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Joined: 4/20/2006
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what do u think of a single dad...Page 3 of 8    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
Joined: 10/30/2005
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what do u think of a single dad...
Posted: 4/30/2006 7:26:55 PM
i am a single father of three ....1boy and boy is 6 and my girls are 9 and11 i am 39years old my kids havent seen or heard from there mother in over 5 years ...i find that most women my age are not intrested in a man my age that have children as young as mine... my kids are my whole world and if women cant understand that i have children then thats ok becouse .i love my children remember if you have children then you have all the love you will ever need ...dont get me wrong ...but if the right women come along i would date her but i cant ever see that happening first women later ...good luck to you and your son ......jeferey
Joined: 4/28/2006
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what do u think of a single dad...
Posted: 5/1/2006 6:39:28 PM
you know what? dont let all of those selfish women obscure your view on real women. myself,being divorced and a mom of two girls,i would love to meet a good father and a man who loves children. we arent all bad,i will have luck when the time and woman is right.i promise.good luck,amy
Joined: 4/24/2006
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what do u think of a single dad...
Posted: 5/1/2006 8:17:17 PM
I wish you didn't live all the way in California. Maybe we coulda' met each other. Good Luck, and God Bless you and your son!
Joined: 3/22/2006
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what do u think of a single dad...
Posted: 5/12/2006 9:12:59 AM
i`m a single dad and find it very hard to even talk to ladies. once they see kids they think your taken. maybe it`s my shyness. sorry i know it`s off topic but i think it fits in there some where
Joined: 4/28/2006
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what do u think of a single dad...
Posted: 5/12/2006 5:50:01 PM
Kudos to you and all the single dads and moms out there. We are making a difference in the world as we know it today. Keep you chin up and stand proud for what you believe in. Kids are a true blessing! Im a single parent and would not trade it. My girls are my life. Mrs. Right will come along someday. I have been waiting on Mr Right my whole life. Well at least the past 8 years. He will find me and she will find you!
Joined: 11/30/2005
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what do u think of a single dad...
Posted: 5/13/2006 2:42:35 AM
hello there
im a single mom and people run from me like i have the plage ...
i think that single dads are sexy ...
means that they are smart, responsiable, trustworthey(somewhat) , and have a head on thier shoulders ...
in my eyes they have earned brownie points off the hop
Joined: 4/30/2006
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what do u think of a single dad...
Posted: 5/13/2006 5:24:47 AM
well i didn't read thru 6 pages of this, but IMO: I see a guy playing with his child, taking care if them, etc, and i think its just the sexiest thing in the world. I actually fell for my last guy (he's my best friend now) at the beach where he was playin with all the kids, including mine (which meant i got to keep a good eye on him, and the view was nice, lol) and then he started tellin me about his own kids (theres a long story there) and it was just "WOW, where have you been all my life"
Joined: 4/27/2005
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what do u think of a single dad...
Posted: 5/13/2006 5:16:28 PM
well to me a single dad is the same as bding a single mom. we too get the same feed back from man that men get from women that have no kids in their lives. i myself believe if you find someone that you are compatiable with it shouldnt matter if there is kids in the picture. when u meet someone u take the whole package its not something you can seperate and sure wouldnt want you too. so you see women are not so different from men that have kids we get the same stories and the same looks . so feel free to love your kids always becausse they will always be there when everyone else is gone.
Joined: 5/13/2006
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what do u think of a single dad...
Posted: 5/17/2006 7:04:56 PM
Being in a blended relationship can be tough it takes alot of patience and alot of give and take. I was in a relationship with a man once and he had a son from a previous relationship and his sons mother made our life a living hell, all because she got jealous that her ex was moving on. Theres alot to deal with when you become involved with a daddy. And sometimes (not all dads) because the dad doesnt see his kids all the time when the kids are around they get spoiled and the girlfriend gets pushed aside.
Joined: 6/4/2006
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what do u think of a single dad...
Posted: 6/4/2006 4:39:39 PM
i have dated single dads before there is nothing wrong with it it just shows they r great with kids and have a fun loving nature. there is nothing wrong with it at all
Joined: 3/13/2006
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what do u think of a single dad...
Posted: 6/6/2006 1:18:01 PM
Do u know what i think of a single Father...... I think that a single father is cute and sweet and diffrent its not that often that u see a single father so when u see or meet a single father u know that they are a good men that can take care of them selfs, because (im sorry if i make anyone mad) but the father isnt always there and even more so when they are teens and trust me i know what thats like. To see a single father is something special
Joined: 12/30/2005
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what do u think of a single dad...
Posted: 6/6/2006 2:41:55 PM
Not fair 4umsonly-ty, how many did you mail or respond to from this thread? I have no problems with single dads. I see these threads all the time, do you like? How many of you connect with each other. I read something I like, I mail a letter.
Joined: 1/9/2005
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what do u think of a single dad...
Posted: 6/10/2006 8:33:56 AM
It is so hard to be a single dad. I have learned alot from it. I am close to my children. My two girls are now adults, but they are still my children. What is nice about having adult children, is that you can do things with them. I meet them for a drink sometimes (my one daughter is 20 so she drinks Mountain Dew). I also have a son who will be 13 next week and we are still learing about each other. At times I get angry that I am a single parent (not divorced, widowed) and sometime I understand. Well that is about it but single dads do ROCK

Joined: 12/14/2005
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what do u think of a single dad...
Posted: 6/10/2006 9:33:07 AM
Well I am sure there isn't much I can say that hasn't already been said.
Single Dads.... one thing I read that kind of took me aback... you are not a single parent if you are only a weekend parent... I think as long as you are holding up your end and seeing your kids on a very regular basis and still do all the deeds a parent is required, then you are still a single parent. If you come and go and do it here and there... then no that is not a parent, but only a pal.
I can't understand how women would run from a single dad.... but the same happens the other way round... lots of men will not date single moms either... they want their own, they don't want to raise someone elses... so many different excuses they give.
I am a single mother of 3 boys... and like one other guy said they are VERY boy... yes they keep me busy, yes they keep me on my toes, but they are also the center of my universe. I decided when their father and I split that I would not date until they were older.... my purpose as a mother is to raise them right. It can get very lonely yes, but I want them raised with morals, and not to think that when they are older and dating that relationships work on a revolving door.
So for all you single dads out there... I find it very attractive to see a man doing a job well done with his children, maybe cuz my boys father is rarely around. But still when I see a man interacting with his children and not griping about it.... that gives them points in my books.
Don't get disscouraged, if a woman wont date you because you have children well I think you can count that as a blessing... imagine what she would be like with your child/children if that is the mindset she has...
hats off and carry on.
Joined: 6/15/2006
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what do u think of a single dad...
Posted: 7/2/2006 7:34:31 PM
well i'm not sure here as i was the one you were dating and you were the one who left to try your ex , and i'm not sure as to why i am a single dad who knows how it is with kids and who kids thought the world of you ,and now they get hurt , so it like this it makes men more cautious to let people in because of the hurt to the kids
Joined: 11/21/2006
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what do u think of a single dad...
Posted: 2/11/2007 4:50:22 PM
Being a single mom, I have had the same things happen to me. You meet someone and they know that you have a child and are ok with that for a time. Then they change their mind. Its just too much work for them or they are not ready for such a commitment. I know that you are thinking what commitment, but there is a commitment to dating a single parent. Its a commitment of understanding and caring and maybe some moral support when things get rocky with the kids. If they are not parents how can they understand the awsome responsibility of being both mother and father, when the other parent is not in the picture. Yes I would date a single dad and in fact I am Saturday night.
Joined: 9/19/2006
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what do u think of a single dad...
Posted: 2/11/2007 10:36:40 PM
im a single parent, it is hard to find a female that would even consider going out, they say most of the time, in most cases, that im not thier type, wonder if it is me or the fact i have a child....

Believe the women. You are not their type. Having a child may be a secondary factor. Smart, good looking, athletic guys that are 6'4" and and successful have gals falling all over them and it matters little if they are single dads.

"It's true: Women prefer the tall guys" By Tim Friend, USA TODAY

Does size matter? Studies show that women favor taller men...
Female humans appear to be no different from any other species of animal when it comes to mate selection. Size - in this case height - counts.

That women prefer taller men is nothing new. Short guys, unless they're rich, powerful or famous, have come by this knowledge the hard way. And women all over the world openly profess desires for height in personal ads.

Is that fair? This is what one short man said: the world over know very well that discriminating against "BBW," "cuddly," "curvy," "fat," "heavy," or, chuckle, "voluptuous" women in favor of "athletic," "fit," "modeleqsue," "skinny," or "thin" women is generally considered shallow, juvenile, and mean.

Men are chastised by women for openly admitting that we prefer women who aren't overweight. As a result, we are called shallow. We are called juvenile. We are called immature. We are called insensitive. We are called picky. We are called mean: all for prefering that the women in our lives take pride in their bodies, and control their weight.

But let's apply the same logic to height, and talk about women's expectations for men. No human can control their height once their growth spurts have ended. Yet, women have the she-cojones to require (or prefer) that the men who answer their posts be tall. So why are MEN chastised for our preferences, while WOMEN are not for theirs? Most of us can control our weight (and when I say most, that's a modest assessment...MOST of us can get out of bed, off the couch, or offline and get our asses to the gym). But NONE of us can control our height.

Simply put, the fact that many women openly require, or even prefer tall men over short men while they, at the same time, denounce and discourage men who prefer women who aren't overweight is simply a double-standard, and illogical.
Joined: 6/10/2007
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what do u think of a single dad...
Posted: 8/23/2007 12:36:04 AM
what do i think.?.... ha well congratulations on being a guy in this kind of world and actually taking care of your responsibilities. honestly i know you might be thinking to yourself, ha shes only 18 but what does she know.... well, for instance, ive been taking care of my oldest sisters daughter for about 7 years and no in not kidding. so i know how you feel about that whole thing. so imn my opinion, good job, and i respect you for the fact that even though the mother doesnt want to take responsibility, im glad that you do.
Joined: 8/8/2007
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what do u think of a single dad...
Posted: 8/23/2007 6:19:55 AM
you know i think single dads deserve as much credit as single mothers and sometimes even another poster said..they're so rare, esp. when most of todays generation prefer not to take any kind of for dating them i can hardly discriminate against one single parent when i am one myself lol..and if i find a guy who comes with a kid..its even means having a playmate for my son!!
Joined: 6/28/2007
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what do u think of a single dad...
Posted: 8/23/2007 9:18:54 PM

You know what pisses me off though, is men and women who have their kids one weekend every 2 weeks or so and call themselves single parents. Until you know what its like on an ongoing daily basis you have no right to lump yourself into the same category as the rest of us. Its insulting.

This statement is actually pretty upsetting. I for example am a SINGLE parent who gets his kids on the weekends. Not because I choose that, because I'm forced to do that. My children lived with me and their mother for the first 9 and 4 years of their life and suddenly I am allowed "parenting time" on the weekends for the past year and a half. I am active with what goes on in their everyday lives, school, sports, or any other activities they are in. I speak to them a couple times a week over the phone, the only thing I do not do is see them daily, make them dinner, and put them to bed during the week. What category does this put me in?
Joined: 9/5/2007
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what do u think of a single dad...
Posted: 11/1/2007 2:52:44 PM
I am a single dad of two I have a daughter 6 and a son 4 and I find it really hard to find a woman that will except us. I am a fun loving guy. I love taking my kids to the park and to the beach. I have dated a couple of I would say girls because one broke up with me by sending me a text message and the other is afraid of commitmemt. I know I am not perfect and I don't have a lot of money but I have a lot of love and affection. Most of the time I get treated like a door mat women only come around when they need something. Please help me understand why women treat the good ones so bad.
Joined: 1/28/2007
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what do u think of a single dad...
Posted: 11/1/2007 7:05:03 PM
Single father of 2 here myself, so I know how you feel mate.

I find it funny that even in todays advancements in womens-lib and equal rights that the guy is still expected to pay for everything (in most cases). I'll admit it does feel good to be able to treat someone to dinner every now and then but if they offer to pay half I usually suggest that they can grab the next one, ( a subtle way of trying to schedule another date) but 9 times out of 10 you never hear from them again.

Can't win for trying I guess.

Stick to it man.
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