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Joined: 4/14/2006
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Could you let your girlfriend/boyfriend be bi-sexualPage 5 of 5    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
she can be bi but I will pressure her into doing a threesome with me
Joined: 6/12/2006
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Could you let your girlfriend/boyfriend be bi-sexual
Posted: 7/31/2006 9:23:41 AM
there is nothing wrong with bi-sexualism at all, why cant people have the right to choose who they want to be with...1,2,3,4,5,6,7 partners who cares even if all at the same time i think it should be up to the person(s) involved If they all agree and there isno problem then why the hell not.
Being Bi-sexual is having the best of both worlds even if your a man or a woman Bi-sexuality is a choice, an inbetween marker line... I am Bi, I will never be a Lesbian, I will never be straight. thats just the way it is.
Joined: 9/3/2004
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Could you let your girlfriend/boyfriend be bi-sexual
Posted: 7/31/2006 11:34:33 AM
I wouldn't have a problem having a GF that is BI but I'd have to be invloved in some manner. You can't be part of something if there's a part of your partner that is off limits to you.
Joined: 11/7/2005
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Could you let your girlfriend/boyfriend be bi-sexual
Posted: 12/13/2006 11:13:16 AM
Hell no...while i think there is something sensual about 2 women being intimate (though i never have and most likely never will), the idea of my man getting nookie in some guys cookie pot makes me wanna barf, i have nothing against gay people i just dont want my man to go there..
Joined: 12/10/2005
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Could you let your girlfriend/boyfriend be bi-sexual
Posted: 12/13/2006 12:57:22 PM
I would let my girfriend be bi so that I can have two females doing the three some! Awsome baby! But that be up to her to decide on that.
Joined: 12/8/2006
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Could you let your girlfriend/boyfriend be bi-sexual
Posted: 12/15/2006 8:52:46 PM
OKAY first off, 98% of you do NOT know the meaning of being bi-sexual, being bi has nothing to do with wanting to be in a relationship but have a same sex gender lover on the side. It has NOTHING to do with 3somes, or orgys, etc.... cheating is cheating! Being "bi-sexual" is pretty much the same thing as being open minded to the fact that you could become involved romantically, mentally, emotionally, etc... of someone of the same sex. You dont limited yourself to finding happiness within one gender. I dont care if your bi-sexual, lesbian, gay, homosexual, transvestite, etc... CHEATING IS CHEATING! If your partner is willing to let you freely have sex with another person, regardless of gender, then IMO its not worth having them in the first place. Thats just IMO. I dont consider myself a lesbian, nor a bi-sexual, i am gender free when it comes to someone I care about.
Joined: 9/6/2007
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Could you let your girlfriend/boyfriend be bi-sexual
Posted: 3/16/2008 12:47:29 PM
well there isnt really a question of "let" in this post.
i would never date a bisexual chick, and if i was with a chick and she expressed shed like to be with another chick id probly dump her.
thats nasty, and the double standard these chicks here is stating is funny
Joined: 3/23/2009
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Could you let your girlfriend/boyfriend be bi-sexual
Posted: 9/9/2009 4:49:19 PM
Relationship is a relationship whether the male or female is bi-sexual or not. Lying to one another about things happening behind someone else is what it is. But, there are many relationships out there that keep things completely mutual. I'm in a relationship with a bi-sexual female that mutually respect each other to no end. Never would i disrespect her in any way, nor flaunt the opportunity to have a threesome, in fact we just go with the flow. We tell each other everything, and share everything. We agreed upon it respectfully and we stick through it. End of story. The day she decides to do it on her own then clearly, it would be cheating. An extra attraction to a gender on your menu does not mean you have a free cheating pass lol
Joined: 8/21/2009
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Could you let your girlfriend/boyfriend be bi-sexual
Posted: 9/10/2009 12:03:48 PM
It seems to me as a way of having your cake and eating it, as the phrase goes. But really it's down to whatever individuals can agree to, so if they're happy then let them be.
Having only ever met the kind of bi people who use it as an excuse to be as promiscuous as possible regardless of gender or their actual relationship status (often resulting in cheating) I'll freely admit I'm heavily bias on the subject. As I result I no longer feel comfortable dating bi women.
Joined: 2/13/2007
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Could you let your girlfriend/boyfriend be bi-sexual
Posted: 9/10/2009 1:13:34 PM
Regardless of your sexual preference, just because you may like a person of your own same sex as well as the opposite does not mean that pursuing that other person is okay. If it's not mutually consented, it is called cheating.
Joined: 12/23/2007
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Could you let your girlfriend/boyfriend be bi-sexual
Posted: 9/11/2009 12:16:41 AM
I've always thought polyamory could be done and that sex, intimacy, and love weren't all innately tied.

I would have no problems with it. I probably wouldn't have any problems if she was with other men, but I'd want to know my place - mostly I'd want to know that she knows what she wants.

I don't want to be a cuckhold because someone can't decide something for themselves and has to continuously play the field to decide, or to subjugate her feelings of passion because she can't have them with me. I'd rather move on.

But in a trusting, affectionate, true relationship, I'd trust my lover with anything.

Discretion would be an issue, as well as personal introspection - I'd want to hear about it later, just because the burden of lying or stepping around the truth would be an obnoxious cross to bear. Better to get it out - if I had unforeseen jealousy issues or problems I'd want to laud them too.

I actually think it would be liberating, knowing your partner well enough that although her wants, desires, and passions are still free, she comes home to you for love.

Also, I just like trying new things :D .
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