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Each to there own,as long as you both know thats what it all about then just do it ,
and I say as long as YOU both know .. because I wouldnt .

sorta like a lucky dip right?.you really dont know what your gonna get.
Joined: 3/28/2007
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One-night stands!!!
Posted: 6/4/2007 10:45:39 PM
I have more of a problem with one month stands
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One-night stands!!!
Posted: 6/5/2007 2:15:54 AM
I have more of a problem with one month stands

Me too! What is that all about? I mean a one night thing is easy to get overrrr but one month stands totally suk! You just get interested in someone...they cant get enough of you and suddenly nothing? Like at mid 40's do they not know? Grrrr (thinks to self - self you are on a dating website....) You would think that in your 40's you wouldn't be that fussy.....lmao I'm not! I gave up on being Cinderella a loooooong time ago! I HAVE ENOUGH MALE FRIENDS!!!! Ok.... my normal personality is kickin in again lmao....I'm okay now.....really.....glad to know I'm not alone with that......cracks another can.....happy happy thoughts.....Lmao
Joined: 3/17/2007
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One-night stands!!!
Posted: 6/5/2007 2:55:53 AM
By the time the dutch courage kicks in I have trouble standing, let alone picking up...
Joined: 3/28/2007
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One-night stands!!!
Posted: 6/5/2007 5:23:18 AM

I gave up on being Cinderella a loooooong time ago!

Yeah I gave up on cinders ages ago too..........shhhhh she might be reading this, shouldnt speak ill of the recently departed..........ow!
Joined: 4/11/2007
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One-night stands!!!
Posted: 6/5/2007 8:09:38 PM
I stood up for 1 night .............. it was called guard duty and something I hated doing as those bloody rifles can get heavy after carrying them all night. Ahhhh the days of learning to whistle an catch yabbies with Leopard tanks ..................

Do something for yourself .......................... join the army reserve ........ as the ad said.

Actually some of the blokes used to have 1 hour stands .................. could stand next to a girl for 1 hour and not say a word.
Joined: 5/12/2007
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One-night stands!!!
Posted: 6/6/2007 1:27:29 AM
I have never had a 1 night stand and I don't ever want to.
I don't think I could handle it.
To repeat my post on another thread, if I sleep with somebody it means I already really really like them and have feelings for them.
So I guess if they didn't reciprocate those feelings, I would feel sad and ba
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One-night stands!!!
Posted: 6/11/2007 9:21:34 AM
Posted: 6/5/2007 439 PM

top one,,
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One-night stands!!!
Posted: 6/11/2007 4:51:02 PM
My opinion is this:

Depends on how u look at sex... as "sport" or "love"...
For those that think of it as sport have no issues with one nighters and for those that think of it as love clearly do.

I can't tell you how many times the "sport -vs- love" has been a topic of conversation with my mates and I... but like others have said... each to their own.

It really depends on the person your with as to whether you are satisfied or not... but having said this... it is possible to have really bad sex with someone you like spending time with... Puts a dampener on things.

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One-night stands!!!
Posted: 6/11/2007 5:10:32 PM
as long as there is alkeyhole involved why not
its fun no one gets hurt and you can always blame the fact that you were drunk

and for the grammer police I know you spell alcohol a different way I was being silly
 geen z
Joined: 12/4/2006
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One-night stands!!!
Posted: 6/11/2007 5:54:51 PM
but how do you know it is going to be a "one night stand"~

say if you have gone out with someone a few times, you like them, they like you and then you as 2 adults both want to progress further and one thing leads to another - and the sex thing happens.

suddenly you never hear from him again, see him again, talk to him again?! and that is not from your side of things.

it then becomes a 1 night stand - what do you do then. cry in your weetbix or move on and forget about it.

ps: this may or may not have happened to me - no further correspondence will be entered into.

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One-night stands!!!
Posted: 6/12/2007 4:58:22 AM
Yeah, that's true Jingle- never thought of it like that before.
I havent had it happen to me personally but just be thankful they voluntarily rid you of their scum. Better sooner than later!!
Probably someone you didn't want to get involved with in the long-run.
 The Ram
Joined: 6/5/2007
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One-night stands!!!
Posted: 6/12/2007 9:39:18 PM
One-night stands are great for what they night...
anything longer could turn into marriage !!
so may be the 1nighters have merrit!!

what is the longest sentence in the world???

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One-night stands!!!
Posted: 6/12/2007 11:53:03 PM
Only problem I have with one-night stands is finding women who will join me for them.
Joined: 6/24/2007
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One-night stands!!!
Posted: 6/30/2007 11:32:54 PM
Wow, there really are some interesting topics on Plenty of Fish.

I'm a bit new to this whole "dating site" thing, but not new to the "internet thing"....If that makes sense.

In my opinion, one nighters are Ok if the 2 adults are consenting. Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are not so good....For various reasons.

It also opens your eyes to a lot of personalities that are out there.....I must have met some of the strangest fetishes on the planet....Mind you, I'm pretty open minded, so to me it's just a learning curve..... I have learned the hard way that life is very short and i'm not going to lay on my death bed saying "woulda, shoulda,coulda"....It's just not me.

It can have it's benefits too....You often hear women say that men don't know where the buttons are....We have to learn somehow.....I've met women who didn't know where the buttons where either...And I mean THEIR buttons.....You ask them, have you ever been on top and had a feeling that you needed to pee, so moved to get rid of the feeling....They answer ummm, yeah....So you tell them about the G-Spot and how you have to get past the "peeing" feeling etc and they find out something they never knew....Mind you, it's a gland after all, and childbirth can damage it, so not all women are capable of it.

Now you can't tell me having the sanctimonious non-experimental marriage only type sex is ever going to allow you to explore your bodies and all of its potential....mind you, I don't like to mix sex and maybe I'm weird.....It's like driving a car...You may get to the destination, but you won't remeber it, you'll be swerving all over the road, and you sure couldn't call it precision driving....What's worse, in the morning you'll feel like a real arsehole for doing it when you normally wouldn't.....

The other point is, some women marry arseholes, and some guys marry deadset ****es.....Never enjoy the marriage and they split up(or not in some cases)......Some women meet Arseholes for 1 nighters, and some men meet ****es for 1 nighters....Does that mean they are all bad.....

That's just may case for the afirmative your honour.....Your witness!!!

OK, I've just blown any chance I had of meeting a nice lady for a long term commitment from here, but them's the breaks....I can only begin to imagine the hate mail I'll be recieving over the next few

Joined: 2/13/2007
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One-night stands!!!
Posted: 6/30/2007 11:38:10 PM
"Mind you its a gland after all"...........its not a gland,its a ****ing myth !
Joined: 6/24/2007
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One-night stands!!!
Posted: 6/30/2007 11:43:25 PM
LOL...yeah OK.....
Joined: 6/26/2007
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One-night stands!!!
Posted: 7/1/2007 1:46:41 AM
Just what we need girls a man tellin us about the G spot!

On the topic, one night stands ,each to there own not for me
Joined: 4/3/2007
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One-night stands!!!
Posted: 7/1/2007 1:48:49 AM
Yeah, but just think Annie -he'd work really hard to prove he knows where it is...
Joined: 2/13/2007
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One-night stands!!!
Posted: 7/1/2007 1:51:33 AM
Its like the Loch Ness monster............we all know it does'nt exist but men keep looking for it anyway!!
Joined: 6/26/2007
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One-night stands!!!
Posted: 7/1/2007 1:51:46 AM
Now there's a thought!
Joined: 11/3/2006
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One-night stands!!!
Posted: 7/1/2007 1:59:01 AM
What sought of things do you buy at the G spot?
Joined: 2/13/2007
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One-night stands!!!
Posted: 7/1/2007 2:01:48 AM
^^ nun told me!!
Joined: 11/3/2006
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One-night stands!!!
Posted: 7/1/2007 2:08:53 AM
^^Ahhhh ok a juice place
Joined: 2/13/2007
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One-night stands!!!
Posted: 7/1/2007 2:11:16 AM
But they don't exist you will have to have another wheat grass smoothie.

You are going to be soooo healthy old fella!
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