassed to even have sex or get head because how involuntarily fast i come.

So, i guess im asking if a girl would care if i prematurely ejaculate if i can go forever despite that?

Well... if it doesn't stop you in your tracks, and you can continue without any loss of momentum, then I don't care.

I was in a ltr with a guy who had PE issues, and he never once bothered to try to do anything about it (in 3.5 years). He never bothered to learn how to get me off. He ended up cheating on me.

If you don't let the first time bother you, and you shouldn't... I bet the woman won't notice if you just keep going. She will notice if it bothers you though. Don't let it bother you.
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Male Multiple Orgasm
Posted: 10/11/2012 8:25:42 AM
yes i have had multiple orgasm's and they are more intense. and how i found out is by being at home by myself takeing care of myself and takeing the time to teaching myself....but also i used to be a man who was only about myself and getting off.until i started learning about woman haveing just as good of feeling as men.and then when i put all that togeather then it really became the biggest turn on of all because when you get the woman that excited .that's what helps me the most now is if the woman is out of control excited then i have no problems with multiple orgasm's and trying to orgasm togeather .that's the most awsome when you can do that.but it doesn't happen everytime but it does happen
Joined: 2/3/2012
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Male Multiple Orgasm
Posted: 10/11/2012 11:51:48 AM
are there really men that don't come several times in a row?

c'mon - that's like saying all women don't squirt...
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Male Multiple Orgasm
Posted: 10/11/2012 1:47:17 PM

But, "NO!" It is not possible for a man to experience multiple orgasms. Plus, if you think about it; it is not designed to work like that by the Creator.

This is the biggest cr ock of s hi t I have ever heard. First of all, multiple orgasms or what are mentioned in other places as dry orgasm are not only achievable, they can happen every single time you have sex. This is not bragging, this is not b ull, it's a fact. If you read the beginning of this whole threat someone posted the exact technique that you must follow.

Bottom line is that the moment that you are about to ejaculate, you stop or slow down, and just slowly grind at it, but do not ejaculate. It will give you the first time, just a slight orgasm, but as you get good with this, you will shiver all over your body and you will not ejaculate. After you slow down, you can reach maybe two or three of these orgasms. But then it becomes a little harder to achieve. So if your woman tends to get dry, well, get her lubed, or take a break.

When you have a dry orgasm, you do not get blue balls. Why? I do not know.

Now, the creator had nothing to do with my orgasm. Humans cannot fend for themselves for the first 5 years of their existence, and a woman by herself cannot take care of the offspring and find food at the same time. That is why, while other animals the female goes in heat, humans hide it. That way the male sticks around. So part of sex is not to procreate, but to create bonds between the male and female so they stick around. The chemicals that we secrete from sex are the same ones that create bonding, interdependence, need and yes, love.
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Male Multiple Orgasm
Posted: 12/11/2012 11:23:10 AM
It really depends on the Partner!
I've only had one partner with enough ~Drive~ to teach me that I Could do it!!
Granted... statying 100% Hard through more than a couple was a challenge...
but she was a _Fabulous_ instructor!!
She also taught me that ~It's just as fun Pleasing your partner as Being pleased BY your partner!!~
I became absolutely Posessed with Cunni-!!!
Joined: 8/19/2006
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Male Multiple Orgasm
Posted: 12/11/2012 12:28:23 PM
It's certainly possible for me, but the refractory period doesn't just go away, so it can take a while. *chuckle* Perhaps it is not so much a "multiple orgasm" as just maintaining an erection and continuing to have sex until capable of having an orgasm again. And no, I do not generally find "they are a much more higher intensity orgasm" - if anything, they are less intense. If I want something resembling high intensity multiple orgasms, I find it more effective to simply approach orgasm but not actually reach it (essentially, the pleasure of orgasm without the release) and then repeat. The OTHER approach is to simply flex your PC muscles when ejaculating, which prevents actual emission, but I generally don't find that one worth the trouble unless you really don't want the mess. *chuckle*
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Male Multiple Orgasm
Posted: 1/7/2013 8:39:45 AM
I created a thread about this yesterday with instructions, and all my experiences and some "special person" of a mod just deleted it, poof... gone when there was nothing bad or explicit in it in the slightest. Amazing how they can just do that without the slightest reason or rhyme... the least they could have done was merge with this thread. All my writing and good info just disappeared, makes you wonder why people bother to take the time ot help people.

Anyway I can't be bothered to type it all again so all ill say is that after a few months of experimentation, that it works like you say (tronvillain). :)
Joined: 5/11/2011
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Male Multiple Orgasm
Posted: 1/7/2013 11:05:12 AM

Do we have any men out there who are capable of mulitple orgasms? and if so do you find they are a much more higher intensity orgasms?

Yes, there are men who are definitely capable of multiple orgasms, and HELL yes to more intense each and every one.... most I ever had was with my last girlfriend who was very orally gifted to 7 in a little over an hour (would have been 8 but we almost got caught LOL) needless to say for some guys, if they can go multiple times they will have a little trouble walking afterwards ^__~
Joined: 6/10/2012
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Male Multiple Orgasm
Posted: 1/7/2013 12:11:37 PM
It's been accomplished!!! . . but . .
It's been So-o-o-o-ooo...long....
I miss it , Terribly!!
Along with a Multi-Lady!!
Joined: 12/30/2012
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Male Multiple Orgasm
Posted: 1/7/2013 1:26:51 PM
natgoat, it doesn't need to be so long... it's possible every day. All you need to do is have the tehnique, then that's it, you can do it whenever you like.
Joined: 11/25/2012
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Male Multiple Orgasm
Posted: 1/7/2013 4:09:40 PM
u are so right it turns into a marathon.i have only done it a few times with my ex.she could always keep me going,till it at the end most of the time i was so sore its really not worth it all the time.but if i meet a great girl and she wants it once in a WHILE i would do it for her....................def not for my enjoyment lol
Joined: 6/10/2012
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Male Multiple Orgasm
Posted: 1/7/2013 4:17:11 PM
I _KNOW_ it's possible Every Day...
I was taught the 'technique'...
We used to do it Regularly...
But I've been Widowed 14.5 years, now...
( long...~ago~....)
I just need a partner to s h a r e it with...Now!!
Joined: 1/7/2013
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Male Multiple Orgasm
Posted: 2/1/2013 7:09:30 AM
yep its a mental thing i can get off several times with out stoppin i just think that my girl hasnt got totaly satisfied so im going go till she is
Joined: 11/19/2008
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Male Multiple Orgasm
Posted: 2/2/2013 3:21:05 PM
I have experienced that with a couple of lovers but it doesnt seem to happen for all men though...
Joined: 8/12/2011
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Male Multiple Orgasm
Posted: 2/2/2013 4:06:24 PM
I have experienced multiples and Im working towards it becoming more frequent. I have dabbles with tantra and also use prostate play using an aneros but I have found the most effective technique to be KSMO.
Joined: 11/5/2012
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Male Multiple Orgasm
Posted: 2/2/2013 4:43:27 PM
Oh boy can I hop on this gravy train.....toot toot....
Joined: 12/27/2012
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Male Multiple Orgasm
Posted: 2/2/2013 7:26:40 PM
I have them when I'm really into it usually when the person I'm with has ben satisfied to exhaustion it's a surprise each time as soon as it feels like its ending it starts just as intense as the first time. Good for the woman I'm with makes me do everything I can to satisfy her
Joined: 10/22/2012
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Male Multiple Orgasm
Posted: 2/3/2013 6:26:25 AM
Ive climaxed 4 times bfore....just takes time in between which was fun too.....lottsa feelin and touchin!...and of course the feeling the next day that your balls got sucked farther into your body!
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Male Multiple Orgasm
Posted: 2/3/2013 8:20:02 AM
I have experienced it before but usually it's with a new partner. Something about how exciting it is in the begining that makes me able to respond quicker and more often. If it settles into a routine relationship then three ejaculations would be pushing it.
Joined: 12/28/2013
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Male Multiple Orgasm
Posted: 1/29/2014 5:57:15 PM
Orgasm and ejaculation are two different things. I knew a fellow who would ejaculate before orgasming. I'm not gay, he needed to discuss his problem because he didn't even understand it. He would ejaculate and feel no pleasure at all. Eventually he saw a doctor about it and and found out he had a rare but known condition called pre-orgasmic ejaculation. After ejaculation he'd go limp and would never be able to experience the orgasm. He described it as feeling like going pee with an erection. Some guys on the other hand may orgasm without ejaculation and continue having sex with multiple orgasms until finally ejaculating, and some can even have more than one orgasmic ejaculation with the same erection having had no rest break at all . The mini-orgasms usually release a bit of some clear ejaculate and the full ones blow a load of the white stuff. With recreational use of horny pills some guys can go at it for a very long time having many multiple orgasms in one continuous session. They should be with a very horny women who likes to go at it for an hour and experiences multiple orgasms of different kinds and even squirts some of her own clear ejaculate. Different strokes for different folks!
Joined: 7/7/2013
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Male Multiple Orgasm
Posted: 1/30/2014 2:46:29 AM
Yes Ive had them.....she was great and knew what she was doing....enjoyed the night very much!
Joined: 11/22/2016
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Male Multiple Orgasm
Posted: 11/29/2016 10:33:04 AM
Hi. Yes. I think I am capable of different kinds of multiple orgasms. In some ways they are more intense, but they are different.
When I was in my teens and twenties, I had no refractory period. So with a partner I would have "regular" sex, ejaculate, and have more "regular" sex as much as my partner and I had energy for. Rarely would I ejaculate a second time, but I would get an intense feeling sometimes that would make me slow down or stop briefly.
In my late teens I "discovered" edging. This was 30 years ago and no one had a word for it then. But I think I read about delaying orgasm in Playboy, so I practiced it regularly. I would masturbate carefully for about half hour to an hour at a high intensity level but just below orgasm threshold. I could tell I was doing it right by the feeling and the copious volume of precum. Sometimes I would do it in bed in the middle of the night silently so as not to disturb my roommates. I don't know how I was able to just fall asleep after that, but I think I was achieving some kind of orgasmic release that relaxed me without ejaculation.
By my twenties and thirties I had combined edging and porn to go for multi hour edging sessions which usually ended in ejaculation. Sex with partners followed a similar pattern - foreplay plus an hour long session of "serious" sex followed by ejaculation. Because of all the precum generated, the ejaculations were very intense and voluminous. After getting blasted in the face from 2 feet away, one of my partners actually laughed and said, "Whoa! Contents under pressure!"
Now that I am in my forties, I can no longer have the no refractory period after ejaculation type, but I still have the solo edging and edging porn type (in addition to the regular old quick one off type). And in the past few months I have been practicing non ejaculatory orgasms.
The first time was a confusing accident a few months ago when I was porn edging and I felt myself about to ejaculate, but I didn't want to end yet. So I "held it" like trying not to urinate. And I spasmed and I thought I would make a mess, but I did not ejaculate. I thought it was really odd and anti climactic and I was kind of weirded out, so I went and did other stuff around the house and tried not to think about it. Later that day I forced a quick one off type just to be sure everything was still working. Urine was normal, no pain, so I thought okay, it was odd. Then the next day or so I googled orgasm without ejaculation, and I found a few websites that talked about non ejaculatory orgasms, NEOs.
So now I have been practicing achieving NEOs all the time. First let me say I rarely ejaculate any more. Eliminating the refractory period actually keeps me in a continuous state of semi arousal. I am not out of control, but I can be washing the dishes or watching tv or some other mundane task and feel a wave of pleasure course through my groin and legs. It is like a low level humming relaxed state that washes over like waves.
For me there are four different types of NEOs. One is the "hold it in" kegel flex. Now that I know what it is I am not weirded out and can continue edging without any refractory period. I have never had more than one of those in a row. Someday I may focus on that type, but mostly I focus on the spasm types. Where the kegel is a hold it in feeling, the spasms are a push it out feeling. Some of the articles I have read talk about pushing from the pelvic floor. There is the big spasm type which I achieve occasionally, but they are close to the kegel type which I try to avoid. The big spasm has all the twitching in the penis like a regular orgasm but no ejaculation and no need for kegels. It is a very high state and I need to take several seconds after the spasming stops before resuming edging. And like the kegel type, I have not achieved multiple big spasm in a row. There is the little spasm type which is similar, but maybe only one twitch or sometimes twitching in other muscles like legs or arms or feet. They are high state and I can have these regularly, maybe every two or three minutes, easily 10 or 15 in half an hour. Probably these can be called true multiples. And the last type is the wave type. Sometimes when I am focusing on sex or edging the waves really flow, and they feel great especially semi erect, but they are kind of a low state and kind of involuntary.
I actually found this forum when I was searching for more information on orgasm without ejaculation, so I thought I would share. I hope people find it informative and helpful and not too boring. And I had lots of waves while writing it. Thanks.
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