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Wow remind me not too look for men in Moncton ..
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internet dates from Hell
Posted: 2/26/2006 12:58:16 PM

I wrote to clarify your foolish post, as it was only a half truth.

I'm not going to fall into some "he said/she said" game.

You still live with your family, have no job and bullshit like it's normal.

Ciao and say what you will; we both know the truth.

I'm not responding to you further.

Give it up.

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internet dates from Hell
Posted: 2/26/2006 1:27:28 PM
Group hug now.............GROUP HUG!!


Would you all like to come to my place for brunch next Sunday? It would be like a "date orgy" ...........we could then start threads about how awful we all REALLY are!

I'm thinking that despite no "luck" with the internet dating scene (could be cause I'm not looking to date?)..............I'm okay with it! REALLY!
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internet dates from Hell
Posted: 2/26/2006 2:11:31 PM
Hi All,
I was down in Florida visiting friends a few years ago right after my ex decided 17 years was enough of me. I decided to check out some local singles from a dating site and met "Anita".... I had spent the day out sailing (and drinking) but was still in pretty good shape and control. I had invited her but she couldn't meet until later when we were going to have a BBQ and party at my friends place. She shows up and was a bit bigger than her photo but no big deal. We sat around getting aquainted and I immediately began getting some negative vibes. She started criticizing everything about me (I chewed my ice among others). I mentioned I had bought an inexpensive but very tasty Australian wine called Yellowtail Shiraz when she immediately commented that she didn't drink cheap wine.... Anyway, we all ate, made some funny jokes and watched Anita be weird (I had by this time given up trying to be sociable with her). She got up, went into the house and was last seen heading to her car with my bottle of cheap Yellowtail under one arm! lolol What a night! So, under most circumstances I think it prudent to meet somewhere neutral to at least spend an hr or so getting to know one another before heading out anywhere personal.
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internet dates from Hell
Posted: 2/26/2006 2:28:13 PM

Wow remind me not too look for men in Moncton ..

o-so-Quirky - most guys in Moncton aren't ***holes.... and lucky for me i found someone that likes me the way i am, doesn't want me to lose anymore "weight" and finds me more attractive without makeup ... but you do have to be careful on sites like these... i made that mistake a few times and ended up getting ditched... anyhoo i don't care much for what he said.. i know the truth.. and so does a friend of mine whom i called that night to come meet up with me.
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internet dates from Hell
Posted: 2/26/2006 3:26:25 PM
Internet dating sites are the breading grounds for those that are sick, deranged, broken have more baggage then a airport and have other mantal issues as they can hide behind a screen and key board and you have no idea what your dealing with till you meet, and even then some of them hide it so well that it takes some time before the sickness ends up showing its ugly little head. And it for reason that " US " sane ones feel so frustrated with things. And I have to say we that are " NORMAL " are few and far between from what I am seeing. But then what do I do...? I am single and would like to connect with the right person, but that is like looking for that needle in the hay stake sort of deal. So what is the best way to find someone.............I WILL GET BACK TO YOU ON THAT.........maybe not in my life time.

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internet dates from Hell
Posted: 2/26/2006 5:35:49 PM
you posted this message quite a while ago, but I have to tell you that your "dates from hell' had me laughing so hard, my sides were hurting. Believe me I know they were not very funny at the time, but it is great to see how you can look back on them with such humor. You have a a great talent for writing, and seem like a great guy. I have no doubt your luck will turn around-good luck to you!
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internet dates from Hell
Posted: 2/26/2006 9:34:58 PM
I foolishly didn't meet this guy in a public place, but instead had him pick me up. He took me to some parking lot and asked if I wanted to fool around. I said no, just take me home please. He starts driving but stops at a gas station and asks me to get him a soda or something. He made up some story about how he was banned from the gas station by the owner and couldn't go in himself. I get out of the car, he speeds off and throws my purse on the ground.

Another time I agreed to meet a guy at a local ice cream shop. I sat outside and waited for him to arrive. I saw some guy in a truck drive by really slowly, looking at me, and then drove away. How rude.

Most recently, I met a guy who didn't have a picture, but he described himself saying he was 21 and said he was "completely normal looking". I get there and he is almost completely bald. He didn't look old otherwise. I didn't know if he was prematurely bald or if he was undergoing chemo. I just pretended not to notice and decided to give him a chance even though he deceived me, but the night ended when he tried to get in my pants.

Oh, and I also met a guy who brought his art portfolio on the date to impress me like it was an interview or something. It wasn't even good. He kept going to the bathroom, obviously to wet his combover.
Joined: 11/14/2005
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internet dates from Hell
Posted: 2/26/2006 9:54:42 PM
holy crap....i thought my dates were bad (actually i had two good ones but i guess they just weren't into me), but these are like horror stories.

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internet dates from Hell
Posted: 2/27/2006 3:20:29 AM
The worst I had I already posted somewhere, but here we go again. Ia ctually met this guy off a phone dating service. Well, physically he wasn't all that bad considering there is no pic to view over a phone service. So ok, I wasn't turned off at first. But then red flags were showing up when he started talking about how much he wants to get into a relationship and stuff like that. Smooth player. Than the physical side started. We did meet in a public place, we were gonna play pool at this pool place but turned out there was some sort of a tournament going so we couldn't play. We ended up going to the movies. Well, that's where everything turned upside down, really. He went to get something or whatever, so I was waiting standing by a post. Well, out of the blue, I suddenly feel someone totally taking a grip of not my ass ladies and gentleman but my how should I say it... p u s s y? right from behind. I didn't even see it comming at all. I call that sexual harrassement. I was so shocked, I froze. I became speechless and just froze. He preceded on hugging me and that's when I got out of my shock. I don't remeber if I have said anything, I just remember going home, I drove myself to meet, went home and he called me all polite saying he had a great time did I? I couldn't ****ing belive his question. I told him to F off and forget about me. He kept calling, apologizing for what he had done. Never gave him another chance, eventhough a couple of months after that date called me again asking me out and apologizing again. Too bad for him.

Than there was another one, not this bad but the guy totally creeped me out. I never met anyone who literally scared me over his looks and smile. I swear to God he had the exact and I mean the exact same smile as the Joker from Batman. I swear! Can u see it now? And he was very very very tall, almost like a basketball player, looking down at me, having this deep deep voice, weird personality but still ok, smiling at u like that non stop cause he just didn't stop smiling the whole time I was with him. And ontop of it all I was stupid to meet him at his place cause he just bought that condo and wanted to show me. He didn't make the moves on me like u think a guy would if he invites u over to his place on a first date, but this guy was just physically creepy and scary. I could barely wait to get the hell out of there.
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internet dates from Hell
Posted: 2/27/2006 3:25:40 AM
bersuitero... very intresting story seem's kind
of how the chicks are down where, i live at.
(not ALL of us down here)
Joined: 6/11/2005
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internet dates from Hell
Posted: 2/27/2006 5:45:02 AM
OMG mine was horrible!

I used to go on this clubbing site in vancouver and it was called Clubvibes. There was a party for the members so, I went along with my bf at the time sister.

Some guy approached me and was talking with me and then we left it as that.

so, some months later, some dude messages me saying how he met me at that party and in my head I am thinking it was this guy. So, the guy who messaged me starts talking to me more and more and we ended up talking on the phone. He sounded so hot and from what he sent me, the pic was great!

so we meet up.. and I am waiting at starbucks at tinseltown and I was looking in the windows reflection and saw some guy walking towards me. He was huge! ( i know not nice but he was grossly huge) wore a knitted brown and purple sweater and I beleive brown cords. We were supposed to go watch a movie but I didnt want to be sitting beside this guy. So, we agree to go eat dinner. I figured it would be faster that way. As we are eating he starts telling me about his job at the hospital and how he cleans blood up after operations... ok so I am grossed out.

I told him I needed the bathroom knowing that there is a phone downstairs by the bathrooms. I call my friend up and asked him to come get me cuz I was on a date from HELL!

I told the guy i was with that my dads friends son was coming to get me because there was some kind of emergency .

So, as i was waiting outside for my friend to come get me... this guy starts to get close to me and wanting to massage me. Ok I am freaked out by this moment as soon as I saw my friend pull up, I dont even recall saying bye, I just remember RUNNING to the car.

oh god and I come to find out that a friend of mine ended up dating him later on... EW!
Joined: 9/15/2005
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internet dates from Hell
Posted: 2/27/2006 6:47:00 AM
well I've had a few but the worst one was..

I had been talkin to this guy for about a month he was nice and a I figured eh why not meet well we decided to meet at Tim hortens prob I waited there for 45 minutes then just as I was leaving This girl that was sitting a few tables away comes up to me and asks my name..I tell her and out of no where she starts wailin on me like mike tyson..I was like WTF after the employees broke it up I asked her wtf her deal was. She then explains that the guy I was waiting for was her HUSBAND and she peeked at his email and got where we were supposed meet. needless to say I was PISSED so I phoned him and told him to get lost and to keep his psychopathic wife away from me got to love my luck
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internet dates from Hell
Posted: 3/12/2006 6:01:04 AM
I hope you had a lot more good ones than bad ones. The one that ticked me off most was a woman who was supposed to meet me on the boardwalk wearing red. There was someone in the spot when I got there a little early but she wasn't wearing red. When I walked over to her, she walked away without saying a word. I waited around a while and noone else showed up answering to her name. I emailed her to find out what happened. She said it was her but when she saw me she wasn't interested and just walked away. I think I was set up by another woman who was checking to see if I was still looking to meet new people, but who knows.
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internet dates from Hell
Posted: 3/12/2006 11:16:13 AM
Wow... calling a girl "fat" is the worst thing you can do. I think that even though you are not attracted to the person, at least you should keep it polite and civilized till the end. Unless, of course, your safety is in jeopardy, like some of your stories here...

As for me, I feel pretty lucky that I haven't experienced any of these weird people! :O You guys should perhaps post these people's names on here so we can all beware of them? :O

Or is that infringing upon their privacy and legal rights to harrass the rest of the normal world? :) Aahahah!

I think in many cases, I was the weird one :S

Most of my dates were OK. People I met are quite attractive. However, there were no sparks. We both knew it and both stopped talking to each other.

I don't know.. how long should you talk online/phone before deciding to meet? Most of the time you get on so well on MSN (ahahahah so sad) but when you meet it's just the most awkward situation ever!

Ah well.

This is like a game of chance.
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internet dates from Hell
Posted: 3/12/2006 11:21:36 AM
Well, here's one for ya...I "met" Mr. Right-now over the site and he said, "Ill be coming that way, would love to meet you". So, I invited him to my art gallery. He showed up in dirty jeans, dirty shoes, etc. Quite a picture, walking around all my thousands of dollars of art! Anyway, he claimed to be a retired physisist. He pointed to the phone and said, "I could start a nuclear reaction just by dialing in some codes". Ohhhhhhhhhhh, please! then, we go to dinner and he starts telling me about his divorce. We still were not especially "connecting" and definitely when he told he had found his wife in bed with a 12-year-old girl...eeeeek!!

So, that's now quite on par with yours but it's my story and I'm stickin' to it!
 Sweet Treat
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internet dates from Hell
Posted: 3/12/2006 9:51:13 PM
bersuitero...Where do I begin, I have had so many. The worst I think was a man older than me, and I don't usually like older men anyway, prefer guys in their 30's. But anyway. This man was 55, and I should have noticed the tremendous red flag when we were talking on the phone prior to our date and he told me how he could make a woman orgasm so incredibly wildly that she would be, " screaming and thrashing and not let him go". Blah, blah, blah. Even sent me an email describing how he can please a woman. I told him, that is all well and good but we are just meeting this time. This was during my very stupid and risky phase. We met outside a fast food restaurant at about 8 pm, to go to a nicer place downtown. Well, he looked very creepy, drove an old cadillac and had that pale, too black not real looking hair. And fat. First of all, he grabbed me right there and tried to check out my tonsils, I back off and said, let's go downtown please. So he behaved fairly well in the car. But kept leering at me. So when we were in a restaurant/bar, we just had drinks. How could I eat anyway? So, he started complaining later about the cost of my drinks????!!!! I said I will pay for my own drinks if you want me to, he said oh no!! Then I almost left and went to another place where he could not find me. Should have. So we did not stay too long, and after enough alcohol, I was ready to go. I was quite disgusted by then, but he did have to take me back to my car which was near my house. So REALLY idiotic me let him come to my house. Alcohol makes ya stupider!! Well, I certainly did not want him to touch me, but when we got there, he brought in his "bag of tricks" which contained a vibrator like those you use on your back. So I did let him use it on my back, but then he proceeded to drift down to my breasts and "kitty" area. I said no, no! Then he started acting like a 13 year old boy being rejected!! Told me I had used him to take me out and spend money on me! Oh yes, big bucks! Called me a pr*ck tease, and just babbled on and on. Needless to say, I told him to leave. He said NO! OMG! He told me I had gotten him drunk and that he was not going to drive and chance a DUI. He demanded that I take him about 40 miles home. I told him to get the hell out of my house, he still said no. Then I got scared. He laid down on my sofa and said he was spending the night. I walked to my bedroom and yelled I am calling my son to come beat your ass right now and the police. I locked myself in the bedroom and tried to call my son to no avail, and then I WAS panicking. I waited a few minutes and finally heard him leave my house. What a creep!! I am sure I let him get by with too much and I was not too smart but hell, a 55 year old man should not act like a baby. It was still scary and shook me up.
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internet dates from Hell
Posted: 3/12/2006 9:57:21 PM
"the exact same smile as the Joker from Batman"

You guys are the best.


Stay safe everyone! :O
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internet dates from Hell
Posted: 3/12/2006 10:11:02 PM
I've never had a scary internet date. I've only had one and that one was kinda sad.

I've had scary dates with people I knew......I won't EVEN go into that crap. I thought of that when I saw guns on the last post. I thought this crazy dude was going to bury me in the damn woods. Holy jeez I'm glad I made it home that night. Everybody at my house knew him....I mean not well, but they knew where I was and who I was with. That was some crazy shit right there.
but then again I have known a few psychos. None scared me quite so bad.....except one I lived with....I thought he was going to kill me too. From my perspective, in my experience...guys tend to want to have their way a lot of the time and it hasn't done anything for me but make me more adament in what I want, which is total fairness, respect and compatibility.
I won't go "on a date" with anyone unless I suspect I might find what I'm looking for....perhaps as friends but you have to watch your back there as well, but expectations should always be laid out and in full effect as soon as possible above anything else.
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internet dates from Hell
Posted: 3/12/2006 10:11:22 PM
And that "old man" story is creepy.

Oh my god. That's why.. ALWAYS ask for many many pictures. Get the person on cam if necessary....

I am so scared now.
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internet dates from Hell
Posted: 3/12/2006 10:18:32 PM
Sorry for spamming but...

I agree.. .you should only go on dates if you think there's gonna be something.

And don't have any expectations as well.

Chances are you won't get along w/ the person, but it would be a nice surprise if you do :)
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internet dates from Hell
Posted: 3/12/2006 10:25:14 PM
I would tell some of my worse ones
but I dont want to scare anyone.....

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internet dates from Hell
Posted: 3/12/2006 10:37:59 PM
After reading these stories I am considering myself lucky that I have not had any dates from hell from the internet. I am kind of surprised that so many women get into a man's car, go to their houses, and other private or semi-private places. I always meet someplace public like a coffeeshop or bookstore and do so until I am comfortable with them. If I am the least bit uncomfortable, I leave at the get go!
 Welcome to my world
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internet dates from Hell
Posted: 3/13/2006 5:19:48 AM
Oh my God do I have a dozen stories about internet dating...

It was Halloween night and saddly my plans were changed suddenly... I was chatting with this woman for sometime, and she offered to hand out... I agreed, but I was not interested in a relationship... So, I drove an hour away and picked her up... We wanted to go out to the bars and dance... (I wasn't drinking)... We drove everywhere to find a bar open... Saddly there was nothing... It was really strange that no bars were open... So we drove around and finally she said she knew a last resort bar... So, we arrived and we went inside... It was a strip club... Now I felt weird... Not only has this woman taken me to a strip bar, but I have just meet her... I am not one to go to strip clubs, so I was not pleased to be there in the first place... So, we chatted for awhile.... Then she offered to get me a lap dance, well I declined... As if I need to feel any more strange... So, offened by the evening I was not enjoying myself... I took her home, and on the way home she asked if we could stop so she could go pee... I told her we should be at her home in about 10mins... She couldn't wait... So, she demanded I pull over.. So she went pee beside my car, which was a massive turn off... Who does that on a first date... Talk about a real classy woman... So, we arrived at her home... Problem was she lost her keys... So, we tried every door window, with no success... i then tried to pry open her one window, and all of a sudden SMASH... I broke her window... So, not only did she take me to a strip club, then peed outside of my car... I broke her window... So, hense we never went out again...

Many more stories where that came from sad to say.....
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internet dates from Hell
Posted: 3/13/2006 9:11:22 AM
You need to run and run fast next time...
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