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Joined: 11/4/2005
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Yeah, as I posted on my thread, there are many similarities but I am most definately willing today for my punishment. It's a little different than it was back then, ya know?
Joined: 11/4/2005
Msg: 957
Anything Goes....
Posted: 3/31/2006 9:18:12 AM
Ditty Dee
Paddle Me
Witty Wee
Saddle Thee
Fiddle Free
Giggle Hee!
Joined: 11/4/2005
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Anything goes...
Posted: 4/3/2006 9:23:32 AM
Joined: 2/14/2005
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Anything goes...
Posted: 4/3/2006 5:01:11 PM
Anything goes .....
Wearing panty-hose
On your bare head
(No, the big one, Fred ...).

Anything goes ....
Putting your toes
In wine juice
With feelings loose.

Anything goes ....
painting your nose
With a bulls-eye
To attract her pie.

Anything goes ....
surfing ice floes
With a wicker basket
On top of a casket.

Anything goes ....
Do you suppose
A nightly fix
Of whiskey mix
And nudey pix
Of Janet Reno's plastic d!cks
Will, (my mind to affix),
Be better than tricks
Turned in the sticks?

If not, then ....
Sadly, anything doesn't always go, alas and alack ....
Joined: 11/4/2005
Msg: 1035
Anything Goes...
Posted: 4/5/2006 6:06:04 AM
Om, my dear, where did you go?
We are waiting for you to show.
Don't stay away for very long.
I hope that nothing has gone wrong.
Missing you and wishing you well.
Sending you poop with lots of smell.

Joined: 11/4/2005
Msg: 1057
Anything goes...
Posted: 4/7/2006 6:12:51 AM
So happy that you stopped by,
Just to drop a quick hi.
Glad that you are doing well,
was missing you and that smell.

Joined: 2/14/2005
Msg: 1179
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Anything Goes... for my son
Posted: 4/27/2006 1:55:29 AM

The lion bid the fox come in
To his strange den in evening din.
The fox did waver on his legs
And, proudly said, "I do not beg

O King of the Jungle, so
Do not submit for me to go
Wayward to your cave of death.
Besides, you have bad jungle breath."

At this, the lion scowled and shook with rage
And motioned for his sherpa sage:
The thin man took a stick and swatted
The fox with the knob-end, knotted.

"Youch!!" cried the fox, and jumped in the air.
He landed in the lion's lair
And espied the kingly lay-out spread:
Gazelle skeletons recently dead.

He backpedalled, and hoofed it fast
Out the side exit, and had a repast
Of lion beer he stole from his host.
They don't call him "foxy" for nothing, he's the most.
Joined: 2/14/2005
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Anything Goes...
Posted: 5/28/2006 8:39:05 PM
A poet by the name of Om
Is more important than a CD rom
Or being on the bad end of a Dom.
He has more value than a start-up dot com.

So here's to om where ever he may be.
Is he reading this in a eucalyptus tree?
Perhaps he's washing with starch both his knees,
Or with his cats just shooting the breeze.

The sun goes up, the sun goes down,
The paper plates fly out of the high-rise town.
We're on the other end's forty, it's third down.
May your days be merry, om, and your beer dark brown.

Joined: 1/7/2006
Msg: 1324
Anything Goes...Side Salad, as requested :)
Posted: 5/30/2006 11:25:26 PM
Here I lay
Wide awake while lost in dreams
Spinning whirlwind
Withun my head...never settles as it seems
All swirl about in mind
Will it
Can it
Should it all be mine
Mr.Go-Lucky...left long ago
Sailed far away
Never to return
But still the flame does burn
As I never fail to learn
Never restin...only halfway
In total disarray
What can one really say....
Beg for a moment's peace
Loosed into silence....
Ease my eyes...Open wide
For in Her do I confide
Mother Earth...who never lied
Tells me how it truly is....
Brings me about into myself
For what was mine
Left far behind
See myself stretched along through time
And yet here I find
Within my mind
A final settling of the noise
As the whirlwind dies
Allows me again...use of my eyes
Blinded no more to truth
And never ending the search
For the soothing nature.....
No mature responce for sure
Without judgement I find the way......
Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 1369
Anything Goes...
Posted: 6/4/2006 12:39:07 PM
Yanno what really pisses me off?

My kids mom called me up this morn
And I knew the conversation wasn't gonna be about makin a porn
She had that bytch sound in her address
And I could tell that it wasn't just pms

Just yesterday afternoon she got our 6yr old a pool
Yanno, one of those quicksets that are really cool
He has one up here that is all fenced in
I watch him out the window while he swims

She spent money that she can't spare
And that's not the point, I don't care
But, she looked out the window, right around dawn
And the first thing she did, was call old Brawn

Some gutless idiot, had taken a knife
And slashed that pool, not once, but thrice
Even ole dad couldn't patch that mess
But, wal-mart replaced it without contest

I went out and set the new one up right
To everyone's, including mommie's, delight
I very seldom ever have to get in a fight
My demeanor just says "out go the lights"

So I pissed all around and left my scent
And then came here to do my vent
Because I couldn't figure out who deserved my bat
And I need to chill out, become the cool kat

If I was present, this crap wouldn't happen
Violating my family is a sure bytch slappin
But, I left them a little surprise for tonight
I chained a dog out there, that loves to bite

I'd have left that babe my 45
But, I still believe in, "arrive alive"
She still has issues, with this old hound
And she might just put me, underground

Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 1373
Anything Goes...
Posted: 6/4/2006 1:15:01 PM
:)I'm gettin a beer.

Thanks girls. Sheesh. I still wanna go kick someone's as.s.
Swimming in Fla will be his whole summer. If it happens again....
I'll set a sensor to electrify the pool when Cajun goes to bed.
Then I'll know who needs the bat. The electricuted one.
Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 1377
Anything Goes...
Posted: 6/4/2006 6:46:15 PM
then you should kiss me....

on edit: both of you lol
Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 1419
Anything Goes...
Posted: 6/6/2006 6:57:07 PM
456 I'll go the extra mile
you are only allowed 1 profile
delete the rest or for a section 8 file
always requested with a smile

Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 1491
Anything goes...
Posted: 6/9/2006 9:07:34 PM
I'm sorry. I didn't read all of the great write's tonight.
But, that's why it's called "anything goes".
Just been one of those days. Anyway, here's the vent:

Read into it what you want. Stalker.
Slither beneath a warm stone and watch the sunset.
Watch and wait.
I'm not bait.
Nor your conjugal visit.

Or upon a lighter note

Her hair was so soft that it gave me a follicle
I tried to resist putting up periscope, but it wasn't logical
Looked around the surface
Just took a glimpse
You know that quick naughty look that we all do on purpose?
Maybe not the shrimp
Some are allergic to shellfish

I love her hair.
So soft.
Just looking at it show's that her head is happy.
That's worth a c-note.
If mamma ain't happy, noone is happy

Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 1608
Anything goes...The Old Soul
Posted: 6/19/2006 7:01:53 PM
I'm not much for saying hi, bye and all that

volcano blows the ozone out
Hey You! Put that cigarette out before you let the rays in
as I fumble for my matches and wash my hands with lava

I think that the campfire is nice
make me a s'more

Sorry to put this here, Tru

old soul
Joined: 3/13/2005
Msg: 1620
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Anything goes...
Posted: 6/22/2006 10:40:22 AM
Hey OM, Mo, Curly, LMAO

Hope all is well with you!!!! Never short on words, just saving them up for the good writes!!!

Joined: 3/13/2005
Msg: 1793
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Anything Goes
Posted: 7/11/2006 6:04:10 AM
Hiya OM,

Had to leave ya this one, palyed it off the others.....

Waves crashed the wall
The wind bent the trees
I heard my name called
With the freezing breeze

The leaves fell down
The moon was faded
The night was black
The cliffs were shaded

The cove was deserted
Just me and the storm
The clouds drifted in
As the hail began to form

And through it all
Just one star I could see
Told me that nature always sets
One of it’s own free………….

Joined: 3/13/2005
Msg: 1905
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Anything Goes...
Posted: 7/21/2006 12:53:50 PM

I had a blast playing today
but now its time to go
we have to go play the mom
with all the kids intow

another has a birthday
its our youngest son
he'll be 7 on tuesday
so its our weekend to have fun

it''ll be a full house
expecailly because I'm two
good thing they only see one
not like when we look at you,


Have a great weekend!!!

Joined: 6/23/2006
Msg: 2011
Anything Goes...
Posted: 7/28/2006 3:34:11 AM
When I met my wife as a penpal while serving in the "SS" Div. Marines in 'Nam,
she had this little "ditty" jotted down on the back of every letter she sent me
for the two years we wrote to each other.. Kept me sane!!
I came home in December '66 and we married in November '67..

Remember I Love You,
Remember I Care,
I'll Always Be With You,
Though You Don't See Me There!

She is now in Heaven with our Lord and Saviour
BUT, she is also with me in spirit & it STILL Keeps me sane..

Joined: 6/23/2006
Msg: 2029
Anything Goes...
Posted: 7/29/2006 11:13:29 AM
Thankx fer the nice welcome OM.. I am kinda just "Stalkin" a pretty lady named "Charlie" cause she is so freakin' gorgeous and has a great mind.. and she's fun to talk too... 2 bad I iz 3 years beyond her limits.. Y'all have a great day and I'll try to find some rhymin' words to make ya'll smile/cry too..
Joined: 3/13/2005
Msg: 2081
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Anything Goes...
Posted: 7/31/2006 10:53:14 AM

Is that what happens to our minds??

No wonder we never get any work done!!!!!

Hope all is well!!

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