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The real title of this thread should be "Women and phone numbers".

No wonder so many people are on this site with expiration dates that nearly go back to the last century.

Then there are other threads where after giving up those most holy digits and a dating relationship is established, it is likely the same women might be fretting about his not sleeping with her by the fourth date.

You know, guys have to give out their numbers too and face the possibility that he will get hate calls if things don't work out or go south. It's the fishing game.

Is it Plenty of Fish or Plenty of Flakes?
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men and phone numbers
Posted: 11/25/2011 1:16:05 PM

Possibly men who are single 'with expiration dates that go back to the last century' and are bitter and angry that women they have pursued were not interested in them

Possibly this could be the meaning for some men. I'm not SOME men. It was actually a way to try to have a little fun, something which eludes so many on here.

However, could you tell me more about this new "man myth" that some men are trying to perpetuate? You know, the myth that whether women who are single are being slowly brainwashed by the "Male Phone Myth", for lack of better name, into calling first? It sounds intriguing. And the members of my "Why Don't She Give Up the Digits" Club would need to know this.


I've heard it called 'Plenty of Losers,' but that is someone who was talking about the men here. Bitter, angry men who hate women are so obvious and will have a very hard time establishing a positive relationship with a woman, no matter who calls first.

Very pop psych of you, Winter, but I was referring to Flakes of both Sexes. Kind deflates the smugness but da truth is da truth. Usually those who are thinking the opposite sex bitter are simply projecting. This is really obvious.

God help the Number Hungry Guy who tries that new "Male Phone Myth" out on one of the many women who have it sussed. No sacred digits for him, POF "Loser".

Whole point is, if nobody talking to nobody nobody will lose their expiration date. Chill.
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men and phone numbers
Posted: 11/27/2011 5:46:53 AM

Women and phone's all about the women to you, not the men. The holy digits and giving it up....again, a slam against women. "The same women" then have a problem with the guy sleeping or not sleeping with her. Again, a slam directed at women. And the last, telling women to "get over it," men have to face the same things, so ' you women need to just get over it. '

Maybe you are one of those really bitter guys that doesn't realize that everything he says and does screams bitterness and hate towards women. Maybe that's why you have given up on dating because dating was failure for you but you didn't realize why. Most women do not want to date guys who dislike women. Duh.

Wow, Winter, relax. Obviously you have no experience with humor --i.e., "holy digits". A slam against women? Now, that's funny. See, you must have some humor buried in that outrage.

The way you ask if I am a bitter man really screams to me projection of attitude and opinion. I'm sorry you have the thoughts that you do. If one could see sometimes how their negative attacks really are a reflection on them, they might think otherwise. Especially if they hope to attract someone to be their mate.

I do want to thank you for visiting my profile, however, and reading your hostility into it.
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