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Joined: 2/3/2010
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Its just as creepy to see 50 yr old men with 30 yr old women or even younger but if you are in heat nothing matters like having something in common.
Joined: 10/3/2010
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Age gap...
Posted: 11/3/2010 7:22:55 AM
Hey, I'm 29 and my husband is 49
Joined: 9/19/2009
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Age gap...
Posted: 11/3/2010 10:49:03 AM
^^^ So what? People have opinions, and some are of the opinion that your situation is creepy. That's all it is, not a personal attack on you or your relationship.

I happen to like women slightly older than myself for various reasons but age gaps are not really a problem if the two people are honest with themselves and each other. Age is more than "just a number" (one of my all time least favorite cliches) but it's not impossible to work things out if the desire is there to be together)
Joined: 8/10/2007
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Age gap...
Posted: 11/3/2010 11:26:24 AM
Hey, I'm 29 and my husband is 49

YOU GO GURL!! Yeah.. My rule is "NO WALKERS"... you have to make it to the bed unnasisted,.. (that means WITHOUT a power chair!) If you got duct tape holding your boobs or your butt in place,.. it's a deal breaker (because I have sensitive skin, and duct tape is a severe irritant ( the adhesive.. don't ask me HOW I know either) If you have TIGHT fitting dentures,..ok..NO soaking on the nightstand! Not so wrinkled you look like a topigraphical 3-D map of Both Appalachian AND Rocky Mountain chains.. If you sneeze, and blow a dust cloud from between the legs,. it's over... Other than that,.. Bring it on! Hey I lied about MY age on My profile,. AND I can get away with it! (I didn't say WHICH way,. I may just be Cougar hunting )
Joined: 7/8/2008
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Age gap...
Posted: 11/3/2010 12:50:26 PM
Hey, I'm 29 and my husband is 49.

20 years difference. My late husband is 20 years my senior, and some women friends or newly acquainted are curious > an ashamely asked is it still standing ? My reply is I make it stand , curious friends - my husband is this age --younger than your husband blah blah" ( my sex life is private and sacred and I don't want to be a party conversation) I answered them pissily, to thread a little needle of a limp thread wet the end to make the thread stand and shoot it to the hole of the needle and if I can do that successfully, what more of a wenie of man that has bones and alive, that shut them up. Geesh, Some women have no bounderies,

I do clothing industries...

msg380 that is a turn On---- on laughing ............................
Joined: 2/3/2010
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Age gap...
Posted: 11/3/2010 4:33:15 PM

I don't have leathery nasty 40 something skin that makes me look like an old lizard. Boy do the men in their 60s look ancient with that look but yet again my mom is 65 and I'm 45, she didn't wait until middle age to have me so the men in their 60s would be daddy looking to me.
Joined: 11/10/2008
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Age gap...
Posted: 11/3/2010 6:21:39 PM sure are picky. .....................................................................
Joined: 11/9/2008
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Age gap...
Posted: 11/3/2010 6:32:38 PM
A big age gap is nothing but a fantasy. Why waste time on illusions? It makes perfect sense to date someone close to one's own age or a few years up or down. However, women (usually) mature earlier than men so if an older man starts dating a younger woman it doesn't even raise an eyebrow - depending on HOW much younger of course.
Joined: 6/30/2007
Msg: 282
Age gap...
Posted: 11/5/2010 2:47:04 PM
The great love of my life turned out to be 12 years older than me. Who would have guessed!
Joined: 10/31/2010
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Age gap...
Posted: 11/12/2010 2:25:25 PM
Four years ago, I was 52, and a 20 year old female clerk made it very clear that she would like to go out with me. I look, and probably act 10 years younger than my age, and she knew how old I was. She said that age didn't matter. I was very flattered that major sparks could fly between a man of my age, and someone so young, energetic, and very attractive. I politely thanked her, but declined.

Weeks later I heard her talking on the phone with one of her friends. The drama that was in her life would be enough for a Weekly Situation Comedy, or a Drama Series on television! Hearing about her particular life and challenges, plus her phone conversation, I realized that I didn't want to raise her, or her daughter.

This was the first of 3 separate 20 something women, who, in the space of 3 years, have showed an interest in dating me.

For me, there were too many differences in where we each were in our lives, interests, accomplishments and values. I'm more settled, and probably too set in my ways to deal with at least one drama scene a week ... isn't that what television is for ?

My parents were 7 years apart in age, as were my Grandparents. My most compatible relationships have been with women who were about 8 years younger than me, including one relationship where we bought investment property together and talked about Marriage. Thru the past 20 plus years, an approximate 8 year age difference is what's worked best for me.

If I were considering a much younger woman to date, I would probably not date someone who was younger than 38. For the record, yes I have dated older women but none of those dates have ever worked out for me.
Joined: 10/8/2009
Msg: 284
Age gap...
Posted: 11/12/2010 5:37:02 PM
I hesitated with my Current GF because of our age gap....but she's been less drama, more mature, more secure and more loving than any other woman I've been with!... and she's way more fun too!
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Joined: 9/17/2010
Msg: 285
Age gap...
Posted: 11/12/2010 10:34:11 PM
18 to 88 it doesn't matter to me. if we enjoy each others company i say go for it.
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